Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dom Perignon

2002 Dom Perignon Brut - sold out
The 2002 Dom Perignon is at first intensely floral, with perfumed jasmine that dominates the bouquet. With time in the glass the wine gains richness as the flavors turn decidedly riper and almost tropical. Apricots, passion fruit and peaches emerge from this flashy, opulent Dom Perignon. The wine’s volume makes it approachable today, but readers in search of more complexity will want to cellar this for at least a few years to allow for some of the baby fat to drop off. Geoffroy describes the vintage as very ripe and adds that some of the Chardonnay showed the ill-effects of the hot growing season in the somewhat burned, dehydrated fruit that came in that year. This bottle was disgorged in July, 2009. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2032. 
Rated 96/100 The Wine Advocate

Louis/Dressner Wines in stock at The Wine and Cheese Place

We are excited to now have Louis/Dressner Wines in stock at The Wine and Cheese Place.

"Louis/Dressner Selections is a portfolio of over 100 vignerons hailing from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia and Chile. We are a partnership of Denyse Louis, a native Burgundian, Joe Dressner and Kevin McKenna. Collectively, we spend nearly nine months a year in Europe working with our growers and selecting wines for importation to America.

We have no brands. We are not looking for them. We do have a group of often fanatical growers who are doing their best to make wines that are original because they are honestly crafted. These might seem old-fashioned, but in the present context it is almost revolutionary....

There are no gobs, no exaggerations, no over-this and over-that. We don’t have fruit bombs. What we do have is a group of growers who work their vines and make their wines with honesty, passion and humor.

In that sense THE BRAND is the convergence of these crazy growers and their American importers. Working together to produce and market natural products that follow several principles.

The following techniques and guiding principles are what we believe is winemaking with integrity and respect for the traditions of the native region. This is fine winemaking at its purest, most fundamental level.
Wild Yeasts:  All wines are made with the natural yeasts on the grapes, in the vineyards and in the cellars. Cultured yeasts to rush fermentation or add “enhancing” aromas and flavors are unacceptable. We look for wines that express their terroir. No enzymes, no hormones.
Hand Harvesting:Growers harvest by hand, not machine. We want the ripest fruit to be brought carefully and lovingly into the winery.
Low Yields: The growers want low yields for greater concentration. We look for growers with holdings in old vines.
Natural Viticulture:  We encourage growers to plow their vineyards to keep the soil an active eco-system, and to use natural methods in tending their vines.
No or Minimal Chaptalization: We do not want an artificially high degree of alcohol produced by adding sugar to the must. Non- or slightly chaptalized wines are more enjoyable and healthier to drink.
Non-Filtration:  Wines are either not filtered or minimally filtered. We also encourage low levels of SO2.
Non-Interventionist Winemaking: We prefer a harmony, not an imposed style —wines should showcase their place of origin and varietal character. We are not looking for oak flavor, particular fruits or overly done aromatics. Minimal use of S02 is encouraged.
Enjoyment! Lastly, our most important “principle.” Because, the overblown world of overdone wines is fundamentally tiresome. We’re not looking for tasting specimens, but for wines that are great fun, and a great pleasure to drink.

Here are a few wines we have in stock now....

2010 Peillot Bugey de Mondeuse...$19.99
"Tart cherry and blackberry inform what is for this grape an astonishingly silken and infectiously juicy palate, and even if a bit of native astringency creeps into the finish in the form of slight gum numbing, there is a bracing saltiness that further encourages salivation and the taking of a next sip. Touches of pungent green herbs, cherry pit, and cepage-typical black pepper also put in appearances. I would be inclined to enjoy this downright effusive and extremely user-friendly rendition of the Savoie’s flagship black grape over the next 2-3 years. Though it will no doubt remain vigorous, its surprising textural allure might give way to more prominent tanninity." - The Wine Advocate

"The Bugey is small viticultural area whose fame doesn't extend much farther than the city of Lyons... the Bugey is a series of low altitude hills forming the most southern tip of the Jura range. In distance, it is closer to Savoie than to viticultural Jura, so, if mentioned at all, it is often considered a part of Savoie.
As for Mondeuse, it is the most rustic grape I've ever worked with. I have 100 year old Mondeuse vines that still produce 100 hectoliters per hectare just on their own. To me it's an ancestor, it's a Gaul with a big mustache, and just like our ancestors, they are firmly rooted in the past. This is how I approach working with Mondeuse. All the work is in the vines with Mondeuse; you have to take good care of it for it to take good care of itself. Aging it in oak could be an option, but I don't. I think my Mondeuse is very hit or miss with people. I tried making a more Beaujolais style Mondeuse once by harvesting and vinyfying earlier in hopes of softening the tannins, and it was undrinkable. I am very experimental and have had many failures over the years, both in the vines and in the cellar, but none as unforgivable as that one! So maybe my Mondeuse isn't for everybody,  but at least it's authentic." -- winery

2011 Luneau Papin Pierre de la Grange Muscadet V.V....$14.99
"No Muscadet estate is rendering consistently finer or more intriguing wines than Luneau-Papin, and given the prices asked there is no excuse for any lover of wine not making their acquaintance." - The Wine Advocate

"Luneau-Papin is a family estate. My father was always very knowledgeable about the area, and searched far and wide for the best parcels our land could offer. He was able to procure many of these in the 80's and we find ourselves today with 50 parcels spread over 10 plots. We have 50 hectares of Melon de Bourgogne, at about 7000 vines per h; because of the density of the plantation, we average about 50 hl/h yields. Our distinction at Luneau-Papin is that we work parcel by parcel, terroir by terroir. You can't claim terroir if you don't highlight the link between the soil, the vegetal state of the vines and its surrounding environment." - winery
read the full article

2010 Zelige Caravent Ellipse Pic Saint Loup...$25.99
A blend of Syrah, Carignan, and Cinsault

"Zelige", like the Mediterranean artisan firing the clay, varnishing, cutting, assembling in mosaics, we also work the soil…The soil of Corconne, in a corner of Languedoc, between Montpellier and Nimes, pushing up against the hills of the Cevennes. Composed of gravel and limestone pebbles.The image of the "zelige" comes naturally, our vineyards forming a mosaic in the landscape.  Our paths have taken many twists and turns, before finding ourselves together amongst the vines. Marie is a painter, now her brushes have to share time with the pruning scissors.  Luc is now walking in the steps of his grandfather. - winery

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rosemount Shiraz - back in stock!

Amazing Bargain!  
Compare to $10 suggested retail on The Wine Spectator
2010 Rosemount Shiraz Diamond Label...$6.49
Smooth and velvety, with a fresh, lively feel to the blueberry and plum flavors. A hint of nutmeg marks the finish. Drink now through 2014. 110,000 cases imported. –HS
Rated 89/100 The Wine Spectator

Beer updates

A couple of beer notes...

Stone IPA 6pks - fresh batch July 4 -- (still on sale until tomorrow)
GreenFlash West Coast IPA 4pks -- fresh batch bottled July 16
Lakefront Octoberfest -- yes it is here to go along with the two Pumpkin beers in stock

Glenmorangie Tasting

Thanks to all that attended, the shelf got wipe out and then some.  We took a number of special orders.
Almost 70 people attended the event to meet 

We will get the shelves re-stocked

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scotch tasting and meet Glenmorangie Brand Ambassador

We are told that The Wine and Cheese Place has sold more Glenmorangie in St. Louis than any other account in 2012!! 

Starting 5-7pm tonight!
Scotch Tasting open house!
The Wine and Cheese Place 
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105
reservations are not required, but if you are on facebook, let us know you are coming:  click here to confirm you are coming

Join us to meet Gregor Mina, the new Regional Brand Ambassador for Glenmorangie and Ardbeg.
Tomorrow!!! Thursday July 26th from 5-7pm.
Gregor Mina will be on hand for an open house tasting of some of Glenmorangie's  award winning scotches...
We will taste...
Glenmorangie The Original 10 Year Old Scotch (750ml) ...$29.99
Glenmorangie Artein Private Edition (750ml) ...$67.99
Glenmorangie 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Rare (750ml) ...$86.99
Glenmorangie Lasanta Sherry Cask 12 Year Old Scotch (750ml) ...$43.99
Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or Sauternes Cask 12 Year Old Scotch (750ml) ...$59.99
Glenmorangie Quinta Rubin Port Casks 12 Year Old Scotch (750ml) ...$43.99
Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Scotch (750ml) ..$179.99
Glenmorangie Astar Highland Single Malt (750ml) ...$65.99

Glenmorangie was named Distiller of the Year in 2011 by The Wine Enthusiast!

Gregor Mina – Glenmorangie & Ardbeg Brand Ambassador
Gregor has over ten years drinks industry experience working across the Scotch, Beer, Liqueurs & Spirits sectors.  He and his family are very excited about making Chicago their new home as they leave Scotland and he begins a new chapter in his career with Moet Hennessy. In particular Gregor is thrilled to be working with two superb single malt whisky brands in Glenmorangie and Ardbeg, for which he has a particular affinity.
Gregor was born in Lanarkshire, raised in Fife, but spent a significant period in Drumochter in the Scottish Highlands at the family holiday home. He was educated firstly at Dollar Academy before graduating from The University of Edinburgh with a BSc in Psychology in 2000.
Following University Gregor began his career in the drinks industry as the Brand Ambassador for Hoegaarden and Leffe Belgian beers, before being promoted to Senior Brand Ambassador for Stella Artois, helping reposition and premiumise the brand in the UK.
Following this Gregor made the move into drinks marketing and in 2007 began working as Marketing Manager for Belhaven Best, the No.1 ale in Scotland, initiating the sponsorship of the Scottish Rugby Team.  
In 2009 Gregor was offered the role of Trade Marketing Manager with Maxxium responsible for the Spirits Portfolio UK in the Off-Premise. Whilst the economic background at the time was challenging, Gregor found the experience very motivating.
In 2010 Gregor was asked to lead the Malt Whisky Portfolio UKand promoted to Senior Brand Manager accountable for The Macallan, Laphroaig, Highland Park, The Glenrothes, Ardmore and Teacher's brands. This varied portfolio was very challenging but drove Gregor's passion and expertise of Scotch even further.
Gregor is thrilled to now be part of the Glenmorangie and Ardbeg team in the USA and completely focused on driving these tworespected Scotch brands across the Central Region.
He is married to an Ohioan who is delighted to be moving back to the Mid-West bringing with them their 3 children. Gregor hopes to combine his other passion, Marathon running, with his new found enthusiasm for golf.

Olympic Beer!

The Wine and Cheese Place

Getting excited about the Olympics....

Stock up on some Fullers Beers from London
Including London Pride and London Porter

Fullers London Porter is considered one of the best Porters in the world.
100/100 on RateBeer plus 100/100 for style on RateBeer
It is rated the #4 best Porter in the World!  Impressive for being around for so long. 

American Patriot Beer

In stock at Forsyth

The All American Beer Company
St. Louis, Missouri

From John Beal, owner of John Beal Roofing

American Patriot Beer...$5.99 / 6pk
American Patriot Light...$5.99 / 6pk

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Schlafly AIPA

Schlafly AIPA bottle 6/26/12 arrived today at our Forsyth location

The best smoked salmon....

Back in stock!!

Even with my terrible picture, you can see how delicious this looks!
Smoked Salmon from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Usually the best things we find for our store are products that don't come looking for us, they are products that we go looking for them.  Durham's Tracklements Custom Smoked Provisions is one of those products.  In fact, we have been trying for months to sell their salmon in our store.  They kept telling us that they cannot keep up with demand at this point and they are not taking on any more accounts.  Our begging finally paid off and we our on our 3rd shipment,  Supply is limited.

Durham's Tracklements


Inspired by a stay in the Northwest Highlands and Islands of Scotland, a genuine hand-rubbed dry cure of salt with a bit of brown sugar, lightly smoked over our own blend of select hardwoods. Mellow fresh flavor with moist, firm yet buttery texture 

Best of the Best in 20 years of Tasting

" comparison" - Marian Burros, The New York Times

Salmon just doesn’t get any better than this.

--Sylvia Rector, Detroit Free Press

More info on Durham's Tracklements

Custom smoked provisions using the finest ingredients available, Since 1992. 
We cure and smoke in small batches with the careful, hands-on attention essential to providing outstanding freshness, flavor and texture. For our Salmon Specialties we use only farmed Atlantic salmon raised in the cold waters of the Bay of Fundy, where strong tides assure excellent growing conditions and make the regular use of antibiotics and algaecides unnecessary. Salmon are selected at the optimal size, and flown fresh direct to us each week!

 No additives of any kind, always dated for superior fresh flavor. The finest genuinely hand-crafted quality available--anywhere.

$19.99 / half pound (sounds like a lot, but it is not.  The smoked salmon you buy at the grocery store is a lesser quality and it is $8.99+ per quarter pound.)  Check it the next time you are shopping.   *** I have stopped by Schnucks and Deierbergs to check their prices -- see bottom of post.  
*** Here is a picture from Schnucks for their Smoked Salmon.
$9.69 for 4oz and $9.29 for 4oz.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dry Dock Farms Heirloom Tomatoes

Just arrived at Forsyth.
Dry Dock Farms Heirloom Tomatoes - 3 varieties
Ox Hearts
Bloody Butchers
Yellow - low acid

Dry Dock Farms Farm Fresh Eggs arrived today
Laid 7/23/12

Knob Creek RYE is here!

Knob Creek Rye Whiskey...$29.99 / 750ml
we also have 50ml bottles in stock also

Many of The Wine and Cheese Place customers got a chance to taste this back in December at our Bourbon tasting with Dawn Weeks -- we had a preview bottle.
Customers loved it!

Pumpkin Ales

St. Louis is hitting a record high of 108 degrees today and all I have to say is that.... 
our first two Pumpkin Ales have arrived for 2012

New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin
Shipyard Pumpkin Head

Yes, these are new 2012 batches

Jones Bacon from Missouri

From Missouri -- Jones Heritage Bacon

Welcome to Jones Heritage Farms
"Located in beautiful Cape Girardeau County, Missouri we are a family-owned farm using old fashioned farming methods to produce the tastiest and healthiest food you can buy. Our old fashioned methods eschew modern industrial agricultural practices such as animal confinement, the feeding of animal byproducts and the use of antibiotics and growth hormones because we are more concerned about healthy, happy animals and great tasting food than maximizing production. All of our animals are raised outdoors and fed an all natural diet of grass and grain. The end result is better tasting food that is better for you and for the environment." - Jones Heritage Farm

Jones Heritage Hickory Smoked Cured Bacon...$11.99 / 1 lb package

Our all natural favorite from the farm—
For centuries the most flavorful pork has come from the Berkshire breed of hogs. Known as “Kurobuta” or “black pig” in Japan where it is considered a delicacy, Berkshire pork is well known in culinary circles for its unsurpassed combination of juiciness, flavor and tenderness. One taste and you’ll see why this breed has retained its popularity for over 300 years. Try our Berkshire Pork today and discover all the natural flavor you have been missing.

Featured in Feast Magazine -- 
"What make Jones Heritage Farm's meats special are the animals' genetics and the way the animals are raised. "The meat from heritage-breed hogs has that old fashioned pork flavor that was prevalent before pork became ‘the other white meat,'" Jones says.

"Heritage animals require way more labor and way more time," says Jones. "You can't produce all-natural meat with confinement, so we have to give a lot more time and land to each animal than with conventional farming. When they're in confinement, they end up needing antibiotics. And then they're not all-natural."

The extra attention these animals receive doesn't just produce healthier, more flavorful, antibiotic-free meat. It helps preserve heritage livestock breeds. "The reason heritage breeds [have gone] out of favor, and some have become extinct, is because they don't do well in mass production conditions," Jones says.

"Berkshire is the Kobe beef of pork," says Jones. Berkshires make for the best pork belly and the intramuscular marbling in their loin is ideal. Jones is one of the few Red Wattle breeders in the area - and in the nation. He likes Red Wattle pork for its lean, beefy texture; flavorful dark red to purple meat; and great marbling. According to Jones, the breed is considered critically endangered, with fewer than 2,000 Red Wattles in the world.

"I heard it's Mario Batali's favorite pig," he says. "If Batali likes it, I figured I should try it."

The pigs are given a lot of room to grow: two acres of land per eight pigs. Jones' hogs rotate pastures until they reach 75 to 100 pounds, and then they're put into the woods to forage on fungi, leaves, nuts and other natural goodies. Unlike some other farmers, Jones allows his pigs to root, which is part of their natural instinct. Although it's destructive to the land, he says it's important to the quality of his product to allow his pigs to live naturally.

"It takes a number of things to make a pig that produces high-quality meat," he says. "You've got to keep the pig from being stressed out because stress leads to illness, blood-spots in its meat and no cooperation from the animal. Confinement, heat, lack of food and water, and a lot of new people around who it isn't familiar with will all stress a pig out. So we make sure our pigs have water and a lot of it all the time. And they need shade and a waller, or a mud hole, to keep themselves cool. We'll give a pig antibiotics if it gets sick - I'm not going to let an animal die - but we won't sell it because then [the meat's] not all-natural. But we rarely have a sick pig."

Seventy-five percent of the farm's sales come from pork products. The Berkshires produce two litters a year with about eight to 10 piglets in each litter. The Red Wattles have larger litters, and, according to Sauer, they're better moms. The farm relies on these good moms to keep business booming.

"Pigs used to be called ‘mortgage lifters,'" says Jones, "because small farms could make a lot of money off a single litter, and you usually get two [litters] a year." Profitability isn't their only attractive characteristic, however. As Jones puts it, "Pigs are easy to like."
Feast Magazine October 2011

Monday, July 23, 2012

John B. Stetson Bourbon

In stock at Forsyth now and online
From the famous hat maker comes...

John B. Stetson Bourbon....$23.99 / 750ml
From a legendary icon of American individuality and character comes the spirit that is uniquely American.

A guarded recipe yields this fine sipping bourbon, distilled from native American corn, locally sourced barley, rye, and wheat. This bourbon has a sweet oaky aroma layered with woody flavors, and finishes with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Simply, it is indisputable proof of John B. Stetson’s enduring pledge to “make things right, and the best they can be.” This bourbon is smooth enough to enjoy neat or on the rocks, yet flavorful enough to add to your favorite bourbon cocktails & mixed drinks.

Enjoy John B. Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with your lust for independence, a sense of integrity and the strength of your convictions.