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Bells Hell Hath No Fury

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Bells Hell Hath No Fury....$2.89 / 12oz
Originally conceived along the lines of a Belgian Dubbel, Hell Hath No Fury … Ale morphed during development into something entirely different. Brewed with Belgian abbey-style yeast, Hell Hath No Fury … Ale is more akin to a roasty stout, offering warm, roasted notes of coffee & dark chocolate with fruity and clove-like aromas.
Alcohol By Volume:

Sierra Nevada Northern Harvest Wet Hop Ale

Sierra Nevada Northern Harvest Wet Hop Ale...$4.99 / 24oz
The original wet hop IPA
Northern Hemisphere was the first wet hop ale and it inspired the wet hop craze in America. Wet—undried—hops go straight from the fields into our kettles within 24 hours. Because hops are incredibly perishable, using hops wet preserves all of the precious oils and resins for a unique drinking experience as evidenced by the intense herbal green flavors and citrus-like and floral aromas.

Odell Brewing Ten Paces

Odell Brewing Ten Paces Huckleberry Wild Ale....$14.99 / 750ml
Ten paces is our tribute to the American West and all the things that make it wild. This beer harkens back to the days when Doc Holliday was gunslinging in the mountains near Leadville, Colorado. Drawing on the natural tartness of the huckleberries, this American-Style Wild Ale features a unique blend of yeast strains that produce a complex aroma of tropical fruit and clove like spiciness while accentuating the deep fruit flavors. The question is, will you be our huckleberry?

Lagunitas Brown Shugga' in stock now!

Lagunitas Brown Shugga'...$9.99
 The Rich, Roasty and Mysteriously Drinkable Ale might best be described as… Irresponsible. It Leaves a Lot of Stories in it's Wake.
ABV: 9.9%

Dogfish Head World Wide Oak Aged VANILLA

Back - no limit now!

Dogfish Head World Wide Oak Aged VANILLA....$8.99 / 12oz
Dogfish Head World Wide Oak Aged VANILLA....$33.99 / 4pk
Rare and often rumored about in the darkest corners of the beer community, World Wide Stout is dark, rich, roasty and complex, and lingers somewhere beyond the limits of the average beer.

Brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley, we've now taken this Dogfish Head classic and aged it on oak with real vanilla beans! With a little tender love and care we foster this beer from smooth, sweet wort into the big, bad blackend stout it always longed to be. Its bold, port-like complexity goes great with (or as) dessert.

With its high ABV, this is an excellent candidtate for cellaring, so grab a few bottles to enjoy now and lay the others down for a few years.

Great Divide Oatmeal Yeti

Great Divide Oatmeal Yeti...$9.99 / 22oz
9.5% ABV
Much like its legendary predecessors, this Yeti is big, bold and dark. The addition of rolled oats softens Yeti’s notoriously roasty backbone and the small amount of raisins added in the brew kettle create a unique dark fruit character. Just as admired as those that came before it, Oatmeal Yeti Imperial Stout is a gentle beast.

New Bernard Czech beers

Bernard Czech Bohemian Lager....$7.49 / 4pk
4.9% ABV
This unpasteurized light lager is a beer with a balanced bitter taste in harmony with its tasty fullness, hop aroma and rich foam.
Ingredients: water, barley malt from the Bernard malt house, prepared Saaz hops, hop extract

Bernard Czech Bohemian Dark Lager....$7.49 / 4pk
5.0% ABV

Dark yeast lager
This non-filtered dark lager with a fine yeast culture is an unpasteurized beer brewed from four types of malt, with a distinctive full taste and a fine bitterness. Its special flavour makes it unique on the Czech beer market.
Ingredients: water, barley malt from the Bernard malt house, special malts, prepared Saaz hops, hop extract, yeast

About the brewery
On 26 October 1991, Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal bought the bankrupt Humpolec brewery at an auction under the “small privatisation” scheme. The dream of building a brewery that would not only brew honest Czech beer, but also have its own opinion began to come true. During the first ten years that followed the privatisation (the brewery was sold at five times its book value and was obsolete technologically), the brewery was literally fighting for its life. Thanks to the quality of the beer, focus on customer service and gradual development of the brand, we made our dream a reality. BERNARD became a well-known and popular brand nationwide.
To distinguish our beer from the beers on the Czech market, we chose to make honest traditional unpasteurized beer, brewed with craftsmen skill from the best ingredients. Thanks to its traditional procedures, BERNARD beer is stands out for its harmony of fullness and bitterness. 

Klostor Andechs is back

Klostor Andechs Vollbier Hell...$3.29 / pint

Rated 96 on RateBeer  in the Dortmunder style
A product of traditional multiple mashing, Andechser Vollbier Hell presents a bright straw yellow and clear gleaming look that cannot fail to fascinate.  
Andechser Vollbier Hell – tangy, classical, Bavarian.

Klostor Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel...3.79 / pint
Rated 99/100 RateBeer overall
Rated 100/100 in its style
When the evening passes into dusk and the day draws to a close, time goes a little slower. Just the right time for a glass of Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel.  Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel – mouthcoating, velvety, strong  This world famous bock from Bavaria’s Holy Mountain is not meant to be rushed, but savoured slowly. As solid as a rock, Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel presides over the evening meal with a colour reminiscent of dark copper with nuances of fiery red. Its clear gleaming look harmonises with its firm, fine pored head.  Also the aroma delights the connoisseur: soft roasted accents and a nuance of dried fruit carrying a vein of caramel. This Doppelbock Dunkel from Bavaria’s Holy Mountain presents a pleasant effervescence. And then there’s the unmistakable flavour: mouthcoating and velvety, strong and yet pleasantly malty – a powerful, robust body. At the same time, it develops an easily recognisable sweetness, embraced in roasted cocoa and a light, bitter hoppiness.  Concluding with a powerful punch, this Doppelbock departs with a lingering aftertaste of quality plain chocolate. A strong Doppelbock that embodies the centuries old Benedictine brewing tradition, sip by delicious sip.

Big Muddy S'mores Stout

Big Muddy S'mores Stout...$9.99 / 6pk
5.5% ABV Stout

O'Fallon Dunkel Down Winter Lager


O'Fallon Dunkel Down Winter Lager....$7.99 / 6pk
In the words of Ron smells of rich mahogany. This traditional German style, Dunkel is a malt forward dark lager. The Munich type malts used in Dunkel Down add the depth of right toasted and nutty malt character with just a hint of sweetness. Traditional German noble hops add a hint of spicy bitterness and earthy character to the finish while the lager yeast strain keeps this beer clean and crisp.

Portuguese Wine Tasting

Portuguese Wine Tasting
We have Naama Laufer coming from NLC Wines -
Amazing importer of some of the finest Portuguese wines produced.

Open House - tell your friends! Tomorrow! October 18th from 5-7pm - 
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd - Clayton MO 63105

You can let us know on Facebook if you are coming, thanks.
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"How do you bottle the richness of the land that is Portugal?
How do you bottle the melancholic notes of Fado, the salty sea air of the Atlantic, the smell of wet earth, the wise and ancient gastronomy, and the tradition of a thousand-year old country that stretches its limbs once more?
With a passion for finding that affluence, NLC Wines brings to the United States our private selection of unique brands that deliver a Portugal rarely experienced before. Our portfolio of wines brings forth Portugal’s new, old-world traditions with exquisite bouquets of national grapes, state of the art technology, and discerning designs.
This is the Portugal we’d like you to savor. Welcome" -- NLC Wines

Taste all of these wines including one from 1969!

  • 2016 Jose Maria de Fonseca JMF Red
  • 2016 Jose Maria de Fonseca JMF White
  • 2016 Escudo Real Vinho Verde
  • 2016 Escudo Real Vinho Verde Rose
  • 2009 Quinta de Lemos Dao Dona Georgina
  • 2005 Quinta de Lemos Dao Dona Santana
  • 2012 Quinta do Popa Douro "Popa TN" Touriga Nacional
  • 2015 Regueiro Alvarinho/Trajudura White
  • 1969 Viuva Gomes Collares Reserva Tinto
  • 2013 Casal do Ramillo Red

2016 Jose Maria de Fonseca JMF Red...$9.99
Produced from the Castelão and Aragonês (Tempranillo) grape varieties, this fruity & juicy red is like taking a bite of an apple…easy as it is fun. Oak Treatment: 3 months, 2nd year French & American 
With vibrant fruity aromas, it has a touch of oak character, making it ideal to share with family and friends in joyful and relaxed moments. José Maria da Fonseca is the oldest and one of the most prestigious wineries in Portugal, producing wines and Setúbal Moscatel. The Soares Franco family owns José Maria da Fonseca and has been involved in the wine business for almost 200 years. 

2016 Jose Maria de Fonseca JMF White...$9.99
JMF White Produced from Fernão Pires and Moscatel de Setúbal grape varieties, this easy slightly mineral & briny white wins you over with a pleasant aroma and a fruity character.   A stunning value and refreshing white wine worth purchasing by the case.  A new favorite!

2016 Escudo Real Vinho Verde...$8.99
Grapes: Loureiro (30%) Trajadura (30%) and Arinto (40%).
With a little sparkle, this Vinho Verde is light and fresh. The wine has a definite pétillance.
Produced by the recognized winemaker, Carlos Teixeira (Quinta da Lixa), the Escudo Real selections are both fun and gourmand. Escudo Real WHITE is bright and citrusy, due to its natural acidity. With dominant apple and grapefruit aromas and a splash of green, herby notes, Escudo Real brings the fun and the flavor. Produced with Arinto, Trajadura & Loureiro grape varieties and at 9.5% alcohol, this baby is ripe for the picking.
Vinho Verde, lighter and more refreshing, is gaining in popularity all over the world. The Trajadura and Arinto varieties give it body and length, as well as aromas of apple and grapefruit. The Loureiro variety confers it a floral and aromatic herbal expression, bringing a lively, fresh character, with a slight touch of sparkle. Young and delicate, it should be served with fish, seafood and white meat dishes.

2016 Escudo Real Vinho Verde Rose...$8.99
Grapes: Touriga Nacional(60%) and Espadeiro(40%)
Escudo Real ROSE is all about the strawberry and red currants. The amazing pink color gives way to well-balanced flavors in the mouth that do super well with food. At 10.5% alcohol, this fresh fruity, slightly sparkly rose is a sunny-time must.   Pink color and lively strawberry and red currant flavor complemented with floral hints reveal the exuberance of the aroma. In the mouth it’s well balanced with good acidity and tart fresh fruit notes, young and crisp. It boasts a smooth, delicate finish.

2009 Quinta de Lemos Dao Dona Georgina...$49.99
The 2009 Dona Georgina is revisited for a checkup and it is nice to say it keeps improving. Big, full and fleshier than its 2008 predecessor reviewed in the past--both creatures of their vintages--this is one of the lusher and richer wines the winery has produced at its young age. Sexy but well balanced, this is the crowd-pleaser, but there is also good structure. It is aging well and should continue to do so for the next decade or more.
Rated 93/100 The Wine Advocate
A blend of Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz, both originally from the Dão region, this sophisticated, rich wine is firmly structured. The granite soils bring out a strong mineral texture that is balanced by opulent black fruits. This is a powerful wine, dense and still developing. Drink from 2016.
Rated 94/100 Wine Enthusiast
Only 388 cases made

2005 Quinta de Lemos Dao Dona Santana...$26.99

Very fragrant,with sweet and appealing ripe fruit standing out, greedy and full in the mouth with wellmeasured tannins. Final aroma with sweet spices, making it an appealing and attractive wine.
60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Tinta Roriz and 20% Alfrocheiro, aged for 18 months in mostly used French oak.
Vine Age: 10 years 
These wines are obtained after fermentation at a controlled temperature in order to preserve all their aromatic elegance, in big wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks, for 20 days. The wine is made by malolactic fermentation in barrels of French oak and has a subsequent maturing period of 18 months in order to potentiate its structure and complexity.

Quinta do Popa Douro "Popa TN" Touriga Nacional....$22.99
Created from a single grape variety, Portugal’s most noble Touriga Nacional, Pôpa TN shows off a more modern side of pure Douro. Full‐bodied and super smooth, the tannins have become softened by oak and by time to deliver a compote‐like concoction, dripping with pruny notes that give way to a surprising floral finish.
Oak treatment: 6 months in new french oak
Sitting alongside one of the most privileged locations on the Douro River, Quinta do Pôpa creates exquisite wines with national grape varieties. Born from nature and tradition, from the harmonious wedding between soil, climate, and the art of man, these noble yet global wines will surprise the palate one sip at a time.

2015 Regueiro Alvarinho/Trajudura White....$13.99
The 2015 Alvarinho / Trajadura is a 30/70 blend, dry, unoaked and without added carbonation. The sharp edge here gives this a wave of summer freshness, but the purity of its fruit is pretty nice, too. This has more than reasonable concentration for the level and its clean, somewhat stony finish makes it a bargain-priced winner.
Rated 89/100 The Wine Advocate

Recognized as one the foremost producers of boutique vinho verde in Portugal, Quinta do Regueiro is fast becoming synonymous with top shelf avant garde white wines, with a distinct focus on the Alvarinho grape.

2013 Casal do Ramillo Red...$12.99
GRAPES: Touriga Nacional, Aragonez

A perfectly bundled duo. With the succulent floral aromas of the Touriga Nacional and the elegance of Aragonez, this young and fresh Lisbon creation showcases the best of this old region with a twist.
The grapes are all hand picked and sorted for perfect ripeness.   The wine has a very deep color.  The floral aromas of the Touriga Nacional variety combine perfectly with the elegance of Arogonez.  It has a super long and complex finish.   Perfect with cheese.
More info:
Since 1937, the Ramilo family has been producing wines in one of the most privileged locations in the Lisbon region. Between Colares and Mafra, these Atlantic wines are created where the influence of the sea, combined with the influence of the hills develop a unique micro‐climate. This temperate climate paired with the rocky soils of the region, enables the creation of unique wines, both fresh and balanced.

1969 Viuva Gomes Collares Reserva Tinto...$169.99

The red grape in Colares is called Ramisco--Ramisco is grown nowhere else.Old yet still fresh. This pearl of Colares has gained an onion skin color, although it has maintained a pleasant lucidity with aromatic notes of raisin cherry and damp earth. In the mouth this wine has a light structure, with a memory of where Ramisco’s deep tannins used to be, marked along with some acidity due to the ocean’s winds, leading to salty finish.
On the coast, northwest of Lisbon, there is a small D.O.C. (Denominação de Origem Controlada) called Colares. It is one of Portugal’s most ancient areas and it is entirely planted on sand. When phylloxera destroyed most of Europe’s vines in the 19th century, it didn’t destroy Colares. Their vines are all original, ungrafted, and, for the most part, very old.
Colares is also one of the most endangered wine regions in the world. It has become the go-to vacation spot for affluent Lisboans so the land has become much more valuable as beachfront property than vineyard land. There are only 23 hectares left. The production of wines allowed to use the Colares designation is around 4,500 bottles… quite a change from a century ago when there were thousands of hectares of vines and, as one of the only regions left with vineyards, their reputation soared. They were called “The Bordeaux of Portugal” and experienced a brief, yet intense, international flowering of interest but as Europe’s vineyards came back on line and Portugal descended into a nearly eighty years of strife, civil war, and dictatorship, the fortunes of Colares faded.
The red grape in Colares is called Ramisco, the white is Malvasia. Ramisco is grown nowhere else, and same goes for this breed of Malvasia (although we find its cousin in the Douro and other parts of Portugal).

Natural and Organic Wines of France

New Natural and Organic Wines from all over France

 - in stock now at Forsyth!

Domaine Milan:   The wines of Henri Milan are among the favorites in the organic, and natural wine community in France (especially popular amongst the organic winemakers themselves) and we consider ourselves very fortunate to obtain his wines.

2014 Domaine Milan Le Grand Blanc Provence….$28.99
Le Grand Blanc is such a complex wine that one rarely tastes it the same way twice! We would recommend pouring this wine into a carafe before serving to allow it to express its full potential. Grenache Blanc, Rolle, Roussanne, Chardonnay, and Muscat Petit Grains 
2011 Domaine Milan Le Vallon Rouge Provence….$21.99
"Le Vallon" can be drunk now or one could lay it down in the cellar for a few years. Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Mourvèdre 
2007 Domaine Milan Clos Rouge Provence…$37.99
2007 was a beautiful year in Provence that bestowed upon this wine an exceptional richness, and maintains balanced freshness, tannins, and finesse. 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah

2016 La Vrille et Le Papillon Tour Cousins Ardeche….$12.99
Organic and natural wines of Ardèche
La Vrille et Le Papillon:  Ardèche is one of France's lesser-known regions, situated west of the Rhône River and north of Provence. Some exciting winemakers are working here, and Meryl and Geraldine Croizier of "La Vrille et le Papillon" can certainly be counted among them.  This 100 % Syrah is lighter and more versatile than most Syrahs found abroad, and can be paired with lighter fare (charcuterie) or with a meal featuring red meat.  A great wine to share with friends outside by the barbecue!
2014 La Vrille et Le Papillon La Tribu Ardeche….$14.99
Organic and natural wines of Ardèche
Ardèche is one of France's lesser-known regions, situated west of the Rhône River and north of Provence. Some exciting winemakers are working here, and Méryl and Géraldine Croizier of "La Vrille et le Papillon" can certainly be counted among them. This 100 % Grenache is very easy to drink and well balanced. This wine can be drunk on its own with friends or goes well with lighter grilled meat such as pork and poultry.

"Small yield, organic farming. yeast, no sulphites, the farms are made without sulfur either.The aim is to obtain wines that are more digestible, light and live, all to respect my environment, as well as the consumer.With this approach, I feel more artisan of the wine than farmer. " -- Sylvere Trichard, Selene Beaujolais
2016 Selene Leon Vin de France Rouge….$19.99
The wines made by Sylvère embody the reason why Beaujolais has become one of the most exciting wine regions in France! This wine is coming from Sylvère's oldest vines, which possess a limestone, clay, and granite terroir. The wine takes on Pinot Noir like characteristics, reminiscent of their Burgundian neighbors to the north.. The oak is very subtle. This wine is best suited for a meal rather than an apéritif or just having on its own. Can be drunk now or held for a few years. 100% Gamay.
2016 Selene Beaujolais Villages….$18.99
The wines made by Sylvère embody the reason why Beaujolais has become one of the most exciting wine regions in France! This is a wine that can be drunk immediately, but could also be kept in the wine cellar for a year or two. With its smooth character and easy drinkability, this is the perfect wine to share with friends. Due to a vein of granite that passes underneath this plot of vines, there is mineral finish to this vine that gives it a character that is more reminiscent of the grand cru wines of Beaujolais.100% Gamay.

Grower Champagne

Franck Pascal Reliance Champagne NV….$49.99
Réliance NV Brut Nature: Isabelle and Franck Pascal are so adamant about the quality of their biodynamically grown grapes, that they will sell all of the grapes that border other vineyards that may have been treated with pesticides so that it does not contaminate their wines! They found that Biodynamic farming allowed their wine to truly express the character of their terroir. The wines of Franck Pascal are among the more sought after "Grower Champagnes" and we are happy to be able to offer some of his Champagne for you! 70% Pinot Meunier, 25% Pinot Noir, 5% Chardonnay
2010 Franck Pascal Harmonie Champagne Blanc de Noirs….$75.99
Harmonie 2010 Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut: Isabelle and Franck Pascal are so adamant about the quality of their biodynamically grown grapes, that they will sell all of the grapes that border other vineyards that may have been treated with pesticides so that it does not contaminate their wines! This 2010 Vintage Grower Champagne is a "Blanc de Noirs", which is a blend consisting of only Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The two grapes are harvested at separate times for this wine to ensure that each grape is picked at the optimal moment. Save this wine for a special occasion!

2015 Come Isambert Chenin Blanc Saumur Blanc…$17.99
Certified organic by Bureau Veritas (FR-BIO-10)
Côme Isambert: Côme's Chenin Blanc presents a beautiful balance of acidity, freshness, and with a nose of lemon, tropical fruits, peaches, and reine claude plums. A fun wine to pair with a meal as it can work with fish and lighter meats such as chicken and pork. Only 1800 bottles were made in 2015!

2015 L'Ami Bourgogne Blanc….$24.99

2015 L'Ami Saint Romain Vieilles Vignes Blanc….$32.99
2015 L'Ami Pommard Vieilles Vignes…$48.99
2015 L'Ami Volnay….$45.99

Willy and Paul are fast becoming two of the most exciting winemakers in Burgundy! Both are natives of Roussillon. Willy worked previously at Domaine de Montille in Puligny-Montrachet and was the head winemaker at Clos de Moulin aux Moines in Auxey-Durresses, while Paul worked previously at Oronce de Beler in Vosne-Romanée and also at Domaine Hauvette in Saint Rémy de Provence. They are négociants who only work with organic producers in their region. There are no additives used in the winemaking process, nothing artificial, and in some cases, no sulfites added during the winemaking process. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Heaven Hill Distillery Tasting Experience Set

Great set for gifts or for yourself -- experience 5 unique American Whiskey styles

Heaven Hill Distillery Tasting Experience Set...$44.99 / 5-100ml bottles

includes 1 bottle of each!

  • Bernheim Wheat 100ml bottle
  • Larceny Straight Bourbon Bourbon 100ml bottle
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel 100ml bottle
  • Elijah Craig Small Batch 100ml bottle
  • Pikesville Rye 100ml bottle

Avery Amicitia Barrel Aged Sour

Avery Amicitia Barrel Aged Sour...$11.99 / 12oz
Ale Aged in Cabernet Sauvignon Barrels
1482 Cases Made
8.2% ABV

Redemption Barrel Strength Batch #2

Redemption Rye 10 Year Old Barrel Proof....$83.99
Batch #2
Mash bill:   95% Rye and 5% Barley Malt
ABV: 58.1%

Redemption High Rye Bourbon 10 Year Old Barrel Proof....$83.99
Batch #2
Mash bill: 60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Barley Malt
ABV: 57.2%

Redemption Bourbon 9 Year Old Barrel Proof....$83.99
Batch #2
Mash bill: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Barley Malt
ABV: 54.1%

Growler Sale!

Season is changing and we have some stouts we want to get at the Growler Station!

This week only now through Saturday October 21 at 7pm or until they last.
All Growlers are 50% off at both growler locations!
We want to blow some kegs!

Forsyth List

New Ballas List
Heavy Riff Velvet Underbrown 
6.5% ABV 30.0 IBU American Brown Ale 
(Our Flagship) Our American Brown Ale prominently features lactose and roasted oats for a creamy velvety mouthfeel. Restrained Hop Character and a hint of Dark Chocolate on the finish.

Founders Backwoods Bastard
Bourbon Barrel Aged
Big and delicious for your ’perty mouth. Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts. A bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark cherries. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate.
Rated 100 on RateBeer

Founders 10K Double IPA
A big and bold IPA, brewed with some light crystal malts for a balanced sweetness and exploding with Simcoe hop flavor and aroma.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

TWCP Beer Fest - Thank you all!!

The Wine and Cheese Place Beer Fest 2017 is in the books now!

Thank you to everyone that participated this year.   Thank you to all the great breweries and distributors that helped us out.  

Thanks for everyone that turned out and made the event a success -- also great weather too!

Thank you to Urban Chestnut Brewing for sponsoring the amazing glasses.
Thank you to Straubs Food Truck.

Thank you to these local breweries that do not distribute package yet, but still came out to show their beer- support their breweries. Click their name to head to their website.  Order them when you see them on draft. 

As a thank you to the breweries that participated - we have these beers from Beer Fest on sale all week long. 
10% off all week long

No reservations : Subject to stock on hand
Prices in store only, not online
Price will automatically ring up properly at the register.

Come grab some of these great beers 10% off our already low prices!
These beers are all on sale at all 4 locations now until Saturday October 21 at 7pm

  • Perennial Corail de Saing
  • Perennial Citra Paradis
  • Urban Chestnut Count Orlock
  • Goose Island Juicy IPA
  • Goose Island Lolita
  • Goose Island Halia
  • Goose Island Imperial 49 IIPA
  • Blue Blood Robbers Cave Passion Fruit Gose
  • Blue Blood Robbers Cave Mosaic Raspberry IPA
  • Blue Blood Outlaw Brett with Malbec Grapes
  • Blue Blood Outlaw BA Brett Saison with Peaches
  • Destihl Blueberry Gose
  • Destihl Apricot Synchopathic Sour
  • Destihl Vertex IPA
  • Destihl St. Dekkera Flanders Oud Bruin
  • Nebraska Melange a Trois
  • Urban Family Stellar
  • Urban Family Magnolia Redux Azacca
  • Stillwater Levadura
  • Santa Fe Java Stout
  • Santa Fe 7K IPA
  • Charleville Hoptimistic
  • Charleville Long White Cloud
  • Old Bakery Citrus Wheat
  • Old Bakery North End IPA
  • Old Bakery Oktoberfest
  • Ballast Point Sculpin
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
  • Crooked Stave Salvador Cybies Four Roses Barrel
  • Crooked Stave Salvador Cybies High West Barrel
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Imaginary Friends
  • Prairie Artisan Twist
  • North Peak Zephyr Hazy IPA
  • North Peak Mellow Cherry Hibiscus
  • Crooked Stave Petite Sour Rose
  • Bruery Midnight Autumn
  • Bruery Share This Mint Chip
  • De Ranke Guldenberg
  • Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Blueberry
  • Saugatuck Blueberry Maple Stout
  • Saugatuck Bonfire Brown
  • Latitude 42 Party at the Moon Tower
  • Latitude 42 Powerline Porter
  • Boulevard Tough Kitty Milk Stout
  • Ommegang Brunetta
  • Ommegang Rosetta Kriek
  • Avery Lunctis Birubus Barrel Aged Sour
  • Avery Certatio Equestres Barrel Aged Sour
  • Uinta Pit Stop Apricot Sour
  • Montegiocco Draco with Blueberries
  • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale aged in Port Casks
  • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale aged in Calvados Cask
  • Innis & Gunn Raspberry Barrel Aged Saison
  • Sesma Citrus Maximus
  • Dupont Vooruit Triomfbier Smoked Beer
  • Founders All Day IPA 6pks
  • Founders Mosaic Promise IPA 6pks
  • Founders Porter
  • Founders Rubaeus 
  • North Coast Peach Passionfruit Berliner
  • North Coast Old Rasputin Stout
  • Main 4204 Off Duty Lager
  • Main 4204 Assalted Caramel Pecan Ale
  • Main 4204 Zombie Lager
  • Main 4204 2 Hop IPA
  • Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
  • Deschutes Obsidian Stout
  • Deschutes Mirror Pond
  • Deschutes Pacific Wonderland Lager
  • Logboat Dark Matter
  • Logboat Snapper IPA
  • Logboat Bobber
  • Logboat 4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout 12 pk
  • 4 Hands City Wide APA
  • 4 Hands City Wide Pilsner
  • Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion
  • Firestone Walker Inferos
  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
  • Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
  • Golden Road Sunset Coffee
  • Blackberry Farm Brett Saison
  • Kona Big Wave
  • Kona Longboard Lager
  • Kona Hanalei IPA
  • Kona Wailua Wheat
  • Bur Oak Tractor Fire
  • Bur Oak Clyde's Caramel
  • Bur Oak Big Tree IPA

This was the complete list from the tasting not all of these are on sale

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Raffle Winners --

Your ticket was drawn - check your numbers -- you have until 2:15 to claim your bottle if you want to PURCHASE IT!!

Your bottle is the one above your ticket number

Head into the store to the tasting table.  Thank you.

TWCP Beer Fest 2017 -

Must 21 Years of age - ID will be checked at the door
Take the metro link, there is a stop in our parking lot.

When you arrive - you will get a ticket for limited beer release lottery. If your name is drawn you will get a chance to purchase one of these bottles --  Drawing will take place at 2pm.

  • Perennial Barrel Aged Abraxas
  • Side Project Merci
  • Side Project Scribe
  • Side Project Langst
  • Side Project Black and Berry
  • Cantillon Kriek
  • Cantillon Rose de Gabrinus
  • Drie Fonteinen Kriek
  • Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze


Event ends at 3pm sharp. Beer will be pulled at that time.
No new beers will be opened after 2:45
Beers will run out as some are very limited, but there will be plenty to taste and some not on the list.

Some beers will be opened at different times (some will be listed at the table and the times and sometimes as a surprise).   If you are at the event, watch our twitter account @TWCPBeer with the hashtag #TWCPbeerfest, we will announce some surprise bottle openings. 
Be kind and polite, step away from tables after you have your sample to let others get their beer.

Thank you so much for all of your support over the years!

We have Straubs Food Truck coming too with some BBQ and sliders.

Saturday October 14, 2017
The "reserve session" tickets went through our BRC program and our gone now

Purchase your glass the day of the event at the store. 1pm-3pm - $7 to purchase a bottomless glass for the event.   You keep the glass.  Will not be able to enter until 1pm sharp.

The Wine and Cheese Place Beer Fest 2017
7435 Forsyth Blvd in Clayton , 63105

This year's glass----

Please be careful and take the metrolink.  We have a station right in our parking lot! 

Planning on attending and pouring.  Some beers will be for tasting only and not for sale.

*** we will be tasting a lot of rare beers that will not be for sale, just for tasting enjoyment that day.   Many of these beers we will only have a few bottles and will not last through the whole event, but we will stagger them out at different times so that there will be plenty of great beer available.

  • Urban Chestnut Brewing  Count Orlock Pumpkin Ale
  • Urban Chestnut Brewing  O-Katz
  • Urban Chestnut Brewing  Ku’damm 
  • Urban Chestnut Brewing  Stammtisch 
  • Urban Chestnut Brewing  Holzrauch Rauchbier  ***  German for ‘wood smoke’, Holzrauch is a Rauchbier- a medium-bodied, malt-intense, somewhat smoky style that may have your nose and palate asking your brain, “Where’s the fire?”

  • Narrow Gauge Brewing Fallen Flag  *** American IPA dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic ABV: 7.0% IBU: 50
  • Narrow Gauge Brewing Double Dry Hopped Fallen Flag ***   American IPA double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic ABV: 7.0% IBU: 50
  • Narrow Gauge Sparkle Motion  *** American Pale Ale dry hopped with Citra and Galaxy ABV: 6.0% IBU: 30

  • Side Project Brewing Double Barrel Derivation   ***  Derivation is our series of Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts in which we brew several recipes, age them in a variety of barrels and blend them before bottling to add depth and structure to this massive style of beer. Double Barrel Derivation was aged for 2 years in Willett 12 year barrel before being racked to Port Barrels for 3 months for finishing.
  • Side Project Brewing Derivation #7   *** Derivation is our series of Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts in which we brew several recipes, age them in a variety of barrels and blend them before bottling to add depth and structure to this massive style of beer.
  • Side Project Brewing Tete du Cuvee Vintage 2015    ***  Tête de Cuvée is a blend of some of our finest and oldest wine barrel fermented and aged Saisons. 
  • Side Project Brewing Anabasis    ***  Anabasis is a Barleywine that was brewed with American malts and hops, but fermented with a strong English Ale strain.
  • Side Project Brewing Open Spaces   ***  Open Spaces is a Missouri representation of one of our favorite styles of beer, the Flanders Red Ale. Fermented-in and aged-in Missouri Chambourcin barrels, Open Spaces rested for 46 months before exemplifying the characteristics of red fruits, subtle oxidation, and round oakiness of the beautiful ales of the Flanders region of Belgium.
  • Side Project Brewing Pulling Nails #7   ***  Pulling Nails is an ongoing experiment in the art of blending to create sour and wild ales of extraordinary depth, complexity and balance.
  • Side Project Brewing Fencerow #3    *** Fencerow is our Blond Missouri Wild Ale that was fermented in and aged in Chardonnay barrels with Missouri yeast and bacteria before being aged on wild Black Raspberries from our hometown of Puxico Missouri for 12 months before being naturally conditioned in the bottle.
  • Side Project Brewing Amis Pour Toujours    ***  Amis Pour Toujours translates to "Friends Forever" and is a collaboration brewed with one of our closest and dearest friends, Brad Clark of Jackie O's Pub and Brewery in Athens, Ohio. Our shared love of vibrant fruit mixed with our cultures was the inspiration for this wild ale. Fermented in oak with a blend of cultures from Missouri and Ohio, this Missouri/Ohio Wild ale was then aged on Apricots and Mangoes before being blended and naturally conditioned in this bottle.
  • Side Project Brewing Biere du Pays #6    ***  Bière du Pays is inspired by the classic Saisons from the country. An airy and fluffy malt bill is fermented with wild Missouri yeast and bacteria and our house Saison blend. This refreshing and delicate farmhouse ale was aged in wine barrels for several months before it was naturally conditioned in this bottle.
  • Side Project Brewing Merci     ***  Here is the blend for #3 14% - Saison du Fermier that was fermented in French Oak with our Saison/local microflora mixed culture and then racked to and aged in a light toast American Oak Foedre for 6 months.

  • Rekorderlig Wild Berries Cider
  • Avery Brewing Lunctis Virubus Barrel Aged Sour
  • Avery Brewing Certatio Equestres Barrel Aged Sour
  • Great Divide 22st Anniversary Dark Sour
  • Uinta Pit Stop Kettle Apricot Sour
  • Montegiocco Draco Ale Brewed with Blueberries
  • Montegiocco Open Mind
  • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale Aged in Port Casks
  • J.W. Lees Harvest Ale Aged in Calvados Casks
  • Innis & Gunn Raspberry Barrel Aged Saison
  • Sesma Citrus Maxima

  • Founders Brewing All Day IPA
  • Founders Brewing Mosaic Promise
  • Founders Brewing Porter
  • Founders Brewing Rubaeus Not another boring summer wheat beer or lemonade shandy—Rübæus is Founders’ way to celebrate the season’s warmest months. Optimizing the flavor of fresh raspberries added at multiple stages during fermentation, this stunning berry red masterpiece is the perfect balance of sweet and tart
  • Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout
  • Charleville Brewing Hoptimistic
  • Charleville Brewing Bellows Shake Marzen
  • Charleville Brewing Long White Cloud
  • Charleville Brewing Ale Mucho Hoppo
  • Boulevard Brewing Tough Kitty Milk Stout
  • Boulevard Brewing Cranberry Orange Radler
  • Boulevard Brewing Whiskey Barrel Stout
  • Boulevard Brewing Collaboration #7  Oak Aged Lager will be brewed with Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company and Creature Comforts Brewing Company. While final recipe formulation is ongoing, our intent is to brew a 6% ABV lager featuring a malt bill composed of pale malt, Sonoran White Wheat, Missouri wheat, honey malt and corn grits. The wort will be hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Lemondrop and Hallertau Blanc hops while additions of Riesling juice and peach puree will accent the sweet fruitiness suggested by the chosen hops. Aged briefly on virgin oak during fermentation, the collaboration beer will receive peach puree and lemon zest just before packaging. Finishing the beer with champagne yeast in bottle conditioning will produce a slightly effervescent golden lager that showcases regional ingredients from each brewery’s home state.
  • Boulevard Brewing Foeder Project *** The base beer for Foeder Project #2 is best categorized as a Flanders-style Red. Following primary fermentation with our house Belgian yeast strain, the beer was transferred into the foeder where lactobacillus brevis and brettanomyces had already taken up residence. No additional microbes or yeast strains were pitched to begin secondary fermentation. 

  • Ommegang Brunetta
  • Ommegang Pale Sour
  • Ommegang Rosetta
  • Ommegang Three Philosophers Variant  ***
  • Ommegang Gnomegeddon  ***

  • Old Bakery Citrus Wheat
  • Old Bakery Porter
  • Old Bakery North End IPA
  • Old Bakery Oktoberfest
  • Old Bakery Light Roast - Coffee Golden Ale  ***
  • Perennial Artisan Ales Funky Wit Raspberry ***  Belgian-style ale brewed with spices and aged in oak barrels with raspberries.
  • Perennial Artisan Citra Paradisi Citra Paradisi was brewed to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Wine and Cheese Place, a cornerstone of the Saint Louis beer scene and one of our biggest supporters from the beginning. It combines citrusy American hops, grapefruit oil, and a blend of a favorite farmhouse ale and Brettanomyces Claussenil to create a balanced yet bright expression of grapefruit.
  • Perennial Artisan Owen
  • Perennial Artisan Corail de Sang Corail de Saing is a Belgian style Saison with torrified wheat aged in red wine puncheons with Brettanomyces for seven months. Bottle conditioned, oak aged and brewed in collaboration with Paul Hayden and The Wine and Cheese Place to celebrate their 35th Anniversary.
  • Pernnnial Artisan Barrel Aged Abraxas *** Imperial Stout aged Twelve months in Rittenhouse Rye barrels with cacao nibs, vanilla beans, ancho chiles & cinnamon sticks

  • Point Labaddie Goodle Day IPA   ***  Our tribute to John Hartford....Brewed using Centennial bittering hops, and Cascade and Mandarina Bavaria aroma and dry hop additions. This balanced, unfiltered IPA has earthy, floral citrus bitterness with floral, tangerine and grapefruit notes in the aroma.
  • Point Labaddie Batch 1 Saison    *** Unfiltered Belgian Style Saison brewed with Hallertauer Mittlefrueh hops. Brewed using only malt, hops, yeast and water, this beer has earthy, peppery and spicy notes.
  • Point Labaddie Limited Release Imperial Porter    ***

  • Evil Twin TBD
  • Stillwater Levadura
  • Nebraska Melange a Trois
  • Urban Family Stellar
  • Urban Family Magnolia Redux - Azzaca
  • Blackberry Farm Roasted Cherry Stout
  • Blackberry Farm Brett Saison
  • Santa Fe Java Stout
  • Santa Fe 7K IPA

  • Ballast Point Sculpin
  • Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin
  • Ballast Point Victory at Sea 
  • Ballast Point Fathom IPA 
  • Ballast Point Curry Export Stout Indra Kunindra  A burst of Madras Curry, Cumin, Cayenne, Coconut, and Kaffir Lime Leaf. Our India-style Export Stout is a unique collaboration with award-winning homebrewer Alex Tweet. Released in limited quantities, this explosion of South Asian flavors is reason enough to kneel down and thank the heavens.
  • 2nd Shift Brewing Artie   ***
  • 2nd Shift Brewing Brewligans  ***
  • 2nd Shift Brewing Cat Spit   ***

  • Six Mile Bridge 2nd Trip Around The Sun Barrel aged porter with toasted coconut and cocoa nibs   ***
  • Six Mile Bridge Cranberry Wheat  ***  We took more cranberries than are on your Thanksgiving table and enhanced this Belgian Wit with holiday flair. Strong cranberry aroma and a subtle, tart finish make this the perfect beer to compliment your festivities!
  • Six Mile Bridge Black Currant Berliner  ***
  • Crane Farmhouse IPA
  • Crane Grapefruit Gose
  • Crane / TWCP 35th Annversary Punch (hopefully, if it arrives in time)
  • Saugatuck Brewing Blueberry Maple Stout
  • Saugatuck Bonfire Brown
  • Latitude 42 Brewing Party at the MoonTower
  • Latitude 42 Brewing Powerline Porter
  • North Coast Brewing Cranberry-Quince Berliner Weisse
  • North Coast Brewing Peach Passionfruit Berliner Weisse 
  • North Coast Brewing Scrimshaw Pilsner
  • North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin
  • 4204 Main Off Duty Lager
  • 4204 Main Salted Caramel Pecan Ale
  • 4204 Main Zombie Lager
  • 4204 Main 2 Hop IPA
  • Deschutes Brewing Fresh Squeezed IPA
  • Deschutes Brewing Obsidian Stout
  • Deschutes Brewing Mirror Pond Pale Ale 
  • Deschutes Brewing Pacific Wonderland Lager
  • Deschutes Brewing Black Butte XXIV
  • Deschutes Brewing Pinot Sauve *** An Ale we age in oak barrels previously holding Pinot Noir
  • Logboat Brewing Dark Matter
  • Logboat Brewing Snapper
  • Logboat Brewing Bobber
  • Logboat Brewing Single Barrel Version of Imperial March ***
  • 4 Hands Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout
  • 4 Hands Brewing City Wide APA 
  • 4 Hands Brewing City Wide Pils 
  • 4 Hands Brewing City Museum Pils   ***
  • 4 Hands Brewing Absence of Light
  • Goose Island Juicy Double IPA
  • Goose Island  Lolita
  • Goose Island  Halia
  • Goose Island  Imperial 49
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout  2016

  • Kona Brewing Big Wave
  • Kona Brewing Longboard Lager
  • Kona Brewing Hanalei IPA
  • Kona Brewing Wailua Wheat

  • Golden Road Wolf Pup
  • Golden Road 329 Lager
  • Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown
  • Golden Road Sunset Coffee

  • Bur Oak Tractor Fire Brown Ale with Chipotle Peppers
  • Bur Oak Clydes Carmel Cream Ale
  • Bur Oak Big Tree IIPA

  • Blue Blood Robbers Cave Series Passion Fruit Gose
  • Blue Blood Robbers Cave Series Mosaic Raspberry Session IPA
  • Blue Blood Belgian Ale with Brett and Malbec Grapes
  • Blue Blood Cabernet Barrel aged Brett Saison with Peaches

  • Destihl Blueberry Gose
  • Destihl Apricot Synchopathic
  • Destihl Vertex IPA
  • Destihl St. Dekkera Flanders Oud Bruin

  • Heavy Riff  Evil Pumpkin Imperial Porter ***
  • Firestone Walker Brewing Luponic Distortion 007
  • Firestone Walker Brewing  Inferos
  • Firestone Walker Brewing  Vintage beers (Variety of different ones)
  • Firestone Walker Brewing Barrelworks beers (Variety of different ones)
  • Brooklyn Brewing Lager
  • Brooklyn Brewing Sorachi Ace
  • Brooklyn Brewing Black Chocolate Stout
  • Prairie Imaginary Friends
  • Prairie Twist
  • Jolly Pumpkin Saison M
  • Jolly Pumpkin Turbo Bam
  • North Peak Zephyr
  • North Peak Mellow
  • Crooked Stave Vieille
  • Crooked Stave Petite Sour Rose
  • Bruery Midnight Autumn Maple
  • Bruery Share This: Mint Chip
  • De Ranke Guldenburg
  • Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse Blueberry
  • Argus Apple Bomb 

 *** - tasting only, not for sale

Beer list subject to change due to out of stocks or new items arriving. 
We will keep it as up to date as we can!