Saturday, May 4, 2024

Cinco de Mayo!


Cinco de Mayo!

Both Forsyth and Kirkwood locations are open 

Sunday May 5th Cinco de Mayo from 11am-3pm

Shop our Tequila section - the best in the area

Mexican Beer


Margarita Mix!

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2022 Forth Sauvignon Blanc Lake County

Happy Star Wars Day today!
May the Forth be with you!
2022 Forth Sauvignon Blanc Lake County...$15.99
The fruit for this delectable wine comes from one of the premier vineyards in Lake County. We harvested at the peak of ripeness, when the flavor profile and acidity were in perfect balance. This bright refresher bursts onto the palate with lime zest, fresh pineapple and delightful notes of ripe nectarine. Enjoy!

Jim Beam Black 7 Year Old Bourbon

New 90 proof 7 year Jim Beam
Jim Beam Black 7 Year Old Bourbon...$35.99 / 1.75 liter
Compare to $36.99 at Total Wine and More
The "Black label" is now a 7 year old and 90 proof!
(previous black label was 86 proof)
After 7 years, patiently resting in white oak barrels, something magical happens. the bourbon turns a deep rich gold with notes of caramel, vanilla & warm oak. This is the mellow whiskey you’ll find in the new Jim Beam Black.

Friday, May 3, 2024

UCBC Stammtisch German Style Pilsner


Super fresh - bottled April 26th

UCBC Stammtisch German Style Pilsner...$8.99 / 4pk 16oz bottles
Tasting Notes:
Crisp, floral, herbal

A "Stammtisch" is an informal group meeting held on a regular basis – more directly translating to ‘table for regulars’. Our Stammtisch was brewed to celebrate this idea of community and socializing. It’s a traditional German Pilsner featuring a blend of Hallertau and Strisselspalt hops, giving it a pronounced herbal and spicy aroma. It's crisp and dry with a light grainy malt profile. We think it's the perfect accompaniment to any gathering.

Cinco de Mayo Special!!

Cinco de Mayo Special!!
Stock up!

Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila...$23.99 / 750ml
Compare to $28.99 at Total Wine and More in St. Louis

Cabo Blanco is pure, no-holds-barred, Thick Cut tequila. We turn 100% Weber Blue Agave into tequila the way it was meant to be – with full-on agave you can taste. It's never influenced by barrel wood – only by hard work, passion and dedication without apology.

Cabo Wabo Resposado Tequila....$27.99 / 750ml
Compare to $37.99 at Total Wine and More in St. Louis

Cabo Wabo Reposado is aged for at least 2 months in American Oak barrels. Crafted for bold agave flavor, this is a tequila that both stands up in any drink, but tastes just as good on the rocks.
TASTING NOTES: Gold in color, with a scent of citrus. A bit of fruit and spicy pepper that hangs around after each sip.

Dondante Pox Original

"Pox (pronounced “pōsh”) is an ancient beverage of the Mayan culture in Chiapas, produced from grain and sugarcane. In the Mayan language, Pox means “medicine” or “healing”, and the spirit is still used in ceremony and ritual today.
Dondante Pox Original...$39.99
46% ABV
Product of Mexico
Macerated with corn black as night, releasing his spirit of wisdom to an earthly world
"First, sugarcane is crushed, juiced and boiled to create piloncillo (like a sticky brick of raw brown sugar). Meanwhile, four different heritage varieties of corn (white, red, yellow and black) are dried, husked and ground. Next, wheat bran is placed in a large wooden fermenter, and local spring water is slowly introduced. Finally, the ground corn, piloncillo and additional fresh sugarcane juice are added to the vat, where natural, spontaneous fermentation occurs over 10-18 days. The mash is distilled twice, using wood-fired copper pot stills, and proofed to around 42% ABV (proof will vary slightly from batch to batch). The final result is savory on the nose and palate with notes of ancho and guajillo chiles, esquites, dried coconut, and baked corn husk. A fascinating experience! " - importer

Old Forester Mint Julep

Kentucky Derby is tomorrow!!
Old Forester Mint Julep...$27.99 / liter
For generations, Louisville insiders have enjoyed mint juleps made with Louisville’s Hometown Bourbon – Old Forester. In honor of that grand tradition, we created the Old Forester Mint Julep, named the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby.

Cinco de Mayo Agave Tasting in Clayton

Cinco de Mayo Agave Tasting
The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105

Tonight! Friday May 3rd from 4pm-6pm

Here is what we will taste!
  • Libelula Tequila Joven
  • Cimarrón Blanco Tequila
  • Cimarrón Reposado Tequila
  • ArteNOM Selección de 1146 Tequila Añejo
  • Ana Maria Tequila Rosa
  • Banhez Mezcal 'Joven' 

2020 Chateau Monbousquet Blanc d'Exception

Limited White Bordeaux
2020 Chateau Monbousquet Blanc d'Exception....$55.99
Beautiful, exotic aromas of green mangos and pineapples. Pears, too. It’s full and creamy with a gorgeous texture and a vivid finish. Harvested very early with fantastic results. Sauvignon blanc and sauvignon gris.
Rated 94-95/100 James Suckling

2022 Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc

2022 Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc....$17.99
Made with grapes sourced throughout nine Sonoma County sub AVAs and partially fermented in stainless steel along with some neutral French oak, this compelling white blended with 2.5% Sémillon begins with a spark of energy. Lean and clean grapefruit bitters hold court with honeydew, dill, Asian pear, and white flowers.
Rated 90/100 The Tasting Panel

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Alquimia Tequila

Alquimia Tequila
We proudly cultivate our estate-grown agaves in Jalisco, Mexico, on our family ranch. We have created five tequilas of the highest quality with our propriety organic protocol.  All of our tequila expressions are 100% USDA-certified organic. They are made of 100% all natural blue agave, carefully packaged in artisanal bottles made of recycled glass by a family of glass blowers. We compost our waste and use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or toxic materials of any kind. All of our production is sustainable and eco-friendly.


Alquimia Tequila Blanco...$52.99
Our Blanco is bottled immediately after distillation without aging. It is the truest expression of pure tequila, as it is not influenced by aging in oak barrels. The aromas are floral and earthy. The taste is dominated by a strong, sweet agave flavor, with a good balance of fruit, white pepper, and floral hints. It has a long duration of flavor with mild spice and an earthy, smoky finish. It makes a refreshingly pure margarita when mixed with fresh citrus juices, and is also very nice to sip.

Alquimia Tequila Reposado....$57.99
Our Reposado is aged for 6 months in white oak barrels. This lightly aged tequila can be used in specialty cocktails and is delicious to sip. The Reposado has retained the agave aromas and flavors of the Blanco, with subtle hints of the oak. Its light gold color is suggestive of its mild presentation on the nose and palate. Ends with a nice warm finish.

Alquimia Tequila Añejo ....$65.99
Our Añejo is aged for just under 3 years in white oak barrels. The oak wood gives the tequila a distinctive flavor and golden amber color. With aromas and flavors of caramel, fruit, mild vanilla and spice, it has a pleasant finish with moderate notes of agave, earth, and floral tones. A long duration of flavor makes this tequila ideal for sipping. This is best enjoyed sipped in a cognac snifter.

Alquimia Extra Añejo Reserva de Don Adolfo....$129.99

The Extra Añejo Reserva de Don Adolfo is aged for 6 years in white oak barrels. This sipping tequila is described as a “cognac-like” spirit. It has a beautiful, rich golden color with a thick body. The aromas are dominated by cinnamon, herbs, and spices. Very robust on the palate, it has a bold and vibrant complexity. A long sweet, spicy, and exotic fruit finish that is best savored slowly

Alquimia Extra Añejo XIV Reserva de Oro....$229.99
The Extra Añejo Reserva de Oro is aged for 14 years in white oak barrels. This sipping tequila has spicy aromas and flavors of dark caramel on rye, cedar plank, nutmeg, dark chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom and toasted almonds. It has a lively, fruity medium-full body with a warming, very long finish, evoking notes of flamed orange, toffee, flan and a dark roasted agave finish. It is described as “a rich and decadent tequila with excellent intensity of flavor and a memorable style.” We loved it so much straight out of the barrel that we decided to bottle it immediately at full strength, 100 proof.

Brandlin Mount Veeder Cab at an insane price!

Only 12 bottles available at this price!
2019 Brandlin Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Mt Veeder...$69.99 - INCREDIBLE PRICE!!
Lowest price on is $109.99!!

Nestled high on the ridgeline of the Mayacamas mountain range, our Mount Veeder estate is known as a source for wines of rich texture and mouth-filling flavor. Upon first sip, the 2019 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is fruit forward with blackberry, and boysenberry notes intertwined with a bouquet of allspice, cardamom and black tea. On the finish, savory hints of cassis, tobacco and olive surf gracefully on the palate and are rounded out by an inviting bed of rich but supple tannins.

Very expressive, with zesty anise and apple wood mixed with sassafras and sweet bay leaf flavors, all backed by a dense, polished core of blackberry and açaí berry fruit. Features a hint of tar that adds spine and textural contrast to the finish. Big all around, but everything is well-proportioned. Best from 2023 through 2038.
Rated 94/100 Wine Spectator

Very ripe, lush, jammy fruit flavors give a lot of pleasure to this full-bodied wine as moderate tannins add good structure to the palate, firming up black cherries, cranberries and blueberries that show excellent depth. Best from 2025–2035.
Rated 93/100 Wine Enthusiast

Hints of sage and bay accent cherry and cassis notes on the nose of Brandlin's 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. Medium to full-bodied, firm and layered with dusty tannins, it's a classically built mountain Cab that could use a few years in the cellar—or a massive hunk of rare beef.
Rated 92+/100 Wine Advocate

Narrow Gauge Mullanphy's Red Ale

Narrow Gauge Mullanphy's Red Ale...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Irish Style Red Ale. Brewed in collaboration with the Florissant Valley Historical Society.

Old Soul / TWCP 2024 Edition Single Barrel Bourbo

New TWCP Single Barrel arrived!!!
We have been eagerly awaiting this one!

Old Soul / TWCP 2024 Edition Single Barrel Bourbon....$69.99
  • Uncut and Unfiltered
  • Cask Strength
  • 123.8 proof
  • This is 7+ years old
  • Barrel No. 17K29-62
Mash Bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley
MGP juice aged in Mississippi
This one is a higher proof that our last Old Soul single barrel. The previous barrel was one of our most popular single barrels with our customers and staff. This one takes the previous one up a notch with more spice and big finish. Dark color, loads of vanilla with some bitter orange on the nose. The flavor has caramel, leather and a great spicy finish. A classic!

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Peter from Veritas Selections will be pouring samples of Breaking Bread wine!


This Friday, May 3rd from 4-6pm at Spirit Wine & Craft
  • Peter from Veritas Selections will be pouring samples of Breaking Bread wine!Marmalade Orange Wine
  • Pet Nat of Zinfandel
  • Al Dente Red Blend

New Beer from Scratch Brewing!

Scratch Brewing Wild Grapevine Saison...$17.99 / 500ml
farmhouse ale brewed with wild grape leaves, green grapes and toasted vines. soft, spicy flavors with white grape character and an oak-like finish from the vines. 5.6% abv

Scratch Brewing Wild Cherry Biere de Garde...$21.99 / 750ml
bottle-conditioned beer brewed over a wood fire in our copper kettle with grain from our friends at Sugar Creek Malt, Illinois-grown hops, and wild cherry bark from our property. woodsy, slightly smoky bark character with bright cherry aromas and a clean malt-forward finish. 7.0% abv
Scratch Brewing Wild Carrot & Nettle Ale...$17.99 / 500ml
light golden farmhouse ale brewed with wild carrot leaves, and stinging nettle. earthy and spicy effervescent. 5.2% abv

Scratch Brewing Sassafras Saison...$17.99 / 500ml
bottle-conditioned farmhouse ale brewed with file' spice made from sassafras leaves; tropical notes of ginger, lemongrass, and passionfruit with a dry, lightly acidic finish

Scratch Brewing Chanterelle Biere de Garde...$21.99 / 750ml
bottle conditioned farmhouse ale brewed with chanterelle mushrooms we foraged from the woods around the brewery. 6.5% abv

Alaskan Brewing Company Wildness Cold Beer

Alaskan Brewing Company Wildness Cold Beer...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Our distinctive cold fermentation process takes advantage of the frigid temperatures of Alaska. This yields a beer that is refreshingly crisp, boldly infused with a pioneering spirit.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

White Horse Blended Scotch Whisky.

Back in stock!

White Horse Fine Old Blended Scotch Whisky.....$29.99 / 1.75 liter
White Horse won blended whisky of the year in Murray's 2007 Whisky Bible
White Horse is famous for containing about 40% Single Malts including Lagavulin and Talisker.  White Horse is a smokier blended scotch

Piney River Cerveza Rio Mexican Style Lager

Piney River Cerveza Rio Mexican Style Lager...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
A traditional Mexican-style lager, light in body and color, hopped with German Hallertau Mittelfrueh for a crisp, clean finish.
A laid-back, sun-drenched day South of the border is especially fun when paired with the soft sand, warm waters, and palm trees of a Mexican beach. A spot on a riverbank in the Ozarks is like a day at the beach and tastes just as carefree with a crisp, refreshing Cerveza Rio in your hand.

Broadway Brewing Flor Blanca Mexican Lager

Made in Missouri

Broadway Flor Blanca Mexican Lager...$8.99 / 6pk 12oz
Mexican-style lager brewed with flaked corn and a touch of Flor Blanca Mexican sea salt. This beer begs to be drank with a lime to welcome in the warmer weather!

Nixta Licor de Elote

Cinco de Mayo! Try something new!
Nixta Licor de Elote.....$28.99
Nixta Licor de Elote is a Mexican corn liqueur made from a base of tender, ancestral cacahuazintle (kaka • wha • SINT • lay) maize, grown in the high valleys and foothills of the Nevado de Toluca volcano. Nixta is produced at the Destilería y Bodega Abasolo, where we honor the Mexican culture of corn and the ancestral craft of nixtamalization—a 4,000 year old Mesoamerican cooking technique that uncovers the deepest flavors and aromas of maize.

.5 parts Nixta Licor de Elote
2 parts Abasolo El Whisky de Mexico (also in stock now)
3 dashes Angostura® Bitters
Glassware: Rocks Glass
Garnish: Lemon and Orange Twist
Add Nixta, Abasolo, and bitters to a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until cold and diluted. Zest citrus over rocks glass and add fresh ice. Strain drink into glass, roll zest into attractive curls and lay garnish atop the ice.

Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila


Casa Dragones Blanco Tequila...$69.99
Named the “Best Blanco Tequila” by Epicurious, Casa Dragones Blanco is a small batch, 100% Pure Blue Agave silver tequila, crafted to deliver the true essence of agave through an innovative process that focuses on purity, for a crisp, smooth taste that is perfect to enjoy on the rocks or in signature craft cocktails.