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Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee

Bollinger Brut Special Cuvee...$55.98
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60% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay, 15% Meunier sourced from more than 300 crus, including 85% grands and premiers crus; 15% fermented in old oak barrels. The complexity and richness of Special Cuvée is unparalleled among the entry non-vintage blends of every Champagne house, short of ascending to the mesosphere of Krug. Its grand recipe explains why, built on incredible depth of 50%-60% reserves. Triumphant complexity is a given at Bollinger, but it’s the dynamic freshness and vitality that really set it apart as one of the most affordable Champagne benchmarks.
Rated 96/100 Decanter Magazine
The Bollinger style is always rich, food friendly and impressive. This wine is all of those things, with power and intensity of flavor along with ripe fruit, a layer of toastiness and a dry aftertaste. This is a style of wine that can take even more bottle aging. Imported by Paterno Wines International.
Rated 94/100 Wine Enthusiast

Bapt & Clem's rums

New Rums!!!
Bapt & Clems 7 Year Old El Salvador Rum...$63.99
'Traditional' rum: This distillery produces traditional rum, made by using distilled molasses. The sugarcane used in the elaboration of this rum is supplied by hundreds of small producers throughout the country. 
Licocera Cihuatan distillery: Licorera Cihuatàn is the only distillery in El Salvador and is situated in San Salvador, the capital city. Built recently (1999), the first rum produced was released in 2003. Cihuatàn means ‘beside the woman’, in reference to the Guazapa Mountain nearby which looks like the silhouette of a sleeping woman. For the locals, the Guazapa Mountain protects them, as well as the sugarcane fields and the rum. Bapt & Clems – Licocera Cihuatan 7 years old: This rum was first aged for 6 years in El Salvador, in “solera”, the traditional ageing system in South America, in which the ‘oldest’ rum is 6 years old. It has been in our cellars in Gascony since July 2018, ageing in French oak barrels, previously used to age Sauternes wines.

Bapt & Clems 5 Year Old Guatemala Rum...$53.99
Darsa Distillery
The Darsa distillery is the main producer of Guatemalan rums and supplies several independent bottlers throughout the world. The sugarcane used to produce their rum is exclusively from Guatemala. The quality of the rum from this distillery varies, depending on the bottler and the ageing method. The range of rums on offer from the Darsa distillery is a simple one, with few different ages. 
'Traditional' rums: In Guatemala, the two main rums are Botran and Zacapa. These rums, often aged at high altitude, are, like their French and Venezuelan counterparts, subject to an AOC appellation. Bapt & Clems - Darsa 5 years old: This rum is made from molasses, not from the fermented and distilled sugarcane ‘honey’ so often used in Guatemala. The 14 months spent in our cellar in French oak barrels (in which Sauternes wines were aged previously) finished its tailored ageing.

Bapt & Clems 6 Year Old Australian Rum...$53.99
Beenleigh Distillery Beenleigh Distillery presents itself as one the oldest distilleries on Australia (1884). The Beenleigh Distillery is then the home of many memories for a lot of people who have worked there, as well as their ancestors before them. It is closely associated to the region’s identity by the local community. A long finish Jurançon casks: Rums from Beenleigh Distillery chosen for Bapt & Clems have been aged for 4 years in Australia, followed by a long 2 years tailored finish here in our cellar in Gascony in Jurançon Casks. The sweet Jurançon contained in these casks in the past brings a round and soft touch to this cuvée.

Samichlaus Classic

Samichlaus Classic...$19.99 / 4pk
2020 Edition

14% ABV
Characterful - powerful
Brewed only once a year on the 6th of December, this strong beer is probably the most famous beer of our brewery internationally, with a large contest among the growing number of beer connoisseurs. The very elaborate and long-lasting manufacturing process (10 months in the warehouse) makes it a real rarity. Samichlaus can mature in the bottle for many years, older grades gain in complexity and maintain their creamy-warm finish. The proof: The 2004 vintage was at the World Beer Cup 2012 of gold medal winners in the category "aged beers".

Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot

In the top 100 Wines of the Year

2017 Duckhorn Three Palms Merlot...$106.99
Powerful, rich and complex, with a refined mix of currant, dark cherry and plum tart flavors backed by suave, medium-grained tannins. Well-defined slate and loamy notes stretch out nicely on the finish, with black olive hints. Drink now through 2027. 4,678 cases made. — KM
Rated 96/100 The Wine Spectator

Friday, December 25, 2020

The Arran Malt James MacTaggart Single Malt Scotch

The Arran Malt James MacTaggart Single Malt Scotch...$84.99
Next lowest price online is $89.99

Very Limited Edition
ony 2,000 cases made
Distilled in 2007
54.2% ABV
10 Year old bourbon casks from 2007

Marks the 10th anniversary of Master Distiller James MacTaggart

Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old Single Malt

Highland Park The Light 17 Year Old Single Malt...$259.99
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Together with THE DARK, THE LIGHT shares the story of the noble Viking warriors who are our ancestors, of our contrasting island seasons and of the intense balance of our whisky.
Light and dark are concepts that exist in opposition, yet together create a perfect balance. One cannot exist without the other; as one appears, the other disappears; together they create something greater than themselves – in nature, a perfect, continuous cycle.

In THE LIGHT– a special release of only 28,000 bottles – we celebrate spring and summer in Orkney; a time to emerge from our winter’s hibernation, renewed and refreshed with a spring in our step, ready to embrace the warm bright days of summer. Presented in a beautifully embossed green glass bottle, the serpent dragon design takes its inspiration from the great Norse sagas and embraces both the high sun of the summer solstice and the low sun of the winter solstice – the polar opposites of our island seasons – while the runic writing reflects the ancient carvings of our Viking ancestors which can still be seen today, here in Orkney. Names then gave they to noon and twilight, morning they named, and the waning moon, night and evening, the years to number.
Voluspa, The Poetic Edda, Verse 6

Duncan Taylor Octave The Huntly 19 Year Old and 21 Year Old


Duncan Taylor Octave The Huntly 19 Year Old Single Cask Scotch...$139.99
  • Aged 19 Years in Cask
  • 5 months in Octave
  • Cask No. 2218345
  • Only 89 bottles made
  • Distilled 1998
  • Bottled 2018
  • 53.3% ABV

Duncan Taylor Octave The Huntly 21 Year Old Single Cask Scotch...$169.99

  • 21 Years in Oak Casks
  • 5 months in Octave
  • Cask No. 2218115
  • Only 87 bottles made
  • Distilled 1996
  • Bottled 2018
  • ABV 52.7%

Glencadam Single Malt Scotch Aged 21 Years

Glencadam is no long available in Missouri - this is it!

Glencadam Single Malt Scotch Aged 21 Years...$229.99
Glencadam Distillery opened in 1825 and since then little has changed. Multi-award winning Glencadam Highland Single Scotch Malt Whisky Aged 21 Years is a fine example of centuries of craftsmanship and tradition. “The exceptional” malt with a beautifully lingering, true flavour.
Awards and Reviews
Jim Murray is recognised internationally as the leading commentator on the world's whiskies and Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, published yearly, is the world's biggest selling whisky book.
Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2014 score: 94
Gold, The Scotch Whisky Masters - 2013

Oban Little Bay Single Malt Whisky

Oban Little Bay Single Malt Whisky...$62.99
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"Oban 'Little Bay' Single Malt Whisky distilled in small batches and slowly finished in our smallest casks"

Oban 14 Year  Single Malt Whisky...$77.99
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Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year Old Single Malt

We scored 18 more bottles
Glenmorangie The Cadboll Estate 15 Year Old Single Malt..$85.99
American Oak Bourbon Cask
Our first single estate whisky created at the Distillery’s home from grain to glass.  For this limited edition, the whisky’s barley was grown only in the fields of the Cadboll Estate which surround our Distillery, for a spirit of unique creaminess.   Aged for 15 years and matured exclusively in first-fill American oak bourbon barrels, this single malt brings an intense oak depth and a rounded smoothness.

Ledaig 19 Year Olds - limited releases

Ledaig 19 Year Old Single Malt Marsala Cask Finish....$169.99
Peated Scotch

51% ABV
Limited Edition

Ledaig 19 Year Old Single Malt Oloroso Casks....$157.99
Compare to $199.99 at Total Wine and More
Peated Scotch
Distilled 1996
46.3% ABV
Limited Edition!

Hoof Hearted Brewing Hot Probs DDH Pale Ale

Hoof Hearted Brewing Hot Probs DDH Pale Ale...$3.99 / pint can
Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale

Fat Orange Cat All the Kool Kats on the Back of the Bus

Fat Orange Cat All the Kool Kats on the Back of the Bus...$4.59 / pint
ALL THE KOOL KATS ON THE BACK OF THE BUS 8.4% Imperial NEIPA- full disclosure there was a beer poured for this photo but I drank it before I got the shot . This beer is GOOD- smooth, dank and hazy with Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Nugget. If you are a fan of FOC’s Someone In My Head- KOOL KATS is a close cousin

Thursday, December 24, 2020

93 Point Rioja

2013 Marques de Reinosa Rioja Reserva...$19.99
At 20 bucks, the 2013 Reserva (100% Tempranillo aged three years in 60/40 American and French oak) is an incredible value. Black raspberry, toasted spice, cedar wood and hints of vanilla all emerge from the glass, and it has medium to full-bodied richness and weight, vibrant acidity, sweet tannin and a great finish. It's going to need another year or two of bottle age to really shine, but is seriously good. There’s roughly 2,000 cases available and it’s well worth seeking out!
Rated 93/100 Jeb Dunnuck

The Single Malts of Scotland

The Single Malts of Scotland An Orkney Distillery 14 Year Old ....$129.99
NOSE: Blooming heather, saltwater taffy, and candied cherries combine for an aromatic experience. A dash of spice appears with ginger cake, followed by some very subtle, floral wisps of smoke.
PALATE: Rose macarons are layered with lemon peel and date syrup.
The smoke is almost fruity – like barbecued peaches and grilled sweet peppers.
FINISH: Wild parsley and wood chips merge into aniseed balls and a smattering of white pepper, all rounded off by ripe mission figs.

The Single Malts of Scotland Clynelish Distillery 10 Year Old....$109.99
NOSE: Pistachio nuts and crunchy peanut-butter-and-jam blondies are evident at first, leading onto an indulgent vanilla cupcake. Blooming marigolds and amber-like labdanum also appear.
PAL ATE: Cinnamon-and-licorice tea is accentuated by waxy Tilleul honey and sweet-chili potato chips. There is the piquant sensation of chorizo followed by a touch of juicy lime cordial.
FINISH: Intense Spanish cedar wood and freshly baked sourdough bread, spread with zesty marmalade. The lasting impression if that of a dry sparkling wine.

The Single Malts of Scotland Aird Mhor Distillery 10 Year Old....$89.99
NOSE: We are greeted with apple drop candy and an orchard wood bonfire, immediately followed by juicy pomegranate and homemade pistachio muffins. There is a floral note of gardenia mingling with the smoke of burning sage incense.
PALATE: Freshly-baked apple flapjacks and a showing of clove and allspice. An echo of smoke from the embers of burnt paper, leading on to butter shortbread and smoky roasted Indonesian coffee beans.
FINISH: More vegetal than initially on the palate – rocket sprinkled with smoked paprika. Ground almonds rest on, with a hint of honeysuckle.

Amador Whiskey Co. 10 Barrels 12 Year Old Chardonnay Finished

In stock at Forsyth - will get online next week
Amador Whiskey Co. 10 Barrels 12 Year Old Chardonnay Finished...$109.99
8 Years in American Oak Barrels
4 Years in Chardonnay Barrels
Amador Whiskey Co. Double Barrel marries the best of Kentucky Bourbon with Napa Valley wine barrel finishing. Its journey began in the heart of Bourbon country, where we selected exceptional Kentucky Bourbon that came to life in new charred American oak barrels aged over 8 years and 4 years in Chardonnay barrels

Blackadder Statement - rare ones!

Blackadder Statement Jura 1998 30 Year Old Single Malt...$759.99

  • Raw Single Cask
  • 100.4 proof
  • Bottles produced: 208
  • 30 Years Old
  • Single Hogshead cask
  • No Added color
  • No chill filtration
This 30 year old Jura malt whisky is rare, with only 208 bottles worldwide.
Blackadder Jura was drawn at cask strength from a single oak Hogshead cask. It retains all its natural cask sediments as well as all of its natural oils and fats. There was no colour added and no chill filtration. A little added water will help release its full flavour. It was distilled at Jura Distillery on October 12th, 1988 and bottled by Blackadder in March 2019.
Blackadder Raw Cask 30+ YO
Jura Distillery is a Scottish whisky distillery located on the island of Jura, in the Inner Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland. The very difficult to reach Isle of Jura is only thirty miles long and seven miles wide. The distillery was founded in 1810 by the Laird of Jura, Archibald Campbell. Today it is owned by Whyte and Mackay, who are based in Glasgow, and in turn owned by Philippines based Emperador Inc.

Blackadder Linkwood 1987 26 Year Old Single Malt....$449.99
  • Raw Single Cask
  • 107.6 proof
  • Bottles produced: 298
  • 26 Years Old
  • Single Hogshead cask
  • No Added color
  • No chill filtration
The vast majority of the spirit distilled at Linkwood is used in such Diageo-owned blends as Johnnie Walker and White Horse.

This Speyside malt whisky is rare, with only 248 bottles worldwide. It was drawn at cask strength from a single Hogshead cask. It retains all its natural cask sediments as well as all of its natural oils and fats. There was no colour added and no chill filtration. A little added water will help release its full flavour. It was distilled at Linkwood Distillery in June 1991 and bottled by Blackadder in August 2013.
Region: Speyside; Owner: Diageo: Founded in 1821. Linkwood has a very slim selection of official bottlings for prospective buyers to choose from. Official releases from the distillery have been very rare, and mainly limited to Diago's Flora and Fauna range, as well as United Distiller's Rare Malts range.

Ken Wright - McCrone Vineyard Mini Vertical

Ken Wright - McCrone Vineyard Mini Vertical...$142.99 / 3 bottles

(compare to $158.97 when bought separately)
  • 2015 McCrone Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2016 McCrone Vineyard Pinot Noir
  • 2017 McCrone Vineyard Pinot Noir

Vineyard info:
Yamhill-Carlton AVA
Soil: Sedimentary-Willakenzie
Floral and spice focused with tart cherry and huckleberry on the palate. The generous floral notes of the vineyard evoke hibiscus tea with a touch of nutmeg.

Aberfeldy 21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Aberfeldy 21 Year Old Single Malt Whisky.....$224.99
Nestled within a lush valley in the foothills of the Central Highlands of Scotland, Aberfeldy Distillery lies within the quaint village of Aberfeldy, Perthshire. Aberfeldy whisky is known as the ‘Golden Dram’. Golden, for the distillery’s water source is the famous Pitilie Burn – renowned for its water quality and famed for its rich deposits of alluvial gold. Golden, for Aberfeldy continues to be awarded gold medals in international spirits awards. Golden, for every sip laden with honey, spices, citrus and hints of vanilla.

21 years of maturation allows for even further development and intensity of flavour. It is rare to find quality casks of this age, especially those that have imparted such silky complexity. The extra time spent in oak creates a luxurious richness to the whisky.

Bowmore 25 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch

1 bottle in stock 
Bowmore 25 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch...$499.99
25 Year Old | 43% abv | A joyful union of delicious toffee and hazelnut, bound together by sweet peat smoke.

A whisky to be savoured slowly, every delicious drop of this exquisitely balanced malt has been matured for a quarter of a century in North American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks. Exceptional even by Bowmore's standards, our highly acclaimed Bowmore 25 Year Old exhibits the finest qualities of each.

On The Eye: Mellow mahogany
Breathe In: Intense sherry and stewed fruits, with a trace of Bowmore smokiness
Sip: Delicious toffee and hazelnut, woven together with just a hint of sweet peat smoke
Savour: The mellow, gentle and incredibly complex finish

Longrow Peated Campbeltown Single Malt 21 Year Old Scotch

Longrow Peated Campbeltown Single Malt 21 Year Old Scotch...$479.99
Very limited release
Longrow is a double distilled, heavily peated Single Malt Scotch Whisky produced at Springbank Distillery
Limited to 3,600 bottles, Springbank have released this heavily peated expression aged for 21 years. Aged in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks.
Nose: rich smoke followed by toffee and salted popcorn.
Palate: dark fruits, biscuits and coconut.
Finish: smooth, slightly smoky with a touch of orange.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Surly Brewing Darkness 2020 Variants - BRC release

BRC release only - check your emails!

Surly Brewing Darkness 2020 Variants...$9.99 / each pint cans
  • Vietnamese Coffee Darkness Aged in Rum Barrels (Coffee, Vanilla and Coconut)
  • Mole Darkness Bourbon Barrel Aged (Vanilla, cinnamon, chilies and chocolate)
  • Double Vanilla Darkness Rye Barrel Aged (Cacao, and Vanilla)

Gaja Barolo Sperss

2016 Gaja Barolo Sperss....$259.99 / 750ml
2016 Gaja Barolo Sperss....$639.99 / 1.5 liter
(rare magnum only 1 bottle)

The golden touch, that proverbial Gaja magic, is taken to a whole new level in the 2016 Barolo Sperss. Angelo Gaja has taught his children to follow their own path, and now that the generational switch is well underway at the family estate, we can see that Gaia, Rossana and Giovanni have done him proud. Very proud. This stunning expression from the 2016 vintage (with 16,000 bottles released) represents quite a few celebratory milestones. We are now in the fifth generation to protect the Gaja legacy in an unbroken family chain that has endured since 1859. This wine is 100% Nebbiolo, and since the 2013 vintage, it is part of the Barolo DOCG appellation. Winemaking has been tweaked to embrace a more elegant, ethereal and streamlined personality, instead of the bigger extraction we saw in the past. This upgraded identity is distinctly evident in this newest release of Sperss. Starting with appearance, the wine is luminous and bright with shiny ruby and garnet gemstone. Its aromatic reach is three-dimensional with width, height and depth. Delicate berry tones cede to pressed lilac, anise, sandalwood and cardamom spice. I double decanted and left the bottle open for a few hours before my tasting. The results are tight and gentle, and the wine shows beautiful vertical lift and intensity. To achieve this much power without the excess fruit weight is really quite an accomplishment. This is the magic of Nebbiolo, and the magic of Gaja.

Rated 100/100 Wine Advocate

Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2020

Lagavulin Distillers Edition 2020...$114.99
Compare to $129.99 at Total Wine and More
  • Distilled 2005
  • bottled 2020
  • Batch No lgv.4/590
  • Double Matured