Thursday, August 1, 2019

Strange Roots

Strange Roots Experimental Ales
Strange Roots exists at the intersection of farmhouse brewing tradition and creative, locally-driven experimentation. We’re passionate about celebrating our environment through the use of local ingredients, varying fermentation methods and micro flora, and strive to create unique artisan ales inspired by our surroundings here in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.
Located just outside the Pittsburgh city limits, this small brick building is the heart and soul of the Strange Roots experience. 

Strange Roots Grand Blu with Peaches...$11.99 / 500ml
American Wild Ale fermented with peaches and P. roqueforti (yes, the same organism used to make aged blue cheeses). Aged in French Oak. 8.1%abv.

Strange Roots Vermut...$9.99 / 500ml
A 2017 spontaneously fermented sour ale, barrel aged in French oak then finished in Wigle Whiskey Vermouth casks.

Strange Roots Spontaneous Roots Vintage 2019...$10.99 / 500ml
True to our terroir, this sour ale was made using 100% local Pennsylvania ingredients. Spontaneously fermented cask aged and blended using 1,2, &3 year old vintages, before being refermented in the bottle and matured.

Strange Roots Atomic Pomme...$11.99 / 500ml
A blend of Pennsylvania cask aged sour ale vintages, fermented with apples and matured in 2nd use bourbon barrels. The bourbon barrel maturation adds accents of light caramel tones and complimentary notes of brown sugar and soft oak

Strange Roots Blue Briar....$11.99 / 500ml
American Wild Ale with Blueberries
A distinctively tart and complex American sour reminiscent of a West Flanders style ale. Fermented with blueberry juice and local yeast, then aged in French Oak red wine casks, this ale softens with age and is best enjoyed alongside the other ales in our Briar series.

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