Saturday, December 16, 2017

L'Aigle Delamain Cognac XO

L'Aigle Delamain Cognac XO....$149.99
we are the lowest price on Wine-Searcher
The Cognac is coming from “La Grande Champagne”, the 1st growth and best of the Cognac area. The L’Aigle Cognac is an XO, older than Delamain‘s famous Pale & Dry. The blend is a classic Delamain style – one that combines elegance and complexity with a hint of boldness. The original “Eagle Cognac” was created a century ago by Jacques and Robert Delamain. Renowned artist Leonetto Cappiello was commissioned to design the label and a poster that has since become a classic.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Beer Tasting tonight

Beer Tasting tonight ---
Forsyth from 4-6pm...

  • Jolly Pumpkin / Holy Mountain Smashed Grabbed and Hop Dusted
  • 4 Hands Gingerbread Chocolate Milk Stout
  • 4 Hands Plush New Year Beer
  • Tallgrass Strawberry Shortcake
Plus we will through a few other random beers out too.

Plus we will be tasting these brandies also...
  • Edelbrand vinars da meila – apple brandy infused with plum
  • Edelbrand vinars da pera – pear brandy
  • Edelbrand vinars da vin – grape brandy infused with dill
  • Edelbrand vinars da plogas – plum brandy


  BRC emails will go out tomorrow on this one..

Logboat Coffee Mamoot

In stock now at Forsyth

Logboat Coffee Mamoot...$5.99 / 4pk cans
English Mild Ale with Coffee
4% ABV
10 IBU
Mamoot is the brown ale's laid back brother. BUT...with the addition of GROUND CONTROL coffee beans (our own blend) roasted by our good friends down the street at Fretboard Coffee, the perfect breakfast beer! Subtle notes of blackberry jam, coffee and bittersweet cocoa add to the toasty finish. This brew is mahogany colored and full flavored, despite the relatively light abv.

4 Hands Plush - New Year Beer

4 Hands Plush - New Year Beer...$6.99
Plush is a saison brewed with grape in celebration of the New Year. This light and effervescent beer is dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin which contributes a delicate white wine fruitiness. Plush pours straw in color with a firm white head.

BRC sent

BRC emails just sent on these

  • Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie Noir...$9.99  
  • Prairie Artisan Ales Vanilla Noir...$9.99
  • Paririe Artisan Ales Bourbon Paradise...$9.99
  • 4 Hands Bona Fide...$9.99

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Side Project "35 Years" Aged in PX Sherry Barrel

You will receive email confirmations tomorrow early AM if your name is drawn. You can request up to 2 bottles.

If you are in our Beer Reward Club (as of 12/13/17) and you have not received a bottle of Side Project 35th, sign up for the wish list now. We are mixing it up again....

Please read carefully---
  • You must be a member of our BRC (as of 12.13.17)
  • If you already got an allocation, you are not eligible. 
  • This is a wish list. Not a guarantee, it is a raffle to purchase
  • You have until tonight (Dec 14) at midnight to sign up.
  • We will draw names from everyone that signed up for the number of bottles we have available. If your name is drawn we will contact you and you can purchase up to 2 bottles of Side Project 35th at $19.99 per bottle
  • Emails will go out tomorrow early.
  • You must sign up online - no phone calls
  • Your credit card will NOT be charged. We will confirm if your name is drawn
  • 1 entry per person
  • Put it in your cart and checkout. Again, nothing will be charged.
click here to sign up for the raffle


Our next 35th Anniversary Release!
We are excited and thankful for this release for our friends at Side Project

This is a one off beer for sure.  The chance we will see another sherry barrel is slim. 

Side Project "35 Years" Aged in PX Sherry Barrel - 375ml bottles

Side Project just said they just bottled our next 35th Anniversary beer - and its called "35 Years".   We supplied local distillery,Still 630, with a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel and they aged their Rally Point Rye in the barrel (see whiskey below).  After the whiskey was bottled,  the barrel went to Side Project and they filled it with beer!  And soon we will see "35 Years".   This will go through the BRC.  

This is the whiskey that was in the barrel before the beer....

Still 630 Rally Point PX SHERRY Cask

You can still order the Whiskey online now

Still 630 Rally Point Rye SHERRY Cask...$44.99 / 375ml
Bottled at Cask strength
62.5% ABV
124.3 proof
We scored a Sherry barrel and sent it down to Still 630 to age their fantastic Rally Point Rye!
Aged in a Galvan e Hijos Pedro Ximenez Sherry Barrel

Wood Hat Bloody Butcher Red Corn Whiskey

TWCP Single Barrel - we picked our own barrel
Barrel #265
ABV 60.5%
Wood Hat Bloody Butcher Red Corn Whiskey...$73.99
Developed in Virginia in the mid-1840s, and grown in Missouri since at least 1894, "Bloody Butcher" is a true American heirloom corn with beautifully striped deep red kernels said to resemble the blood on a butchers apron.

A hands-on process from planting to labeling, this single-barrel batch corn whiskey is aged in one-of-a-kind Missouri-made toasted barrels, which are coopered from air-dried staves and washed by rain for years, mellowing the tannins, and producing a whiskey that is smooth up front, lively and peppery to the palate, with a clean finish.

Antinori Antica Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

And the hits keep coming!
Last week we offered the 94 Point 2015 Antica Chardonnay at and amazing price, this week we are pulling out all the stops on the 2013 Antica Cabernet. Only 25--6 packs are available and this will not last long.

2013 Antinori Antica Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon...$29.99

Lowest price online is $44.99

A beautifully elegant, stylish Cabernet Sauvignon from the Antinori outpost in Napa Valley, their 2013 has a dense ruby/purple color, a beautiful, sweet kiss of pure blackcurrant fruit, licorice and forest floor. Full-bodied, but with creamy texture, sweet, beautifully integrated acidity, tannin and alcohol, this is an impressively well-crafted wine that’s drinkable now, but should evolve nicely for another 15-20 years.
Rated 94/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pappy Van Winkle 2017 raffle---

Done for the year!
Thank you!

Pappy Van Winkle/ Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and other rare bourbons....

Many have asked - next year's raffle will start with purchases from December 10, 2016 until next year's release, assuming around the same time (subject to change)

Day 1 emails confirmations sent
Day 2 email confirmations sent
Day 3 email confirmations sent
Day 4 - email confirmations sent

Remember, it is a weighted raffle.
Below is the list of Bourbon that will be in the raffle.  The raffle is for a chance to purchase one of these bottles.

  • Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old (107 proof) 
  • Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Old Family Reserve 
  • Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year Old Family Reserve 
  • Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year Old Family Reserve 
  • Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Year Old Lot B 
  • Eagle Rare 17 Year Old 
  • Sazerac Rye 18 Year Old 
  • George T. Stagg Bourbon
  • Thomas H. Handy Rye Whiskey
  • William Larue Weller 
  • Four Roses Limited Edition 2017 Small Batch Barrel Strength 
  • Four Roses Al Young 50th Anniversary 
  • Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 
  • Parkers Heritage 11 Year Old Bourbon 
  • Elijah Craig 18 Year Old 
  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 
  • Whistlepig 15 Year Rye
  • Whistlepig Boss Hogg Black Prince
  • Michters 10 Year Old
  • MIchters Toasted Barrel 
  • Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 23 Year Old Bourbon
  • Orphan Barrel Entrapment 25 year old 
  • Elmer T. Lee
  • Stagg Jr.
  • Balvenie Peat Week 14 Year Old
  • Ardbeg Kelpie 2017 Special Committee Only Edition (white label)
  • plus many more are on the list in the emails...

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017

    Clos Erasmus 2015 has arrived!

    2015 Clos Erasmus Priorat $179.99

    This vintage has not been rated, but Clos Erasmus is the Benchmark by which all Priorat are measured.

    Look at how many times it has scored over 97 points since 2000!
    Perfection 3 times!!
    • 2014 - 97/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2013 - 100/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2012 - 98/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2010 - 97/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2008 - 99/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2007 - 98/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2006 - 97/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2005 - 100/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2004 - 100/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2003 - 99/100 Wine Advocate
    • 2001 - 98/100 Wine Advocate

    2016 Novellum Chardonnay - scores 92 points!

    2016 Novellum Chardonnay....$11.99 
    (We are told that we are the only shop in town with pre-ordered the great  2016 Vintage, so you will not find it anywhere else at this point)
    A sensational wine that will compete with wines five times the price, the 2016 Novellum Chardonnay is the real deal and actually reminded me of a Chardonnay from Mark Aubert in California's Sonoma County. White peach, crushed rocks, spice and brioche notes all emerge from this medium to full-bodied Chardonnay that has depth, layered texture and length. Buy it.
    Rated 92/100 The Wine Advocate

    New Belgium Geisha

    BRC emails just sent out

    New Belgium Geisha...$44.99 / 750ml

    Press release...The loftiest sour beer ever crafted at New Belgium
    When the country’s most award-winning sour beer program meets the world’s most exclusive coffee bean, the result is a magical sensory experience unlike anything around

    On a normal day, the air in New Belgium’s sprawling wood cellar carries hints of dark, earthy fruit—a delightful aroma for passers-by. But on a particular Friday this past October, those strolling through the cellar were met with a slightly different scent: a delicate, citrusy tea-like aroma courtesy of the world’s most exclusive coffee bean, shipped all the way in from Panama.

    At a blending table tucked between towering French-oak foeders, wood cellar director and blender Lauren Woods Limbach was huddled around a variety of partially-filled stemware, tasting versions of the loftiest sour beer ever crafted at New Belgium: La Folie Grand Reserve Geisha, an epic collaboration with local maltster Troubadour Maltings, Fort Collins-based Bean Cycle Roasters, Sustainable Harvest coffee importers, and Panama’s Hacienda la Esmeralda. It’s a bold amalgam. Blending sour Oscar from the wood cellar, a “smuggler” beer from Troubadour, and the highly sought-after Geisha coffee bean, this unique opportunity wasn’t lost on Limbach.

    “Having this bean available is pretty amazing,” says Limbach. “It’s the bean that sparked people to rethink coffee, which feels so incredibly relevant to us as craft brewers, so it’s really close to my heart.”

    For the uninitiated, the Geisha coffee bean originated in the town of Gesha, Ethiopia, but became internationally famous after it was imported to Panama and produced by Hacienda La Esmerelda. The family-run coffee growers submitted the bean—unique for its citrusy, floral aromatics—into the Best of Panama Auction in 2004, where it won first place. It then went on to win first place five more times between 2005 and 2010, firmly establishing it as the pinnacle bean in the coffee world.

    At New Belgium, the Geisha bean provided an interesting challenge: Marrying the bean’s delicate aromatics with the bold character of sour Oscar, the base beer that’s blended into award-winning La Folie Sour Brown Ale. To do so, Fort Collins-based Troubadour Maltings provided malt varieties to brew a special “smuggler” beer—named for the “smuggling in” of essential oils to help promote foam retention in the finished product—which lends rich concord grape character to the final blend, bridging the gap between the fruity, funky notes of Oscar and the delicate, citrusy tea-like notes of the bean.

    The result is an exquisite sour beer that leads with the character of the bean, a feat that came with its fair share of anxiety.

    “There’s this apprehension to do right by Geisha,” says Limbach. “I’ve thought more about this beer than any beer I’ve made in my life. Not just because of the expense of the coffee, but because we’re attempting to put something that doesn’t have the classic coffee aroma—floral, tea, notes of citrus and stone fruit—into a coffee beer.

    Geisha will release Friday, Nov. 3, at our Fort Collins and Asheville breweries at $48 for a 750 mL bottle. It will be available at select retailers nationwide starting mid-November.

    Monday, December 11, 2017

    BA - Destihl Dosvidanya Russian Imperial Stout

    Destihl Dosvidanya Russian Imperial Stout in Rye Barrels...$15.99
    Destihl Dosvidanya Russian Imperial Stout in Bourbon Barrels...$15.99

    Sold out

    Saturday, December 9, 2017

    Torres Jaime I Familia Reserva Brandy

    Torres Jaime I Familia Reserva Brandy....$104.99
    Art and brandy
    In the 18th century, the Torres family bought their first vineyard in the Penedès region. A century later, in 1870, the House of Torres, producer and exporter of wines was founded by Jaime Torres Vendrell. It was at this time that great works. The Casa Milá, known as "La Pedrera", currently owned by Fundació Catalunya, is the most representative building of that intensively creative period of modernism in Barcelona. In homage to the figure of Gaudí and of the innovative spirit of those men whose philosophy of a "job well done" was passed from father to son, the House of Torres created this old noblesse brandy which carries the founder’s name.

    Noble dark mahogany in color. The nose offers aromas of dried fruit and nuts (toasted hazelnut) with hints of vanilla and toffee. Round and smooth on the palate. The spiced, sensual power imparted by oak aging distinguishes this very old brandy. Impressive persistence and balance.

    Taittinger Folies de la Marquetterie Brut -- RARE

    Folies de la Marquetterie Brut...$89.99
    The rare NV Folies de la Marquetterie Brut has clear, fresh and subtle yet intense and super noble bouquet of fresh Pinot Noir fruit (50%) paired with the freshness and finesse of Chardonnay (50%). It is a full-bodied, round, intense and creamy textured Brut with a serious, persistent structure and the purity, finesse and elegance of Taittinger. The base wines were partly fermented in oak (30%), and malolactic fermentation was not prevented. This beautifully vinous sample was bottled in 2013 and was disgorged in January 2017 with a dosage of nine grams per liter. A great, refined and perfectly balanced Champagne with good length for a still pretty reasonable price. Tasted in November 2017.
    Rated 93/100 Wine Advocate
    This single-vineyard cuvée is produced exclusively from grapes grown at Les Folies, a Taittinger-owned vineyard with a south/southwest exposure in the heart of the Champagne winegrowing region. A green harvest ensures that the final harvest has optimum sweetness and aromatic maturity. Only wines from the first pressing are used and each plot is vinified in small volumes, with certain lots in large, old oak casks. Slow aging for five years in bottles brings the flavors of this Champagne to perfect harmony.

    Antinori Tignanello Super Tuscan

    2014 Antinori Tignanello Super Tuscan...$79.99
    Tignanello has this amazing ability of always being, well, Tignanello. Its very DNA makes it among the most distinctive and recognizable wines in the world. I'm happy to report that this is also the case for the 2014 Tignanello that faced very different growing conditions compared to most. The wine is beautiful and balanced with sweet tannins and a supporting oak texture that is neatly folded at the back. The wine is all about measure and proportion, and it aspires to these goals with an impressive sense of natural harmony. This is not an overtly powerful or muscular expression. Instead, it shows a tasty, almost savory form of elegance. This vintage was made with 75% Sangiovese, which means that the Cabernet presence is a tad bigger than normal. Ultimately, this wine is more finessed and delicate, and I appreciate the careful tannic management on display here.
    Rated 93/100 Wine Advocate
    A black currant thread winds through this dense, muscular red, with cherry, leather, earth, iron and mineral flavors. Firm and fleshy, with fine balance and a long, expansive finish. Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Best from 2020 through 2033. 5,000 cases imported.
    Rated 93/100 Wine Spectator
    Really pretty aromas of currants and roses follow through to a medium body, firm and silky tannins and a fresh finish. Very well done for 2014 and a wonderful Tignanello to drink now or later. Better in 2019.
    Rated 94/100 James Suckling

    2014 Black Slate Porrera Priorat

    One of our favorites each year!!!
    2014 Black Slate Porrera Priorat...$17.99
    Part of the collection from different villages from Priorat, Cellar Cal Pla produced a 2014 Black Slate Porrera, which is a blend of 50% Garnacha with 40% Cariñena and the rest Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a village wine from 20- to 30-year-old vines on slate soils fermented in stainless steel and concrete vats and matured in 225- and 300-liter oak barrels (80% French oak, 20% Hungarian) for one year. The nose is beautiful, combining violets, a hint of beef blood, something ashy and an organic, soil note, developing a smoky bacon twist with time in the glass. The palate shows good integration of the oak, better than in the majority of wines from this winery. Beautiful flowers appear with time and made me go back to the glass again and again. There are 35,000 bottles produced. It was bottled in mid-June 2016.
    Rated 92/100 The Wine Advocate

    2014 Isole e Olena Cepparello

    2014 Isole e Olena Cepparello...$69.99
    The 2014 Cepparello is truly beautiful, and it absolutely transcends the expectation of the vintage. This beautiful Sangiovese is full and generous on all levels. It offers an upfront presentation with opulent fruit, deep layering and fine elegance. This is a special kind of magic. The wine opens to an inky dark appearance followed by generous flavors of dark cherry, black currant, red rose and cured tobacco. I just love the way this wine integrates with the palate, becoming one in soul and substance. This is a wine to put in your cellar.
    Rated 95/100 Wine Advocate
    Isole e Olena's 2014 Cepparello is mind-blowingly beautiful. The product of a long, cool growing season with perfect weather at the end of the fall. Dark, savory and intensely mineral, the 2014 possesses remarkable depth and intensity. In 2014, the grapes reached full maturity at lower sugars than is the norm today. I tasted the 2014 from an assortment of barrels. If the finished wine is like the wine I tasted from barrel, the 2014 Cepparello will be one of the big surprises of the vintage. I love the mid-palate depth here.
    Rated 95-97/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

    2015 Domaine de Marcoux CDPs - big scores

    2015 Domaine de Marcoux Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc....$57.99
    Vivid yellow. Intense orchard and pit fruits on the mineral-accented nose; vibrant orange zest, iodine and floral notes add urgency and lift. Sappy and penetrating on the palate, offering concentrated nectarine, pear and tangerine flavors that are given vibrancy by a core of juicy acidity. Impressively focused and nervy on the long, mineral- and floral-tinged finish, which shows outstanding clarity and thrust. There's something Chablis-like about this wine..
    Rated 93/100 Vinous Media

    Domaine de Marcoux Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge....$57.99
    Raised mostly in concrete, the 2015 Chateauneuf du Pape features gentle strawberry-raspberry fruit and loads of subtle spice. It's medium to full-bodied, marked by silky tannins and a long finish. It's not the most powerful, concentrated wine, but it's certainly one of the most elegant. It's 85% Grenache, with the balance a mix of Mourvèdre, Syrah and Cinsault.
    Rated 93/100 The Wine Advocate
    Rated 92-94/100 Vinous Media

    Domaine de Marcoux Chateauneuf du Pape V.V. Rouge...$139.99
    The 2015 Chateauneuf du Pape Vieilles Vignes (about 97% Grenache) was entirely destemmed. According to Sophie Armenier, its alcohol level is a whopping 16+%, but it was completely concealed by the wine's intricate spice complexities. Licorice, cola, cinnamon, clove and allspice all interweave with cherries to form a silky web that glides across the palate and into a long, long finish.
    Rated 95/100 Wine Advocate
    Rated 96-98/100 Vinous Media

    Absolut Elyx Single Estate Vodka.

    Absolut Elyx Single Estate Vodka....$32.99 / Liter
    The world's first true luxury vodka.

    Elyx is a luxury vodka with real character and integrity. Made from single estate winter wheat. Manually distilled in a 1921 copper column still. We call it liquid silk. Why? Because an “impossibly-smooth-double-gold-winning-best-in-show-at-the-world-spirits-competition-vodka” didn’t have the same ring to it.

    Absolut Elyx has partnered with Water For People in their mission to provide sustainable water solutions where they are needed most. For every bottle of Elyx sold, we're donating a week's supply of safe water (140 liters) to those in need of it.

    2015 CDP from Prefert

    The great 2015 is here - limited!
    2015 Domaine Saint Prefert Chateauneuf du Pape Rouge...$39.99
    This energetic red offers a big ball of kirsch wound tightly with licorice, graphite and raspberry coulis notes. Shows lots of bright spice accents through the finish, which is carried by finely beaded acidity. Offers serious latent grip. Best from 2020 through 2035. 2,740 cases made.–JM
    Rated 94/100 The Wine Spectator
    The 2015 Chateauneuf du Pape is a great effort that should be reasonably available. Produced from vines under 30 years old, it's a blend of 85% Grenache, 5% Cinsault, 5% Mourvèdre and 5% Syrah. There's a tinge of chocolate to the raspberry and licorice flavors but also hints of orange zest, cinnamon and clove. It's full-bodied and lush, with a long finish. There's no need to defer gratification, but it should drink well for at least a decade.
    Rated 93/100 The Wine Advocate

    #1 Champagne in the NY Times!!!!

    We have been out for 2 weeks waiting on a new batch from France!  Our customers have been waiting...the wait is over....

    Rated #1 Champagne under $40 in the New York Times

    This is an impressive feat - since they have no advertising budget!
    This is based purely on TASTE!!!

    A fresh load of the blue label just arrived!

    Our regulars are really starting to switch to this GROWER Champagne!  
    Hand made with care!

    Joel Falmet Champagne Tradition....$39.99 / 750ml
    Grower Champagne "RM" Récoltant-Manipulant
    Only produces 1200 cases per year
    Rated #1 Champagne under $40 in the New York Times

    Plus, we tasted it blind with five big name Champagnes including the yellow box and Joel Falmet came out #1

    The New York Times
    Champagnes Below $40 Regain Pop
    BETTER BUBBLES Champagnes under $40 show new finesse.

    Tasting Report
    In a tasting of 20 Champagnes, priced under $40 each, the wine panel was pleasantly surprised by the elegance that we found among our favorites.
    1. JOËL FALMET Brut Tradition NV
    4. HENRIOT
    8. MOUTARD
    10. POL ROGER

    "So, here it is. If you can afford to spend $30 to $40 a bottle on Champagne, more or less the entry-level price nowadays, you may find yourself with some seriously good wine.
    The Falmet Brut Tradition was our top-rated wine. We found it full of lively energy, with complex flavors of flowers, minerals, citrus and herbs, and with more finesse than you generally find in Champagnes dominated by the pinot noir grape." - New York Times

    Domaine de Boede Le Pavillon

    We are excited to introduce this wine to Missouri 

    Chateau de la Negly 
    2014 Domaine de Boede Le Pavillon...$14.99
    Cinsault / Syrah Blend
    Le Pavillon whose main grape variety is the Cinsault, is the only red IGP that we sell. It is supple, round and easy to drink in any situation.  Hand-harvested, Hand-selected at optimal ripeness. Dark ryby-red. On the nose, the wine shows a great complexity with notes of red ripe fruit, rasberry, cassis and a touch if spices, black pepper and cinnamon. The palate is round and generous, tannins are silky and perfectly balanced, with notes of licorice on a very long and elegant finish. 

    "...are hard to find in the marketplace, but they're singular, world class efforts worth the extra effort to track down" -- Jeb Dunnuck, The Wine Advocate on Chateau de la Negly

    Friday, December 8, 2017

    Ian Macleod's Single Malt Scotch

    Taste them tonight from 4-6 with Ed Kohl at Forsyth
    We are proud to introduce to St. Louis ---

    Macleod's Single Malt Scotch Islay...$34.99
    Macleod's Single Malt Scotch Speyside...$34.99
    Macleod's Single Malt Scotch Highland...$34.99

    ‘A Sensory Voyage Through the Whisky Regions of Scotland’

    The perfect introduction to the world of single malt whiskies, the Macleod’s Regional Malts collection comprises a selection of single malt Scotch whiskies, which we believe to be the most representative of their particular region.  Bottled from stocks of some of the best known single malts, the range takes consumers on a sensory journey through the whisky regions of Scotland and includes a Highland, Islay and Speyside.
      A superb ‘Malt of the Month’, this premium range offers excellent quality and value.

    These will be tasted with Ed Kohl ---

    Save the date!
    December 8th with Ed Kohl!

    The Six Isles Blended Scotch Whisky

    Taste it tonight Dec 8 from 4-6 at Forsyth with Ed Kohl

    The Six Isles Blended Scotch Whisky...$42.99
    ‘Island Whisky To The Max!” – Jim Murray, Malt Advocate 2003

    A handful of Scottish islands produce single malt whiskies, but only one award-winning whisky brings together their full character, peaty flavour and natural colour.

    With six full-bodied single malts in every bottle – Islay, Jura, Skye, Mull, Orkney and Arran – The Six Isles captures every distinctive style and flavour.

    From the peaty and smoky malts of Islay to the soft, heathery, honey and iodine notes of Orkney, The Six Isles takes consumers on a sensory voyage around Scotland’s whisky-producing islands.

    Bottled the traditional way, the spirit is natural in colour and unchillfiltered, while the distinctive embossed gift tin adds value and greater shelf presence.

    "The best standard, non-deluxe vatted malt I have found in my lifetime." – Jim Murray, Whisky Bible 2004

    Crane Brewing holiday ales...

    Crane Brewing Festiweiss....$9.99 / 750ml
    It's the season to celebrate family and friends, and we've brewed a very special beer. Tangy cranberry meets spicy ginger, making the holidays warm and bright. We look forward to sharing many more prosperous years with the rest of us.

    Crane Brewing Crane de Noel....$5.99 / 375ml
    Dark Sour with Plums and some ginger and nutmeg.

    Beer Tasting Tonight

    Beer Tasting Tonight

    The Wine and Cheese Place - Forsyth location 4-6pm Tonight

    • Crooked Stave Baby Bear Golden Sour Ale With Lactose and Blueberries
    • Crooked Stave Petite Sour Reserva Marionberry
    • Founders Brewing Azacca IPA
    • Against The Grain & Stillwater Artisanal Collaborate On Found Word

    Plus we have Montenegro Amaro
    We have Ed Kohl coming tonight also from 4-6 to taste Bourbon and Single Malt Scotch.

    Beinne Dubh The Black Single Malt Scotch.

    Beinne Dubh The Black Single Malt Scotch...$49.99
    Our whisky is matured in charred casks to produce a unique “ruby black” toasted whisky with a dark rich ruby colour and a unique chocolatey flavour. The casks used for finishing have been drained of any liquid prior to use and any changes in our spirit will therefore result from its interaction over time with the wood of the case.

    Tasting Notes
    “…Aromas of fresh fruits mingle with sultanas and black raisins that open up in layers, eventually revealing a deeper darker side. In the taste this darker side dominates at first, with currants and rich black chocolate being foremost. Then both bitterness and sweetness present themselves in equal proportions gradually fading into a long finish…” - Dr Jim Swan