Friday, April 28, 2017

Two Brothers in the Flesh Sour with Peaches

Two Brothers in the Flesh Sour with Peaches....$10.99 / 4pk cans

American Sour with real Peaches

Call 314.727.8788 to reserve or for transfers

Lionstone Brewing Das Mango

In stock now at Forsyth!
Lionstone Brewing Das Mango....$9.49 / 6pk

Mango Wheat Ale 4.7% ABV
Brewer’s Description: Light bodied unfiltered German wheat ale w/ strong banana, a hint of clove & a punch of mango aroma & flavor
Style: Hefeweizen

Call 314.727.8788 for transfers or reservations, thanks.

Neal Rosenthal Wine Tasting!!

35th Anniversary Wine Tasting!

Exciting not to miss!!
Neal Rosenthal Wine Tasting!!
With John Paine of Rosenthal Wine Merchants

The Wine and Cheese Place - Tasting Bar
7435 Forsyth, Clayton MO 63105
Wednesday May 3 from 5pm-7pm

Open house wine tasting - please join us and tell your friends....
We will have some cheese to go along with the tasting too -- of course!

Reservations not required  - but let us know on Facebook if you are coming and please share with your friends

There's more great wine to drink than ever, with new importers and lesser-known producers bursting on the scene, next Wednesday we will feature the wines Rosenthal Wine Merchant, who for 40 years has sought and brought in the finest examples of French and Italian wines. Never one to follow newest winemaking fads or demands for more wine from the “hot sources", Neal Rosenthal insists upon working with individual growers rather than cooperatives, negociants, and large commercial producers. All of his wines are estate-bottled and so that you get that “sense of place" in the glass, the wines are produced in as natural a manner as possible believing strongly in sustainable and organic agriculture. To showcase this philosophy, we are excited to pour some of his greatest hits, in many cases made by families he has worked with over two generations. While you'll find his label on highly sought after Burgundies and Bordeauxs, today we offer a lineup of less precious, but no less interesting wines that strike the balance between finesse and power. Please join us and Vinoteca along with John Paine, Rosenthal's Midwest man on the scene.

Here is what you will taste....
  • Bisson Glera 2015, Veneto, Italy  ($19)
  • Soucherie Anjou Blanc 2015, Loire Valley, France  ($19)
  • Yves Cuilleron Marsanne 2015, Rhone Valley, France  ($20)
  • DeForville Chardonnay 2015, Piedmont, Italy  ($17)
  • DeForville Langhe Nebbiolo 2015, Piedmont, Italy  ($19)
  • Brovia Barbera Sori del Drago 2014, Piedmont, Italy  ($27)
  • Mas Cal Demoura Infidele 2011, Terrasses du Larzac ($27)
  • Gour de Chaule Gigondas 2011, Rhone Valley, France  ($33)

Zafra Rum Masters Series 30 Year Old

Zafra Rum Masters Series 30 Year Old....$169.99
Limited Edition bottled in 2015
Bottles produced: 6,720
Aged in Bourbon Casks
ABV: 40%
In Spanish, Zafra refers to the act of harvesting sugarcane, it is the moment in time when nature rewards men for months of dedicated and arduous labor.  After the harvest, our skilled Master Distiller transforms the gathered cane into rum and after careful maturation in selected oak casks, the alchemy is complete, converting aged rum into the masterpiece we call Zafra Master Series.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Urban Family new releases -

Urban Family Blind Tyger...$9.99 / pint
Farmhouse Ale with Juniper Berries
5.8% ABV

Urban Family Death to Cereal Breakfast Stout...$9.99 / pint
Our deep, dark and roasty breakfast stout fermented with milk sugar and sumatran coffee beans from Lookout Coffee Roasters.
7.4% ABV

Urban Family Heart of Stone Sour Ale...$9.99 / pint
Sour Ale with Apricots and Plums
5.5% ABV

Urban Family Mangifera...$9.99 / pint
Sour Ale with Mango Fruit and Citra Hops
4.5% ABV

Urban Family The Madam...$9.99 / pint
Imperial Dry Hopped Sour Ale
8% ABV

Urban Family Magnolia Redux...$9.99 / pint
Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale Azacca
6.5% ABV

Urban Family Sour Bog...$9.99 / pint
Ale made with Cranberries and orange zest
5.5% ABV

Founders Brewing Sumatra Brown

Founders Brewing Sumatra Brown....$10.99 / 4pk
Imperial Brown Ale Brewed with Sumatra Coffee
This bold, imperial brown ale gets its body from a team of malts including Caramel malt for sweetness, flaked barley for dense foam, a bit of Chocolate malt for its deep color and Aromatic and Munich malts to add even more depth. German and Perle hops add a touch of bitterness to balance the malty sweetness. The addition of rich Sumatra coffee takes this perfectly balanced imperial brown ale to a decadent level.
ABV: 9%
IBUs: 40

Omnipollo Aniara Pale Ale with Lemon Juice

Omnipollo Aniara Pale Ale with Lemon Juice...$6.49 / 22oz
In the intersection between pale ale and lemon juice. Lemonale.
Pale Ale, 6 % by vol.
Brewed at Crazy Mountain Brewing Co in the USA.
Artwork by Karl Grandin.

Evil Twin Brewing A is for Apricot

Evil Twin Brewing A is for Apricot...$9.99 / 4pk cans
Gose Style Ale Brewed with Salt and Apricot Added
It has a fresh tartness, a twist of salt and a balanced fruitiness of apricot - apparently a complete reflection of your personality.  We hope you like what this label says about you.

Side Project Merci #3 Blending Session

Side Project just posted this picture (April 27) - They are blending it now!
Will need to bottle condition and we will see it soon!

I am sure they are using my blend from our blending session :)

Had a great time at the Side Project Merci #3 Blending Session!

Merci #3 planned to be released this year for our 35th Anniversary!

Thank you to Cory, Karen and Oscar for hosting!

Just a few extra bottles we drank too -- 
Merci #2
Oude du Ble Blend #2
Oude Fermier
Vintage 2014 MAGNUM! 
along with some Derivation Blend #7

We found four Wine and Cheese Place Barrels filled full of stout while we were walking around!
  • 2 Buffalo Trace
  • Angels Envy
  • Four Roses (that aged Sweet Sophie Maple Syrup)
  • plus somewhere else there is a 5th barrel - Angels Envy Port Barrel)

Cory says they are ready to go and should be bottled this year also for our 35th Anniversary!!

Liber & Co. Quality Syrups

The 80s and 90s were the dark ages of cocktails. Appletinis and fluorescent-colored shots ruled the day and well-made classics were hard to find. Thankfully, we’re now in the middle of a food and drink renaissance and today’s cocktail culture has reclaimed the art of drinking well.
Over the last decade, quality and attention to detail have driven this return to craft, and distilleries have produced exceptional spirits and liqueurs to help raise the bar. Bitters have exploded from two old standards to dozens of quality producers, and freshly juiced citrus has become the only acceptable offering in any bar worth its drink. Behind it all, devoted bartenders have worked tirelessly to reestablish the craft of the cocktail.
On the whole, we are all drinking better now than ever, and we have superior bartenders and ingredients to thank for this.

In 2011, we noticed that something was missing. While high-end spirits, liqueurs and bitters meant that everyone could obtain most of what's needed to make better cocktails, there was still a problem for the discerning drinker. An entire ingredient category remained overlooked. No one offered quality cocktail syrups – the essentials required for hundreds of great drinks. Instead, artificially flavored corn syrups were peddled as substitutes, and anyone seeking an authentic drink was left wanting.

We started Liber & Co. to fill this void. We aim to complete your bar so that you can enjoy dozens of excellent cocktails.

Liber & Co. Classic Gum Syrup...$7.49 / 8.5oz
Gum syrup has long been a staple ingredient in the world’s best cocktail bars.  Gum syrup is a simple syrup combined with gum arabic, an all-natural emulsifier derived from African acacia trees. The addition of gum arabic lends the syrup a silky and more luxuriant mouthfeel when compared to a common simple syrup. It is a superior sweetener with incredible versatility. Our Classic Gum Syrup is a rich 2:1 simple syrup, meaning a little goes a long way. Try it in classics like the Old Fashioned or Sazerac, or with iced tea, coffee, or lemonade.

Liber & Co. Real Grenadine....$5.99 / 8.5oz
Originally, grenadine was a pomegranate syrup used in drinks for it's tart, sweet flavor and intense red color. Today's mass produced grenadines are just high fructose corn syrup with artificial colors and flavors. Our Real Grenadine stands tastefully apart - authentic in its ingredients and unrivaled in its flavor. Our cold-processing retains the fruits naturally fresh flavors and rich color. Pure cane sugar and orange blossom water lend this syrup great balance and an elegant floral aroma. Try it in classics like the Jack Rose or Tequila Sunrise.

Liber & Co. Orgeat Syrup...$6.99 / 8.5oz
Orgeat is a must have for any cocktail fan! Liber & Co. orgeat begins with organic almonds that are blanched and roasted to bring out their toasted nut flavors. After grinding the roasted almonds into a perfectly smooth butter, we blend in cane sugar, orange blossom water and a touch of bitter almond oil for a distinct marzipan note. This is complex orgeat whose full almond character makes it indispensable at any well-stocked bar. The iconic orgeat cocktail is the Mai Tai.

Bistra Slivovitz Plum Brandy

Bistra Slivovitz Plum Brandy...$19.99
Slivovitz is the national drink of Serbia, and plum is the national fruit.
The word "Slivovitz" is derived from Slavic words for plum. A Serbian meal usually starts or ends with plum products. The unique taste of Slivovitz comes from the plum seeds. When pressed, the seeds release amygdalin, which tastes of almonds. When sipped, the brandy's fiery start mellows, leading to a smooth clean finish.

Traditionally, Bistra Slivovitz is sipped neat, just like a cognac or any other fine brandy. It is mature enough to be drinkable with ease, particularly when it is slightly chilled.
ABV: 50%

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Patricia Green Pinot Noir

2015 Patricia Green Pinot Noir Reserve...$25.99
Deep red. Expansive red berry and floral pastille scents and flavors show impressive energy and pick up a hint of smokiness as the wine opens up. Smooth and fleshy but lively as well; a late jolt of white pepper adds spicy bite. Generous but vibrant in character, finishing very long and sweet, with gentle tannins lending shape and subtle grip. This wine delivers exceptional bang for the buck.
Rated 91/100 Vinous Media

2015 Patricia Green Pinot Noir Freedom Hill...$31.99
This bottling is comprised of 91% Dijon 115 across all three blocks. The Coury and Pommard round out the blend. This wine was in barrel for a little less than a year in 13% new oak and a combination of once-five times used barrels. This has the deep pigmentation, floral aromatics, intense mid-palate sweetness and structured finishing tannins that provide the wine with enough fortitude to hold the fruit sweetness well in check. This balances at a very high level. For all the dry extract-laden fruit here there is a wealth of acidity and tannin that are actually the dominant forces in the wine and ensure that this is a focused, smart and incredibly delicious Pinot Noir. This has so much to it that it will drink well almost immediately but has an upside that is clearly well more than a decade away.
Production: 898 cases bottled.

2015 Patricia Green Pinot Noir Marine Seimentary...$35.99
Chehalem Mountains
Chehalem Mountains is one of Oregon's newest AVAs, and a sub-appellation of the existing Willamette Valley region.  While this wine falls outside of our normal winemaking pattern since it is from an assemblage of vineyards as opposed to one specific vineyard site it still retains the idea of place as important in the overall characteristics of Oregon Pinot Noir. While we have broadened that concept away from the vineyard and to the appellation the approach to bottling this wine certainly began with the same philosophical principles we apply to our vineyard designated wines.
The Marine Sedimentary bottling takes wine from selected blocks and barrels from across multiple sites. Our entire Estate Vineyard, both Pommard (The Anklebreaker Block) and Wadensvil Clone from Olenik Vineyard and Dijon 115 and Mariafeld Clone from Lia’s Vineyard created to show how the silty marine soil both drives our plants.

Perfect 100 point wines!!

2013 Verite Perfection in a bottle!

The 2013s are the pinnacle of what Vérité has produced, and probably all wines that will be better at age 25 or 35 than they are showing today, but they are simply the essence of a vineyard site, a vine and a philosophy of no compromise. -Robert Parker The Wine Advocate

We have a limited amount of these amazing wines on hand, and as it so often is our price is too low to advertise please email for availability and pricing.

2013 Verite La Desir
The 2013 Le Desir represents 2,500 cases. This is the softest of the three wines in 2013, and this blend of 61% Cabernet Franc, 23% Merlot, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Malbec emerges with more than half of the cuvée coming from Hillsides in Alexander Valley, 37% from Chalk Hill and the rest tiny dollops from Bennett Valley and Knights Valley. Opaque purple, like its siblings, the wine is showing incredible floral, blueberry and espresso notes, exotic Asian spices, velvety texture, a supple, multilayered mouthfeel and incredible finish, with incense and licorice. This is magnificent young wine, with a good 40-50 years of upside potential. Pierre Seillan is justifiably proud of what he has achieved, and his first vintage of Vérité was only 1998, but they go from strength to strength.
Rated 99/100 Robert Parker

2013 Verite La Joie
The 2013 La Joie, which is 46% from Knights Valley, 32% from Chalk Hill and 22% from Alexander Valley, is a blend of 71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc and 5% Petit Verdot. Showing loads of graphite, cedar wood, charcoal, crème de cassis and forest floor, this may well turn out to be a 50+-year wine. It tastes like a great first-growth Pauillac and has an amazing amount of complexity and richness.
Rated 100/100 Robert Parker

2013 Verite La Muse
The 2013 La Muse, like all of the 2013s, comes about one-third from Alexander Valley vineyards, 40-plus percent from Chalk Hill, and the rest Knights Valley and Bennett Valley – all high-elevation hillside vineyards. A blend of 89% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc and 3% Malbec at 14.3% alcohol, the wine is amazingly like a great vintage of Petrus, with mulberry, black cherry, licorice, truffle and unctuous, thick, juicy fruit all present in this full-bodied masterpiece. The tannins are still present. The wine has purity and savory presence and is remarkable. The finish goes on for well past a minute. This wine would probably benefit from 5-8 years of bottle age and last 40-50 years.
Rated 100/100 Robert Parker

Brooklyn Brewery coming to The Wine and Cheese Place

I noticed that Brooklyn Brewery got registered in Missouri recently.

This will be exciting to add to the set....

Will post when I have more info and an ETA!

Here are the beers that are registered so far....

  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Brooklyn Shackmeister
  • Brooklyn American Ale
  • Brooklyn Brown Ale
  • Brooklyn Defender IPA
  • Brooklyn Naranjito Orange Peel Ale
  • Brooklyn Pilsner
  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Left Hand Braveheart Nitro

Left Hand Braveheart Nitro Scotch Ale....$9.49 / 6pk 
Super smooth with soft caramel notes and bready maltiness.

STYLE: Scottish-Style Ale
COLOR: Copper
BODY: Medium


MALT: Pale 2-row, Special B, Munich, C75, C40, Roasted Barley, Peated Barley, Wheat Malt
HOPS : US Goldings, Sterling, Willamette

Avery Uncle Jacob's Stout!

Avery Uncle Jacob's Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout...$11.99 / 12oz
Batch #6
Bottled Feb 24 2017
Barrel Type and Time: Bourbon Barrels, 6 months
Malt Variety: Two-row barley, Roasted barley, Midnight wheat, Flaked oats
ABV: 14.9% 

Color: Black
Jacob Spears, our 6th Great Grand Uncle, is credited as the first distiller to label his whiskey “Bourbon.” He built his distillery in Bourbon County Kentucky in 1790 — 203 years before we began brewing. While obviously a bit too late to produce Uncle Jacob’s wash, we’ve instead created something far more complex. In his honor, we present this robust, silky smooth, full-bodied and altogether extremely American rendition of an Imperial Stout aged for 6 months in the very finest Bourbon barrels. This explains a lot about our penchant for big brews! It’s in our blood!

Tallgrass Key Lime Pie

Tallgrass Key Lime Pie...$8.49 / 6pk cans
First released in summer 2016 as an experimental draft-only release that was met with raving enthusiasm from fans, Key Lime Pie returns to the Tallgrass lineup as a summer seasonal in 6-packs of 12 oz cans. An American sour blonde ale brewed with lime peel, Key Lime Pie is true to its namesake, recalling the sweet, tart and refreshing dessert in beer form.

Style: American Sour Blonde Ale
ABV: 4.2%
Hops: Sorachi Ace
Adjuncts: Lactose, Lime Peel, Lactobacillus