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Lazzaroni Ferro China


Lazzaroni Ferro China...$23.99 / 750ml
What is Ferro-China… An Italian tonic first made famous in the last decades of the 1800s by a Pharmacist from Milan named Bisleri and a Doctor from Rome named Baliva. Both men combined the pharmaceutical remedies of the bark of china (chinchona, used to make quinine) and iron citrate, an iron based salt, made from citric acid and iron sulfate, into a drinkable therapeutic, bitter tonic. Ferro-China is part of the Italian Amaro category, but lighter in color, body and alcohol than most other digestive, Amaro drinks.
Ferro-China also enjoyed an export boom to the US market during Prohibition. It was considered a pharmaceutical product and could be prescribed by Doctors. In Italy, a teaspoon a day was given by mothers to their children at that time to aid their growth.
Lazzaroni first started the production of Ferro-China in the late 1800s but discontinued production about 30 years ago. The family recipe was recreated this year.
Today, Lazzaroni Ferro-China joins Lazzaroni Fernet and Lazzaroni Amaro in the portfolio. Claims are no longer made for any medical or growth benefits, and a prescription is no longer need to obtain historic Lazzaroni Ferro-China.
With a herbal mocha coffee, and roasted chestnut aroma and a hint of vanilla with delicate spice overtone, this liqueur is traditionally enjoyed over ice as an aperitif, as a digestif after dinner and as a modifier in cocktails.
(Alc. 21% by vol.)

Ken Wright Cellars


2021 Ken Wright Eloa-Amity Hills AVA Pinot Noir...$35.99 / 750ml
Blackberry, black cherry and candied raspberry with notes of cocoa nibs and caramel. Finishes with firm but velvety tannins.
2021 Ken Wright Yamhill-Carlton AVA Pinot Noir...$35.99 / 750ml
Red plum, fresh fig and marionberry fruits with hints of magnolia blossom and graham cracker. Balanced but vibrant acidity.

New Nulu Bourbon

More Toasted in stock!

Nulu Bourbon Whiskey Toasted Batch....$79.99
  • Toasted Small Batch
  • 4-6 Year Old MGP Bourbon
  • Proof 115
  • Batch MO2
  • Missouri Exclusive

Nulu Bourbon Small Batch Reserve....$59.99

  • Small Batch Reserve
  • 4-6 year old MGB
  • 100 Proof
  • Batch MO1
  • Missouri Exclusive

Mythology Distillery

Mythology Syrah Finished Blended Whiskey..$67.99 / 750ml
Mythology Syrah Finished Whiskey is our award winning Hell Bear American Whiskey finished in Dominio IV Syrah Wine Barrels. The wine barrel finished whiskey provides initial notes of sweet blackberry jam, warm baking spices, vanilla, and rich chocolate on the nose. The variety of sweetness on the nose gives way to flavors of chocolate-dipped raspberries, mulled wine, cinnamon spice, clove, brown sugar, and leather on the palate. The whiskey finishes with a lasting taste of caramelized cherries, fresh mint, and subtle molasses.
Mythology Best Friend Bourbon...$53.99 / 750ml
Mythology Best Friend Bourbon is a blend of a 15 year Kentucky Bourbon, and two high-rye bourbons aged 2 to 5 years. Wildflower honey and warm cornbread on the nose gives way to honeycomb upfront on the palate that transitions to gentle cinnamon and toasted almonds. The 15-year Bourbon provides for a lasting rich vanilla, pipe tobacco and black currant on the finish.
Mythology Hell Bear American Whiskey...$53.99 / 750ml
Hell Bear American Whiskey is a blend of straight rye whiskey, 4 year and a 5 year bourbon. Fruit and subtle botanicals upfront, prominent rye spice mid-palate and a smooth vanilla caramel finish. The finished product provides hints of berries up front, big cinnamon spice, nice sweet cereal grains on the finish, and lasting vanilla intertwined with baking spices.
Mythology Needle Pig Gin...$34.99 / 750ml
Mythology Needle Pig Gin is a dry modern gin distilled with six natural botanicals that include Italian juniper, coriander seed, orris root, grapefruit peel, star anise and sage. Sage spice and sweet pine on the nose complimented by resinous citrus from the juniper and ripe grapefruit. On the palate sweet jam up front, followed by grapefruit citrus, licorice and pine. As the spirit transforms, there is nice anise spice on the mid palate with subtle floral notes. Lasting citrus and sage on the finish.

June by G'Vine Wild Peach Gin Liqueur

June by G'Vine Wild Peach Gin Liqueur...$34.99 / 750ml
June is a flavoured gin liqueur with a happy, fresh and wonderful nature. Its ripe, sun-kissed fruit aromas make the good times you share with your friends shine even brighter. June is flavoursome and soft: perfect for brunch! It will be ideal for a sunny picnic with its fresh taste. You will enjoy sharing it with your dearest friends, at home or during a festival!
Inspired by G’Vine – which serves as its gin base – June is a delicate and elegant gin liqueur softened by wild peach and summer fruits. And it is easy to use: a splash of sparkling water is enough to make its flavours and its wonderful texture pop. Champagne is also a great choice for those extra special moments!
30% ABV

T Edward Wine Gulp Hablo Orange Wine


New orange wine!

Drinks like Vinho Verde but made for the Fall!

The Parra family’s pursuit came from the devotion of the three brothers (Francisco, Javier, and Luis) to find a sense of place in their home of La Mancha. They founded their property with the conviction to organically and biodynamically farm every vine under their care.
The Parra family works two large vineyards in La Mancha near the town of Las Messas (The Tables), totaling some 445 acres, or about 180 hectares. One of the vineyards is named Entresendas (Between Paths) and sits within the dried river bed. Entresendas benefits from the rich, alluvial soils, common to old river beds and perfect for the cultivation of grapes. The other vineyard is officially named Olla del Monte (Cooking Pan in the Mountain), but is known locally as the Cuesta Colorá because of the colorful scarpland soils of chalky clay covered in a fine layer of pebbles that hold the day’s heat well into the night.
For the Gulp/Hablo, the extremely gulpable wines, they tapped Juan Antonio Ponce of Bodegas Ponce to make the wine. With this partnership, they were able to create a wine that beats the competition without sacrificing on quality.

2021 Gulp Hablo Orange Wine...$18.99 / 1L
Winery Friend and Farmer, Hand Work, and Gulp/Hablo
Varieties 50% Verdejo / 50% Sauvignon Blanc
Farming Practices certified SOHISCERT organic, European Vegetarian Union vegan, and Demeter biodynamic
Exposure varied
Harvest Technique mechanical and by hand (Sauvignon Blanc on August 22nd / Verdejo was harvested September 27th.)
Year Vines Were Planted varied
Yeast indigenous
Fermentation macerated separately on skins for 5-7 days in 200L clay vessels and 4,000L used French oak vats with daily pumpovers / wine is pressed off of skins and transferred to 3000L foudres
Maturation blended and aged in foudre for 8 months
Sulfur very small amount added only before bottling
Filter no
Fining no
Alcohol 11%
Bottle Case 12
Country Spain
Region Castilla La Mancha

Margins Santa Clara Valley Counoise


2021 Margins Santa Clara Valley Counoise...$24.99 / 750ml
Varietal: 100% Counoise
Brix at harvest: 19 
Production: 223 cases 
AVA: Santa Clara Valley 
Vineyard: Sattler’s Family 
In 2021 this vineyard was farmed completely organically! The organic conversion of this vineyard over the last four years of working with it has been one of my proudest accomplishments. Part of the Margins mission over the years was to work with growers while they transitioned their vineyards to organic farming by providing guidance as well as assurance that the grapes would have a home. I believe that if I worked with solely organic vineyards, I would not be using my role in the industry to its full potential to enact agricultural change. As of harvest 2021, all vineyards Margins works with are organically farmed. 
Vinification: 100% destemmed. Fermented on skins for ten days. Aged in neutral oak for three months. Native fermentation, no fining, no filtration, no other modifications or additions except 20 ppm of sulfur dioxide the week before bottling. 
Bio: Ed Sattler planted his 2.7 acre backyard vineyard to Mourvèdre and Counoise in 2009 and has been intimately involved in farming it since the beginning. Over the last few years of organic conversion, he has invested in an in-row cultivator for weed management, built up the soil with seasonal cover crop, and completely upgraded the drip irrigation system. This hot, dry site in the foothills of the southern Santa Cruz Mountains--but not high enough in elevation to be considered part of the SCM AVA--has an intense diurnal swing, bringing cool temperatures every evening and lending to the preservation of acidity in the grapes.

Honorie Cidre Normand


Honorie Cidre Normand...$16.99 / 750ml
4.3% ABV

All the orchards are in the heart of the Pays d'Auge in Normandy, which allows constant monitoring of fruit all year round.
Our cider is made according to the rules of the art of "pure juice”. That is to say with a blend of apples, from the sweetest to the most bitter, picked at their ripest, pressed into pure juice, and left for a first round of fermentation.
Prior to bottling, the ciders are inoculated with yeasts generating a second fermentation that happens in the bottle.
Clear, sparkling, slightly foamy with a beautiful golden color and slightly orange.
Intense nose with strong aromas of ripe fruit.
A well-balanced bitterness and sweetness.
The cider mixes fruity and round flavors that will accompany all your dishes, cheeses and desserts.

Faccia Brutto Spirits

At Faccia Brutto we produce natural and delicious organic Italian spirits using old world methods, and sourcing from sustainable botanical producers.

Faccia Brutto Fernet Pianta...$43.99 / 750ml
Fernet Pianta is a love letter to both my grandfather, Peter Pianta, as well as all the line cooks I ever worked with. Pete would make tinctures for my grandmother when she needed some digestive aid and my line cook buddies, well, we needed relief after a long night of service. We blend 21 ingredients including saffron, myrrh, aloe ferox, peppermint and gentian root in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two weeks. We add water and filter, then add sugar and organic peppermint oil and bottle. This fernet has far less sugar than the bigger brands and is naturally colored with roasted chicory root. Enjoy neat or in a Toronto cocktail.
Use for these classics:
35% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Amaro Gorini...$46.99 / 750ml
This amaro is named for my grandmother, Lena Pianta. She loved southern Italian spirits and we think this one would’ve made her bar cart. A blend of 13 botanicals including gentian, rhubarb root, fennel seed, and sweet and bitter orange rest for 3 weeks in non-GMO neutral grain spirit. The mixture is proofed down to 40% abv and barrel aged in used whiskey barrels for a minimum of 3 months. When we feel it’s ready to go, we filter from the barrels and sweeten with organic cane sugar as well as organic caramel color. We add further fresh orange peel and let that sit another several days. It’s strained again and bottled. We love it on the rocks with an orange peel but it shines in a Paper Plane cocktail.
Use for these classics:
Black Manhattan
Roman Highball
22% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Centerbe...$43.99 / 750ml
Centerbe Faccia Brutto is our take on a European herbal liqueur that is both refreshing and delicious. We use a number of fresh and dried herbs in our blend and macerate them in non-GMO neutral grain spirit. The dried botanicals like lemon balm, anise hyssop, nettles and coriander are macerated for a full week, while the fresh herbs like parsley, tarragon, bay leaves and marjoram are left overnight to preserve color and freshness. The resulting tincture is proofed down and sweetened with organic cane sugar and bottled at a rousing 45% abv.
Use for these classics:
Naked and Famous
45% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Apertivo...$32.99 / 750ml
Our aperitivo is a bittersweet rendition of the classic “red bitter” but with more character. We infuse 17 fresh and dried organic botanicals such as gentian, kola nut, hibiscus and rhubarb root in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two weeks. At that point we add water and fresh orange peels (2 oranges per bottle!) and let that steep overnight. We strain and filter the resulting tincture and add organic cane sugar and cochineal to achieve the ruby hue we all love.
Use for these classics:
24% alc./vol
Faccia Brutto Amaro Alpino...$48.99 / 750ml
This amaro is a bittersweet distillation of 14 alpine botanicals including cinchona, rhubarb root, spruce buds, elecampane root and eucalyptus. They rest in non-GMO neutral grain spirit for two and a half weeks, are strained and proofed down to 40% abv. They’re aged in used whiskey barrels for a minimum of 3 months. When it’s time is up we strain out of the barrel and filter. It’s then sweetened with a blend of organic dark clover honey and organic cane sugar and bottled. Delicious neat with lemon peel and equally enticing in a Saw Tooth cocktail.
Use for these classics:
Palpable Apathy
Saw Tooth
35% alc./vol

Reservoir Distilling Holland's Milkman Bourbon

Very limited!
Reservoir Distilling Holland's Milkman Bourbon...$114.99
Holland’s Milkman:  about 5 years old
  • Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Aged for a minimum of 2-3 years in Reservoir's "small barrel" casks
  • Finished in an Ardent milk stout barrel for a further 2.5 years
Year 2022, Batch #6 = 15% Wheat, 70% Corn, and 15% Rye. Bottled at 107 proof. We have one limited release per year.
The milk stout that previously seeped into the bourbon-soaked wood has mingled and married with the blend of our whiskies, creating mouth coating, soul warming flavors of milk chocolate and toasty condensed milk.  When you pass a glass of the Milkman beneath your nose, notice the pipe tobacco and dark chocolate as the childhood memories of a Tootsie Roll tug at the back of your mind. Let your tongue dance with the touch of holiday mint and finally be lulled with the warmth of the final finish of lingering dark chocolate.

Reservoir Distilling Holland's Blade Rummer Bourbon...$114.99
  • 107 Proof
  • Single Barrel Bourbon
  • Aged 2 years in Reservoir's "small barrel" casks
  • Finished for 3 years in an 53 gallon rum barrel.
We're excited to announce that Holland's Blade Rummer has been awarded a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition! This blended whiskey has soaked in some sugarcane sunshine and it's ready for release.

Year 2022, Batch #8 = 15% Wheat 70% Corn 15% Rye. Aged 2 years in Reservoir's "small barrel" casks and finished for 3 years in an 53 gallon rum barrel. Bottled at 107 proof. Less than 200 bottles available! Limited Time Offering.

With hints on the nose of rum funk, powdered sugar and a vanilla bouquet, and the lingering tastes of dark molasses, sweet peppers and a rush of heat and coffee, it’s easy to see how one can lose oneself in the romance of our next edition of Holland's Blade Rummer.

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Goose Island Fill Me Up Buttercup

Goose Island Fill Me Up Buttercup Stout...$15.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Goose Island Fill Me Up Buttercup Stout...$4.49 / 16oz can
Peanut butter chocolate stout

Destihl Wild Sour Cherry Pie


Destihl Wild Sour Cherry Pie...$12.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Inspired by the nostalgic flavors of your favorite dessert, this sour ale is refreshingly tart & slightly sweet taste adventure that will keep you coming back for more! Cheers!
4.9% ABV

Civil Life Burton on Holt


Civil Life Burton on Holt...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Burton is Back and we canned enough to keep you supplied for the next month and a half..hopefully. This beer goes fast! Our ode to the full-bodied English winter warmer from Burton-on-Trent with notes of Caramel, marmalade toast, and toffee. Pairs well with old friends and a crackling hearth.

Brewdog Winter Mix Pack


Brewdog Winter Mix Pack...$18.99 / 12pk 12oz cans
Deck the halls with with Winter’s greatest gift, the BrewDog Winter Mix Pack. Experience the taste of twelve different beers, each with a unique flavor profile to delight your senses all season long. Best enjoyed cold in front of a roaring fireplace. Includes:
Includes 12 beers total, with 4 2022 Exclusive Stouts!
  • Elvis Juice - Grapefruit IPA
  • Hazy Jane - New England IPA
  • Clockwork Tangerine - Citrus Session
  • Barista Vista - Vanilla Espresso Stout
  • Cozy & Cordial - Chocolate Cherry Stout
  • Coco Topia - Coconut Stout
  • Alert Level Orange - Orange Liquor Stout
  • Hoppy Christmas - Festive IPA
  • Hellcat - India Pale Lager
  • Hazy Jane Pineapple- Fruited New England IPA
  • Hazy Jane Imperial- Imperial IPA
  • Punk IPA - West Coast IPA

Deschutes Chasin' Freshies Fresh Hop IPA


Deschutes Chasin' Freshies Fresh Hop IPA...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Seize the hop harvest season with this limited release fresh hop IPA featuring late harvest Idaho 7 hops. This fresh and juicy IPA has notes of tangerine, apricot, and papaya paired with pine resin.
6.0% ABV | 50 IBU | Fresh Idaho 7, with Idaho 7 dry hop | 2-Row Pale, Wheat

Silver Springs Sweet Rye Whiskey

Silver Springs Sweet Rye Whiskey....$32.99
  • Cask 15340
  • Yield 180 bottles
  • Bottled 10/24/22
  • Proof 110.99
  • Distilled in Kentucky
Mashbill: 65% Rye * 15% Corn * 20% Malted Barley
Early American settlers were guided to the pristine waters by the Sirens of the Silver Spring. From this spring the most delicious rye whiskey was created. With the addition of corn in the mash bill, Sweet Rye was born - a descendent of its spicy predecessors.
This special edition whiskey is bottled at cask strength.
Tasting Notes
The nose is molasses, burnt sugar, and toffee.
The palette is caramel, nougat and hot cinnamon candy.
The finish is spicy rye with a long dry finish.

Charles Heidsieck Champagne

Charles Heidsieck Champagne Rose Reserve....$59.99
Compare to $79.99 at
A graceful rosé Champagne, with a creamy mousse caressing the palate while juicy acidity creates a mouthwatering frame for the white cherry, grilled nut, candied pink grapefruit zest, ground ginger and cardamom spice flavors. Long and lovely on the finish, drawing you back for sip after sip.
Rated 93/100 The Wine Spectator
Rated 94/100 Decanter Magazine

2012 Charles Heidsieck Champagne Vintage Brut...$112.99
2012, a vintage, an evidence, a "classic" for Charles.
Very lemony (blossoms, zest and candied peel), with some red-berry and fresh tobacco-leaf notes. Impressive richness and concentration, the creaminess from lees beautifully matched by the fine mousse and mineral freshness. The latter also powers the structured and saline finish that makes a serious statement. A blend of 60% pinot noir and 40% chardonnay, disgorged in 2020. Drink or hold.
Rated 95/100 James Suckling
Disgorged in 2019 with eight grams per liter dosage, the 2012 Brut Millésimé offers up aromas of crisp orchard fruit, white flowers and clear honey, complemented by hints of toasted bread, citrus zest and linden. Medium to full-bodied, elegantly fleshy and nicely concentrated, with lively acids and a pinpoint mousse, it's more generous and demonstrative than the 2008, but it will nonetheless reward a bit of bottle age.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

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Friday Beer Tasting at Spirit Wine and Craft


FRIDAY, November 4th FROM 4PM-6PM

Perennial / TWCP About Face Methode Haze...$16.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
An exclusive to our stores!
Methode Haze
New Hazy IPA with Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, and Strata hops
Maplewood Brewing Bramble Berry Fruited Sour...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Fruited sour ale brewed with blackberries, raspberries, cherries, black currants and lactose.
4% ABV
Stone Brewing Imperial Stout...$16.99 / 12oz cans
Ask any hardcore Stone enthusiast about our most legendary beers and you’re bound to hear mention of this one. Nearly jet black with a fluffy hot chocolate-colored head, a goblet of this obsidian wonder held to the sky could block out the sun. Or an evening. Redolent with dark chocolate and heavy roast up front, gracefully supported by nuances of coffee, black currant, molasses as it finishes… this beaut is ageable for years. Some of us are still enjoying our bottles from the early 2000’s. So, to look ahead, what will your stock of the 2022 edition of the Stone Imperial Stout be in 2037? Legit question. Advance planning will be its own reward!

Odell Juicy Tempo Juicy IPA...$14.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Juicy, Lively & Bright JUICY IPA
Get your groove on with Juicy Tempo! This Juicy IPA drops the beat with psychedelic hop notes of ripe pineapple and bright orange. Crack a can, hit play, and lose yourself in the melody of dazzling hop flavors.