Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Southern Tier Oat

Very limited amount of this beer made it to St. Louis.
Southern Tier Oat
Imperial Oatmeal Stout...$7.49 / btl
As reported on, the delicious Southern Tier Oat has arrived...

"Southern Tier Oat just made its way into stores over the weekend, including parts of the Midwest already. Last year marked the first wide release of the imperial oatmeal stout and it immediately became one of the brewery’s most highly regarded beers." --
"“brewed for the harvest”This beer begins in spring when oat seeds are sown as soon as the soil can be worked. Meanwhile, select types of barley are planted with hopes that Mother Nature will be kind. Our brewers wait patiently until the legumes are mature and ready for the scythe. Upon delivery to the brewery, these ingredients are mixed together in the mash tun where they steep, creating a rich molasses-like liquid. Spicy hops are boiled with the thick brew, giving balance and complexity. Brewers yeast feasts upon the rich sugars, concluding its transformation into oatmeal stout. Pour Oat into a snifter, allow its thick tan head to slowly rise, releasing unbridled aromas. The color of Oat is as dark as a moonless night. The first sip reveals Oat’s thick and nourishing taste. Like a haversack to a horse, a bottle of this stout is a meal in itself. Enjoy responsibly." --