Friday, July 16, 2010

English brews...Hepworth

New to the U.S.

Hepworth Pullman First Class Ale...$5.29 / pint
Named after the renowned railway carriage, Pullman at 4.2% abv has a crisp bitterness and clean flavour. Pullman is a First Class Bitter which contains Sussex grown barley malt and hops to give a crisp fresh bite balanced with a long silky finish. Long on flavour with a good hop nose, Pullman is a luxurious ale best appreciated on its own or with fine food.

Hepworth Old Ale...$5.29 / pint
Old Ale is the newest addition to our range of bottled beers. At 4.8% it is a dark and malty beer. Admiral hops are used to give it a balancing bitterness and the beer is primed with molasses for a luscious flavour. Classic Old Ale is a traditional style of dark winter beer. Brewed with a variety of roasted malts, it is balanced with luscious sweetness and the bitterness of Admiral hops.

Hepworth Iron Horse Pale Ale....$5.29 / pint
Iron Horse, a premium bitter with a dense flavour and subtle sweetness, is named after Richard Trevithick's first steam-powered engine on rails. A satisfying 4.8% alcohol. Iron Horse is an English pale ale handcrafted at the Beer Station from a complex grist of roasted malts and Sussex hops. This gives a full flavour with a traditional Sussex hoppy nose to the beer.
info from their website and back labels.

Berliner Weisse has arrived

Very limited release, just a small amount arrived in St. Louis!

In stock at Forsyth -- you can reserve yours online for any of our stores.
(allow a few days for the other stores)

New Belgium Lips of Faith
Imperial Berliner Weisse....$11.99 / 22oz
"Based on a centuries-old German style of Berlinerweiss, this Imperial version opens with lemon, citrus and delicate floral tones. The beer is naturally sour from a lactic fermentation and a dash of Brettanomyces. Berlinerweiss pours slightly hazy with a pleasantly dry finish. ABV 7.5% Hops/Spicing: Target hops, Brettanomyces" -- RateBeer

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rare - Buffalo Trace White Dog!!

Rare Release -- only a few cases came to St. Louis!
Very Limited!
At Forsyth only, but you can reserve it for pick up at any store online now
(allow a few days for pickup)

Buffalo Trace White Dog....$14.99 / 375ml
"In Kentucky, buffalo carved a pathway followed by America's first explores. Those brave pioneers distilled whiskey using traditional methods and drank it right off the still. They called it White Dog. This raw distillate was clear, un-aged and had a hint of sweet corn. Later distillers discovered this spirit was perfect for aging--creating what we know today as fine Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We're still making whiskey on the spot where ancient buffalon once crossed the Kentucky River and following centuries of time-honored distilling tradition. Enjoy this White dog the way Americans did more than 200 years ago." -- Buffalo Trace