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Costers del Priorat Blanc de Pissares

2016 Costers del Priorat Blanc de Pissarres...$26.99
Rare and small production

Only one place on Wine-Searcher lists it and we are cheaper of course.

Blanc de Pissarres is derived from the word "pizarra" which is "slate" in Spanish. Made in small quantities, this white wine is sourced from selected parcels in the vineyards of Sant Martí and Mas Alsera. It is a blend of three local varieties: Garnacha Blanca, Macabeo, and Pedro Ximénez.
Tasting Notes The nose shows the marked personality of the Priorat’s White Grenache, with its characteristic notes of white flowers, herbs and fruit skin. The palate is unctuous, with citrus and smoky flavours. The finish is very persistent and offers a surprising and lovely sweet touch. It is the warm and charming footprint of the Pedro Ximenez variety, in interesting balance with a fresh and genuine minerality.

Charbay Doubled and Twisted Whiskey

Charbay Doubled and Twisted Whiskey...$42.99
(Lot No. 1)
Doubled & Twisted combines the best of the years since that first thesis project (a departure from Charbay’s award winning hoppy whiskeys), a double Alambic pot distilled blend of 50% Aged Single Malt (3 year); 30% Aged Stout Whiskey (7 year); and 20% Aged Pilsner Whiskey (3 year). The final juice exudes floral, green spice notes, warm aromas of baking spices (nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, allspice) and oak-smoked malted barley. French and American Oak impart flavors from smoky, toasted vanilla to dark roasted coffee.
660 cases will be available
Alcohol 45% | 90 Proof

Collet Champagne Brut Art Deco

Collet Champagne Brut Art Deco...$32.99
This is clean-cut and linear, lightly chalky in texture, with a balanced palate of poached apple, black raspberry, biscuit and candied lemon zest. Fresh. Drink now through 2019. 2,500 cases imported.
Rated 91/100 Wine Spectator

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino....$18.99
Vermouth di Torino is a collective heritage of Piedmont, which sees in the royal Savoy court as first big promoter of a product which, mainly starting from the late XVIII century, generated a flourishing industry which led Piedmont to become the Kingdom of Vermouth.

In occasion of the 120 years from the foundation, Storico Vermouth di Torino is again produced according to the original recipe of Giulio Cocchi. This vermouth belongs to the category of the sweet vermouths, or Italian vermouths, sweet and amber as indicated in the manuals of the late XIX century.   Storico Vermouth di Torino Cocchi has been the protagonist of the international rebirth of the top-of-the-range vermouths and the renovated interest of the great barmen for the denomination Vermouth di Torino so that it is also familiarly denominated “Cocchi Torino”.  In a very short time, it’s become one of the top-of-the-range Vermouths chosen in the best bars of the world.

The original recipe of Giulio Cocchi calls for the use of herbs such as Cinchona and rhubarb which lightly colour of brown the beautiful clear wine. In order to emphasize its amber tone, the addition of sugar browned on fire emphasizes its amber tone, giving together with colour also a special note to the taste: crunchy and cotton candy able to round all the bitter tastes without using vanilla.
A thrilling vermouth, rich in sensations: among the herbs and the aromatizing spices, Artemisia and citrus are the protagonists with their balanced bitter and citrusy notes which characterize Cocchi style.
A rich taste with vibrant notes of cocoa and bitter orange. From the infusion of some noble and balsamic woods, we have in the end light aromas of camphor and rosemary notes. Among the minor ingredients, herbs and woods with unique perfumes such as sandal, musk, myrrh and nutmeg.

HOW TO DRINK:  Delicious when pure on ice and a small lemon zest, but also an essential base for the creation of the most classic cocktails from Negroni to Manhattan.

Vajra Barolo Chinato

Chinato takes its name from China, the Italian word for Cinchona, the tree from which quinine is extracted from the bark.   The bark of this tree is one of the principal flavourings of Barolo Chinato, along with gentian root, camomile, cardamom and cloves.

G.D. Vajra Barolo Chinato...$58.99
"G.D. Vajra launched in 1972, when the Vaira family established their vineyard the highest village in the Barolo region. Their version of Barolo chinato has a mysterious aroma and taste, which brings to mind souks and camels laden with herbs and spices (particularly clove). I can’t exactly explain this—especially since the family says it chiefly uses alpine herbs native to Italy. It’s a strongly herbal drink, but expresses itself as a counter to an herbal liqueur like, say, Chartreuse. Chartreuse is all piccolo; Vajra is all sousaphone." -

HIdden Legend Meads

Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead...$18.99
Hidden Legend Pure Honey Mead is a tastefully contemporary version of man’s oldest mead wine. Crafted in the style of a semi-dry table wine, it captures the flavor of honey without being too sweet. Enjoy it by itself or as a complement to dishes like grilled fish, roast pork, and spicy Asian or Mexican. Made exclusively from pure Montana honey. This honey mead is best served at room temperature or slightly chilled.
Our Pure Honey Mead is our #1 selling honey mead and like all of our honey wines, it is all natural and has no add sulfites. Only the finest pure honey was used to craft this mead wine.
Hidden Legend Meadery’s Pure Honey Mead is a perfect balance of honey flavor, acidy, and a little bit of oak. This complex honey mead is made using age old wine making techniques substituting honey for grapes to make honey wine. The wildflower honey used to produce this mead wine is a distinct Montana wildflower honey that creates layers of flavor that lend themselves perfectly for food paring. That is what makes this mead wine a contemporary version of man’s oldest drink. These flavors are preserved in this raw honey by the careful care that is taken in handling this all natural honey. It has never been cooked and the cold fermentation process preserves the flavors of this delicate wildflower honey. This mead honey wine is finished ensuring the perfect honey flavor without being overly sweet. This honey mead will delight wine and mead wine drinkers alike.
2012 – Silver Medal (Mazer Cup International)
2014 – Bronze Medal (Indy International Wine Competition)

Hidden Legend Huckleberry Honey Mead....$22.99 / 750ml
Huckleberry Honey Mead – Purely seasonal, purely dependent on good berry years, and purely delightful. This fun loving mead wine appears in late fall but immediately transports honey wine lovers back to the very best days of summer. The unique flavor of native Montana huckleberries and honey wine makes it easy to remember that perfect afternoon on a favorite stream of mountain trail. Best served slightly chilled.

Here is a true Montana honey wine and winner of a gold medal in 2010. Just like our Chokecherry honey mead, this is a mead wine that can stand shoulder to shoulder with fine table wine. It defines mead wine

Hidden Legend Maple Mead....$19.99 / 750ml
Honey and Maple, Bees and Trees. Nature simply meant some things to go together. That’s why we’ve blended 100% pure maple syrup with thick, smooth Montana honey. The result is a dark, enchanting flavor, with distinctive maple flourishes in the finish. Enjoy Hidden Legend Maple Mead wine by itself or experiment with meals.
This honey wine has is worth trying! The maple flavor in this honey wine is not overpowering but leaves the perfect maple honey mead flavor finish after sipping this mead wine. We couldn’t have anticipated how well maple compliments Hidden Legend meadery’s dark honey mead. This mead wine is great for sipping anytime. We think this honey mead is great with any smoked food, BBQ, or cheese. Maple honey wine is the perfect honey mead compliment to your next BBQ

Hidden Legend The King's Pyment Mead Wine...$19.99 / 750ml
With the advent of white sugar after 1500 AD, honey became scarce in Europe so grapes were added to the mead to stretch the honey. Pyment was born! Enjoy the rich traditional flavors of grape and honey in our King’s Pyment.  There are plenty of legends in the sage of mead wine. The story behind pyment is that when sugar made its way to Europe in the 15th century, honey became scarce. Grapes had migrated north with the Roman conquests. The shortage of honey created a need to stretch the honey. The newly available grapes were combined with honey and pyment was born. Hidden Legend Meadery’s pyment is a blend of red grape wine and honey wine crafted to commemorate this period of history

Hidden Legen The King's Cyser...$19.99 / 750ml
With the advent of white sugar after 1500 AD, honey bacame scarce in Europe, so apples were added to the mead to stretch the honey. Cyser was born! Enjoy the rich traditional flavors of apples and honey in our King’s Cyser honey wine. Serve slightly chilled
Awards:  2013 – Bronze Medal (Fingerlakes International Wine Competition)

Hidden Legend Dark Honey Mead....$18.99
Our dark honey mead is a direct descendant of our most popular mead wine, this robust yet semi-dry honey wine is made from a darkened honey that produces rich tones and clearly defined layers of flavor. Hidden Legend dark honey mead complements heartier meat dishes, wild game, rich ethnic meals, spicy foods, and chocolate. Best served either slightly chilled or at room temperature.
This honey mead has an almost bourbon like quality that appeals to whiskey sippers as well as mead wine connoisseurs. This honey mead appeals to our beer drinkers as well though it is not a beer but a honey wine.
Dark Mead is traditionally known and a bochet. Using the same wildflower honey as the Pure Honey Mead, the process used to make this mead wine is different in that the honey is heated until it turns a rich amber color before the fermentation. The darkened honey creates a robust honey mead with very complex malty, smoky, and caramel flavors that make this mead wine the perfect companion to many of your favorite hardier dishes. Some of our mead wine drinkers say that this honey mead reminds them of a porter or even a stout beer.
2007 – Silver Medal and Best in Region Award (Norwest Wine Summit)
2009 – Bronze Medal (Fingerlakes International Wine Competition)

Hidden Legend Spiced Honey Mead....$18.99
Spiced Honey Mead has a special place in the history of many cultures. The coveted recipes were carefully guarded by honey mead makers who were members of the clergy. Our mead wine maker has taken this festive favorite and created a delightfully modern version that can be heated with a stick of cinnamon, poured over ice, with a sprig of mint, or enjoyed by itself. This honey wine complements turkey or pork, and is best served slightly chilled.
Mulled honey mead, known as metheglin, has been a favorite of kings and queens. Like many meaderies, we have come up with a secret recipe of our own that we believe is worthy of royalty. We know you will enjoy this piece of history as much as people have for thousands of years. Hidden Legend Meadery’s Spiced honey wine is a semi dry mead wine that goes perfectly with thanksgiving turkey and dressing or can be enjoyed on its own. The decision to buy mead from Hidden Legend Meadery is one you will not regret. This spiced honey wine is designed to be paired with your favorite pork and turkey dishes.
2014 – Gold Medal (Tasters Guild International Wine Judging)
2012 – Silver Medal (Mazer Cup International)

Hidden Legend Elderberrry Honey Mead...$19.99
This delicious elderberry honey wine has a subtle port-like quality that makes it perfect for sipping and for complementing your favorite chocolate or sharp cheese. Elderberry honey wine was said to be the favorite of Hippocrates (the father of medicine) and the early pioneers of Montana. Best served slightly chilled. This honey mead has a port like mouth feel that makes it perfect for sipping. This is also a historical blend of honey wine and elderberries that many people throughout history have believed is synonymous with medicine. Hippocrates used honey wine often as medicine and so it is the root word for the practice. We have no idea if he was on to something or not but it is interesting conversation none the less.
2014 – Bronze Medal (Fingerlakes International Wine Competition)
2010 – Bronze Medal (Tri Cities Wine Competition)

Hidden Legend Chokecherry Honey Mead....$19.99
A wild cherry that grows prolifically throughout Montana, the Chokecherry got its name because it doesn’t sweeten until after a frost. Montanans have used it for years to make their favorite syrup and jelly. This tradition, inspired our winemaker to marry this familiar flavor with local honey wine, and create a true Montana mead wine and the winner of our first gold medal. Serve slightly chilled. This mead wine is our most award winning honey mead! It has won two gold medals in international wine competitions. This is a prime example of honey mead taking the form of a fine table wine. This honey wine is not too sweet. It is a good balance of flavors that lends itself well to food pairing.
2009 – Gold Medal (Taster’s Guild International Wine Judging)
2008 – Gold Medal and Best in Region Award (Northwest Wine Summit)
2012 – Silver Medal (Tri-Cities Wine Competition)

Hidden Legend The King's Mead....$18.99
Known in Greek Mythology as “necter of the gods,” mead became the exclusive drink of royalty. Our King’s Mead wine captures all the qualities that inspired centuries of poetry, legend, and song. This traditional honey mead is made in the style of the old world. It has a very smooth sweet honey flavor. You can enjoy this delightful honey wine on its own or with dessert. If you want mead wine that is less sweet, try our award winning Pure Honey Mead. If you are looking for a traditional style, sweet, honey mead then this is the one for you! We think that our friends at Storm the Castle said it best in their review of The King’s Mead. “This is an outstanding mead. I really love it. It has a full bodied taste and is a great representative of what a mead should be! If you have never tried drinking any mead and want to get a sense of it I recommend you try this. It will give you a great sense of mead. I really like this mead.”
2014 – Gold Medal (Tasters Guild International Wine Judging)
2012 – Gold Medal (Tri-Cities Wine Competition)

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Mother's Brewing Strawberry Ginger Gose

Mother's Brewing Strawberry Ginger Gose...$7.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Inspired by Madie's homebrewed kombucha, this gose is kettle-soured with salt, spices, and black tea. We then add fresh ginger and strawberry puree for a secondary fermentation. Perfect for putting on a sunny disposition, just like our Madie.

Profile: sweet candy-like strawberry, lactic acidity, fresh grainy malt, slight spice from coriander and ginger, dry saline finish, very balanced and complex.

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Compass Box Hedonism The Muse

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Compass Box Hedonism The Muse...$249.99
Inspired by the woman featured on the label of our first-ever bottling.

Hedonism will always be special to us as the whisky that launched the company, and every so often, we go back to where it all started. When we recently discovered a cask of exceptional aged grain whisky in the spectrum of flavours of a Hedonism whisky, we were compelled to return to the concept once again.

Hedonism, The Muse combines this single cask with other rare and remarkable grain whiskies of varying ages to create a whisky that has all the flavour hallmarks of the classic Hedonism, with even greater depth and intensity.

4 Hands Intermission Ale

4 Hands Intermission Ale...$4.99 / 22oz
Hoppy Blonde Ale to celebrate 100 Years of the Muny

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Big Scores! Continuum

A Perfect 100 for 2015 Continuum!
It was bound to happen. Tim Mondavi and family have been absolutely fanatical about making a Napa Icon from their amazing vineyard on Prichard Hll.
2015 Continuum Estate Red....$219.98 / 750ml

2015 Continuum Estate Red....$109.98 / 375ml
This is sensational with blackberries, blueberries and mineral. Extremely floral, too. Full-bodied but so seamless and refined with polished tannins that just melts into the wine. Goes on for minutes. A subtle and glorious wine that will be a new classic for Napa Valley. An emotional red that touches your soul. Energy. 46% cabernet sauvignon, 31% cabernet franc, 17% petit verdot, and 6% merlot. Very approachable now but better in 2022.
Rated 100/100 James Suckling
Rated 98+/100 Vinous Media


In stock now!!

Not much we can add to the amazing accolades already heaped upon the 2015 Sassicaia
2015 for pricing 314.727.8788
or email
Rich and concentrated, this red features black currant, blackberry, violet, mineral and spice flavors. Dense yet lively, structured yet impeccably balanced, with vibrant acidity driving the long, fruit-filled aftertaste. The oak is beautifully integrated. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.
Rated 97/100 The Wine Spectator
Rated 97/100 The Wine Advocate
Rated 98/100 James Suckling
Rated 95/100 Vinous

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Spirits of St. Louis Agave Blue

Spirits of St. Louis Agave Blue...$19.99

At Spirits of St. Louis, the distilling arm of Square One Brewery & Distillery in St. Louis’ Lafayette Square, owner Steve Neukomm didn’t know how complicated making an agave spirit would be. It was one of the first products he put out 10 years ago, and there wasn’t much information out there for new distillers. His agave nectar distributor relayed questions and problems to a distiller in Mexico, who helped the team through the process. Eventually, Spirits of St. Louis had a crystal – clear – agave and a reposado, aged for at least six weeks; currently, only the reposado is in production and is available at the tasting room. “In ours, you can taste more of the agave nectar,” Neukomm says. “A lot of the agave products coming into the U.S. are blended. You’re going to find [ours] has a more full body and is a more full-flavored tequila.” - -Feast Magazine

Glen Scotia Single Malt Scotch

Glen Scotia Single Malt Scotch Double Cask...$39.99
Our Double Cask is matured in the finest first fill bourbon barrels before being finished for up to twelve months in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks producing this outstanding single malt whisky that provides the perfect balance of rich spicy fruits, overlaid with the characteristic sea spray and vanilla oak finish for which the house of Glen Scotia is famous.
NOSE:  Amber. Very sweet. Initially it is all creme caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, wood sugar, toffee and fudge before some apple and peach come through. In time a charred note of bourbon with a pleasing dusty dryness. Has some power.
PALATE:  Sweet start and quite fat and though the alcohol gives a little tongue-tingling buzz the result is a good mid-palate weight. The dry distillery character is there still, but there is now depth to counter. Water slightly dismantles the different elements, but adds some dried mint.
FINISH: Deep and dark.

Glen Scotia Single Malt Scotch Victoriana...$74.99
Each cask is chosen for its rare character and exceptional maturity. Finished in deep charred oak, the result is an exceptionally smooth single malt whisky whose aroma and flavour work in harmony. Bottled in the traditional way straight from the cask and without filtration, its subtle wood and vanilla flavour is enhanced by a full bodied spicy fruit aroma and mildly smokey aftertaste.
NOSE:  Dark again. An elegant nose with hints of oak driving the bouquet. Interesting creme brulee notes leading to generous caramelised fruits and finally polished oak.
PALATE:  Sweet and concentrated start with some jammy blackcurrant fruitiness. A big mid palate. Typical tightening towards the back palate. Becomes more austere with water.
FINISH: Clean and initially sweet.The green bean, with cocoa characteristic.

Glen Scotia Single Malt Scotch 15 Year Old...$57.99
The whisky has been gently matured in our finest American oak barrels before bottling. The signature nose has hints of vanilla oak, interwoven with the subtle notes of sea spray and spicy aromatic fruits.
NOSE:  Richer colours. Broad and medium-weight with citrus peels, ginger snap biscuits. Sweet and with great depth. Apricot aromas develop then drift towards fruit salad. After a short time the wood come to the fore and water helps to release baked fruit.
PALATE:  A complicated palate where the initial nose would lead you to expect plump fruits, what you get is a surprisingly dry element. The palate fleshes out as the first impact of the nose fades. Adding water brings out the caramalised elements balanced with the wood elements expected of a 15 yr old.
FINISH:  Firm and slightly dry.

Lock Lomond Single Malt Scotch

Loch Lomond Single Malt Scotch Original...$18.99
Loch Lomond original single malt whisky is carefully matured, before being married in the Finest oak casks for the perfect harmony of flavour and aroma. The result is an elegant and Full bodied whisky with a smoothness making this exceptionally easy to drink. A single malt Scotch whisky with a distinctive background character with a hint of smoke and peat.

Loch Lomond Single Malt Scotch 12 Year Old...$27.99
This exquisite 12 year old single malt has a deep fruity character of peach and pear Layered with a vanilla sweetness and the characteristic hints of peat and smoke found In loch lomond whiskies. Aged in three types of cask - bourbon, refill and re-charged - These whiskies are brought together delivering a perfectly balanced single malt
Under the watchful eye of michael henry our master distiller.

Chamucos Tequila Anejo - Super Sale

Chamucos Tequila Anejo....$29.99
Next lowest price online is $46.99
Elegant and silky, with smooth character that coats the palate with roasted agave and enticing vanilla flavors layered with caramel, toffee, fennel, chocolate and baked or grilled pineapple undertones followed by sun-ripened tropical fruits and spice create a refined, yet unforgettable taste sensation.
Beautiful, slightly sweetly with seductive spice, sweet toffee, vanilla essence and tropical spice and butter mint undertones to create a wonderfully unique tequila experience.

Chamucos Tequila was originally conceived in 1992 by two friends; the Oscar nominated Mexican film director, Antonio Urrutia, and his close friend, a hand-blown glass bottle artist/ producer, Cesar Hernandez.US Importer Mark Howard was interested in creating his own tequila brand and saw a bottle while visiting Cesar’s glass factory.Chamucos Tequila was originally produced and bottled as Reposado only. The recipe/formula was the collaboration of the group (Cesar, Antonio and Mark) lead by renowned Master Distiller, Ing. Hector Davalos.Chamucos was launched in both Mexico and the US in 1994.

Akashi Ume Japanese Plum Whisky

Akashi Ume Japanese Plum Whisky...$29.99
This sweet whisky is born out of the Japanese tradition of Ume-Shu, which translates as Plum Alcohol. In late May and early June, hard, green, sour plums are harvested and combined with neutral spirit and rock sugar, then aged for 6 months to a year. Akashi does nearly the same with this version, allowing freshly harvested plums and rock sugar to rest in mature whisky. Here they remain for 6 months to a year, resulting in this simple twist on a Japanese classic.

Located just a rock’s skip away from Kobe Bay, Eigashima Shuzo [White Oak] in Akashi is the closest whisky distillery to the coast in Japan. The ocean-laden air is reflected in the whisky’s savory, saline driven purity. The town of Akashi, translated as ‘Sunrise City,’ dates back over 500 years. Here, less than 100 yards from the ocean, the owner’s family has been making traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages like sake, for over three centuries. Founded in 1888, Eigashima Shuzo holds Japan’s first whisky license, issued in 1919, and remains Japan’s smallest whiskey producer, comprised of a five person team. Serious malt production at this distillery did not begin until 1984, when the current copper pot stills were put into action and a focus on premium whiskies began at their ‘White Oak’ facility. They following a program dedicated to crafting an insanely fine, super sip-able whisky, limiting production to insure that quality is preeminent.

Kyota Ki No Bi Kyota Dry Gin

Kyota Ki No Bi Kyota Dry Gin...$59.99
Welcome to The Kyoto Distillery,
Japan’s first dedicated artisanal gin distillery.  We’re located in Minami-Ku, in the south part of Kyoto City, close to the Fushimi region, famed for hundreds of years for its production of delicious nihon-shu (Japanese sake).
Our aim is simple: we want to produce the best dry gin that we can,
utilising local botanicals wherever possible.  We want every element of our final product to be completely authentic, from the local sourcing of the ingredients through to the designand craftsmanship of the packaging.
Our journey to bringing this first bottling of KI NO BI to you has been fascinating and educational and has thrown up a myriad of exciting possibilities for future products and collaborations.

The first Japanese gin made in Kyoto.
KI NO BI (‘The Beauty of the Seasons’) is inspired by tradition and is distilled, blended and bottled in Kyoto. Our gin is made in a recognisable dry style but with a distinct Japanese accent.  KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin is created with Japanese botanicals such as yellow yuzu from the north of Kyoto Prefecture, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), bamboo, gyokuro tea from the Uji region and green sanshō (Japanese peppercorn) berries.  Bottled at 45.7% ABV, KI NO BI uses a rice spirit base and peerless water sourced in the famous sake–brewing district, Fushimi.

Mastering not only the science of distillation as others have done before, but also the age-old art of blending, we separate the botanicals in our gin into six different categories: Base, Citrus, Tea, Herbal, Spice and Floral and distil each category individually. Then we blend them in perfect balance and create the distinct KI NO BI flavour.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tautavel Les Vingt Marches

2015 Tautavel Les Vingt Marches...$23.99
The 2015 Cotes du Roussillon Villages Tautavel Les Vingt Marches is a hidden gem in this vintage. Made from mostly Syrah, with 20% Grenache and 10% Carignan, this full-bodied, deep and voluptuously textured red is loaded with notions of plums, violets and spice, with some Syrah meatiness developing with air. Completely destemmed and aged all in tank, I’d enjoy bottles over the coming 4-6 years.
Rated 93/100 The Wine Advocate

Sous la Montagne Fitou

2016 Sous la Montagne Fitou...$17.99
From the inland, schistous portion of the appellation, the 2016 Fitou is almost sweet and jammy in its fruity intensity, yet it retains a dry, savory, crushed-stone element that gives it tremendous grip and drinkability. It's full-bodied but not heavy, instead offering satisfying richness without excessive weight.
Rated 91/100 Wine Advocate
An unoaked blend of 66% Carignan and 34% Syrah, the 2016 Fitou sports a vibrant purple color as well as lifted notes of blueberries, violets, brine and spring flowers. Fresh, elegant and lively, yet also nicely concentrated, it has beautiful purity and fine tannin. Give bottles a year or two and drink through 2024. There’s a little over 2,000 cases produced.
Rated 90/100 Jeb Dunnuck

Longueville House O'Callaghan's Irish Cider

Longueville House O'Callaghan's Irish Cider....$6.49 / pint
A medium-dry cider with a fresh apple flavour, Longueville House Cider is a gorgeously refreshing, clean, crisp cider - and as far from commercially produced ‘cider’ as can be imagined (its how traditional cider used to be before it got all artificial and fake)..

Longueville House Cider's range has earned a reputation of quality - rapidly becoming a major hit in many restaurants and licensed premises throughout Ireland, U.K. Europe and The U.S.A.
Our crop of Dabinett and Michelin apples are harvested in late October, once picked the apples are crushed and pressed in the Cider Mill on the estate. The pressed juice is naturally fermented, taking place as a result of the action of the wild yeasts, which are particular to the orchards and environs of Longueville. Fermentation takes between 2 and 6 months resulting in a rich, amber colored cider, full of character, flavour and taste. There are no added coloring's, additives, sulphites or preservatives used at any stage during the production and manufacturing process of the cider's. The entire process from growing the apples to the fermentation of the cider is done on the farm.