Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Whistlepig Piggyback Rye


Scheduled to arrive tomorrow!
  • Subject to confirmation.  
  • Place an order online for as many as you like.  We reserve the right to limit based on number of orders and how many bottles we receive.  We will get you as many as we can.
  • We will confirm tomorrow when we arrive.
  • Orders will be confirmed on the order they are placed until we are out.
  • Your credit card will not be charged.  You will pay at pick up for your confirmed bottle(s)
  • They tell us it is coming tomorrow, but sometimes there are issues.  We will let you know.

Whistlepig Piggyback 6 Year Rye....$44.99

Aged 6 Years
100% Rye
96.56 proof
“Here’s to the PiggyBack ride you all deserve!” -Dave Pickerell
In summer 2018, Dave Pickerell returned to our warehouses to realize his dream of creating the best aged rye whiskey for your cocktail – 100% rye for full spice flavors, aged six years for unprecedented complexity, and bottled at his ideal strength. Stir or shake in good company.

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