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Lucien Le Moine 2012 Burgundy!

2012 Lucien Le Moine Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Hauts Doix...$189.99
Simply haunting in its beauty, the 2012 Chambolle-Musigny Les Hauts Doix is a model of elegance and pure class. All the elements are simply in the right place. Striking aromatics meld into silky, expressive fruit laced with sweet, perfumed notes that are woven throughout. The 2012 remains round and caressing through to the finish, showing exceptional balance and harmony. I imagine the Hauts Doix will provide a wide window of superb drinking. Today, it is stunning, to say the least. -- Antonio Galloni
Rated 93-95/100 Antonio Galloni Vinous Media

2012 Lucien Le Moine Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Charmes...$169.99
The 2012 Chambolle-Musigny Les Charmes is beautiful and complete from start to finish. An open, expressive bouquet melds into dark red and black fruit, dark spices and flowers. The flavors are vibrant, nuanced and layered throughout. There is plenty of upside potential here, but the 2012 should also drink great with minimal cellaring. -- Antonio Galloni
Rated 92-94/100 Antonio Gallon, Vinous Media

2012 Lucien Le Monie Chambolle Musigny Les Amoureusses 1er Cru...$399.99
The 2012 Chambolle-Musigny Les Amoureuses is simply celestial. Intensely floral and lifted at first, the Amoureuses fleshes out beautifully with layer after layer of pure flavor. Sweet, succulent dark cherries, flowers, mint and white pepper take on attractive, saline-inflected dimensions of brightness. The tannins are present, but they are silky and suave throughout. in 2012, the Amoureuses is simply a model of restrained elegance. -- Antonio Galloni
Rated 94-96/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

2012 Dugat-Py Burgundy!

A rare and amazing producer from a fantastic vintage!
Very, very, very limited

2012 Dugat-Py Bourgogne Cuvee Halniard....$77.99
Designation of vines Gevrey - Chambertin downgraded to Burgundy.
Ages plots 25-75 years
Clay and limestone geology
Annual production 200 cases (declassified Gevrey Chambertin)
Maturing 15-18 months in oak barrels, 10% new
Unfiltered wine
Wine storage, it can be enjoyed in its youth in the carafing few hours before serving.
2012 Dugat-Py Gevrey Chambertin Coeur du Roy...$194.99
Dugat-Py's 2012 Gevrey-Chambertin Cœur du Roy emerges from parcels ranging from 50-103 years of age. Dark cherry, plum, smoke, licorice and black olive are rich and explosive on the palate, The 2012 is endowed with stunning purity and depth. This is another huge Burgundy that is going to require at least a few years in bottle.
Rated 92-94/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

2012 Dugat-Py Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru....$719.99
Another dark, mysterious wine, the 2012 Charmes-Chambertin is laced with dark red plum, smoke, incense and savory/floral notes. The flavors are rich, round and layered, adding to a sense of simply impeccable balance and pure texture. -- Antonio Galloni
Rated 94-96/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

2012 Dugat-Py Vosne Romanee V.V....$215.99
The 2012 Vosne-Romanée jumps from the glass with dark red cherry, plum, spice and iron. Today, the 2012 is a bit reduced, but not enough to detract from the wine's considerable appeal. The style is rich, textured very much on the intense side at the villages level. I imagine the 2012 will still be an impressive wine at age twenty. -- Antonio Galloni
Rated 90-92/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

Tijuana Sweet Heat

Tijuana Sweet Heat....$13.99
Tequila infused with 100% Agave Nectar

Serrano Jamon

We just opened a another fresh leg of Serrano this morning at Forsyth, it is delicious.  Come in for  taste.
Sliced to order
Jamon Serrano Platinum
Serrano has a minimum requirement of 8 months of curing, the "Platinuml" we have in stock now is aged over 18 months -- come in for a taste. Serrano is one of the most popular hams in the world.

look how good that looks....

Try this easy recipe Ingredients
Thinly sliced serrano ham    ***
Membrillo paste, also known as quince paste (in our cheese case)    ***
Tribeca baguette (available in our freezer)     ***
Aged Manchego cheese  ***
Sweet Sophie Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup ***
Extra-virgin olive oil  ***
 *** Everything is vailable at The Wine and Cheese Place Forsyth

These crostini appetizers are easy to put together, and make a great starter or snack. Just smear toasted baguette slices with quince paste (a.k.a. membrillo),  then top with serrano ham, add thin shaved Manchego cheese and then drizzle with olive oil or Sweet Sophie BA Maple Syrup.

You can also try your favorite blue cheese, and we have other fruit compotes in our cheese case.  The possibilities to customize to your taste is endless.  If you use blue cheese, make sure you drizzle on Sweet Sophie Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup.

Grab a bottle of Bouza de Carril Albariño Rias Baixas

Hell Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey

In stock at Forsyth and New Ballas
Hell Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey...$18.99
Hell Cat Maggie was a well known criminal in Manhattan's Five Points district and a member of the notorious Dead Rabbits Gang.  She was  fierce street fighter and actually giled her teeth and nails into pionts to better shred her opponents skin.

De Struise Black Damnation is back!

To this day, we don’t know what we were thinking when we started doing this. But we know one thing for sure: we haven’t regretted it since. The Black Damnation series is a dark twist of Urbain’s mind, conceived as beers that neither Belgium or the world have ever seen before, nor are they likely to ever see them again. Originally intended as a range of twelve beers, it has since expanded.

The rules are simple: every Black Damnation beer has to contain at least 50% of our Black Albert or one of its barrel-aged variants. Other than that: anything goes. We’ve aged it on bourbon, whisky and rum. We’ve applied the Eisbock technique to bring it up to 39% alcohol. We’ve used the water run-off and dry-hopped it for a quaffable 2% entry. We added peaches, coffee beans and blackberries. In short: we’ve put it through its paces and we’ll continue to do so. That is: until we run out of ideas. Like that’ll ever happen.

We had these two back in January of last year -- back in stock now

Struise Black Damnation II - Mocha Bomb...$36.99 / 750ml
Rated 100/100 RateBeer
Black Damnation II is yet another blend with the use of Hel & Verdoemenis from Brouwerij De Molen. This time a level more complex than BD I. 50% of Black Albert was used that matured for a while on whole coffee beans out of a craft Columbian coffee plantation. 25% of H&V was used that aged for 6 months on JD barrels at Struise. Another 25% of Cuvée Delphine was used.

Struise Black Damnation III - Black Mes...$36.99 / 750ml
Rated 100/100 RateBeer
Black Damnation III was made with Black Albert that aged for 3 months on Paul Melia’s (Mes) favorite Whisky, the "Caol Ila’s Distillers Version 1995".

This one is here for the first time...
sold out
Struise Black Damnation XII Nuptiale A2...$36.99 / 750ml
Single cask, ripened on Anguilla rhum barrels with peaches.

Deep Eddy Real Lemon Vodka

This one is apparently taking the country by storm
Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka...$13.99 / 750ml
Deep Eddy Lemon flavored vodka is handcrafted in our Texas distillery using real lemon juice mixed with our award winning vodka.  Enjoy this new twist on the everyday vodka mixed with club soda, iced tea or your most creative concoction.

Tenshen - 92 points!

2013 Tenshen Santa Barbara Red...$19.99
Offers a fresh, lively array of complex flavors, extending from ripe, juicy plum and black cherry to subtle tar, rose petal and dried herb notes. Features a supple texture and good length. Syrah, Grenache, Petite Sirah and Merlot. Drink now through 2023. 3,500 cases made. –JL
Rated 92/100 The Wine Spectator

Baetje Farms - Missouri Cheese

In stock again at all four locations!

Baetje Farms LLC in Bloomsdale, MO from the scenic southeast Missouri, Sainte Genevieve County.

Pure Artisan Farmstead Goat Cheeses

Many of the cheeses we produce are solely from our own herds milk and classified as "Pure Artisan Farmstead" goat cheeses. In case you are not familiar with what the terms "farmstead" or "artisan" means, I would like to take a moment and explain the terms to you..."Farmstead" signifies cheese made solely with milk from the cheese maker's own animals. "Artisan" is a skilled manual worker or craftsman...So, in essence we produce our cheeses in an old world European style, the way cheese had been produced for thousands of years long before the family farm was turned into an industrial factory, as is and has been the current trend of farming in the United States for quite some time.

So, now that you are familiar with what type of farm we are, let us take some time to tell you how we manage our farm and what makes us different from other farmstead artisan producers (rare as they are in America)...We believe the best cheese comes from the best milk and the best milk comes from animals that are in the best physical condition possible. Our dairy goats receive an unlimited supply of filtered spring water to drink from a spring fed well here on our farm. We also supplement their diet with organic herbal teas, (which they love warm esp. in the cold of winter). They receive daily: organic mineral supplements, locally grown alfalfa hay, browse pasture, and are fed an all natural antibiotic free whole grain ration that has been custom prepared to our specifications. We make sure in essence that our goats are receiving the correct amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients. Our goats are free to choose what they prefer to do, whether it is to skip and run up a hill, lie under the shade of a tree, soak up some sunshine, or play with one of their herd mates. They are not in tie stalls or kept in confinement as are done on other dairies. Nor are they fed hormones to increase their milk production, nor are they on a constant stream of feed laden with antibiotics. We as Christians believe God created these animals and try to give them the best environment possible. We do not "milk them for all they are worth" as the old phrase goes, but allow our goats to keep the natural time clock that they were created to have. While some dairies push their goats to alter their genetically set clock and breed and kid out of their normal season, we do not.

The natural seasons of spring kidding which begins our milking season, coincides with the greening of pasture after the dead of winter. The abundance of summer feed coincides with the abundance of milk our girls produce, and as fall comes into play and the local area deer begin their breeding season, so begins another breeding season for our goats as well and lactation soon begins to cease in the dead of winter. That is when they enjoy a bit of "vacation". All of these factors produce very happy goats which ultimately produce delicious cheese.

Baetje Farms Coeur de la Crème...$8.99 / each

5 ounce heart shaped fresh goat cheese.  First place winner American Cheese Society 2011 and 2012. Purists will enjoy this cheese in which nothing is added except quality goat milk, culture, rennet and salt. The base for all our Coeur de la Creme cheeses. Also available in assorted flavors

  • Plain
  • Garlic and Chive
  • Herbs de Provence
  • Pepper
Baetje Farms Coeur de la Crème Dark Chocolate Raspbery...$11.99 / each
5 ounce heart shaped fresh goat cheese blended with fine French dark chocolate, and raspberry puree. Winner 2nd place 2010 American Dairy Goat Association. Try it with your favorite cookie, fill Cannoli or use in in your favorite chocolate dessert. Available year round
Baetje Farms Miette...$11.99 / each
Miette is our newest bloomy rind sheep and goat milk cheese here at Baetje Farms. This cheese has the flavor of sweet, very yeasty bread dough waiting to be baked. It has the aroma of fermented grapes and the creamy consistency much like that of a baked cheesecake as it melts in your mouth. Images of pure rich cream drawn from the top of fresh milk fill your mind as you enjoy, this cheese is truly a delight and is a special treat to enjoy anytime!
Baetje Farms Fleur du la Valle...$17.99 / each
Fleur de la Vallee is a washed rind cheese with a semi-soft velvety smooth paste which melts in the mouth. The complex and full bodied flavor notes bring reminiscents to the pallet of toasted bread with butter, meaty bacon and eggs, and faint notes of toasted onion which all provide a depth of rich flavors that burst in the mouth The aroma of this cheese is also rich with complex notes of fermented wheat, barley, hops and yeast which combine with a sweet aromatic blend of fragrant bliss. This cheese may be made with 100% goat milk or a combination of sheep and goat milk depending on season. The 100% goat milk version has won several awards including: American Cheese Society 1st in 2011 and 2nd in 2010. World Cheese Awards bronze in 2010
Baetje Farms Couer du Clos...$29.99 / lb
Coeur du Clos is a cambembert type cheese made from a blend of goat and sheep milk making this a true rare artisan cheese treat. Aromas of mushrooms, combine with woodsy earthy notes. This cheese is covered with a velvety with rind reminiscent of soft wool. The cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature and has a balance of a soft creamy paste yet a firm chewy rind. The flavor notes vary from sweet custard, roasted walnuts and clean fresh cream in the paste to the hint of mushrooms towards the rind. This c heese is excellent served baked in a puff pastry topped with raspberry sauce or maple syrup and toasted walnuts. 2nd place winner American Cheese Society 2013
Beatje Farms Bloomsdale...$11.99 / each
Bloomsdale is our flagship cheese. Named after the area where our farm and creamery resides this cheese has won some prestigious awards including: 2011,2012 and 2013 super gold World Cheese Awards. 1st American Cheese Society 2012.This cheese is inspired by the very old French cheese "Valencay". Originally the Valencay cheese was shaped like a perfect pyramid with a pointed top. However, upon Napoleon's return from his disastrous campaign in Egypt, he stopped at the castle of Valencay and seeing the cheese that so reminded him of the pyramids, in a rage he drew his sword and chopped of the top. This cheese has been made with a flattened top ever since that day. We deceided to choose the name "Bloomsdale" because its shape reminds us to the hills surrounding us where our farm resides. Considered a mold ripened cheese, this cheese is rolled in a mixture of pine ash and salt and aged until it forms a beautiful bloom of white mold. The question is often raised, "do we eat the rind?" The answer is YES! The rind is edible and it is delicious and has the scent of earthy mushrooms. As this cheese ages over time it becomes progressively softer to the point of runniness beginning from just under the rind and working towards the center. The cheese will deepen in flavors and develops some blue cheese flavor notes, though it is not a true blue cheese. Some of our customers perfer to let it age until it is completly liquidified and use it as a savory sauce for grilled steaks.

Jim Beam Signature Craft - Limited Edtions!

Jim Beam® Signature Craft Harvest Bourbon Collection™

In 2003, a group of daring distillers at Jim Beam thought “outside the barrel” and experimented with a variety of obscure grains and non-traditional recipes and ultimately settled on a range of harvest grains such as Brown Rice and Soft Red Wheat (among others) to complement the majority grain of corn. These innovative distillers, many of whom have since currently retired, distilled a handful of liquids and laid them down in rackhouses to rest, untouched, for years…until now. More than a decade later, Fred Noe discovered these lost barrels and gave them a taste; and while a few batches from the lot did not make the cut, he was delighted to find six delicious bourbons, ready to be bottled and released.

Jim Beam Harvest Bourbon Collection is a series of six hand-crafted bourbons that celebrate the distinctive tastes imparted by the distillation of different grains. More than 11 years of aging have brought out the nuances of these unique ingredients to create some of the rarest, most unique whiskey expressions to ever leave a Jim Beam rackhouse.

The first two grain representations – Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice – are being released in extremely small quantities beginning today. The four remaining expressions – Whole Rolled Oat, Triticale, High Rye and Six Row Barley – will be released with limited quantity throughout 2015.

Jim Beam® Signature Craft High Rye Bourbon...$41.99 / 375ml
•Bottled at 90 proof
Aged 11 years
Our High Rye Bourbon has robust spice and rich oaky smoke on the nose.  The taste is a balance of medium bodied spice, with a hint of caramelized oak.

Jim Beam® Signature Craft Whole Rolled Oat Bourbon...$41.99 / 375ml
•Bottled at 90 proof
Aged 11 Years
With its brilliant amber color, and toasted grain and nutty aroma, our whole Rolled Oat bourbon has a mellow and slightly sweet taste with a gentle, light-bodied finish

Jim Beam® Signature Craft Brown Rice Bourbon...$41.99 / 375ml
•Bottled at 90 proof, Jim Beam Signature Craft Brown Rice is a full-bodied bourbon that has lasting flavor from its 11 years of aging
•This bourbon contains a taste of toasted grain with sweet oak and rich vanilla flavors and is best enjoyed straight (neat or on-the-rocks)
•Jim Beam Signature Craft Brown Rice has an aroma with notes of sweet potato and brown sugar with a slight oaky spice and a deep, rich amber color

Grand Teton -

A new one and some returning fresh ones....

Grand Teton Trout Hop Black IPA...$9.49 / 4pk
Trout Hop Black IPA is a spicy and bold American-Style India Black Ale, with notes of fresh pine needles and spruce tips. Brewed with Idaho 2-Row Brewers’ Malt and German specialty malts, this ale has a deep rich color and roasted finish but is not as thick as some malty brews. Hopped with Zeus, Chinook, Galena, and Cascades from Idaho, as well as Simcoes, the resulting bitterness is bold and intense, the aroma piney and zesty.

The full body and dry finish create a refreshing winter ale, perfect for any crisp afternoon or cool evening. The spicy hops of this ale complement bold, flavorful foods. Chocolate mole enchiladas, Indian and Thai curries, and barbeque ribs will go nicely.
Malts: Idaho 2-Row Pale malted barley, Carafa Special, CaraMunich, Melanoidin
Hops: Chinook, Columbus, Cascade & Galena
International Bitterness Units: 117
Alcohol by Volume: 8.5%

Fresh, bottled March 2
Grand Teton Amber Ale Mountain Brewed Ale...$8.99 / 6pk

Our Amber Ale is a full bodied, American-style amber with a rich copper color which comes from the roasted Crystal and Munich malts. We use Cascade and Galena hops to achieve the unique, fresh flavor and robust finish that is long and complex on the palate.
Hops: Hallertauer Magnum & Cascade
Alcohol by Volume: 4.7%

Grand Teton 5 O'Clock Shadow Double Black Lager...$9.99 / 750ml
5 O’Clock Shadow Double Black Lager is brewed in the German Schwarzbier (black beer) tradition. Schwarzbier is to lager what stout or porter is to ale. Like those dark British beers, Schwarzbier has long been considered nourishing and even curative. German doctors often recommend Schwarzbier for nursing mothers. Our Brewmaster, born in Munich, was the beneficiary of just such advice.

We have taken the traditional Schwarzbier, intended to be a “session beer” with typically moderate alcohol, and almost doubled its strength to 7.6% alcohol by volume. We brewed our version with a fine balance of German crystal and roasted malts and spiced it with German Tradition hops. We fermented 5 O’Clock Shadow at cold temperatures with a select German lager yeast and cold-conditioned it for sixteen weeks to create a velvety smooth, easy drinking springtime brew.

This German lager pours a deep brown, almost black color with ruby highlights. It has soft dark chocolate notes with hints of caramel and a light roasty finish.

5 O’Clock Shadow pairs nicely with hearty, spicy foods. Try it with barbecued, roasted or blackened meats and sausages. Steaks and burgers, especially charred, will complement this beer. Recommended cheeses might be a fine Munster or even a buttery, well-aged cheese like Gouda. For dessert we suggest a raspberry tart or ginger pear cake.

Alcohol By Volume: 7.6%
Color (Lovibond): 40.0º
International Biterness Units: 38

Patron Tequila Rare 7 Year old!

Patron Tequila Extra Anejo 7 Year Old...$269.99

This exquisite tequila was aged in French oak barrels for seven years, producing limited quantities of an incredibly rare spirit. To commemorate this exclusive release, it’s presented in a replica of the very first hand-blown glass Patrón bottle and stopper.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Glenmorangie LImited Release!

order now 5
Glenmorangie Tusail Single Malt Scotch....$119.99tusail
Limit 1 per person
The 6th release from Glenmorangie's award-winning Private Edition, Tùsail is the product of a carefully-selected parcel of Maris Otter barley, floor-malted by hand using traditional techniques, and non chill-filtered.
A rich winter variety of barley first introduced in 1965, Maris Otter was bred specifically to meet the demand for a high quality brewing malt and recognized for its ability to impart rich, rustic malty flavours. Now used only by a select few who continue, like Glenmorangie, to uphold an ethos of sacrificing yield for quality by using only the finest ingredients, the result is a whisky celebrating the variety’s renowned taste profile.

The Dudes Brewing - March 13 Tasting

The Dudes are coming to The Wine and Cheese Place

The beers are here!!

The Dudes Beer Tasting!
The Wine and Cheese Place is proud to introduce The Dudes's Beer for a tasting event...

Friday, March 13 from 4-6pm
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105

We will welcome to The Wine and Cheese Place
Toby Humes, Founder/owner along with Scott Shaw VP sales and marketing for The Dude's Brewing Company out of Los Angeles, California.

Welcome Dudes and Dudettes! Come on in and take a look around our digital home. Here you’ll be able to venture into the world of the The Dudes’ Brewing Company, learn about our craft beer and why we believe having fun is the most important ingredient for everything. With a focus on the Southern California lifestyle, our laid back approach to craft beer is seen in our personality, style and tasting room, but one thing that is always taken seriously is the brewing process.

Dudes Double Trunk Double IPA...$11.99 / 4pk - 16oz CANS
They say an elephant never forgets. When it comes to this double IPA, you won’t either. This gentle giant certainly has mad hops, but ferments out dry so it’s not too malty on the finish. Clocking in at 9.4% alcohol by volume, it’s definitely not for the timid mice amongst you. Put on your trunks and dive in.

Dudes Grandmas Pecan
...$8.49 / 4pk - 16oz CANS
Well, looks like grandma has gone nuts. This English style brown ale hits you upside the head with a nose chock-full of toasted Georgia pecans followed by a rich, full-bodied finish. Just like grandma’s pecan pie, this baby will have you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Pop the top and give old grandma a kiss.

Dudes South Bay Session IPA
...$8.49 / 4pk - 16oz CANS

Dudes Mix 12 pack.......$25.99 / 12pk - 16oz CANS
Includes 4 cans each of...

  • Dudes Grandmas Pecan
  • Dudes South Bay Session IPA
  • Dudes Kolschtal Eddy (only in this pack)

Schlafly 12 pack CANS

Schlafly Cans are back!

Schlafly Pale Ale....$12.99 / 12 pack CANS
Schlafly Summer Lager.... $12.99 / 12 pack CANS

Major savings on Neyers phenomenal red wines!!

We just received 160 cases at amazing prices.  This is wine in perfect shape great 2010-13 vintages.  Mostly from the amazing 2012 vintage.

Some bullet points

  • With some distributor changes here in Missouri, the old Neyers distributor just wanted to move them out of inventory.  We are very happy to offer them at amazing prices.
  • The wines are amazing quality even at full price, at this price.  Stock up now!!!
  • Even though we have 160 cases, I don't think these will last long at these prices!
  • We will taste them tonight from 4-6pm at the Forsyth location.
  • Currently just at Forsyth, you can order online for other store pick ups!

2010 Neyers Cabernet Sauvignon Neyers Ranch Conn Valley...$24.99

$50 at Neyers Website
Lowest priced on Wine Searcher is $37.95
Bright, deep red-ruby. Nuanced nose combines dark currant, licorice, marzipan, tobacco, chocolate and spicy oak. Deeper, plusher and creamier than the Conn Valley merlot, and sweeter too. Finishes broad, with a fine dusting of tannins and excellent length. Makes a strong statement for cabernet sauvignon as a complete grape.
Rated 91/100 Stephen Tanzer, Vinous Media

2012 Neyers Sage Canyon Red...$14.99
Wine Spectator Suggested Retail $24
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher is $17.99
An impressive red that's rich, dense, focused and layered, with tiers of vibrant red berry, pomegranate, black licorice, spice, road tar and cedar, ending with dry, gripping tannins. Carignane, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah. Drink now through 2025. 939 cases made.
Rated 91/100 The Wine Spectator

2012 Neyers Pinot Noir Robert's Road...$19.99
Wine Spectator Suggested Retail...$40
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher is $33.99

Weaves together a tasty mix of cherry, plum and jam notes, with dried herb, cedar and gravelly earth accents, balanced by tobacco and black licorice hints. Young and tight, and set to gain. Drink now through 2022. 287 cases made.
Rated 90/100 The Wine Spectator

2012 Neyers Pinot Noir Russian River Pinot Noir Placida...$19.99

Wine Spectator Suggested Retail...$40
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher is $33.99

Something special has clicked. In July, Tadeo bottled our two separate lots of 2012 Pinot Noir, one each from the Chuy Ordaz Placida Vineyard and the Sangiacomo Family Roberts Road Vineyard. He has clearly demonstrated his remarkable touch with this variety, and the 2012 vintage looks especially attractive for both of these wines. We will begin to ship the wines in November. Keep in mind that both are made from fruit grown on vines that are not planted to clones. Both parcels are from budwood that was acquired directly from the Joe Swan vineyards in Forestville, not through a nursery. Joe personally brought the cuttings for these vines to the US from Vosne-Romanée. They were not heat treated, and they are a 'Massale Selection'. I asked Tadeo to give us his description of the 2012 vintage. It’s a year we are quickly identifying as especially well suited for early ripening varieties like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
The 2012 growing year had a very mild frost season, with ample winter rains, followed by close to ideal weather during flowering and set. This led to a large fruit set in most places. The summer was warm and even, without many high heat spikes. After 3 small vintages, the evenness yielded larger clusters along with the large set. The fall was mild and dry. This gave us a long growing season with the ability to pick vineyards at their peak, when we wanted, with moderate sugars and good natural acidity. Concentration and textures are good.

2012 Neyers Zinfandel Vista Luna Borden Ranch...$12.99
Wine Spectator Suggested Retail...$24
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher....$19.99
Its hillsides are strewn with Quartz that was brought to the surface during the formation of the Sierra Foothills. The clusters here are small and packed with the delicious Zinfandel flavors of wild berries and jam. We expect to enjoy this wine over the next several winters. We drink it chilled, so experience firsthand how irresistible this is when served ice cold.
Barrel Program ..... 100% Used French Oak
Composition .......... 100% Zinfandel
Cases Produced ..... 944

2011 Neyers Merlot Neyers Ranch Conn Valley...$14.99

Wine Spectator Suggested Retail...$48
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher...$25.99
The lovely 2011 vintage confirms that feeling. This Merlot might be our best ever. After a cool summer, we entered the final stage of ripening in September with small clusters of a balanced crop showing great potential. We ferment our Merlot with the native yeast that is trapped on the skins during ripening, so the process is long and slow, normally 45 days or more of skin contact. The result is greater complexity, and a smoother wine - lower in alcohol, and more likely to stabilize naturally without need of artificial fining or filtration. The finished wine is dark in color and beautifully aromatic, with hints of wild cherry, crushed rock and lavender. All of the grapes are from the certified organic vineyards that surround our home in Napa's Conn Valley.
Barrel Program ..... 30% New French Oak, 70% Used French Oak
Composition .......... 85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon

2012 Neyers Mourvedre Rossi Ranch....$19.99
Wine Spectator Suggested Retail...$40
Lowest price on Wine Searcher...$27.75
Otellini has only 4 acres planted to Mourvèdre, but they might be part of the most exciting red wine vineyard in northern California. Fewer than 70 acres of Mourvèdre are planted in Napa and Sonoma counties combined. There is plenty to love about this wine, from its luxurious dark purple color to the exotic aroma of peat and lavender. Finding them some of the most satisfying wines in my cellar, I regularly drink Mourvèdre from Spain and France. Now, of course, I can enjoy one from Neyers Vineyards.
Barrel Program ..... 1/3 Concrete,2/3 Used French Oak
Composition .......... 95% Mourvèdre, 5% Grenache
Cases Produced ..... only 79 cases made!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

From the winemaker for Jonata comes The Hilt!

The Hilt- SOLD OUT

A new project from Super Star Wine Maker Matt Dees (Jonata Winery).
As hinted at in the name, The Hilt goes "all the way" in its quest for expression and quality; nothing is held back in terms of effort.

2012 The Hint Vanguard Chardonnay Santa Barbara County...$36.99
One of the top Chardonnays reviewed in this report, Dees’ 2012 Chardonnay Vanguard is a thrilling effort that excels on all accounts. Coming from Sanford & Benedict (40-year-old vines) and Solomon Hills (12-year-old vines) and tiny yields, it was aged 11 months in 85% new French oak prior to bottling. Giving up beautifully defined and focused aromas and flavors of stone fruits, citrus peel, brioche and a salty, flint-like quality, this awesome Chardonnay flows onto the palate with medium-bodied richness, perfectly integrated acidity and a seamless, silky finish that just keeps going. Enjoy this beauty over the coming 5-7 years, although I see no need to delay gratification either.
Rated 95/100 The Wine Advocate

2012 The Hilt Vanguard Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills...$36.99
The 2012 Pinot Noir Vanguard comes mostly from the Sanford & Benedict Vineyard, yet has 15% of the blend coming from Bien Nacido. Aged in 45% new French oak, it’s a rich, muscular effort that has lots of underbrush and herbs to go with toast, spice, black raspberry and currant-styled fruit. This concentrated, yet layered and seamless beauty will drink well for over a decade.
Rated 93+/100 The Wine Advcate

2012 The Hilt Old Guard Pinot Noir...$47.99
Possessing additional minerality, the 2012 Pinot Noir Old Guard is also firm and structured, with earthy dark fruits, underbrush, herbs and ample spice all emerging from the glass. Spending 11 months in 30% new French oak, with the balance all in neutral oak, it’s a medium to full-bodied, concentrated and perfectly balanced Pinot that needs another year or two in bottle, but will have 10-15 years of overall longevity.
Rated 94+/100 The Wine Advocate

Great new white and red bargain

We are very excited to introduce these two new wines to St. Louis.  We think they will turn out to be some of our top movers after you taste them.

Fantastic blend that pleases every palate.
2013 La Grange Classique Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc....$11.99
The ideal everyday wine, easy drinking, fruity and fresh. It is the perfect companion for asparagus and fish. Its animating and tender sweetness and the practical screw cap are perfect for a parties or a picnic outdoors.
Color: Straw-like yellow
Variety: Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc
Character: The fresh Sauvignon fruit of kiwi and gooseberry elegantly blends with the juicy notes of apple and peach of the Chardonnay. The perfect wine for every day.

Worth buying by the case
2013 La Grange Classique Syrah/Mourvedre....$11.99
The two varieties Mourvèdre and Syrah are embedded in a fruity and lush red.  Youthful, juicy and fruity with aromas of red currant and sour cherries with a fine note of mint. Very pleasing, forward and quaffable – the red wine for every occasion.

A collaboration with SURLY!!

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Lervig / Surly /1349 Black Ale Brewed with Coffee...$7.99 / 11.2oz
13.49% ABVIt could be said that Death Metal was born in the 14th century, when the Bubonic Plague ravaged Norway. Surely rebellious local teen lute players sang about it while drinking murky ale. And today the Black Death, stringed instruments, and dark Scandic beer are gleefully reunited, thanks to a semi-satanic alliance among Norwegian metalheads 1349, Minnesota brewery Surly, and roving American expat beer-maker Mike Murphy. The unholy seed was planted when 1349 fan Tod Haug of Surly discovered that the band members were serious craft-beer geeks. In fact, the musicians had ambitions to go beyond beer fandom, and they sought a sympathetic local brewer with whom they could collaborate to create a signature band brew. Enter Murphy, a roving zymurgist who’d recently left the Rome Brewing Company to join the Lervig Aktiebryggeri, in the Norwegian town of Stavenger. And thus, the triangle was complete. Haug, Murphy, and the 1349 guys all had a hand in creating the recipe, and all participated in the brew session.

The resultant beer, called simply 1349, is a big, black ale, fermented to … wait for it … 13.49% ABV. How much more black can you get? As Spinal Tap might say, “None … more black.” According to the lads, “The 1349 Black Ale is our Strange Old Brew; an absolutely massive beer with all the power malts, hops, and freshly ground espresso coffee has to offer, and rounded off with a distinguishable note of apocalyptic delicacy.”

Siren / Prairie Ratchet Ale

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Siren / Prairie Artisan Ales Ratchet Blended Saison...$13.99
Ratchet is the result of a collaboration with Chase Healey and the boys from Prairie Artisan Ales.  We started with a simple saison based on Chase's Prairie Ale.  During the brewday we sat doan and did some blending, what stands before you is the culmination of our hard work.  Blended with white wine barrel-aged Calypso, white wine barrel aged Sound Wave and Funky Feet, our 100% brett and barrel fermented wild ale.  This saison is anything bu ordinary and is clear proof that when you sit brewers round a table anything can happen.  That's so ratchet.

Brewfist / Prairie Artisan Ales Spaghetti Western

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Brewfist / Prairie Artisan Ales Spaghetti Western...$5.49 / 11.2oz

Imperial Chocolate Coffee Stout
Rated 95/100 RateBeer
Malts: Pale, Oat Malt, Carafa 3, Special B, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Hops: Magnum
Imperial Stout with added coffee and cocoa beans ripening in the cold 

Prevail toasty malts and coffee on the nose and in the mouth 
Beer in collaboration with Prairie Artisan Ales microbrewery Oklahoma (USA)