Saturday, August 21, 2010

2007 Cabernets -- stunning...

2007 Vintage -- Don’t miss it!

The Wine Spectator
Rated 92/100
2007 Honig Cabernet Sauvignon...$31.99
Marked by herb, dill, cedar, sage and dried currant flavors. Full-bodied and well-structured, both supple and tight at points, showing its subtle tannic strength on the finish. Drink now through 2017. 15,000 cases made. –JL

The Wine Advocate
Rated 90/100
2007 Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon....$19.99

It is hard to find a better value than the outstanding 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (which may even be discounted for under $25 a bottle). This sleeper of the vintage exhibits an opaque ruby/purple color as well as loads of cassis, blackberry, graphite, and cedar notes. Full-bodied, rich, and concentrated with silky tannins and a lush, generous constitution, this beauty is capable of lasting 10-15 years.
Robert Parker’s Suggested retail $25

The Wine Advocate
Rated 93/100
2007 Shafer Cabernet SLD One Point Five...$66.99
The dense ruby/purple-tinged 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon One Point Five (includes 1% Petit Verdot, 10,000 cases produced) offers up juicy red and black fruit notes intermixed with licorice, coffee beans, and camphor as well as an impressive, full-bodied texture, good elegance, and floral undertones. With a savory, broad texture, this beauty can be drunk now or cellared for 15-20 years.

This family-owned winery routinely fashions exceptional wines from their Stags Leap vineyards. Moreover, they have long been the reference point for what can be achieved in Stags Leap. My highest compliments to this great winery.


Cantillon news

Cantillon is coming

As reported on, Cantillon is releasing some of its sought after beers to the U.S. in a few weeks. Another release of FouFoune and Zwanze 2010. We have seen FouFoune here, but this is the first for Zwanze. There is supposed to be some for each market that currently gets Cantillon, which St. Louis is a Cantillon city. Hopefully we will see it here! Keep your fingers crossed.

The label just got federal approval -- hopefully we will see it on some bottles soon!!!
Cantillon Zwanze 2010
4% ABV

From the back label:
"Zwanze 2010: Brewed with 35% unmalted wheat and 5% oats, but without any unnecessary spices, Zwanze is the only traditional Belgian white beer you can buy. And it's going to cost you a fraction of the price your savvy beer geek buddy paid on that online auction site."

Order other Cantillon online now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Choose the next Sam Adams

Thanks to Kristen and for the great turn out again. Please support your favorite Sam Adams beers and Kristen can keep getting more special releases for St. Louis!!!!

August 20, 2010

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd
Clayton, Mo 63105
Read more about the tasting in Evan Benn's Hip Hops article

Kristen from Sam Adams will be on hand from 4-6pm to
taste the 2010 Beer Lover's Choice beers.
You get to vote for the next Sam Adams beer!!!!

Sam Adams Belgian Style IPA
This incredibly complex beer combines the fruity and spicy characteristics of Belgian Ale yeast with a crisp, slightly roasty sweetness from a blend of malts. These flavors are complemented by complex eucalyptus, pine and citrus hop notes of German and American hops. This beer finishes with the distinct hop bitterness expected from an IPA.


Sam Adams American Rye Ale

The slight roastiness and sweetness from roasted malt is complemented by pine and citrus notes from the combination of German and American hops in this deep reddish ale. The rye imparts additional complexity by adding a spicy character and slightly drying finish to this medium-bodied brew.

Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast

Order Mikkeller online!

Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast....$9.49 / 16.9oz
Called Beer Geek Bacon in Europe.

Rated 99 percentile on RateBeer

Oatmeal Stout

Mikkellers Beer Geek Bacon has now been released in a bottle edition. Smoke malt, coffee and hops makes this beer a unique experience.

New Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Now in stock at Forsyth!

Sierra Nevada Tumbler....$7.49 / 6pk

As the nights grow cool, the leaves on the valley oaks begin to turn and fall. In honor of this yearly dance, we bring you Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale and invite you to enjoy the show. We use malt within days of roasting at the peak of its flavor to give Tumbler a gracefully smooth malt character. So pour a glass, and grab a window seat to watch as the leaves come tumbling down.

alcohol content: 5.5% by volume
yeast: Ale Yeast
bittering hops: Challenger
bitterness units: 37
finishing hops: Challenger & Yakima Goldings
malts: Two-row Pale, Crystal, Chocolate & Smoked

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sloeberry Gin is here!!

The Bitter Truth SloeBerry Blue Gin....$36.99 / 750ml

»The Bitter Truth – SloeBerry BlueGin« is a Sloe Gin made from the best ripe sloeberries which are macerated in Blue Gin created by the famous Austrian distiller Hans Reisetbauer. Since it is only flavored with fresh sloeberries, this gin reveals the unique aroma of this wild-growing »little plum«, that is widespread in Southern Germany. The Bitter Truth – SloeBerry BlueGin is an ingredient in many cocktails and longdrinks, but can also be sipped on its own.
Tasting Notes:Dry and a just slightly sweet. The very intense sloe/plum aroma that is followed by an unobtrusive almond flavor doesn’t overpower the gin completely. It is still recognizible and completes the fruitiness with spicy flavors.

New look, fresh batch....

New label, new batch.....
Thornbridge Jaipur India Pale Ale....$7.99 / 16.9oz
5.9% ABV
Rated 96 percentile on RateBeer

"Champion Beer of Britain"
"Gold Medal Strong Bitter" at the Great British Beer Festival
“Wonderful India Pale Ale has a beautiful light golden appearance. On the nose, sweet citrus notes prevail reminiscent of candied lemon peel and combine deliciously with hints of sun-drenched tropical fruits. To taste, the immediate impression is soft and smooth but this rapidly builds around the mouth to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated of honey."
"A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish." -- importer

Cognac Tasting!

Open House -- no reservations needed! TONIGHT!!

Camus Cognac Tasting

with Manny Burnichon of Camus
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd in Clayton
Tonight!!! August 19
5-7 pm

Rare chance to taste these high class Cognacs....

Camus VS.....$24.99

Camus VSOP....$38.99

Camus XO Elegance....$124.99

Camus XO Borderies ....$142.99

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quay Vodka

Quay Vodka....$28.09

"Quay (pr. "key") Vodka is an ultra premium spirit created to capture the essence and mystique of Europe. Old world craftsmanship and total refinement are a testament to this vodka and richness and elegance the Mediterranean has to offer."

Distilled Wheat and Rye
Distilled 5 times and filtered 4 times in France

#3 of 4 in the Sierra 30th Series

Only a few bottles left call 314-727-8788 .

Sierra Nevada XXX Anniversary Jack & Ken's Ale...$10.99 / 750ml

"Jack McAuliffe was the first American "micro" brewer. His tiny New Albion Brewery in Sonoma, CA inspired countless dreamers to start small-scale breweries of their own. Jack agreed to brew this very special ale with us in honor of our 30th Anniversary. This Black Barleywine Ale is a nod to the legendary ales New Albion served at their summer solstice parties. Rich with bittersweet and roasted malt flavors, balanced with whole-cone American hops, this robust ale should age gracefully for years." -- label

Pumpkin Ales

The Pumpkin ales just keep coming -- Schlafly Pumpkin Ale has also just arrived at Forsyth!

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale....6pk

"A full-bodied, deep reddish amber beer made with pumpkin and butternut squash and spiced with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. Celebrate the bounty of harvest with this rich, malty ale and invoke the season of plenty.
ABV:8.0%." -- Schlafly Brewery

O'Fallon Pumpkin Ale...6pk

Like pumpkin pie in a bottle...we add 136 pounds of real pumpkin to the three-barley mash and then season the finished beer with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Style: Herb and Spice Beer

Alcohol: 5.6% ABV

Bitterness: 11 IBUs

From their website

New Holland Ichabod..... 6pk
Pumpkin Ale

"Ichabod combines malted barley and real pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg in a delicious and inviting brew. A rewarding complement to many dishes, Ichabod pairs well with autumnal foods such as poultry and root vegetables. After dinner, try it with your favorite dessert!" -- Brewery

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Death's Door Liquors

New artisan American Spirits...
order online now also

These are some of the hottest new spirits on the market...

Deaths's Door White Whiskey
"Made from the hard red winter wheat harvested from Washington Island, Death’s Door White Whisky is a simple yet surprisingly
beautiful spirit. The beer mash that is created for Death’s
Door White Whisky is 95% hard red winter wheat and 5% malted barley. This fermented mixture is then run twice through a 90 gallon batch still, insuring lots of contact with copper and heart cuts that bring out the best in the flavor, mouthfeel and nose. Stylistically, Death’s Door is a simple young whisky- spending less than 72 hours in an American White Oak barrel. With no caramel
colors or flavors added, this white whisky surprises with a sweet almost
reposado tequila nose and simple, yet tasty body.
Produced in batches of 360 bottles
Locally grown and produced in Wisconsin"

---Death's Door

"The story behind the un-aged whisky that originates from Death’s Door is one of those occurrences in life that while it was an accident, I for one am glad it occurred the way it did. For the whole story I spoke to Brian Elllison, the founder of Death’s Door.
Earlier this year, while a friend and distributor were visiting the Brian at Death’s Door distillery, they began tasting what at that time was the first step in creating an aged whisky, the white dog (pre-aging). Once the visiting friend sampled the un-aged whisky, he decided he wanted 50 cases. This request took Brian by surprise. That night he submitted a label to the TTB as a light whisky rather than as moonshine. And thus was born Death’s Door un-aged whisky, a combination of 20% malted barley and 80% organic hard red winter wheat that’s locally grown in Washington Island, Wisconsin.Brian has the whisky sit in stainless steel barrels for three weeks and then oak barrels for 3 days, at which point it’s bottled.
For a product that isn’t aged, it has a very unique nose combining melon with hints of barley.
When sipping it, the initial hit is soft and mellow, which then stays and sits on your tongue and dances with nuances of honey, green apple with cinnamon occasionally showing itself. It ends with a warming sensation that fills your entire body, as a whisky should. Rating: 8.5/10"

A Muddle Thought

Death's Door Vodka..750ml
Death's Door Vodka is a locally grown, small-batch vodka that combines unique wheat with crisp, pure water to provide a sweet, wheaty bouquet, tasteful middle notes and a clean finish for your palate. Getting this particular wheat isn't easy - it's grown in only one place: Washington Island. Here, ships must safely charter our precious grain to the mainland through the respectably deep currents and counter-currents of Death's Door Passage, the historic waterway where Lake Michigan and Green Bay meet.

Wine Spirits 2009 Best Spirits!

Death's Door Gin
Death's Door Distilled Gin, our small-batch gin, combines local juniper berries and botanicals to bring you layers of taste. The experience begins with a bright juniper bouquet followed by a mild middle note of coriander and cinched with the crisp, clean finish of fennel. Our wild juniper berries** are hand harvested from the open fields and forests of Washington Island and captured in this spirit with other Wisconsin botanicals.

** Apparently they are the only Gin producer using fresh juniper.

"Death’s Door passage is the treacherous strait between Green Bay and Lake Michigan where many a sailing schooner came to an untimely end. Today you can still experience the thrill of crossing Death’s Door on the ferry link between Door County and Washington Island, a passage that connects one to place and re-orients one towards a simpler life. Share the flavor and the story of Death’s Door Distilled Gin with friends both old and new. Your spirited tale will help to
support the local foods movement as you enjoy the bounty and the spirit of Washington Island – which just seems right." -- Death's Door