Friday, August 11, 2023

New Belgium Spicy Release - Atomic Pumpkin

Pumpkin Spice Lattes, step aside. There’s a new king of Pumpkin Spice in town, and he’s one spicy MF. That’s right, Atomic Pumpkin is back, and he’s punchin’ palates...and taking names.

New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin Spice Release...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Pumpkin ale featuring cinnamon and habanero chili peppers for just the right amount of heat.
6.4% ABV

Maker's Mark Bourbon Tasting with Tone Castillo

Maker's Mark Bourbon Tasting!
This Friday meet Tone Castillo, Maker's Mark Diplomat
Open house tasting
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth in Clayton
This Friday August 11th from 4pm-6pm

He will taste out
  • Makers Mark BEP 2023 (not for sale)
  • Makers Mark 46
  • Makers Mark 46 Cask Strength 
  • Makers Mark / TWCP Private Selection Cherry Summer
  • Makers Mark / TWCP Private Selection Caramel Torte
and a few more

Makers Mark / TWCP Private Selection Cherry Summer...$69.99
Compare to $79.99 at Total Wine and More for their Private Selection Barrel

We picked the name Cherry Summer for a reason, this bourbon has great nose of cherry blossoms and a palate of brandied cherries, vanilla spice and toasted wood and an amazing finish.  
  • 2023 Batch
  • Proof 110.9
  • Yield 246 bottles
Stave Profile
  • 0 - Baked American Pure
  • 2 - Seared French Cuvee Stave
  • 3 - Makers Mark 46
  • 3 - Roasted Mendiant Stave
  • 2 - Toasted Spice French staves

Makers Mark / TWCP Private Selection Caramel Torte...$69.99
Compare to $79.99 at Total Wine and More for their Private Selection Barrel
TWCP Caramel Torte is back by popular demand.  Of course the flavor is dominated by rich caramel with some nice vanilla and spice on the finish.  Great bourbon!  Grab some!

This is our second batch of this one (first batch was back in 2021)
  • 2023 Batch
  • Proof 108.9
  • Yield 252 bottles
Stave Profile
  • 0 - P2 Staves
  • 2 - Cu - French Cuvee Stave
  • 2 - Makers Mark 46
  • 3 - Mendiant Stave
  • 3 - Spice French staves

We now have two amazing Maker's Mark Private Selections
Grab a bottle of each online special

Regular price = $139.98 for the two bottles
Buy both for $129.99

  • Makers Mark / TWCP Private Selection Cherry Summer...$69.99
  • Makers Mark / TWCP Private Selection Caramel Torte...$69.99

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label!

Great price on a St. Louis favorite!
Veuve Clicquot Champagne Brut "Yellow Label"....$58.98
Compare to $59.97 at Total Wine and More

Yellow Label is the signature of Veuve Clicquot’s quality and style, recreated every year thanks to our priceless collection of reserve wines. Its brilliant yellow label reflects the champagne’s bright personality and impeccable winemaking credentials.

Cleveland Whiskey Tasting at Kirkwood 4-6

Come taste Cleveland Whiskey
Tonight at Kirkwood from 4-6pm!! (August 11th)

What we will be sampling:
Bridge & Main American Whiskey...$26.99
It’s really all about bringing out the best flavor possible. Bridge & Main starts with a mash bill that uses less corn (just enough to call it Bourbon), a good bit more wheat than some, and only a fraction of the barley. This makes it smoother, more flavorful, and slightly less sweet.
Notes of vanilla, apple, and caramel on the nose. Like other wheated bourbons, Bridge & Main is a tad sweeter and softer than most. You’ll find notes of oak, apple, nuts, and vanilla that are enhanced due to the toasted oak. The clean and crisp finish is reminiscent of a freshly baked pie crust right out of the oven. 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Malt

Cleveland Underground Cherrywood Finish Bourbon...$36.99
Underground Black Cherry Wood bourbon delivers a unique rich textured and well-rounded bourbon with light flavor from the cherry wood with a slightly tart, slightly sweet spice note. No added sugar, artificial flavor or preservatives. 47% ABV

Wheat Penny Bourbon...$36.99
Wood fired oven right off the bat on the nose. Notes of tobacco, cedar, with a touch of campfire toasted marshmallow and apple crisp. On the palate sweet
and savory up front, like salted caramel. Notes of clove and cinnamon with subtle mesquite smoke in the background that lingers well into the finish. 51% Corn, 45% Wheat, 4% Malt 47%ABV

Magic Rabbit Chocolate Peanut Butter Whiskey...$23.99
At Cleveland Whiskey, we are always trying new things and we’re not super serious all the time. Sometimes, we just want to have some fun and that’s what happened here. It was like Magic. Experience creamy milk chocolate paired with peanut butter nuttiness and whiskey­–an adult version of America’s favorite sweet treat like no other.

If you cannot make it to the tasting, you can order the Whiskies online now!

Jermann Vintage Tunina Bianco

Jermann has been a favorite producer of ours for years.
2021 Jermann Vintage Tunina Bianco....$69.99
This has a very fresh and polished character with sliced pears, white nectarines, crushed stones and citrus leaf. Lots of floral undertones, too. Medium- to full-bodied. Sleek textural mouthfeel and steady acidity gives freshness to the fruit and beautifully highlights its mineral backbone. Drink or hold.
Rated 96/100 James Suckling

Alquimia Extra Añejo

New Alquimia Tequila
We proudly cultivate our estate-grown agaves in Jalisco, Mexico, on our family ranch. We have created five tequilas of the highest quality with our propriety organic protocol.  All of our tequila expressions are 100% USDA-certified organic. They are made of 100% all natural blue agave, carefully packaged in artisanal bottles made of recycled glass by a family of glass blowers. We compost our waste and use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or toxic materials of any kind. All of our production is sustainable and eco-friendly.

We scored 12 bottles of each and they selling already

Only 9 left
Alquimia Extra Añejo Reserva de Don Adolfo....$129.99

The Extra Añejo Reserva de Don Adolfo is aged for 6 years in white oak barrels. This sipping tequila is described as a “cognac-like” spirit. It has a beautiful, rich golden color with a thick body. The aromas are dominated by cinnamon, herbs, and spices. Very robust on the palate, it has a bold and vibrant complexity. A long sweet, spicy, and exotic fruit finish that is best savored slowly

Only 3 left

Alquimia Extra Añejo XIV Reserva de Oro....$229.99
The Extra Añejo Reserva de Oro is aged for 14 years in white oak barrels. This sipping tequila has spicy aromas and flavors of dark caramel on rye, cedar plank, nutmeg, dark chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom and toasted almonds. It has a lively, fruity medium-full body with a warming, very long finish, evoking notes of flamed orange, toffee, flan and a dark roasted agave finish. It is described as “a rich and decadent tequila with excellent intensity of flavor and a memorable style.” We loved it so much straight out of the barrel that we decided to bottle it immediately at full strength, 100 proof.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Rum Primer Tasting Class At Spirit Wine and Craft

A Rum Primer Tasting Class
Spirit Wine and Craft
Tour the tropics and beyond as we taste through this up and coming spirit. It's not just for mixing with Coke anymore!
When: Thursday, September 21st at 5:30PM
Where: Sprit Wine & Craft, 5760 Chippewa St.
$35 per person, seating limited

North American Whisky Tour Class at The Wine and Cheese Place Creve Coeur

Tour the continent via whiskey in this new class where we sample all the styles Canada and the USA have to offer!
When: Thursday, September 14th, 5:30PM
Where: 457 N. New Ballas Rd, Creve Coeur
$30 per person, seating limited

The (In)Famous Bar Corner Cask Series #2 What is Canadian Whiskey? A Corner Cask Mystery Tasting Class

The (In)Famous Bar Corner Cask Series #2
What is Canadian Whiskey? A Corner Cask Mystery
Thursday, September 7th, 6-7:30PM
$35.00 per person
Only 10 Seats available

Is Canadian whiskey rye? Why do they call it rye? Which distillery makes what whiskies in the U.S. market? Are the Leafs ever going to win a Cup? We’re going to untangle the web of mystery that surrounds their whiskey industry by tasting through a cross-section of whiskey styles and sources.

Intro to France Wine Tasting Class at Spirit Wine and Craft

Arguably the most influential nation in the world for fine and everyday wine, learn to decode labels and what all those funny terms mean on French wine bottles while tasting some classic examples.

When: Tuesday, September 5th at 5:30PM
Where: Spirit Wine & Craft, 5760 Chippewa St.
$25 per person, seating limited

Mi CAMPO Tequila


    Tequila Mi CAMPO is a modern expression of the centuries-old art of tequila making. What’s in the glass is more than a spirit. It’s history, reimagined.
    We gently squeeze the piñas—never crushing them—to release flavorful juices without any bitter notes. After fermentation, we rest Tequila Mi CAMPO in coveted French oak wine barrels from Napa Valley. The result is a smooth, refined take on classic tequila
    Our tequila begins as 100% Blue Weber Agave, matured for seven years. We gently squeeze the cooked piñas, illuminating the agave plant’s natural honey characteristic and quelling any trace of bitterness.

Mi Campo Tequila Blanco...$19.99 / 750ml    
    Blanco is double distilled, then fermented in open-air tanks, amid fragrant citrus trees, before resting for up to one month in the same French oak barrels used for aging Napa Valley Chardonnay, imparting an incredibly smooth taste.
Aromas and Flavors
    A nose of cooked agave, banana, fresh coconut, almonds, sweet orange and green apple is layered over hints of elegant vanilla. On the palate, orange blossom tea underscores threads of honey and sweet orange, balanced by subtle white pepper notes.

Mi Campo Tequila Reposado...$19.99 / 750
    Reposado is double distilled, then fermented in open-air tanks, amid fragrant citrus trees, resting for three months in the same French oak barrels used for aging Napa Valley Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, imparting an incredibly smooth taste.
Aromas and Flavors
    The fragrant nose opens with cooked agave, ripe banana, apple, chocolate and cappuccino, layered over aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin and clove. On the palate, honey maple, peaches and cream, white chocolate and a thread of minerality segues to a pepper and toasted oak finish.

Tasting Alida Tequilas, Margaritas, Palomas, and GREAT microbrews at "Steampunk Brew Works" at The Wine and Cheese Place Lamp & Lantern


Join us this Friday from 6 - 8pm for Alida tequilas, Margaritas, Palomas, and GREAT microbrews at "Steampunk Brew Works"... located within walking distance of The Wine and Cheese Place Town & Country!!

NEW Old Pepper Bourbon Bottled in Bond Old Pepper Rye Bottled in Bond

Old Pepper Bourbon Bottled in Bond...$49.99 / 750ml
Old Pepper Rye Bottled in Bond...$49.99 / 750ml
New Bottled in Bond editions!!!
100 Proof (of course)
In 2017 we completed the multi-year project to rebuild the historic Pepper Distillery, which had been abandoned in 1967 for over 50 years. This label is a celebration of that project and where we showcase our single barrel picks, small-batch bottlings, or limited specialty finishes.

August WRC Whiskey Raffle

August WRC Whiskey Raffle
Raffle is based on last 6 months purchases through August 31

WRC Whiskey Raffle will include...
  • Blue Note Cask Finished Series 112.5 proof (finished in Port, Madeira, Sherry, Vino de Naranja, and Cognac casks)
  • Ardbeg Fermutation Committee Edition 49.4% ABV
  • Willett 4 Year Rye
  • Weller Antique 107 Single Barrel "The Lou"
  • Russells 13 Year Old Bourbon
  • Woodford Historical Barrel Entry Limited Edition No 18
  • Jack Daniels Frank Sinatra
  • Weller Reserve Bourbon
  • Blantons
  • Eagle Rare
  • Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon
  • Yamazaki 12yr
there will still be more added....

List subject to change and more will be added

We are proud of our barrel picks and have offer Double Point on all of our TWCP Single barrels all year long!!
Lots of new single barrels in stock now!
Click here to order our single barrels

Double points through our Whiskey Reward Club (WRC) -
if you are not a member of our WRC - click here to read more and sign up (or sign up next time you are in the store at the register)

We have an amazing 14 year old single barrel.  

Being on the higher side, it is not moving as fast as we hoped. 

We are offering TRIPLE POINTS in the raffles for the Schoonover 14 year old starting from August 1st and going forward.  Translation: each bottle you purchase counts as 2 raffle tickets in the monthly raffles and will count as 1 ticket in the big end of the year raffle!

Great Bourbon!  Grab a bottle!

Hard Truth / TWCP Single Barrel Schoonover 14yr Bourbon...$199.99 
  • Very Rare Cask Strength
  • Barrel #671
  • Only 141 bottles for the world!
  • 109.7 Proof
  • 84% Corn - 8% Rye - 8% Barley
Rich notes of plum, caramel, dark chocolate, toasted almond, nougat, and baking spices

Schoonover 14yr Bourbon - Triple points now!

We have an amazing 14 year old single barrel.  

Being on the higher side, it is not moving as fast as we hoped. 

We are offering TRIPLE POINTS in the raffles for the Schoonover 14 year old starting from August 1st and going forward.  Translation: each bottle you purchase counts as 2 raffle tickets in the monthly raffles and will count as 1 ticket in the big end of the year raffle!

Great Bourbon!  Grab a bottle!

Hard Truth / TWCP Single Barrel Schoonover 14yr Bourbon...$199.99 
  • Very Rare Cask Strength
  • Barrel #671
  • Only 141 bottles for the world!
  • 109.7 Proof
  • 84% Corn - 8% Rye - 8% Barley
Rich notes of plum, caramel, dark chocolate, toasted almond, nougat, and baking spices

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Old Grand-Dad Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 114 proof

Old Grand-Dad Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 114 proof...$26.99
Old Grand Dad was created by Raymond B. Hayden and named after his grandfather - the one and only Basil Hayden!
High Rye Mashbill - 63% corn, 27% rye and 10% malted barley.


At the (IN)Famous BarInside the The Wine and Cheese Place
In beautiful downtown Clayton
Friday and Saturday, August 11th & 12th
Forsyth location only
22 bucks for three ¾ oz pours of these classic double oak expressions (save $5!!!)

Parker's Heritage 16h Edition Double Oaked Straight Bourbon Cask Strength
(Tasting only-no bottles available for purchase.)
The Parker’s Heritage is included only in the flight. It is not available as a single pour.
The 16th edition of the Parker’s Heritage Collection consists of 67% 13-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been double barreled and then blended post aging with 33% 15-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The 13-year-old Bourbon was aged on floors 5 - 7 of Rickhouse Q and was then re-barreled in new American white oak barrels with a level 3 char for 4 weeks. Then, it was blended with 15-year-old Bourbon aged on floors 2 and 5 of Rickhouse II. The double barreling of the 13-year-old Bourbon helped to bring out even more oak and spice notes from the barrel, while later blending it with older Bourbon helped to create a unique, bold and balanced flavor profile. At bottling, the liquid was uncut and non-chill filtered to preserve the complex flavors of this truly unique Bourbon.
Huber's Starlight Double Oak Bourbon TWCP Single Barrel...$69.99
113.5 proof
Mash Bill - Blend of Four Grain (51% heirloom corn, 20% Rye, 20% Malted Barley, 9%wheat) and Three Grain (60% heirloom corn, 20% rye, 20% malted barley).
Age – 4.5 to 6yrs.
Nulu / TWCP Single Barrel Double Oaked
7 Year Old Bourbon....$99.99
Yield 192 bottles. 108.6 proof
Finished 10 months in new charred and toasted American Oak
Mashbill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Malted Barley
This 7 Year Old Bourbon shows notes of chocolate and vanilla with a nice sweet and spicy finish. Lots of good charred oak, tobacco, and a very complex whiskey.

Worthy Park Jamaican Rum 109 Proof

Worthy Park Jamaican Rum 109 Proof...$25.99
100% Copper Pot Still

Designed to be your go-to choice when you are looking for that higher proof, full bodied and flavorful 100% pot-still Jamaican Rum. Darkened by aging in wooden barrels and spirit caramel and bottled at 54.5% for that added strength to shine through in your favorite cocktail. This rum is a blend of up to 3YO rum aged in once used, American White Oak, Ex-Bourbon casks.
Tasting Notes: A dark colored rum with shades of deep red. Fresh tropical fruit flavours of banana, pineapple and orange on both nose and palate. Combined with mellow vanilla, caramel and subtle toffee. This rum presents with a strong flavour followed by a smooth mellow finish.

Award winning

New Beers from Equilibrium Brewery

More in Stock!!!

Equilibrium Mmm..osa...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Equilibrium Mmm...osa...$3.99 / 16oz can
Mmm… Osa is our beloved Photon American Pale Ale conditioned on freshly zested oranges at a rate of 6 oranges per barrel. It is everything photon is, with a dominant orange presence; this citric delight is our preferred way to start the afternoon
4.8% ABV
Equilibrium Light at the End of the Tunnel...$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Equilibrium Light at the End of the Tunnel...$4.25 / 16oz can
Light At The End of The Tunnel (IPA) uses Photon as its inspiration with some modifications and upgrades, including an all Survivable hop blend for the whirlpool and a large dose of Lupomax Citra in addition to a supersized Photon hop bill. Aromas and flavors of soft pineapple, navel orange, stone fruit, EQ’s rainbow melon, and lime juice radiate with a touch of pine resin at the finish, making it an easy drinker with tons of flavor.
6.8% ABV
Equilibrium Ghost in the Laboratory...$19.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Equilibrium Ghost in the Laboratory...$5.49 / 16oz can
In collaboration with Parish Brewing Co. 
Using a mashed up grain bill from Straight Outta The Laboratory and Ghost in The Machine, we used a massive dose of CO2 extract, Citra Incognito, and our hand selected Citra T-90s on the hotside followed by an insane amount of Citra LUPOMAX and our hand selected Citra T-90s for the Double Dry Hop; the heaviest dry-hop in Equilibrium’s history.
Ghost In The Laboratory pours opaque and vivid yellow and has very strong aromas of extreme mango supported by tropical nectar. The flavor is explosive with extremely saturated notes of mango smoothie, Grovestand Orange Juice with plenty of pulp, orange tang, tropical fruit cup in syrup, dank grass, and a rainbow melon creamsicle note from our #EQjuice finish.
8.5% ABV
Equilibrium Super Fractal Julia Set...$21.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Equilibrium Super Fractal Julia Set...$5.99 / 16oz can
Tying this into the newest beer of our series, we scaled up from Fractal using a super simple grain bill of 2-Row and our specific fractal fermentation profile before intensely hoping it with a Mosaic and El Dorado whirlpool and a dry hop of Citra, Mosaic, Strata and El Dorado.
Super Fractal Julia Set pours a vivid hazy yellow with an aroma of tropical citrus, ripe red berries, and candied lemon peel. Big flavors of navel orange, mango, stone fruit, currants, and berry come alive in a dangerously drinkable and smooth #EQjuice finish. The quest to have you seeing spirals and weird shapes continues.
10.5% ABV

Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Green River Kentucky Wheated Bourbon...$32.99
Green River Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon leads with a beautiful peach and caramel aroma coupled with apricot and cinnamon. Bursting with flavor, on the palate you’ll find toffee, pastry and hazelnut that guide toward a honeyed finish that’s smooth and balanced. A wonderful take on a classic Kentucky mashbill of 70% Kentucky-grown corn, 21% wheat, and 9% malted barley, the wheated expression lends itself to easy drinking while holding its own distinct character.

Green River Kentucky Straight Bourbon....$32.99
Compare to $34.99 at Total Wine and More

Aged onsite at some of the oldest warehouses in the state, this 90 proof whiskey is rich in color with a golden-amber hue. Green River is made with locally sourced corn featuring a mashbill of 70% corn, 21% winter rye and 9% malted barley. The higher rye content contributes warming spice notes on the nose and palate.

More than 130 years since its inception Green River returns. Made on the same grounds it was in 1885. Perfected by an eighth-generation Master Distiller.
Bourbon Whiskey is a distinctly American product that has been produced in this country since the eighteenth century. Bourbon can be made in any U.S. state but the vast majority of it hails from Kentucky, and can claim to be world-renowned Kentucky Bourbon. As defined by federal standards, Bourbon Whiskey must be stored in charred new oak barrels at not more than 125 proof and it must contain not less than 51% corn. There is no set minimum time for Bourbon Whiskey to age in a barrel, with the exception of Straight Bourbon Whiskey which must age in a barrel for at least two years.
Daviess County—where our distillery resides—has a rich bourbon tradition. In fact, a distillery operated in the county as early as 1805. Owensboro has been a hub for bourbon production because of its location along a rail line and waterway, its tremendous limestone water source, its extensive oak forests, and because local farmers have always produced a great deal of corn. The location of the Green River Distillery has been producing Bourbon Whiskey since 1885.

The site of the Green River Distillery has housed distilleries for nearly 130 years. The original Green River Distillery, built in 1885, was the first in Owensboro and a major producer of Kentucky Bourbon for over 30 years. In 1918 the entire distillery burned to the ground. It was rebuilt in 1936 after prohibition, and most of the buildings on our grounds today date back to the late 1930s. In 1940 it was purchased by the Medley family and continued to produce significant quantities of Bourbon as the Charles Medley Distillers Kentucky until 1993.
Here is a random sampling of just some of the bourbon brands that have been made on the site of our distillery. Some of these brands have moved on to different distilleries over time and some are no longer in production:
  • Green River
  • Ezra Brooks
  • Mellow Corn
  • Medley Brothers
  • Kentucky Beau
  • Old Medley
  • Five Brothers

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest Festbier

Sierra Nevada / Kehrweider Oktoberfest Festbier...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Sierra Nevada / Kehrweider Oktoberfest Festbier...$18.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
This collab is 20 years in the making, back when our brewmasters were classmates in Berlin. Today, Kehrwieder is turning German craft beer on its head — just like we did stateside — and our mutual passion is fused in this Festbier that’s bright like polished copper, rich with biscuity malt, and balanced by a punchy blend of German and American hops.
Only available July–Sept 
I find it funny, Oktoberfest is not available in October per Sierra Nevada's website!

Schlafly Fall Seasonals

Schlafly Oktoberfest....$9.99 / 6pk bottles
ABV: 5.5% | IBU: 25
Clean and balanced in its amber color, sweetness and toasted malts, Oktoberfest is a classic crowd-pleaser authentic in its execution and evocative of its heritage. This traditional Märzen (“March” in German) originated in 16th-century Bavaria, where it was one of the last beers to be brewed for the season before being lagered in stone caves or cellars during the summer. Given months to ferment, it was then ready for consumption at the Bavarians’ fall celebration—“Oktoberfest.”

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale...$10.99 / 6pk bottles
ABV: 8.0% | IBU: 16
Hailed as one of the best beers of its kind, it’s the reason why fall is your favorite season. Schlafly’s Special Release Pumpkin Ale is well-balanced from start to finish, with notes of caramel and ginger throughout. Fermented in pounds of fresh pumpkin squash and a brewer’s wort and sugar mix before being filtered through a spiced infusion of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, it turns out exactly how we intend it to taste: like a slice of pie in a bottle.