Saturday, October 17, 2020

2019 Les Pallieres Au Petit Bonheur ROSE

One of the last 2019 ROSE to arrive.  But, worth the wait!
Basically Gigondas ROSE but they could not call it that!

2019 Les Pallieres Au Petit Bonheur ROSE...$25.99
If you’re feeling résistant to any policy makers these days, stock up on the sandy blond Au Petit Bonheur from Les Pallières. The INAO, the certifying body for France’s winemaking regions, believes that Gigondas’s eponymous rosé, despite being made naturally from organic grapes, may not identify as such if it does not look pink enough. Vexed by this rule, Kermit and the Bruniers decided to part ways with the Gigondas AOP and make their rosé as Mother Nature intended, in a vin gris style. Equal parts Clairette, Grenache, and Cinsault, this bottling is salty, discreet, and full of brambly fruit and soft citrus notes. Vive le freedom of le Vin de France. - Kermit Lynch Website

Valdeon Blue Cheese


Valdeon Blue Cheese

Valdeon is an intense blue cheese from Spain, similar to Cabrales - another Spanish blue - but milder. This is not to say that Valdeon is a "mild" cheese. Queso de Valdeon is intense, salty and wonderfully sharp. The blue-veining is predominant, giving it a gritty texture sometimes, but the mouthfeel is creamy and buttery, balancing out the intensity nicely. The cheese is produced from pasteurized cow and goats milk in the mountains of Leon, Spain, and aged in caves. Valdeon is a bold, very flavorful cheese, not for the milder palates. Serve with cured and smoked meats. Pair with a sweet wine, such as Muscat, Sherry or Port. Bring to room temperature before serving.

Rockwell Brewing Passing Clouds

Rockwell Brewing Passing Clouds....$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Orange, Fluffy, Effervescent
Three types of wheat create a light and fluffy base for a delicate combination of citrusy American and spicy German hops, along with a blend of coriander, Curaçao orange peel, and grains of paradise. It's bright, soft, and incredibly refreshing.
ABV: 4.6%

Crane Brewing Beet Weiss

Crane Brewing Beet Weiss...$11.99 / 6pk cans
The beer that made Michael Crane famous is an earthy, zinger that pairs great with food. Our Fall seasonal Berliner-style weiss combines a sour German wheat beer with an unlikely vegetable, and, frankly, they look really good together.

Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey Bottled in Bond

Mellow Corn Straight Corn Whiskey Bottled in Bond...$14.99
Mellow Corn is produced in accordance with a unique set of regulations that define Straight Corn Whiskey. It is distilled from a mash of at least 80 percent corn and aged for four years in a once-used Bourbon barrel. Compared to the deep amber color created by the newly charred oak barrels in the production of our other Bourbons and American Whiskeys, the result of the used barrel is a lighter, straw-colored spirit. Heaven Hill Distillery is one of the few remaining producers of this unique whiskey.
Proof: 100 Proof
Age: 4 Years Old

Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey

Platte Valley 100% Straight Corn Whiskey..$16.99 / 750ml jug
Compare to $19.49 at Total Wine and More
3 year Old
80 proof


Patron Tequila Extra Anejo 10 Anos

Patron Tequila Extra Anejo 10 Anos....$299.99
Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is the oldest tequila made at the Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The finest 100% Weber Blue Agave is harvested, baked, distilled and then aged for an impressive 10 years in American oak barrels and hybrid American/French Limousin oak barrels. It is presented in a hand-blown glass replica of the very first Patrón bottle.

Breckenridge Christmas Ale


Breckenridge Christmas Ale...$8.99 / 6pk 12oz bottles
Breckenridge Christmas Ale...$18.99 / 5 liter mini keg
The chill of winter calls for a beer with extra flavor and strength, and this take on a classic strong ale does just that—it soothes the soul and warms the spirit. Flavors of caramel and chocolate are derived from an abundance of carefully roasted malts. Chinook and Mt. Hood hops contribute a spiciness, lending balance and a clean finish. Christmas Ale is a cozy holiday companion worthy of sharing.
ABV: 7.1% | IBU: 22

Alaskan Icy Bay IPA

Alaskan Icy Bay IPA....$8.99 / 6pk
India Pale Ale
India Pale Ales are characterized by intense hop flavor and aroma accompanied with medium maltiness and body while also being crisp and dry.

Pappy Van Winkle products

Maple Syrup Aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels
Pappy and Co. Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup...$32.99
Our maple syrup is sweeter than Southern hospitality.
Our great grandfather, Pappy Van Winkle taught us that to make the best, you use the best. That's why we grew up using real maple syrup on (and in) our favorite dishes.

When we decided to make our own, we wanted to find a partner that shared our love of hand-crafted, high quality products. We found a perfect match in Bissel Maple Farm. The result is a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and flavor.

Together, we've made a one-of-a-kind syrup bursting with flavors of vanilla, butter, oak and, of course, bourbon. Aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels, use it in your favorite recipes, as a finishing syrup or even in your favorite cocktails. Just be sure to save a little for those Sunday morning pancakes.

See our Bourbon Lifestyle Blog for an incredible maple-inspired meal with recipes.

Bittermilk Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Fashioned...$18.99
At Pappy & Company, we recognize that not everyone is a bourbon purist. Sometimes, you just want to mix it up. Our dad, Julian, likes to say, "The better the bourbon, the better the cocktail" With gourmet blends of bittering spices, Bittermilk cocktail mixers make it easy to impress your friends, family and party guests with your mixology skills. Create a classic old fashioned, or spin it into a unique craft cocktail at home. Just add bourbon.

We've recreated this gentlemen's cocktail by using classic bittering agents like gentian root and cinchona bark along with burnt sugar, spices and a bit of orange peel. Aged in retired Pappy bourbon barrels to allow the flavors to come together and ramp up the intensity. It is super concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. Best with aged spirits. Stir 1 part No.1 + 4 parts rye or bourbon in a glass with ice. Garnish with an orange peel.

This old fashioned cocktail mix is the perfect gift for bourbon and old fashioned fans alike.


  • Made in Charleston, SC by Bittermilk.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Best to enjoy within four weeks of opening.
  • This cocktail mix is super concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.
  • Ingredients: Florida Golden Cane Sugar, Burnt Cane Sugar, Water, Fresh Orange Peel, Spices, Organic Gentian Root, Cinchona Bark, Tartaric Acid

Pappy & Co. Barrel Aged Pepper Sauce...$12.99
Aged in Pappy Van Winkle Barrels
Recently nominated as a finalist for the 2019 Good Food Awards!
It's high noon on a hot, Southern summer day. The sun shining brightly from cloudless sky, the humidity as thick as honey. It's a purifying heat; the kind that makes you feel like you've accomplished something just by being brave enough to weather it.

We've taken that heat and bottled it.

In partnership with another family owned business (and our friends), Midland Ghost, we've created an exclusive hot sauce. Made with their famous, locally grown, first generation Ghost Peppers and aged in our Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels for a rich, smoky, oaky heat. We mellow out the heat of the ghost peppers by adding some mild red peppers to the mix. The result is the perfect blend that makes this a smoky pepper sauce you can add a dash to just about anything from meats and vegetables to Bloody Mary cocktails.

Go beyond the grill, and discover all of the culinary fun you can have with our hot sauce.

See Our Spicy Summer Soiree Recipes >

This item is gluten, nut and dairy free.

Still 630 Presence of Darkness Whiskey

Still 630 Presence of Darkness Whiskey...$32.99 / 750ml
Collab with 4 Hand Brewing
The seventh release in our acclaimed Brewery Collaboration Series (BCS), Presence of Darkness is, perhaps, the most unique and intriguing whiskey we’ve ever produced. As all spirits in our BCS, it began life as a beer. Specifically: 4Hands Brewery’s ‘Absence of Light’, which is their incredible deep and rich peanut butter chocolate milk stout, and the inspiration for the name.

We double distilled the beer, then aged it for over 12 months in oak barrels to become Presence of Darkness

Still 630 Knowledge of Good and Evil

Still 630 Knowledge of Good Apple Brandy...$32.99 / 375ml
...and the Lord said: "you must not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die." Yet all mortals are doomed to die. So drink this apple brandy made from local apples, aged in new Missouri oak barrels, and revel in the Knowledge of Good.
This delicious apple brandy was made from fresh apple juice from a local orchard. We fermented the juice and double-distilled it on our pot stills before aging the brandy in new American oak barrels.
Tasting Notes: Light, juicy apple permeates the nose and palate while the soft vanillas and caramel from the oak combine to make it exceptional!

Still 630 Knowledge of Evil Apple Brandy Aged in Whiskey Barrels...$37.99
Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels

As light cannot exist without darkness, so good only exists relative to evil. For you cannot know righteousness without first exploring the depths of pleasure. So sayeth the Devil. Now he offers you a taste of the Knowledge of Evil... Will you indulge yourself? What have you got to lose...
This brandy was made from fresh apple juice from a local orchard, fermented and double distilled on our pot stills, this brandy was then aged in our award-winning 5YR RallyPoint Straight Rye Whiskey barrels until it became a devilishly delicious apple brandy with layers of rye whiskey!
Tasting Notes: Rich apple pie crust on the nose, palate is cool and juicy apple with spicy rye and baking spices lingering.

Breckenridge Holidale Aged in Whiskey Barrels

Breckenridge Holidale Aged in Whiskey Barrels..$10.99 / 4pk 12oz bottles
We’ve added even more cheer to our cherished Christmas Ale. Aged in whiskey barrels, Holidale offers toasted biscuit notes complemented by soft caramel sweetness with hints of oak and whiskey that warms the spirit. A deep red in color, this strong specialty brew makes a coveted holiday gift for beer and whiskey lovers alike.

GlenAllachie Single Malt Scotch

From Master Distiller, Billy Walker

GlenAllachie Speyside 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Cask Strength...$69.99
Batch #2
54.8% ABV
Billy Walker spends endless amounts of time in the GlenAllachie warehouses sampling across our range of casks, with over 50,000 on site it’s not a job for the faint hearted. However, it’s certainly time well spent when the results of his endeavours are tasted.
After sampling this vast range of casks Billy was keen to showcase GlenAllachie bottled at natural strength. We are delighted to introduce the GlenAllachie 10 year old Cask Strength Batch 4 – a limited edition product bottled with only 2,600 cases available worldwide.

GlenAllachie Speyside 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch...$57.99
This glorious rich mahogany malt has been matured for over ten years in American Oak Wood Barrels. The additional maturation in richly seasoned Pedro Ximenez Puncheons enriches the flavour, creating a sweeter, fruitier whisky. The casks are regularly monitored to ensure the perfect balance between our single malt and this luscious dessert sherry. Natural colour, unchilfiltered and bottled at 48%.

GlenAllachie Speyside 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch...$141.99
When we received the keys to GlenAllachie our Master Distiller Billy Walker immediately set to work putting his fingerprint on our whisky; Scottish barley, 160 hour fermentation, slow distillation.
As a blender for over 40 years, the warehouses are where Billy really does comes in to his own. Working across our 16 warehouses with casks dating back to the 1970’s, Billy has selected a limited number of casks to be released as GlenAllachie 18yo. The signature GlenAllachie rich, robust spirit in harmony with the heather and butterscotch notes.
The GlenAllachie 18 Year Old is bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and natural colour.

GlenAllachie Speyside 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch...$389.99
Built in 1967 as a small compact distillery, GlenAllachie was the fourth distillery designed by William Delme-Evans. The complete whisky making process was gravity fed and combined with unusual horizontal condensers it was a triumph of engineering and design.
Fast forward 50 years and we’re reaping the benefit when we bring you the GlenAllachie 25 year old. A combination of Pedro Ximinez and Oloroso casks specially selected by our Master Distiller Billy Walker and bottled at a slightly higher ABV of 48%.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Toppling Goliath King Sue


Canned 10/09
Toppling Goliath King Sue...$16.99 / 4pk 16oz

Double India Pale Ale – 7.8% ABV • 100+ IBU
This lusciously hazy double IPA gains its hints of mango, orange, and pineapple from the use of the delicious Citra hop.

Glen Scotia Single Malt Scotch 14 Year Tawny Port finish

Glen Scotia Single Malt Scotch 14 Year Tawny Port finish...$79.99
Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020

Cask Strength
52.8% ABV
Distilled in 2006, the Glen Scotia ‘Tawny Port’ Festival Edition is a peated Campbeltown Malt that has been matured in a mix of refill American hogsheads, medium char American oak and first fill bourbon barrels before being finished in first fill Tawny Port hogsheads and then bottled at cask strength 52.8% ABV.
NOSE:  Blackberry, floral notes of rose and ocean spray.
PALATE:  Silky mouthfeel, crisp green apple, peach syrup and vanilla with a honey sweetness.
FINISH:  Gentle peat smoke with blackcurrant, raspberry and clove spice.

Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old

Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old Single Malt Scotch...$289.99
After developing rich and intense flavour through a long, 23-year maturation in American and European oak casks; every drop of Grand Cru then spends an additional 6 months in French cuvée casks, which impart new layers of decadence, offering a myriad of aromas from apple blossom to candied lemon and freshly baked bread. On the palate, rich vanilla, sweet brioche, sandalwood, pear sorbet and white grape build a beautiful harmony of flavors; enhanced by a long, opulent finish for an extraordinary experience, to be shared and remembered. 

Much more information if you like...
Continuing our family history of distilling world renowned Scotch whisky, Glenfiddich adds to the distillery’s prestigious collection of aged single malts with the release of Grand Cru 23 Year Old. Grand Cru 23 Year Old is a sinful romance between the rich, decadent flavors of Glenfiddich single malt Scotch whisky and the vibrant, seductive notes found in the world’s best vintage sparkling wines. Fine sparkling wines are long established as celebratory drinks that exude elegance, glamour and hedonistic pleasure. Glenfiddich 6th Generation Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, wanted to capture that grace and splendour while embellishing it with the rich depth and substance of aged Single Malts. The result is Grand Cru - a whisky that bears the hallmark of quality, heritage and innovative legacy associated with over 130-years of family-run distilling expertise. To create this exquisite whisky Brian Kinsman first hand selected the perfect balance of 23 year old Glenfiddich casks from our unique collection of age old malts. He then took this preciously rare whisky of almost a quarter century of age, and finished it for six months in fine French cuvée oak casks. French cuvée casks are casks that have been used by Champagne producers for the first fermentation of the wine that eventually becomes Champagne after a second fermentation in bottle. The wine these casks previously held impart flavors into the oak, which are then subtly imparted into the flavour of the whisky. We labelled this whisky as Grand Cru 23 Year Old to allude to its unique finish in these rare French cuvée casks. The provenance of the cuvée casks is a highly guarded secret, because of their rarity and difficulty to obtain. To maintain their reputation, each house has an extremely stringent and exact quality specification for their casks, which are specifically coopered and toasted to a precise profile. Grand Cru 23 Year Old is presented in a sleek black glass bottle with gold print and an evocative golden closure. The bottle is embraced by an opulent black box featuring a sparkling golden firework design, created to emanate the spirit of celebration and the true taste of luxury contained within.

Hendrick's Orbium Limited Release Gin

Hendrick's Orbium Limited Release Gin...$35.99
Orbium is a reimagining of Hendrick's Gin by our Master Distiller, Lesley Gracie. Instilled with additional extracts of Quinine, Wormwood and Blue Lotus Blossom, the result is an oddly exquisite gin that sits roundly on the palate.
It is almost certainly not for everyone.
Orbium contains the same distillates as Hendrick's Gin, however, the same remarkable mind that broke conventions by infusing gin with essences of cucumber and rose has now taken gin in an altogether new direction by infusing flavours that are traditionally associated with classic gin libations; quinine found in tonic (Gin & Tonic) and wormwood found in Vermouth (Martini Cocktail). But it is not yet quite Orbium.

Logboat Leon White IPA

Logboat Leon White IPA....$9.99 / 6pk cans
Leon is a refreshingly bright white IPA brewed with Coriander and orange peel. Large additions of grapefruit-y hops balance the light, bready character of german pilsner malt and white wheat. The aromatic profile of the Belgian wit yeast strain used to ferment this beer adds a subtle spice that ties all these elements together creating this delightful holiday ale.

98+ Point Chardonnnay!!!

2018 Wayfarer Chardonnay Wayfarer Vineyard....$79.99*

*6 pack case pricing available 
The 2018 Chardonnay Wayfarer Vineyard opens with explosive perfume! Gunflint, spring honey, white flowers and salted almonds mingle over rich quince paste and warm apple fruit. The palate is equally as compelling, its powerful, rich layers of flavor packed into an ultra silky frame, offering bright pops of juiciness and a finish that goes on forever. Wow! It's stunning now but may improve with more time in bottle. 98+
Rated 98+/100 The Wine Advocate

True Grit Petite Sirah

An Old Vine Petite Sirah at an amazing price!
2018 True Grit Petite Sirah....$16.99 
$30 a bottle on the winery website!
Powerful and poised, this full-bodied wine takes the grape variety to a new level, combining just-ripe black fruits with pepper, earth and mineral flavors on a layered texture of fine grained tannins. Great depth, concentration and a brilliant smoky berry character make it a classic
Rated 94/100 The Wine Enthusiast

2014 Montecillo Rioja Crianza

2014 Montecillo Rioja Crianza....$9.99
Compare to $12.99 at Total Wine and More
The authentic Rioja. A renewed classic. Complex and balanced, perfect to enjoy in any occasion.
Winemaking and aging:
  • Alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature of 24ºC.
  • 12 day maceration period (skin contact).
  • Second fermentation in underground vats.
  • Barrel aging (oxidative) in high quality semi-new American oak barrels during 18 months.
  • Bottle aging (reductive) for a minimum of 6 months prior to release.