Saturday, April 7, 2012

Double IPA

Hoptimum is here - new batch bottled March 15ish
(plus both have Sierra Nevada Summer)
Sierra Nevada Hoptimum....$10.49 / 4pk

A group of hop-heads and publicans challenged our Beer Camp brewers to push the extremes of whole-cone hop brewing. The result is this: a 100 IBU, whole-cone hurricane of flavor. Simply put —Hoptimum: the biggest whole-cone IPA we have ever produced. Aggressively hopped, dry-hopped, AND torpedoed with our exclusive new hop varieties for ultra-intense flavors and aromas.

Resinous "new-school" and exclusive hop varieties carry the bold and aromatic nose. The flavor follows the aroma with layers of aggressive hoppiness, featuring notes of grapefruit rind, rose, lilac, cedar, and tropical fruit—all culminating in a dry and lasting finish.
info from Sierra Nevada

In stock now at Forsyth -- bottled 3/20/12 and online now

Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA... $8.99 / 4pk

"An imperial IPA that was brewed to turn your world upside down. Hops have got you coming and going. Pungent aromatics up front paired with a malt balanced backbone and a smooth bitter finish." -- Founders
9.4% ABV
86 IBU’S

Friday, April 6, 2012

2010 Cotes du Rhones are arriving...

Get the expertise of Laurence Feraud from Domaine Pegau for only $15.99

2010 Feraud Cotes du Rhone......$15.99
"A super bargain from Laurence Feraud, the 2010 Cotes du Rhone (finished with a screw cap closure) exhibits a healthy deep ruby hue along with copious amounts of black cherry fruit, lavender and Provencal spices. Medium-bodied, fruity and elegant with impressive purity, it should be drunk over the next year.
One of the bastions of traditionalism in Chateauneuf du Pape is Domaine de Pegau, long owned by the Feraud family, and now run by the charming, talented Laurence, who was exceptionally well-schooled by her father, Paul. This nearly 50-acre estate fashions some of the longest-lived, most interesting wines of the appellation. The success they have enjoyed with their estate wines has allowed the Ferauds to branch out with a small negociant operation that includes selections Laurence makes through her contacts in the southern Rhone as well as wines she co-producers with another Chateauneuf du Pape name well-known for high quality, Andre Brunel."
-- The Wine Advocate

Robert Parker on the 2010 Rhone Vintage
“This is a great vintage that comes close in quality to 2007 in the southern Rhône. Some producers think 2010 eclipses 2007 because of the wines’ vivid freshness and focus. Throughout the southern Rhône, the hallmarks of the vintage are very dense purple, sometimes even blue/black colors....In fact, 2010′s paradox is that I can’t remember a vintage so concentrated, powerful and rich that also has such zesty acidity…"

Great value from Spain...

"Senorio del Aguila offerings are very good values." -- The Wine Advocate 

2009 Señorío del Águila Crianza...$9.99
60% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.
The Señorío del Águila range includes the top wines of the cooperative of Paniza, a modern and progressive winery in the D.O. of Cariñena. Named after the area’s majestic Golden Eagle (“águila” is Spanish for “eagle”), they offer a fresh, contemporary rendering of the classic, oak-aged wines of Northern Spain.

Tasting Notes: Ripe, intense, concentrated, and complex. Aromas of black cherry/black raspberry follow to a lush, youthful, palate. An opulent wine reflective of the outstanding 2009 vintage, with firm tannins leading to a long, lingering finish.  Serve With: Excellent with soft cheeses, tapas, a wide range of grilled meats and fish (chicken, burgers, salmon) and simple pizza and pasta dishes.

Bastille - French Whisky

In stock at Forsyth and Rock Hill

Bastille Hand Crafted Whisky....$24.99 / 750ml
I hope you enjoy my very special whisky,
which took me many years to perfect.
BASTILLE is hand-crafted in the South-West of France,
the region where I was born and live.
I use a combination of traditional and cutting edge techniques
to bring out the natural characteristics of the different varieties
of wood cask, water and "terroir".
Here are a few highlights of my unique method
for hand-crafting whisky
(leaving out some of the secrets)
After the initial maturation, BASTILLE is finished
in different styles of wooden cask which provide my whisky
its delicate, harmonious and unique flavors.
BASTILLE uses pure Gensac spring water, filtered naturally
for centuries through Grande Champagne limestone.
-- Master Distiller

Rated 94/100 Beverage Tasting Institute

Woodford Double Oaked and Kentucky Derby 2012

(KY Derby Edition finally arrived at Forsyth - should hit the other stores tomorrow) 

  Back in stock!!
Available online also - 
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked....$44.99
An innovative approach to twice-barreled bourbon creates the rich and colorful flavor of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Uniquely matured in separate, charred oak barrels - the second barrel deeply toasted before a light charring – extracts additional amounts of soft, sweet oak character.

Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris discusses the unique and innovative process that creates Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.


We will also be taking pre-arrival reservations on the 2012 Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Artist Edition Bottle -- 
Woodford Reserve 2012 Kentucky Derby Bourbon....$39.99 / Liter bottle
Limited Edition
In stock now at Forsyth

Sam Adams Longshot 2012...

Sam Adams Longshot....$8.49 / 6pk

2 bottles of each in the 6pks.

New Grey Goose Cherry Noir

Grey Goose Vodka Cherry Noir...$25.99 / 750ml
Cultivated from rare black cherries found in the French Basque Country, GREY GOOSE Cherry Noir combines the aroma of fresh cherries and sweet red fruits with dark fruit flavors and layers of spice. The result: a sophisticated, sensuous flavored vodka and exceptional complement to any night.

Mastermind Vodka from Illinois

Mastermind Vodka....$24.99
Madison County IL
"Better Drinking Through Thinking"
When you un-cork a bottle of Mastermind Vodka you can be confident that what you’re about to taste is the culmination of years of research, development, and dedication. Dedication to the idea that anything less than perfection is not an option.
We have taken the exacting science of creating a clean and crisp vodka, and combined it with the care and attention of small hand-crafted batches to provide you with a truly unique drinking experience.

The Difference
Unlike many brands of distilled spirits that are mass produced without concern for quality or integrity, brands that hide behind big budget ad campaigns and rely on celebrity endorsements to mask their taste. At Mastermind we stand behind our product and take pride in our craft.

We use only select Midwestern grain that is harvested by local farmers who can maintain unparalleled control over their crop. Next we ensure perfection by working with small hand-crafted batches that can be carefully produced. This is not the easiest way to create vodka, but it’s the only way to craft perfect vodka.

Using a combination of modern technology and time tested methods we are able to achieve a new apex in the evolution of vodka.

See for yourself; we invite you to un-cork a bottle and taste the Mastermind difference.

Johnnie Walker Green and Gold are going away...

Johnnie Walker announces that the existing Green Label and Gold Label will be phased out....
Stock up on them now, while you can

"Top global Scotch brand Johnnie Walker is planning to shake up its range in global markets, including the U.S. The Diageo-owned label will add two new variants and subtract two existing ones from its lineup over the next year. The existing Johnnie Walker Gold Label 18-year-old and Johnnie Walker Green Label will begin to be phased out in the U.S. market during the summer of next year (the phase-outs will begin this summer in most other global markets). In their place, Diageo will introduce two new labels that have tested successfully in Asia—Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve (selling for around $63 a 750-ml.) and Johnnie Walker Platinum 18-year-old (around $110).
Diageo’s head of whisky outreach Nick Morgan told Shanken News Daily the revamp was meant to spread out the Johnnie Walker portfolio’s pricing in order to better motivate consumers to move up the brand ladder. “As we reviewed the brand offering, we found that the range wasn’t meeting consumer needs and providing the best consumer journey through the range as far as taste profiles and price points,” Morgan said. “Another reason for this change is to try and have, as far as is possible, a consistent range of prices and options for consumers wherever they go in the world—which, to be honest, we haven’t had heretofore.”
The new Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is based on the same Clynelish single malt as Gold Label 18-year-old, but it has a less peaty profile and will sell for around $20 less. Removing the age statement from the Gold offering also enables Diageo greater flexibility in crafting the blend. Platinum 18-year-old, meanwhile, has a more intense, peaty Speyside character. The two new variants will sit between Black Label (around $40) and Blue Label (around $210) in the portfolio. “You can see how the ladder then stretches out,” Morgan said.
The departing Green Label, which sells for around $65, is a blended malt, which Morgan described as the odd man out within the line. Except in Taiwan, which has shown a special affinity for blended malts, it will be discontinued. Still, both it and Gold 18-year-old have pockets of very enthusiastic consumers in the U.S.
“We want to be careful not to disappoint people and help them through the change process, so we’re giving an additional 12-month period in the U.S. before phasing those expressions out to help ease the transition,” Morgan said.
While its global progress has been well documented, Johnnie Walker has also been thriving in the U.S., where its Red and Black labels alone account for over 1.5 million cases. In the six months through December, Johnnie Walker’s volume rose 11% in North America, as organic net sales surged 19%." -- "Shanken Daily News"

Colin's Crazy College Concoctions

Our own Colin keeps us in touch with what the college kids are drinking.  Today he will sample out Three Olives Loopy Vodka with Rum Chata.  It's like drinking the Fruit Loops milk after eating your cereal (with a kick)

Friday April 6 from 4-6pm
at The Wine and Cheese Place Forsyth

Beer Dog Biscuits

Brew-Buddies Dog Biscuits
Description: Brew-Buddys are all natural crafted dog biscuits made with spent brewing grains.
The fun shape and design are just right for your best bud! And what a great way to use the extra grains from a local craft brewery.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time to Vote!

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If you decide to vote for us, our name is under "Wine and Cheese Place" not "The Wine..."

Summer beers arrived...

Leinenkugels Summer Shandy in CANS just arrived for the season

Buffalo Bill's Orange Blossom Cream Ale 6pk bottles

Charleville Maibock

Order Charleville online

Charleville Microbrewery - Ste. Genevieive, Missouri
Just released seasonal----
Charleville Maibock.....$4.69 / 22oz
"Maibock is a tradition from Bavaria brewed to celebrate the arrival of the spring season. Our Maibock is fermented with traditional Bavarian lager yeast prior to cold conditioning for eight long weeks. Two-Row Barley, Munich, and Carmel Malt build the base that facilitates the malty aromatic profile and deep bronze color. German Magnum, Hallertau, and Tettnanger hops make up the balance to form its depth and Character." -- Charleville

Don't forget their other great brews...
Half Wit Wheat
"A cross between an American Wheat and a Belgian Wit, this refreshing ale is made with white wheat, ground corriander, and fresh whole oranges! Simply delicious served with a slice of orange." -- Charleville
Tornado Alley Amber Ale
"Our Amber is a beautiful red color with slight sweetness and a wonderful blend of hops." -- Charleville
Hoptimistic IPA
"We are really excited to feature our new Hoptimistic IPA!!! This is a very hoppy IPA with lots of complexity and wonderful hops flavors. Yum!" -- Charleville

Tripel Wit
"A beer experience with a true distinction, our Triple wit is a unique bottle conditioned Belgian style ale. Made from two row barley, white wheat and rolled oats. To compliment the satiating taste only found by using a traditional top fermenting yeast, coriander and oranges are added. This addition during the brewing process lends to the delicate balance of flavors between the malt hops and yeast." -- brewery

Limited Sheridan releases....

In stock now at Forsyth...

2009 Sheridan Cabernet Franc....$47.99
The 2009 Cabernet Franc which had been blended only 3 weeks previously was aged in 40% new oak and is likely to be bottled in December, 2011. It, too, displays plenty of herb and spice box aromas, a succulence that is impressive, a velvety texture, and exceptional length.
The intense Scott Greer is one of Washington’s rising stars. His wines are all sourced from estate vineyards which are just now starting to come into maturity. He keeps yields low and the farming and winemaking are impeccable. Greer notes that he harvests totally on taste. He has recently opened a tasting and sales room in the Seattle area which should improve access to his wines.There is really no mystery as to what Scott Greer is doing at Sheridan; total attention to detail, a great vineyard, impeccable farming, and non-interventionist winemaking.
Rated 95-98/100 The Wine Advocate

2009 Sheridan L'Orage....$51.99
The 2009 L’Orage, tasted from a barrel sample, is a flashy, exotic offering that appears to be slightly more pleasure-bent than its 2008 sibling.
The intense Scott Greer is one of Washington’s rising stars. His wines are all sourced from estate vineyards which are just now starting to come into maturity. He keeps yields low and the farming and winemaking are impeccable. Greer notes that he harvests totally on taste. He has recently opened a tasting and sales room in the Seattle area which should improve access to his wines.There is really no mystery as to what Scott Greer is doing at Sheridan; total attention to detail, a great vineyard, impeccable farming, and non-interventionist winemaking.
Rated 95-98/100 The Wine Advocate

2010 Sheridan Mystique...$24.99
The 2010 Mystique is an Estate Grown blend of 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc and 20% Cabernet, the nose opens with rich sweet fruit of blackberries, raspberries and a hint of dark cherry. At first taste you are struck by the rich creamy texture that is accompanied by lush fruit accents and finishing with an intriguing array of exotic spices. Smooth and elegant this wine displays an amazing sense of balance from beginning to end.

Fromage d'Affinois with TRUFFLES

All we are going to say is....
One of your favorite cheeses just got TRUFFLES added to it.....

Oh, and come in for a taste...

Great wines, great prices

2010 Clos du Bois North Coast Chardonnay...$7.99 
Comparte to $15 at
"Following its brilliant, silver straw-yellow hue, this Chardonnay has intense primary aromas of apple blossom, ripe pear and sweet lemon drop, complemented by toasty oak, spice and cream. The wine’s silky smooth texture is overlaid with bright juicy flavors of rich, ripe apple and pear, lingering into a fresh, satisfying finish." -- winery

2010 Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay Sonoma...$7.99
Compare to $13.79 at
"The 2010 Chardonnay is a fabulous wine for the money. There is nothing fancy here, just a beautiful wine with excellent varietal character and terrific balance. Hints of lemon, flowers and spices linger on the pointed finish. The Robert Young vineyard in Alexander Valley is at the heart of this county-wide blend. Once again, the level of quality is remarkable considering the production of a whopping 350,000 cases. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2014. This is a fabulous set of wines from Chateau St. Jean, winemaker Margo Van Staaveren and her team. From top to bottom, these wines deliver tons of value and character." -- The Wine Advocate

2010 Chateau St. Jean Fume Blanc Sonoma...$7.99
Compare to $13.79 at
"The 2010 Fume Blanc impresses for its focus and balance. Smoke, minerals and white stone fruits linger on the long, refined finish. The wine was mostly aged in tank and the finished blend includes 9% Semillon and 1% Viognier. This is truly an incredible wine considering its modest $13 price tag [our price is $7.99] and production of 32,000 cases. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2014. This is a fabulous set of wines from Chateau St. Jean, winemaker Margo Van Staaveren and her team. From top to bottom, these wines deliver tons of value and character." -- The Wine Advocate

2009 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon....$7.99
"The 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon reveals plenty of Sonoma County Cabernet structure. Firm tannins support an expressive core of blackberries, cassis, menthol, graphite and minerals. The 2009 needs another year or two to soften, but it is highly intriguing. The 2009 is 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, 3% Merlot and 2% Petit Verdot drawn from vineyards in Knights Valley, Alexander Valley, Sonoma Valley and Dry Creek Valley. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2021. This is a fabulous set of wines from Chateau St. Jean, winemaker Margo Van Staaveren and her team. From top to bottom, these wines deliver tons of value and character." -- The Wine Advocate

We are the lowest price on Wine-Searcher on these wines as of April 5, 2012
All prices are net, no additional discounts. Prices good through April 14, 2012

2011 Rosés are starting to arrive...

Rose time in St. Louis -- perfect for brunch, picnics, and just great food wines.

2011 Villa des Anges Old Vines Rosé...$11.99

Tasting Notes:  A light-bodied wine, intensely crisp and vividly fresh, it offers complex aromas of strawberries and red currants, with a hint of quince.  Serve With: As an aperitif it is the perfect warm weather gulper and also pairs well with a wide range of salads, seafoods, lighter dishes and grilled white meats and poultry.

2011 Chateau Du Donjon Rose....$14.99
Pink to salmon color. Refreshing aromas include ripe strawberries, red cherries and red plums. Less spicy and herbal but with very pure intense red fruit flavors. Fully dry but ripe and soft, inviting and mouth-filling.   Tasting Notes: Pale pink peach and salmon color. Fresh aromas of roses and red cherries with a hint of grapefruit. Nicely dry on the palate with good body and a rich, silky texture. The finish is long, piquant, with a tiny appetizing hint of bitterness. Serve With: This has enough weight to match with chicken, sausage or ham, but it would also be excellent with fresh fruits or fruit desserts.

2011 Mas Carlot Rose...$9.99
Variety: 60% Grenache, 40% Syrah
This Rosé is a blend of 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah all of which have been bled from tank. This is a gorgeous Rosé, loaded with wonderfully intermingled flavors of strawberries and graced by hints of spring flowers and spice. It's lush on the palate, with a long, harmonious finish.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Perennial Devil's Heart of Gold

The Wine and Cheese Place Barrel Aged Beer Program

Check out the amazing label designed by Perennial

Here is your first look at our next barrel aged beer to be released.  
Perennial Devil's Heart of Gold
Wheat Wine Style Ale aged in bourbon barrels
The name "Devil's Heart of Gold" comes from what they call the "Devil's Cut".   When a bourbon ages in a barrel, a portion of the bourbon evaporates - this is called the "Angel's share".   Another portion of the bourbon gets absorbed into the new oak barrel -- this is called the "Devil's cut".    Therefore, the Heart of Gold beer aging in the barrel starts to absorb back some of the Devil's Cut and hence the name "Devil's Heart of Gold".

Perennial took their Heart of Gold and aged it in a Knob Creek 9yr Old Barrel back in October 2011.   They are planning to bottle the beer in May -- just weeks away!!  The beer will have been resting for 7 months in barrel!
Here are some pictures of the barrel being filled - click here

How do you get this beer?
Watch our Blog - right where you are now
"Like" us on Facebook - click here
Follow us on Twitter - click here
Sign up for our beer emails - click here

The release will be announced using all of these resources.   
We will continue with 1 bottle per person to let more get around.   We will also have a similar style release party where we will taste both the "regular" Heart of Gold and the Devil's Heart of Gold.   We will sell tickets to this as soon as we know the release date.

Barrel Update - April 3, 2012
  • Barrel Aged Beers released already = 2
  • Beers in Barrel now = 4
  • Barrels waiting to be filled with beer = 1
  • Barrels on their way to be filled = 4
A total of 11 barrel aged beers so far as part of the program!

Barrel -  Buffalo Trace (#1) Bourbon
Schlafly Bourbon Barrel Aged Quadrupel

Date filled: August 5 , 2011
Date bottled: February 7, 2012
Cases produced:  17 cases (204 / 750ml bottles) 
Beer released and Sold out - click here to see the release pictures

Barrel - Buffalo Trace (#2) Bourbon
2nd Shift Brewing Liquid Spiritual Delight Stout Barrel Aged
Date filled: Decmeber 29, 2011
Date bottled: March 5, 2012
Cases produced:  17 cases (204 / 750ml bottles) 
Beer released and Sold out - click here to see pictures of the release

Barrel -  Knob Creek 9yr (#1) Bourbon 
(first full barrel ever sold in St. Louis) 
Brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales
Barrel filled on October 6, 2011 with Perennial Heart of Gold Wheat Wine
(now 6 months in barrel - should be bottled in May 2012)

Barrel - Elijah Craig 12yr Old (#1) Bourbon  
(1st full barrel sold in STL)
Barrel - Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey (#1)
Brewery: 4 Hands Brewing Company
Both barrels filled on February 3, 2012 with their Bona Fide Russian Imperial Stout brewed with Goshen Espresso and Whole Vanilla Bean to age.

Barrel - Buffalo Trace (#3) Bourbon
Brewery: Charleville
Barrel filled on February 13, 2012 with their Hairy Cow 9% Wee Heavy

Barrels on the way!
These barrels are on the way and will eventually be filled with beer.  Six Row Brewing is tagged for the next one to arrive.  We are planning to do a second batch of Schlafly Quadrupel in barrel and the rest are yet to be determined.
Barrel -  Knob Creek 9yr (#2) Bourbon
Barrel - Buffalo Trace (#4) Bourbon
Barrel - Elijah Craig 12yr Old (#2) Bourbon 
Barrel - Blanton's (#1) Bourbon 

Schlafly Export IPA is here!!

Our first load of Schlafly Export IPA is here!!

Now in stock at all stores
and online also

93 Pointer

Available online also - click here

2008 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve...$28.79 

As of April 12, we are over $7 a bottle cheaper
 than the next  lowest price in the country on Wine-Searcher
Next lowest price is $35.99 Artisan Wine Depot

"Chewy with tannin, but bursting with fresh currant and plum, sneaking in hints of mint and black tea as the finish lingers. A graceful wine that has miles to go. Best from 2013 through 2018. 6,600 cases made. –HS"
Rated 93/100 The Wine Spectator

We have 22 (6 bottle) cases available.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bargain red from Argentina....

Argentina still produces some of the best bargains in the world....this is one of the best

2009 Roca Malbec Merlot....$7.99

The Roca family has been producing wine in Mendoza for 4 generations, and currently farms nearly 260 acres in San Rafael, the southernmost province of Mendoza. At altitudes of 2,300 to 2,600 feet above sea level, Roca's vineyards produce distinct, cool-climate wines of singular quality.

Tasting Notes: Shows a vibrant red color, with aromas of plums and ripe red fruit on the nose. The Malbec’s soft tannins and Merlot’s delicate fruit result in a wine of great intensity, elegance, and balance.
Serve With: An ideal pairing with saucy pasta dishes, pizza, or carne asada.

Penfolds Tasting including the amazing GRANGE

Wine Classes at The Wine and Cheese Place

Reservations are required -- click here

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd
Clayton, MO 63105

Penfolds Tasting 
Thursday April 26th

Come join us to taste an amazing lineup of wines from Australia’s most iconic winery including their flagship Penfolds Grange. This is truly a one of a kind tasting since we are the only store in Missouri with over half of the wines to be tasted.
Featuring special guest Kenyon Schmanske of Treasury Wine Estates.
$40 per person seating is limited

2010 Penfolds Bin 311 Chardonnay, Tumbarumba
90 Wine Advocate $19.99

2009 Penofolds Bin 389 Cabernet/Shiraz, South Australia
 Not Yet Rated $31.99

2005 Penfolds Cellar Reserve Cabernet/Shiraz
93+ Wine Advocate $69.99

2002 St Henri Shiraz
93 Wine Spectator $59.99

2005 St. Henri Shiraz (Magnum)
95 Wine Spectator $119.99

2008 Penfolds RWT
93+ Wine Advocate $89.99

2006 Penfolds Grange
98+ Wine Advocate $499.99

Exciting beers news!!

Bear Republic Brewing Co. is coming 
back to The Wine and Cheese Place
Yes, it is true.   I just got word that we will be able to get Bear Republic beers back in stock sometime in the next 4-6 weeks!!!
Watch for some delicious and fresh beer from one of California's finest breweries...
Bear Republic Racer 5
Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Bear Republic Black Bear Stout
plus more....

Very, very, very rare 1974 Glenfiddich

1 bottle in stock

We are proud to offer an extremely rare Single Malt Scotch from Glenfiddich.  
Only 1,000 bottles were released
Only 2 bottles made it to Missouri.

Only 1 bottle available - reserve it online
(subject to confirmation)

1974 Glenfiddich Rare Collection Single Malt Whisky....$749.99 / 750ml bottle
Bottle No. 949 of 1000 bottles
46.8% ABV
36 years of age
Bottled September 13, 2011
"Every cask of rare Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whisky is personally nosed and tasted by our expert Malt Master.  After carefully nurturing them for decades, he has ensured the whisky has achieved its rich character and seductive complexity.   Casks for this Glenfiddich Vintage Reserve have been selected by the Glenfiddich Malt Master because of their exceptional quality." -- label

Rare Macallan 1970 Vintage

Sold out -- sorry
Only 1 bottle available - click here to reserve - subject to confirmation

Very rare 41 year old Macallan from Gordon and Macphail
Speymalt from Macallan 1970 Single Malt Scotch...$699.99
Distilled 1970
Bottled 2011

Initial burst of sherry sweetness, with subtle rum and raisin notes. Some marzipan and almonds with a hint of vanilla lingering. Some subtle bees wax polish and a touch of charred oak develop.
Sweet and Sherried, with Christmas cake influences and some hints of warm festive spices. Followed by some dark chocolate with a burst of citrus peel.
Fresh, with some pronounced sweet Sherry notes, hints of stewed fruits and a mulled wine edge. Some delicate vanilla and hints of cream fudge emerges.
Burst of Sherry, with a delicate stewed plum edge, creamy and smooth with a defined hint of dark chocolate lingering. A very delicate touch of ash lingers.

Gordon Macphail

Each store has a different selection -- you can reserve it online for pick up at any store.

The MacPhail's Collection Highland Park 8yr 43%....$35.99
"Built in 1798, Scotland's most Northern distillery is set on the site where the infamous illicit distiller, Magnus Eunson's bothy used to stand. Highland Park continues to malt its own barley using the traditional floor malting method and to kiln dry the 'green' malt using peat cut from its own moorlands. One of the few distilleries where you can still see and smell smoke wafting from its pagoda. Cattie Maggie is the underground spring that feeds a former quarry close to Highland Park. The spring and quarry are named after a tinker who lived in the vicinity. The water is pure and very hard, rising through a sedimentary rock of hard sandstone."-- Gordon & MacPhail

The MacPhail's Collection Bunnahabhain 8yr 43%....$35.99
"Bunnahabhain Distillery was designed from the start as a high-output malt distillery. Built round a courtyard, in a style that resembles a Bordeaux chateau, the distillery today is little changed. It amalgamated with William Grant and Sons in 1887 to become part of the Highland Distillers group. During 1963 the number of stills were increased from 2 to 4. Bunnahabhain (meaning 'mouth of the river') shares its name with the village that grew up around it. In effect, development of the distillery created a community dependent upon it for employment. In doing so, an entire village emerged."-- Gordon & MacPhail

The MacPhail's Collection Tamdhu 8yr 43%.....$35.99
"Tamdhu Distillery was one of several to be built along the Strathspey railway line, which at one time played such an important part in the whisky industry. Originally built by a group of whisky blenders, ownership reverted to Highland Distillers a few years later. The old Knockando railway station was converted into an attractive visitors? centre and reception.The distillery operates its own saladin box maltings, which produces sufficient malt to supply both Tamdhu and other distilleries in the group." -- Gordon & MacPhail

Gordon and Macphail Caol Ila 10yr Islay....$59.99
Distilled August 1999
ABV = 46%
Bottles January 2011

Gordon and Macphail Glenburgie 15yr 43% $65.99
Gordon and Macphail Glenburgie 21yr 43% $151.99
Set close to the A96, near the village of Alves, lies Glenburgie Distillery which looks over the Moray Firth. The distillery was originally called Kilnflat, although in 1878 after a period of disuse, it was renamed Glenburgie. Nearby is Burgie Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. For a short while Glenburgie also produced another single malt, Glencraig. This was produced using Lomond stills and is available in our Connoisseurs Choice range.

One of the finest scotches I have tasted...
The MacPhails Collection Glenrothes 30yr....$189.99
ABV -  43%
First fill Sherry casks.

Sweet with malty notes and some wood oil aromas.
Initially cereal flavours followed by hints of chocolate and smoke.
Sweet Sherry notes and charred oak. More balanced with delicate aromas.
Smooth, creamy vanilla notes together with the Sherry influence.

Situated within the picturesque Spey valley, Rothes is home to five distilleries all tucked along the tiny main street - unbeknown to passing visitors. Amongst these is Glenrothes hidden in a small glen on the outskirts of the village. Today Glenrothes single malt is used as the heart of Cutty Sark blended whisky. Approaching the distillery your eyes are drawn to the right where the village graveyard stretches up the hill. As whisky matures it evaporates this is known as "the angels share". Feeding off the evaporated whisky is a black sooty fungus, which gives an eiry atmosphere to the place. The blackened grave stones under the shadows of tall trees surrounded by distillery buildings.

all info from Gordon MacPhail's website

New Belgium Cans!!!

In stock at Forsyth now -- should hit our other stores later today!

Wall of CANS - 16oz cans from New Belgium
Fat Tire - Shift - Ranger IPA

New Belgium Shift Pale Lager...$7.49 / 4pk - 16oz CANS
New Belgium employee-owners work in shifts to brew to life world-class beers. Those efforts are rewarded daily with a shared end-of-shift beer. We’re passing that welcomed occasion onto consumers in this lightly-hopped Shift Pale Lager. From work to play, from bottle to can, from bold and heavy to refreshing and sessionable; Shift salutes the shift in occasion, package and beer. So, go ahead and get your Shift beer, you’ve earned it!
Just the facts Ma'am...
ABV - 5.0
IBU - 29
Hops - Target, Nelson Sauvin, Liberty, Cascade
Malts - Pale, Munich, C-80

New Belgium Ranger IPA...$7.49 / 4pk - 16oz CANS
Ever met a New Belgium Beer Ranger? They are our beloved folks out in the field. Spanning all 29 of our states from the Pacific to the Atlantic, our Beer Rangers do their best to protect, to pour and to partake. And explore many a beer from many a brewery, they do.

Bring out the hops! This clear amber beauty bursts at the starting gate with an abundance of hops: Cascade (citrus), Chinook (floral/citrus), and Simcoe (fruity) lead off the beer, with Cascade added again for an intense dry hop flavor. Brewed with pale and dark caramel malts that harmonize the hop flavor from start to finish, Ranger is a sessionable splendor for all you hopinistas. Thank your Beer Ranger!

Plus their original beer....
New Belgium Fat Tire ...$7.49 / 4pk - 16oz CANS

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finest Turkish Raki

In stock at all four of The Wine and Cheese Place locations

The best selling Raki in Turkey
Yeni Turkish Raki...$27.99
"Raki is usually anise-flavored aperitif that is produced by twice distilling either only suma or suma that has been mixed with ethyl alcohol in traditional copper alembics of 5000 liters volume or less with aniseed. it is similar to several kins of alcoholic beverages available in the Mediterranean and parts of the Balkans, including pastis, sambuca, and ouzo....In Turkey, raki is the unofficial "national drink" and it is traditionally drunk mixed with water; the dilution cases this alcoholic drink to turn a milky-white colour, and possibly because of its colour, this mixture is popularly called aslan sutu or arslan sutu, both literally meaning "lion's milk"

Efe Classic Blue Label Turkish Raki...$25.99
"The flavor enriched by the best quality Anatolian grapes and anise gains a smooth taste with Bozdag spring water.  With its distinct bottle design and its taste much enjoyed by those who are fond of classical raki, Efe Raki is continuing to add zest to raki tables." - website

Efe Fresh Grapes Turkish Raki...$27.99
"Produced from fresh grapes ripening under the Aegean sun, Efe Fresh Grape Raki is an indispensable taste for raki lovers with its flavor that appeals to different palates.  Efe Fresh Grape Raki, having achieved to create its own category for the first time in the sector, has been produced for those who like to try different tastes." -- website