Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Brick & Mortar Vin Clair Blanc

2017 Brick & Mortar Vin Clair Blanc...$26.99

This is made like a white wine using 52% Pinot Noir and 48% Chardonnay grapes, intended as a bright, white summer wine that's highly drinkable and served chilled. It is indeed quaffable, white in color with a citrus-led nose of crisp, focused and fresh flavor, marked especially by green apple and a hint of cherry. Light in ripeness, it's a perfect picnic wine.
Rated 92/100 Wine Enthusiast

Massican new releases

2019 Massican Hyde Chardonnay...$49.99
The 2019 Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay from Massican is once again sensational. Sourced from a parcel of Musque clone planted in 1992, this gorgeous Chardonnay opens to a fresh aromatic profile of Meyer lemon, starfruit and green apple, accented by fresh minerality, crushed rocks and floral nuances which add wonderful complexity. On the palate this is extremely focused and liner with incredible overall precision and balance. It goes on to impress with its layered flavors of citrus and orchard fruits, along with tropical and stony character which are all wrapped up in a beautiful textured mouthfeel that flows right into the mouthwatering finish. While this is already outstanding it should continue to evolve and continue to provide drinking pleasure for at least a decade.
Rated 94/100 International Wine Report

2019 Massican Sauvignon Blanc...$33.99
The 2019 Sauvignon Blanc is once again a brilliant release from Massican. It begins with a gorgeous aromatic profile of lime, passion fruits and green apple, along with hints of gooseberry, fresh herbs and wild flowers that all take shape beautifully. On the palate this is bright and vibrant, with excellent depth of flavor as well as outstadnding overall balance, with laser-like focus and a beam of fresh acidity running through its core. The finish is seamless with incredible precision. Overall this is a beautiful Sauvignon Blanc that is already fantastic, but it will also be interesting to watch this evolve over the next few years.
Rated 93/100 International Wine Report

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Toppling Goliath

Back in stock!

Toppling Goliath Psuedo Sue...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz
Pale Ale – 6.8% ABV • 45 IBU
This single hop pale ale showcases the Citra hop for a well-balanced beer that is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. She roars with ferocious aromas of grapefruit, citrus, mango and evergreen. Pseudo Sue’s unique taste is clean and bright with just enough bite!

Toppling Goliath King Sue...$16.99 / 4pk 16oz
Double India Pale Ale – 7.8% ABV • 100+ IBU
This lusciously hazy double IPA gains its hints of mango, orange, and pineapple from the use of the delicious Citra hop.

Pipeworks new releases

Pipeworks Brewing Velocity of Light...$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Double Dry Hopped Oat IPA

Pipeworks Spittin' Seeds Watermelon Gose...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Spittin' Seeds | Gose with watermelon juice | 4.5% ABV

This is a slightly tart, soured beer with a pinch er two of sea salt added after fermentation. We also added fresh watermelon juice to this beer after fermentation for an ultra-summery watermelon experience. Have you ever put salt on a watermelon? It's delicious. That's what we were going for with this beer, and have to say it's delicious too!

This beer is a refreshing addition to any picnic you're planning, any cooler you're packing, any porch you're chilling on, and stoop you're sippin on... you get the idea :)

This is the second time we've brewed this beer, and we're thrilled to have it back.

Sunny Cat is back

2nd Sunny Cat NEIPA...$11.99 /4pk
New England-style Pale Ale w/Grapefruit

2nd Shift Sunny Cat NEIPA...$11.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
New England-style Pale Ale w/Tangerine
New England style pale ale brewed with oats, lactose, Amarillo & Citra hops, and dried tangerine peel.

Gulden Draak Sampler Pack

Gulden Draak Sampler Pack...$21.99 / 6pk
Includes 2 bottles each of:

  • Gulden Draak Brewmaster's Reserve 2018 Edition
  • Gulden Draak Classic
  • Gulden Draak 9000 Quad

Gulden Draak Brewmaster's - Whiskey Barrel Aged
This Exclusive Gulden Draak combines the technology and the craftsmanship of the traditional brewing process. By letting the beer mature on Whiskey Barrels it gives it a distinguish and gentle finish that you have never tasted before.
Our brewmaster Jef Versele crafted this exclusive‘Gulden Draak Brewmasters Edition’ as a tribute to his grandfather ‘Jozef Van Steenberge’ and the 230th birthday of the brewery. His inspiration came from his numerous trips to the united states and his deepest respect for the Crafted Beer Culture.

Gulden Draak Classic
A dark brown Triple Ale, which makes it an exception among the Belgian Triples. Gulden Draak is re-fermented in the bottle, and in the keg, making it a real “Living Beer”. The second fermentation offers the nice creamy head and the full body of the centuries old brewers yeast. It is a beer that you can actually nimble to adventure the complex taste. Gulden Draak balances a natural malt toffee-like sweetness with a mellow happiness and some hoppy accents. The aroma is round, sweet and hides the 10.5% alcohol per volume. Another name for this type of complex beer is “Barley Wine.” You sip and enjoy this beer slowly, as a treat you definitely deserve.

Gulden Draak 9000 Quad
An exceptional, complex taste sensation with a deep, amber color. An ode ot the city of Ghent– the golden dragon standing guard atop the belfry.
25 years after one of the most recognized and successful beers in the United States, Gulden Draak gets a sibling, the Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple.
Gulden Draak 9000 Quad has a complex taste sensation with a rich, luxurious beer head. The sweet caramel touches and dark color, however, are still reserved for the Gulden Draak Triple.
The new recipe, based on three different varieties of malt are added in a volume four times the content of lager, which provide the Gulden Draak 9000 Quad with a deep rich amber color and a fruity, spicy scent. Together with the smooth and malty sweet taste, this sensation ensures that Gulden Draak 9000 us a wonderfully accomplished bouquet.
Just like the other specialty beers of Brewery Van Steenberge, the Gulden Draak 9000 Quad is a secondary fermented beer. A special wine yeast is used for the secondary fermentation, which contributes to the grandiose taste. At 10.7% ABV, I think you would agree!

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat mix pack

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Sampler...$15.99 / 12pk mix
  • Includes 6 classic Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
  • Plus 3 each of these limited releases that only appear in this pack

Channeling tropical beach vibes, the Unfiltered Kiwi Wheat bursts with the fruity sweet flavor of kiwi. This tangy and flavorful take on the original explodes with juicy flavor and aroma.
Available only in the Unfiltered Wheat Mixed Pack for a limited time

The Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat takes the lemon note of the original and adds a layer of refreshing grapefruit, bringing the whole citrus grove to your taste buds. Bright and refreshing with a subtle tartness, this variant is a citrus lover’s dream.
Available only in the Unfiltered Wheat Mixed Pack for a limited time

Perennial Drawing Sight IPA

Perennial Drawing Sight IPA...$10.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Brewed with wheat and flaked oats and delicately hopped with fresh vintages of Amarillo, Simcoe and Ekuanot Cyro. This beer reminds us of mango lemon ice, dry hopping Cream of Wheat, and the first time we listened to Cam’Ron. 6.2%

4 Hands Contact High Hard Seltzer Tangerine

4 Hands Contact High Hard Seltzer Tangerine...$9.99 /4pk 16oz cans

This tangerine seltzer is under 100 calories, gluten free, and only 4.5% ABV making it the perfect sipable Spring/Summer bev!

Welcome back to our stores!

Dear Friends,
We hope that you are healthy and happy and making the most of the current situation.
Welcome Back!
As of Tuesday, May 26, you are welcome back into our stores. We kindly request that you help keep us safe by wearing a mask and by practicing social distancing. If you are uncomfortable coming into the store or wearing a face a covering, we are continuing to offer “no-touch” curbside delivery.
Our store hours will now be 10am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. Our Clayton location on Forsyth Blvd. will be open on Sundays from 10am to 3pm.
Please note that we will continue to be cashless. This eliminates a significant touchpoint between us and our guests and is recommended by the CDC. 

Why are we making this decision?
In March we decided to provide curbside and delivery service only in order to help keep ourselves and our customers safe. This was above and beyond the requirements of the relevant guidelines which, at the time, were underdeveloped. As a family run company with a deep concern for the welfare of our employees and community, we took proactive measures to safeguard those for whom we bear responsibility. As a small business, we could not risk a team member getting sick and potentially requiring all other team members to quarantine and forcing us to close our stores. We know many of you appreciated our efforts, but we also understand that some were left frustrated.

Today, with an updated understanding of the issues, we feel confident we can welcome you back into our stores while continuing to provide a safe shopping experience.

What are we doing to keep you safe as you shop in our stores?
  • We are wearing masks and practicing social distancing.
  • We are kindly requesting all customers to wear a mak.
  • We are posting signage and floor decals to help remind customers to practice social distancing while shopping.
  • We are continuing to offer “no touch” curbside delivery. Curbside order form here:
  • We will not accept cash.
  • We are continuing our enhanced sanitization procedures.
  • We have cancelled all classes, in-store tastings, and events.

We thank all of you who have continued to support us during this crisis. While we look forward to getting back to “normal,” we will continue to make your safety and that of our team and community our priority.

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to our veterans, first responders, and essential workers.

Best regards,
Vijay Shroff

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Holiday Hours!

Enjoy your weekend!

  • Open - May 24 - Sunday from 10am-3pm -- FORSYTH ONLY
  • Closed May 25 - Monday - Memorial Day (all stores)

Back open - you can come back and see us in the stores.
Please bring a mask with you!
Plus we will continue Curbside and Delivery too
Open   --May 26 - Tuesday 10am-7pm

Mon-Sat from 10am-7pm
Sunday Forsyth only 10am-3pm

Sebastiani Red Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels

2017 Sebastiani Red Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels...$14.99
Saturated in color, aroma and flavor, this full-bodied wine offers lip-smacking fruit flavors, enticing oak spices and excellent concentration. It is richly tannic, packed with ripe blueberry and blackberry notes and has enough intensity for a lingering finish. JIM GORDON
Rated 91/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Dewar's Ilegal Smooth Scotch Whisky

Dewar's Ilegal Smooth Scotch Whisky...$20.99
Mezcal Cask Finish
Our time intensive process is about ensuring all Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky is as smooth as it possibly can be. For nearly 150 years, our seven Master Blenders have pioneered, evolved and refined the double ageing process.
By creating our whisky in this way we ensure that all the flavours from the component parts are given time to intertwine together. Forging a harmonious, well-balanced blended scotch whisky that is ridiculously smooth.

Urban Chestnut Brewing Hard Seltzer

Urban Chestnut Brewing Hard Seltzer...$15.99 / 12pk mix

  • 6 cans of Passion Fruit and Citra Hops
  • 6 cans of Lime and Salt
4% ABV
90 calories

Switchgrass Spirits Bourbon

Switchgrass Spirits Bourbon Whiskey...$27.99
84 proof
First Batch bourbon Our Grain Forward Recipe is designed with a high wheat content. This gives our bourbon its smooth, yet flavorful finish while also complimenting the natural flavors of our charred missouri oak barrels. Enjoy Neat or on the rocks.

Switchgrass Spirits Copperhead Rock & Rye...$27.99
Rock and Rye is a bottled cocktail with a bite! This delightful drink was made popular during prohibition when doctors would “prescribe” this supposedly medicinal spirit for patients suffering from coughs. it gets its name from its two main ingredients: rye whiskey and rock candy. We distill our own sweet mashed rye whiskey and combine it with Belgian rock candy, real citrus peel, horehound, and spices to create Copperhead’s unique taste. Copperhead can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks, or as a cocktail with your favorite seltzer.
40% ABV

Switchgrass Spirits is a proudly Midwestern, worker-owned company that manufactures high quality Whiskey and Brandy. We’re located on the industrious north side of St. Louis, MO. 

Learn more on their website - click here    

Meet Jon Glaser - virtual tasting

Compass Box owner, John Glaser, will be conducting a nation-wide Father’s Day tasting this year! An excellent opportunity to experience the master from the comfort of your own house.  For participation, you are just required to purchase a Compass Box Gift Set (Spaniard, Peat Monster, Spice Tree).

June 21st (Sunday) event!

  • This is a pre-arrival.  
  • The sets will arrive before the event in June.  When they arrive we will let you know and give you the link for the event.  
  • You can also order a 750ml of any Compass Box to participate in the event too. Between now and the event 
  • You must order online to get invited to the event and put in the notes you want to participate in the tasting.
  • Order Compass Box by itself, if you want other items please put on another order.

John Glaser will be conducting a nation-wide Father’s Day tasting 

Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection...$18.99 / 3pk of 50ml bottles
Peat Monster: You will find a spectrum of seaside and medicinal peatiness, along with kipper-like smokiness, all surrounding a core of fruity malt whisky character. THE PEAT MONSTER is a whisky for those who love intensity, flavour and freshness, balance and drinkability. A whisky for those who appreciate the blending of seemingly dissonant elements to create something sublime.

The Spice Tree: Et voila, THE SPICE TREE was resurrected – matured using a custom-made cask with French oak for the heads and American oak for the bodies. SPICE TREE is a rich, intense malt whisky redolent of baking spices and layered with toasty oak accents that complement the underlying distillery character.

The Spaniard: In this, our first release, 48% of the whiskies have been aged in ex-Sherry casks and 25% in ex-Spanish red wine casks. You will find a whisky that is full, soft and sumptuous on the palate with flavours of citrus peel and pears poached in red wine and spices. It’s a whisky ideal for late evening sipping or stirring into a cocktail.

The Japanese Bitters


After many years in the spirits industry founder and producer, Yuki Yamazaki, developed his vision to create his own brand of high-quality 100% Japanese bitters.
During the time of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, the Japanese Embassy in Toronto held a charity event, which Yamazaki offered cocktails using various Japanese ingredients which were a hit with local media and bar community. At that moment, he started planning the production of cocktail bitters using Japanese ingredients.
In 2015, after travelling to Dutch Schiedam in the Netherlands, Yamazaki adapted alcohol production at the Herman Jansen distillery, which has a 250 year history.
After returning to Japan with the knowledge and experience that he gained globally, Yamazaki spent 2 years perfecting his Shiso, Yuzu and Umami bitters. Along with the production, with the courteous support from the Honbo Distillery, Yamazaki has successfully received his own domestic brewing license.

The Japanese Bitters Shiso...$37.99
INGREDIENTS Alcohol, Water and Shiso

The Japanese Bitters Umami...$37.99
INGREDIENTS Alcohol, Water, Kelp, Shiitake, Dried Bonito and Yuzu

The Japanese Bitters Yuzu...$37.99
INGREDIENTS Alcohol, Water and Yuzu

Oka Japanese Bermutto Sake Vermouth

"Sake Vermouth"
Oka Japanese Bermutto...$26.99 / 720ml
18% ABV
There is a long history of adding herbs and flavoring to sake in Japan, the same way aromatized wines like vermouth came into being in Europe. They believed that herbs and spices blended with alcohol were curative and, for more pragmatic reasons, often served to make the wine or sake taste better.
KABOSU: High Acidity Citrus Fruit
SANSHO: Japanese Peppercorn
YOMOGI: Japanese Mugwort
YUZU: Aromatic Citrus Fruit

Friday, May 22, 2020

Au Contraire Chardonnay Russian River Valley

2016 Au Contraire Chardonnay Russian River Valley...$11.99
Compare to $15.49 at Total Wine and More in STL
While steely in acidity, this wine offers a counterbalance of fleshy pineapple and mango flavors. It finds a balance between both sides of the equation and also shows great integration with the oak.
Rated 90/100 Wine Enthusiast

Hartford Court Chardonnay Stone Cote

Rated 98 Point Chardonnay from Hartford Court!
2017 Hartford Court Chardonnay Stone Cote...$61.99
From a site on the Sonoma Coast (this comes all from a block within the Durell Vineyard), the 2017 Chardonnay Stone Côte Vineyard reminds me of a Grand Cru Chablis on steroids, with gorgeous lemon curd, iodine, white flowers, crushed chalky, and a touch of green almond, with its oak beautifully integrated. Showing medium to full-bodied richness as well as flawless balance, this is a Chardonnay that builds with time in the glass as well as on the palate and has bright, salty acidity and incredible length. Beautifully done, it’s another thrilling Chardonnay from this estate.
Rated 98/100 Jeb Dunnuck

Siro Pacenti

Siro Pacenti has arrived!
We are very excited to offer one of the most anticipated 2015 Brunello's, but don't sleep on Siro Pacenti's outstanding Rosso, you need something to drink while your Brunello ages afterall.

2016 Siro Pacenti Rosso di Montalcino....$34.99
The 2016 Rosso di Montalcino is fresh, vibrant and explosive, with tremendous energy from start to finish. Macerated dark cherry, mocha, tobacco, mint, dried flowers, licorice and spice all run through this rich, sumptuous Rosso. The darker side of Sangiovese comes through in a virile, imposing Rosso endowed with tons of structure and sheer depth. Drink it over the next handful of years."
Rated 93/100 Vinous

2015 Siro Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino Vecchie Vigne...$99.99
Next lowest price online is $109.99
Selecting only one from so many stunning 2015 Brunellos was a tough ask, but in the end we named the Siro Pacenti Brunello di Montalcino Vecchie Vigne 2015 our Wine of the Year 2019.” It is a perfect example of what makes 2015 Brunello so compelling to buy and drink. The Siro Pacenti really has a “wow” factor to it, and there’s an energy and excitement to tasting it.This is very intense on the nose with blue fruit, cool stones, brambleberries and blackberries. Wet earth, too. Full-bodied and extremely dense and powerful with a super center palate of fruit and ripe yet compact tannins. Lightly chewy and expressive. Superb transparency and integration. Goes on for minutes. One of the best Brunellos I have tasted in my career. Try after 2021, but already amazing.
Rated 100/100 James Suckling 
#1 Wine of the Year

2018 Limerick Lane Zinfandel Russian River Valley

2018 Limerick Lane Zinfandel Russian River Valley...$39.99
Mix/Match Case discount price..$35.99
The 2018 Zinfandel Russian River Estate shows the quality of the vintage beautifully. Classic black and blue fruits, violets, peppery herbs, and spiced orange zest notes all emerge from the glass, and this puppy hits the palate with medium to full-bodied richness, no hard edges, a seamless texture, and just everything in the right places. Flawlessly balanced and already a joy to drink, it's going to keep for 10-12 years in cold cellars.
Rated 95/100 Jeb Dunnuck