Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Shared Brewing Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes

Big, big news!!

Can you believe we are getting some Shared Brewing Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes from Side Project Brewing!

A huge, huge thank you to Cory, Karen and family!
Apparently one of our barrels we gave to Side Project a few years back made it in the blend.  It was a Weller single barrel.  So Side Project was generous to give us some of the final blend.  We have 180 bottles coming in the next week or so (this is not a single barrel, it is the same beer released at the brewery, the barrel we supplied was used in part of the blend) 

Shared Brewing Barrel Aged Coconut Vibes...$39.99 / 750ml
It will be released through the Beer Reward Club (you must be a member before February 11th, 2019) 

Release details....Just a few days away!
Will be released Monday, February 25th, so that emails can go out on Sunday the 24th.  
We will have some other Side Project news throughout the year, but right nothing is set in stone and we are sworn to secrecy.  Trust me, we will post info as soon as we can.

Here is the plan, to try to be as fair as possible to our supporters....BA Coconut Vibes Release....

  • 100 bottles will go to the top 100 in the BRC from the last 6 months through February 23 based on beer only purchases
  • 30 bottles will go through a weighted random drawing of everyone in the BRC that purchased a bottle of Side Project Merci from one of our stores of the current batch going back to its release in September 2018 until Saturday February 23rd.  For each bottle you purchased it will count as a raffle ticket.  This way we can reward Side Project supporters.   Looks like there are 389 BRC members that have at least 1 raffle ticket in this category currently.
  • 24 bottles will go the top purchasers in the BRC all products included (whiskey, wine, cheese, beer...).  Based on last 6 months through Feb 23rd.
  • That leaves 26 bottles we will use for tastings and surprise bottle releases later.
Other details
  • Only 1 bottle per person, if you get picked in multiple categories above, you will still only get 1 bottle, we will just go to the next name.  
  • You must have been a member of our BRC before February 11th, 2019 to qualify for this release. 
  • As always, you will be able to pick up at any of our four locations if you receive an email for this release.

Release date and details subject to change if there is a need or a conflict.

Schlafly Northeast IPA

Canned 01/04/19

Schlafly Northeast IPA...$8.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
ABV: 8.0% | IBU: 35
The Northeast IPA is a fresh, unfiltered beer that uses a revolutionary way to coax flavor from its hops. Schlafly uses both a kettle boil for subtle bitterness, and employs the exciting process of fermented dry-hopping, creating a brilliant, heady beer that’s sure to arrest the senses of any IPA drinker. As hazy as a squall off the coast, this beer captivates the tongue with a fruity and malty profile.

Bells Official Hazy IPA

Canned February 8th
Bells Official Hazy IPA...$9.99 / 6pk
Two of our favorite ingredients come together in the brewhouse; pungent American hops and delicious wheat malt. This Hazy IPA is double dry-hopped (a combination of Mosaic, Citra, Azacca, Amarillo and El Dorado hops) resulting in complex peach, stone fruit and tropical notes with a dry finish and balanced bitterness. A refined beer for those who love hops and for those who prefer wheat beers. Go ahead and make it Official.
Alcohol By Volume:

Monday, February 18, 2019

Six Mile Bridge The Big Orange Bourbon Barrel Aged

We are excited to announce our first barrel release 
from Six Mile Bridge

Forsyth - in stock
New Ballas - should arrive today
Rock Hill should arrive today
Ballwin should arrive on Thursday

Six Mile Bridge Bourbon Barrel Aged The Big Orange...$19.99 / 750ml
One time release, but no limit at this time.
Made exclusively for The Wine and Cheese Place

We supplied the bourbon barrels for this release - it was a blend of two barrels - 14 year old Knob Creek and a 10 Year Old Bibb and Tucker

Siduri Garys' Vineyard Pinot Noir

2016 Siduri Garys' Vineyard Pinot Noir....$55.99
The 2016 Pinot Noir Garys' Vineyard is a beauty! Deep, rich, and textured, with smoking good notes of cassis, raspberries, violets, toasted spices, and flowers, this medium to full-bodied, rich, concentrated Pinot Noir has a great mid-palate, a seamless feel on the palate, and a great finish. Seeing the standard 25% stems and a mix of new and neutral oak, it’s one of the finest Pinot Noirs I’ve tasted from Adam.
Rated 96/100 Jeb Dunnuck

Evil Twin Contest

Evil Twin Contest - these letters we know...

  • A is for Apricot
  • B is for Blueberry
  • C is for Cherry
  • D is for Dewberry
  • E is for Elderberry 
  • F is for Fruit Salad
  • G is for Grapefruit
  • H is for HOPS
H is announced -  nobody guessed that one.  Most picked Huckleberry or Honeydew

We now need to wait for  I

Contest! Guess the next four releases...
F is for Fruit Salad 
G is for Grapefruit
H is for Hops
I is for ?

More info -- 

  • We are doing this on our own for fun, not in collaboration with Evil Twin.
  • Contest null and void if they do not release these 4 letters, we are guessing they will release these.
  • Guess the next 4 releases of their letter series.
  • We do not know when they will be released at this point.
  • Must be 21 or older to enter
  • One entry per person
  • You get 1 point for each one correct.  If multiple people have the same score, we will draw a  random name from all the winners!
  • We will announce when we have a winner
Instead of leaving comment, decided to do it through our website so others cannot see each persons guesses
no longer taking entries

We are doing this for fun and bragging rights - but we are hoping to have some prizes! Prizes??  Some beer? 
Evil Twin Swag?  working on the prize package.  
Will post when we have stuff.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel

New package, single barrel
Limited release.  
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel...$51.99
Kentucky Spirit is a 101 proof (50.5% alcohol), single-barrel bourbon, with each barrel hand selected under the watchful eye of legendary Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. Known for being fuller bodied, with rich vanilla flavors and a hint of sweetness, it’s the perfect bourbon to enjoy neat. A complex layering of almonds, honey, blackberries, and leather gives way to a long, dark and lingering finish.

2018 Founders KBS

We scored some bonus cases of the 2018 Founders KBS

2019 coming soon!  We will have 750ml and 12oz of the 2019 coming in March!

This is 2018 Edition


2018 Founders KBS....$4.99 / 12oz

What we’ve got here is an imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Makes your taste buds squeal with delight.
ABV: 11.2%
IBUs: 70

4 Hands Madagascar


4 Hands Madagascar....$19.99 / 22oz
Stout Brewed with Vanilla Beans and aged in Bourbon Barrels

CBD Sparkling

CBD Soda
100 calories. 100% delicious.
Colorado’s Best Drinks offers a full line of ready-to-drink sparkling beverages infused with 20 mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. Each of our flavors is crafted with just five great ingredients: Sparkling Water, Organic Agave Nectar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and PCR (phytocannabinoid-rich) Hemp Extract. All flavors are Vegan, non-GMO, Gluten-free, Sodium free, Preservative free and packaged in BPA-free cans. All of our CBD Sparkling Sodas are lab certified to contain zero THC. If you have any questions about whether Colorado's Best Drinks are the right choice for you, please consult your doctor.

CBD Sparkling Black Cherry..$11.99 / 4pk
CBD Sparkling Black Cherry is an intriguing twist on this classic soda flavor. We only use premium black cherry flavor extracts and lightly sweeten it with organic agave nectar to make the flavor pop! The final result is a full flavored black cherry soda that has the cleanest possible finish. Only problem is it keeps you wanting more.

CBD Sparkling Root Beer...$11.99 / 4pk
CBD Sparkling Root Beer is our take on the classic root beers reminiscent of the good old soda fountain days. We have crafted a deep flavored traditional root beer using the highest quality extracts of sassafras, vanilla, birch, and just a hint of wintergreen. Enjoy CBD Sparkling Root Beer in a cold mug by itself or with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream!

Dram Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water

Dram Lemongrass Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water...$11.99 / 4pk 
Dram Gingergrass Adaptogen CBD Sparkling Water..$11.99 / 4pk
Daily stress management for body & mind in a sparkling water.
A motivating and energizing blend of adaptogenic herbs, lively Lemongrass and Colorado grown CBD designed to:
  • Improve energy levels & concentration without stimulants
  • Banish brain fog & mental fatigue
  • Promote long term physical & mental endurance
  • Turn down the volume on anxiety
  • Unravel stress
Plants and herbs defined as Adaptogens assist the body in adapting to the various stressors of human life, while promoting long term resilience of body and mind. Adaptogens work best when taken daily over an extended period of time.

*20MG Broad Spectrum CBD per 12 ounce can

ZERO Calories ZERO Sugar

INGREDIENTS for the Lemongrass:  Triple purified carbonated water, Glycerine, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Lemon Rind, Eleuthero Root, Schisandra Berry, Hibiscus, PCR Hemp Extract. 

INGREDIENTS for the Gingergrass: Triple purified Carbonated Water, Glycerine, Ginger root, Amla berry, Rhodiola Root, Chaga Mushroom, PCR Hemp Extract.

All ingredients wild or organically grown in the USA.
We use BPA Free Cans, CBD is GMP certified

Goose Island Natural Villain

Goose Island Natural Villain...$7.99 / 6pk
Brewed with Chicago Rock Band Twin Peaks
For the fourth year in a row Goose Island has collaborated with one of the musical artists performing at Pitchfork Music Festival. This year we had the guys from Twin Peaks meet with our brewmaster, Jared Jankoski, to develop Natural Villain, a Garage Lager. This refreshing and light bodied lager has a light bready quality that is balanced by a mild hop character. Cheers!

Elephant Sloe Gin

Elephant Sloe Gin...$37.99
Elephant Sloe Gin combines the premium London Dry Gin with the classic flavour of wild fresh sloe berries. The fruit is harvested by hand and carefully selected; keeping only the best berries for the sloe gin production. Elephant Sloe Gin is strictly limited to one vintage a year.

Macerated in the gin for several months, these wild berries provide their typical flavour and warm red colour to the spirit.

Compared to other sloe gins, it has a relatively low sugar content paired with a higher alcohol volume of 35% ABV. This makes it ideally suited to mixing in cocktails as well as enjoying it neat.

Taste and Aromas: Elephant Sloe Gin has a richly rounded, lightly sweet and exquisitely fruity bouquet as well as a typical warm red colour to the spirit. The deliberately discreet addition of sugar triggers a perfect balance between tart and sweet notes; without the need for additional artificial flavours.

Design:  Every other Elephant Sloe Gin bottle comes with a set of colourful beads tied around the neck of the bottles.They are handcrafted especially for Elephant Gin by the Maasai in Kenya. Use them as a bracelet or necklace – whatever your preference!

The Elephant Sloe Gin is only produced once a year and the labels feature the vintage year – handwritten by our calligrapher, of course.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Teerenpeli Kaski Single Malt Whisky

we will reschedule

Special Teerenpeli Tasting
Friday, February 15th from 4-6pm

The Wine and Cheese Place
459 N. New Ballas Road - Creve Coeur

Teerenpeli Kaski Single Malt Whisky...$89.99
Teerenpeli Pyygin Gin...$47.99

Plus there will be a small amount of these available under the table while they last.  
You will have to ask for them
Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky 10 Year Old...$109.99
Single Barrel
Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky 12 Year Old...$119.99
Single Barrel

Teerenpeli Kaski Single Malt Whisky...$89.99
100% Sherry cask
Traditionally in agriculture before farming the first thing was to slash and burn the ground to produce KASKI (swidden). This also gives the name to the whisky, KASKI the first phase of cultivation – a new beginning.
KASKI has matured only in selected sherry casks, so it has a color of roasted brown sugar. The scent has notes of fruitiness and a light peat. The taste is smooth, grain-like and rich. Teerenpeli Distillery’s typical spicy aftertaste combines raisin-like fruit cake. KASKI whisky is ideal avec drink.

Teerenpeli Pyygin Gin...$47.99

PyyGin is well balanced craft distilled gin with lovely citrus taste in the finish.   Teerenpeli distillery uses ten different botanicals in PyyGin. The unique taste combination of juniper berries and aroma hops with local birch leaves and lingonberry go together perfectly.   The distillation in real pot still unites the flavors for this superb gin. The name PyyGin is derived from the Teerenpeli owner last name Pyysing. 

Robert Mondavi The Reserve Cabernet To-Kalon

2015 Robert Mondavi The Reserve Cabernet To-Kalon...$117.99
Composed of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 2% Petit Verdot and 2% Cabernet Franc, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon To Kalon Reserve features a deep garnet-purple color and wonderfully expressive nose of crème de cassis, preserved plums and black forest cake with hints of cigar boxes, aniseed, dark chocolate and forest floor. Full-bodied, rich and concentrated in the mouth, the ripe, opulent black fruit is well supported by velvety tannins and plenty of freshness, finishing long and spicy.
Rated 96+/100 The Wine Advocate
A blend of 92% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Merlot, 2% Petite Verdot, and 2% Cabernet Franc, the 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon The Reserve To Kalon Vineyard is about as perfumed, upfront and sexy as they come. Sporting a ruby/plum color and a terrific bouquet of black raspberries, cedary spice, toasty oak, flowers and incense, it hits the palate with loads of sweet fruit, an undeniable opulence, ripe tannin and a great finish. It's an approachable 2015 that's going to evolve gracefully for another two decades.
Rated 95/100 Jeb Dunnuck
The 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon To Kalon Vineyard is one of the finest wines I have tasted from Robert Mondavi of late. Sumptuous, rich and expansive, the 2015 offers tremendous fruit density and freshness, something that was especially hard to come by in this very challenging year. With its soft edges and voluptuous curves, the 2015 will drink well with minimal cellaring. Readers will have a hard time keeping their hands off this gem. Core To Kalon parcels include MacDonald, Monastery and T.
Rated 95+/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

The fifth vintage of this iconic vineyard-designate reserve comes in at 14.5% ABV and comprises 91% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cab Franc, and 2% Petit Verdot. Although I'm inspired to write a sonnet after tasting it, I attempted to translate my notes into these succinct descriptives: Toffee-cedar and plum preserves accent the nose with an undertone of leather and coffee as teh satiny entry leads to a dustier mid-palate. Tannins wrap the tongue with fleshy dark chocolate and dense blueberry oak.
Rated 98/100 The Tasting Panel

Rockwell Brewing

Fresh batch arrived!

Rockwell Brewing Byrd Up!...$10.99 / 6pk cans
Crispy, Chicken-friendly.
The greatest beer inspired by the worst show on television. We use a large portion of spicy malted rye in the grist, and a heavy hand with them Simcoe and Cascade hops. Yah Boobay!
ABV: 5.6%

José Maria da Fonseca José de Sousa Red

2015 José Maria da Fonseca José de Sousa Red...$16.99
Partly fermented in clay amphora, this wood-aged wine is dense and impressively concentrated. Powerful tannins accompany the juicy black fruits and acidity, pointing towards a long-term future. Dominated by the red juiced Grand Noir, it is likely to be ready to drink from 2021.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Rare Whiskey Raffle

February Rare Whiskey Raffle though the WRC - Whiskey Reward Club

Based on the last 6 months purchases through February 16 (if all goes to plan).  Will send out emails on Feb 17th or 18th.
(since it is 6 months, every $300 counts as a raffle ticket)

We saved a few goodies for this next raffle....
  • Eagle Rare 10 Year....$31.99
  • Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch...$37.99
  • Weller Special Reserve...$19.99
  • Sazerac Rye 6 Year Old...$29.99
  • Booker's Bourbon 30th Anniversary...$189.99
  • Bookers Little Book Batch 2....$87.99
  • Elijah Craig 18 Year Old (Bottled 11.2.18)...$139.99
  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof A119...$57.99
  • Basil Hayden 10 Year Old Bourbon...$55.99
  • Barrell Rye Single Barrel 13 Year Old...$89.99
  • Barrell Bourbon 15 Year Old Cask Strength...$229.99
  • Woodford Masters Reserve Oat Grain Kentucky Bourbon...$129.99

4 Hands City Museum Pilsner

4 Hands City Museum Pilsner....$9.99 / 4pk cans
(also sold in single cans)
A Pilsner with Tangerine and Ginger.   
A collab with the City Museum here in St. Louis. 

4 Hands Brut IPA

4 Hands Brut IPA...$9.99 / 16oz CANS
Brut IPA is an extra dry IPA brewed with Galaxy hops. This super light, pale, effervescent beer is loaded with hop aroma and flavor and a very mild bitterness.

Bumbu XO Rum

Bumbu XO Rum....$42.99
Bumbu XO is truly a thing of beauty. A smooth, rich and complex handcrafted rum created from scratch by our master distiller, our XO is aged up to 18 years in bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish white oak sherry casks to achieve a beautifully balanced, endlessly sippable rum.

This special release is distilled and aged in Panama, where we created a truly unique – and unquestionably superior – rum. Aromas of toffee, toasted oak, and vanilla give way to orange zest, peppery spice and even a hint of coffee on the palate.

A wonderfully engaging rum that encourages repeat visits, Bumbu XO is perfect for traditional rum cocktails – and perhaps even better on its own, neat or with a single ice cube.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ballast Point Victory at Sea

Ballast Point Victory at Sea...$11.99 / 6pk
Imperial Porter with Coffee and Vanilla
Our Ballast Point Victory at Sea Imperial Porter is a bold, smooth brew with just the right amount of sweetness. We infused this robust porter with vanilla and San Diego’s own Caffe Calabria coffee beans. The subtle roasted notes and minimal acidity of the cold brewed coffee, balances perfectly with the sweet caramel undertones of the malt, creating a winning combination for your palate.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 2019

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine 2019...$15.99 / 6pk 
Our cult-classic beast of a barleywine.
Bigfoot is a beast of a beer, brimming with bold flavors of bittersweet malt and heaps of aggressive whole-cone Pacific Northwest hops. First introduced in the winter of 1983, Bigfoot is a cult-classic beer brewed in the barleywine style, meaning a strong, robust, bruiser of a beer with the refined intensity of a wine. Bigfoot is prized by beer collectors for its supreme cellarability. Under the proper conditions, it can age like a fine wine, developing new flavors and character as it matures in the bottle. Each new release or “expedition” is vintage dated. Collect your own and see the flavors develop and progress.

Goose Island 312 Dry Hopped

Goose Island 312 Dry Hopped...$7.49 / 4pk 16oz cans
A different spin on 312 - extra brightness from dry-hopping on top of the lemony, doughy notes we love.