Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great cheese is back...

Back in stock at Forsyth
Nettle Meadow Kunik
New York
"This cheese is a sumptuous concentration of the organic grains and wild herbs our goats eat every day, including wild raspberry leaf, nettle, kelp, comfrey, garlic, barley, goldenrod." -- label

This is an amazing cheese that we only get in periodically. This new batch is quite delicious. We normally have the 8 oz "buttons", but this time we got in the 1 pound wheels. It is a white mold ripened triple cream cheese made from a blend of Jersey cow cream and from goat's milk. The delicious white paste inside the rind is rich and buttery from the Jersey cow cream and the goat's milk gives it a nice tanginess. Come in and ask for a taste and you will be hooked also.

More information about Nettle Meadow if you are interested...
Nettle Meadow Goat Farm and Cheese Company
Happy Goats - Great Cheese
"Nettle Meadow Goat Farm is a 50 acre 2300 head dairy and cheese company in Thurman, New York just below Crane Mountain in the Adirondack just between Gore Mountain/North Creek/NY and Warrensburg New York. It is owned and operated by Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan. Both have a great love of animals, goat cheese and the simplicity and challenges of farm life. Our farm is run with the assistance of farm manager, Stephen Hitchcock, assistant manager Sam Saunders, Joan Flanagan, Mellanie Groff, Adam Clute, Nathan Groff and Janissa Parker. Nettle Meadow farm was originally founded in 1990 and is the home of 250 goats, several dozen sheep and a small group of happy Jersey cows.Nettle Meadow is committed to the principles of natural ingredients, happy and healthy goats, and carefully hand-crafted artisan goat cheeses. We make several varieties of soft goat cheeses including plain chevre, tellicherry pepper and lemon verbena chevre, chevre with mixed herbs, horseradish, olive oil and garlic chevre, maple walnut chevre, pumpkin spice chevre and herb, pepper and garlic chevre as well as fromage blanc, honey lavender fromage blanc, and rosemary infused fromage blanc. We are also well known for our semi-aged cheeses, including triple cream Kunik made from goat milk and jersey cow cream, and Crane Mountain made from 100% goat's milk as well as our most recent creation - Three Sisters (named after Three Sisters mountains which overshadow our farm) and made from farmstead sheep, goat and jersey cow milk.
Nettle Meadow's Sanctuary is also home a number of retired and rescued farm animals which includes several young male goats looking for good homes as pets or brush goats and male and female young kids free to good homes for pets and brush goats year round." -- website

Friday, October 1, 2010

Doubled and Twisted

Marko K. Spirits Doubled and Twisted Whisky....$51.99 / liter
Only 200 - 6 bottle cases made.
Made from distilling a hoppy IPA Beer!

Here is his story:

The term Doubled & Twisted was from the days of not knowing the exact proof coming out of a copper pot still on the second run. It’s the best stuff! The heart of the heart cut. Just after 4am, D&T was coming out of the still at about 162 proof and twisting on itself, so that’s when I took the picture that would later turn into my label.

Whiskey is distilled from beer, globally. If the final result is a 20 to 1 reduction, doesn’t it make sense to use the best beer possible? That’s what I did and I am sure the IPA beer I used, hops and all, is the most expensive beer ever used to make whiskey. The result of using a great IPA is all the hop flavors and two row malty flavors distilled over into the final spirit. The hops give the D&T a fruity, floral, very green spicy character, unlike any other whiskey out there. That is exciting to me. I did not want to duplicate anybody’s style of Whiskey; I wanted to make my own style that accents the ingredients.

It was barrel aged for a day and then bottled clear to capture the true whiskey flavors.

Jenni & I bottled 200 cases (6-pack, liter bottles). The intent is not to take over the world; just to make the best whiskey possible and take care of friends.

We like to serve D&T on the rocks.


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Petit Orval?

Will we eventually see Petit Orval??

Catching up on some reading in the current All About Beer Magazine:
They have a very interesting interview with Jean Marie Rock, the brewmaster of Orval. In 2007 a new 5 million dollar brewhouse was built and it can produce 214 U.S. Barrels now. Everything is automatic now. Of interesting note, Jean-Marie hinted that Petit Orval might become a commercial brand. Orval produces a second beer called Petit Orval that is only served at the Orval Cafe--never sold outside of Belgium.

"Rock casually announces that come the end of 2010, Petit Orval will be produced as a stand-alone brew rather than as a parti-gyle...but does brewing 25,000 liters batch mean it will be a commercial brand? Rock smiles again and says nothing." -- All About Beer

Also of interesting note in the article....they were talking about the dry hopping of Orval....
"Either East Kent Goldings or Styrian Goldings have been flavored at times, but on our visit the Alsatian variety Strisselspalt was in use. .." -- All About Beer
Is it normal for them use different hops?
Enjoy the regular Orval while we wait and see?

Orval Trappist Ale
"The gustative sensations will gain in nuance depending on the age of the beer. Young beer is characterised by a bouquet of fresh hops, with a fruity note and pronounced bitterness, light on the palate and a less firm collar than a beer of six months. The latter will feature a bouquet consisting of a blend of fragrances of yeast and old-fashioned hop. The bitterness is more diffuse and the taste has moved to a slight touch of acidity accompanying yeast and caramel flavours. Served without its sediments, a beer of six months or more, has a particularly bright appearance." -- Orval
Rated 99 percentile on RateBeer
Read more about Orval
Order Orval online now

Year of the bacon continues....

The next one just arrived at Forsyth....
From Kentucky ---

"Our hams are cured by a formula our family has used for over 100 years. We use real green hickory to smoke our hams, bacon and sausage.We sincerely believe that any menu is not complete without Father's country ham, and we know that you will soon feel the same way. Our hams and variety packages also make perfect gifts, so keep us in mind for all of your gift-giving needs. The Gatton Family appreciates your business, and we will earn it by producing the best in Country Cured Meats." Sincerely, The Gatton Family"

This one looks and smells delicious -- cannot wait to try it...
Father's Bourbon Flavored Bacon 1lb package
Father's Bourbon Flavored Country Bacon is flavored with Father's Bourbon Flavored Rub. Now you can enjoy two great Kentucky flavors, Fathers Hickory Smoked Bacon and Kentucky Bourbon Flavor.

Also in stock....
Father's Country Ham Uncooked Country Ham
Center Sliced Ham Steak
Gatton Farms carefully selects each ham and sugar cures it using the method perfected and passed down through generations of Gattons. Our country hams are aged for at least eight months. Today, we still take pride in our "No short cuts" approach, which produces the unique old fashioned taste, texture, and color of Father's Country Hams." -

Boulevard Amber is here!

Now in stock at Forsyth and Provisions

Boulevard Amber...$6.59 / 6pk

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lucky 13

Pick up some Lagunitas 13.....

Lagunitas Lucky 13.....$3.59 / 22 oz.
Our 13th Anniversary Beer in was a Staff Favorite, So We Make it Each Year. BIG on the Amarillo Hops and Rich Dark Malts for a Round and Huge, Smoky Flavor. ABV 8.3%
Rated 98/100

The distributor still has a number of cases left and they are not bringing in the Little Sumpin' Wild until the move through it.

Two more awards!!!! RFT 2010

Earlier in the year, we took first place in Sauce Magazine's Reader's Poll in 3 categories (See below).
And now, we scored two wins in The Riverfront Times Best of St. Louis 2010!!

St. Louis' Best Cheese Counter
Winner: The Wine and Cheese Place

"What's the best cheese to go with merlot? Uh, and what's merlot? Trust us: It's much easier to fake being fancy than you'd think. And the easiest way to fake fanciness: a wine and cheese party. Stop by the Wine and Cheese Place, and with the help of the knowledgeable staff you'll be talking cheese in no time! Stinky cheese, squishy cheese, smoked cheese! Cheese is fun, and not actually that fancy, once you think about it. However, there is one pitfall to avoid: Make no mention of Provel. Provel might be many things, but one thing it ain't is fancy." -- The Riverfront Times

St. Louis' Best Liquor Store
Winner: The Wine and Cheese Place
"What's not to love about the liquor selection at the Wine & Cheese Place's flagship location? The numbers themselves are impressive: 252 liqueurs, 215 single-malt scotches, 171 vodkas, 102 American whiskies, 102 tequilas, 75 rums, 50 blended scotch whiskies and 42 gins. Plus, there are dozens of other bottles that don't fit into any of those categories, and new offerings arrive all of the time. Prices are excellent, too, and the service, led by Paul Hayden, is informed and friendly. A good liquor store, however, needs to be a true one-stop shop for all of your boozy needs, and it's here that the Clayton Wine & Cheese Place blows everywhere else out of the water. It has a huge, well-maintained craft beer selection, and little touches such as mercilessly demoting out-of-date beer to the discount bin and keeping green-bottled imports in a dark cooler to avoid skunking set the store apart. Add in a deep, diverse wine selection, with rare bottles sitting cheek-to-jowl with case stacks of good values, and the only thing missing to fulfill your alcoholic dreams is a rollaway cot." -- Riverfront Times

We hit the triple crown!!
2010 Sauce Magazine Reader's Poll

We didn't just make the list, we made it to the top of the list in 3 categories. Thank you for voting for us St. Louis.

Favorite Wine Shop 2010 Reader's Choice
1st Place: The Wine and Cheese Place

Favorite Place to Buy Cheese 2010 Reader's Choice
1st Place: The Wine and Cheese Place

Favorite Specialty Shop 2010 Reader's Choice
1st Place: The Wine and Cheese Place

Plus last year's winnings!!

Sauce Magazine 2009 Reader's Choice
We are very excited to announce that we have been voted by St. Louis as:

Favorite Place to Buy Cheese
1st Place -- The Wine and Cheese Place
Favorite Wine Shop
1st Place -- The Wine and Cheese Place

Thank you for voting for us!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bedrock - a new star

Read about the Bedrock Wines we have in stock.

James Laube posted yesterday, a great article on Bedrock.

Bedrock a New Star in Sonoma
Son of Ravenswood's Zin guru is off to a great start
Posted: Sep 27, 2010 12:29pm ET
"Dozens of new wineries emerge from California each year, and many deliver exciting wines. Every once in a while, though, a new winery appears that somehow sets itself apart from the field.

This year, one winery that stands out is Bedrock. The new releases from this small Sonoma winery are among the most impressive new wines I've tasted in a long time.

What makes Bedrock so exciting is a combination of things, starting with its winemaker, Morgan Twain-Peterson, and his choice of wines and the quality.

Twain-Peterson is a natural. He's the 29-year-old son of Ravenswood's founding winemaker, Joel Peterson; his mother Madeline Dirninger also worked at Ravenswood and then enjoyed a career in wine sales and marketing.

Under Peterson, Ravenswood helped define a modern era Zinfandel. Many winemakers who share a passion and respect for that grape went to school on his portfolio of wines, many of which were from old vines. Peterson sold Ravenswood years ago, but still represents the winery, spending 180 days a year on the road. Morgan grew up in a wine family, surrounded by parents who knew and drank wine, walked vineyards and tasted in cellars.

Morgan's focus on reds, including what he calls Heirloom reds, are anchored by Zinfandel, a passion he inherited from his father, who is 63. When I asked if his dad pokes his nose into his cellar, Morgan said, "He can't stop himself," he laughed. "My dad gives me advice whether I need it or not. Hanging around with winemakers "was one of those benefits of growing up in the business," he said. "I've always had lots of counselors."

Twain-Peterson's dad is less sure of Syrah, the other main portion of his portfolio. "He doesn't get my fascination with Syrah," said Morgan, confidently and with a smile, "but he will."

The mix of wines reflects Morgan's range of tastes. He has worked in Bordeaux and Australia and enjoys the variety of wines and styles available to wine lovers today. "You can find any kind of wine or style you want to," he said, dismissing claims that the wine industry is too narrowly focused on a select group of wines. "The idea [at Bedrock] is to experiment," he said, and working with 22 vineyards and making 22 wines reflects that diversity. "I want to make wines that offer a broad palate—the way I drink." Most of the wines are made in small quantities, of 50 to 200 cases.

He likes wines with high acidity and produces a distinctive Graves style white. Cuvee Caritas 2009 comes from 120-year-old Sémillon grown on Monte Rosso in Sonoma Valley, and Sauvignon Musque, from Kick Ranch in Rincon Valley, a small winegrowing area near Santa Rosa bordered by Chalk Hill and Russian River Valley. The Sémillon is barrel-fermented and undergoes malolactic fermentation, making it rich and fat; the Musque is crisp and flinty. Combined, they offer a wine of deep, lively flavors, complex aromas and a smooth texture.

Those who appreciate a well-made rosé will marvel at the complexity and vivid fruitiness of the 2008 or 2009 Mourvèdre Sonoma Valley Ode to Lulu Rosé (90 points, $22), reviewed by Tim Fish. They capture the summertime freshness of ripe watermelon with Asian spices.

Bedrock produced five 2008 Syrahs, including three from Hudson Vineyard in Carneros, and two Heirloom reds (most of these wines are in this past week's Wine Spectator Insider); all are distinctive and built for cellaring. The five Hudson Syrahs ($45) reflect Northern Rhône rusticity, dense berry and loamy earth flavors. The Pleine de Chene is rich and layered, with classic Syrah flavors of dried currant and sweet berry, herb and hot brick; the Co-fermented has a splash of Viognier, more spice, espresso and hot brick notes; the Old Lakeville veers into a tasty cigar box groove; Kick Ranch is tight, with roasted herb and dried dark berry fruit; Hudson Whole Cluster has a jalapeño pepper note that makes it unique.

The Heirloom reds ($35), though, excel at a level achieved by the likes of Carlisle. The 33-acre Bedrock Vineyard in Sonoma Valley, owned by Morgan, dates to 1888; the vines from Dry Creek Lorenzo's are also 100 years old. Known as Italian field blends, they were planted by immigrants, likely Italians, who often planted vineyards without knowing what all of the grapes might be; Zinfandel, Carignane, Alicante, Mourvèdre, Petite Sirah and Cinsault anchor most of these vineyards, but there are also surprises and mysteries. At Bedrock, there are some 30 different varieties, including perhaps 10 types of vines with no varietal DNA. Experts haven't figured out what they area.

The aim for the Heirloom is a Châteauneuf-du-Pape style, said Morgan, "we have a richness in our vineyards [soil] that they don't have."

No, what makes Bedrock so exciting is the authenticity and individuality of its wines. Twain-Peterson has a vision and experience with wine that few people his age or any age has. He is able to articulate what he's trying to achieve and the wines reflect that strength of character.

From The Wine Spectator online

Thornbridge Halcyon

Named U.K. Brewer of the year!
Thornbridge Halcyon Green Hopped IPA...$7.99 / pint
7.7% ABV
Imperial IPA
Rich fruit and hop character in aroma. Chewy, juicy malts and intense hoppiness coming through in mouth with a hint of tangerine and pear drops. Ends with a well-balanced bitterness.

Cathedral Belgian IPA

in stock now at Forsyth
Cathedral Square Hail Mary Belgian Style IPA...$3.99

Order all Cathedral Square online now - order now.

Ass Kisser Ale

New-- looks like they just started brewing around June of this year----
in stock at Forsyth
Ass Kisser Double IPA....$8.99 / 22oz
Also available online now

"Ass Kisser Ale is a state of mind! Just as you contemplate the flavors of this fine ale you can contemplate sharing a bottle with a friend our your boss. Maybe they are one in the same and then again maybe not! We are just sayin!

Ass Kisser Double IPA is a rich malty ale that has warm carmel notes that open up as it warms up to your glass. It pairs with foods and spice and aromas like Asian 5 spice or curries. To get maximum aroma and flavor, pour this ale into a snifter style glass. This ale is made to take off the edge of a long day! Made from caring hands that understand what it take to have to kiss a little to get anywhere these days. Enjoy! -- label

"Our new “Kick Ass” Double IPA is made with Warrior Hops and has Golden Color and a Rich Carmel and fruit palate. The finish is long and dry. It is a big donkey coming at you with a 9.2% ABV. It has plenty of time in the bottle and can age and get better and better. Honest we aren’t just kissin’ up here.

Open this bottle and pour it into a snifter glass and allow the aromas to come barreling out. As you take your time sipping away it will only get better.

Pair it with any grilled foods but if you want a big kick breakout some spicy styled cuisine like Tom Yum Soup, Yellow Curry or some good ole’ Salsa and Chips!" -- website

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Pumking

We got 3 more cases, and that is it for the year!!!

Southern Tier Pumking....22oz
"Pumking is an ode to Púca, a creature of Celtic folklore, who is both feared and respected by those who believe in it. Púca is said to waylay travelers throughout the night, tossing them on its back, and providing them the ride of their lives, from whichthey return forever changed! Brewed in the spirit of All Hallows Eve, a time of year when spirits can make contact with the physical world and when magic is most potent. Pour Pumking into a goblet and allow it’s alluring spirit to overflow. As spicy aromas present themselves, let its deep copper color entrance you as your journey into this mystical brew has just begun. As the first drops touch your tongue a magical spell will bewitch your taste buds making it difficult to escape. This beer is brewed with pagan spirit yet should be enjoyed responsibly." -- brewery
9.0% abv

Also available online -- click here

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ale brewed with beef??

Check out this label that got federal approval by Sam Adams
"Ale brewed with beef and spices with molasses added"

Sounds delicious???????