Saturday, January 16, 2010

Year of the bacon update...

Valde Rose Bacon was a to read more
Sold Out at Forsyth in Clayton
2 packages left in Rock Hill
Sold out packages left in Ballwin

The next new bacon is ordered for next week.....
stay tuned.....we now know we need to order more of the next one....

Remember your favorites we will vote later in the year to see which ones to bring back....

Hopslam updated -- sold out at all locations

Rock Hill has -- sold out

Ballwin -- sold out

Clayton -- sold out

Friday, January 15, 2010

Three Floyds expansion...

Three Floyds is expanding and adding some new tanks. It is time to email them for Missouri. We are a perfect fit. Close by, great craft scene, and not too large for them to handle.

"The brewery hopes to increase production by 25% to 15,000/barrels a year. Note: That is not enough for widespread expansion though it should help the brewery meet local demand. The only expansion taking place so far is to Kentucky. The brewery sent down Dreadnaught, Robert the Bruce and Black Sun Stout to the Bluegrass state last month."
As reported on -- see the Three Floyds interview

Three Floyds --

As noted in the comments -- maybe we should be emailing...

Lincoln Anderson at

Three Floyds from Munster, Indiana is only distributed in a few states. They have an amazing lineup that includes 4 beers rated in the top 14 beers in the world on and they are currently rated the #1 brewery in the world on

Visit their site and read more about them -- click here

Bourbon County

I got in 1 more case of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout at Forsyth, I think that will be our last of the year.

95 point Italian

Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia...$37.99

"The 2006 Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia is a vibrant, focused wine that flows with the essence of dark fruit, minerals and flowers. The wine possesses gorgeous length and proportion, all of which is framed by powerful yet well-integrated tannins. Simply put, this is a superb Chianti that also happens to be one of the best relative values in fine, age worthy wine. The Rancia is made from vines planted on poor soils at 420 meters above sea level. In 2006, the Rancia spent 16 months in French oak, of which 60% was new. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2026."

Rated 95/100 The Wine Advocate

Order online now

Amazing vertical....

Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Vertical
What An Amazing Offering!
Perfectly cellared in Beringer's temperature controlled caves, these time honored vintage Reserve Cabernets are available only at The Wine And Cheese Place. Beringer's Reserve Cabernets are famous for their ability to age into complex, harmonious wines of unparalleled beauty. Reward yourself, have a tasting with friends or it makes a great gift.
$480.00 Per 6 Bottle Vertical
We Have 10 Verticals consisting of:
One bottle each of the
1990 - 93/100 WA
1991 - 95/100 WA
1992 - 96/100 WA
1995 - 93/100 WA
1996 - 91/100 WA
2005 - 92/100 WA
Click Here to Order
This is a terrific bargain! Compare to the 5 bottle 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 vertical that Beringer is selling on their website for $749.00 (pictured above)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hip Hops!

Beer lovers are hopping for out-of-state brews

By Evan S. Benn

With sales of craft beer continuing to climb here, drinkers are pushing to get more cult breweries to distribute in Missouri, and the breweries are answering their demands with increasing frequency.

The state was flooded with dozens of types of new beer last year when breweries such as Founders from Michigan, and Moylan's and Lagunitas from California started selling here. And more are on the way.

The next is likely to be Colorado's Ska Brewing, which brewery president David Thibodeau tells me is set to hit St. Louis within the next few months. He says a big part of the decision to distribute here was insistence from beer fans.

"We get an overwhelming amount of inquiries from Missouri," Thibodeau says.

Ska's beers are already available in Kansas and Illinois, which Thibodeau says may have "tickled the fancy of Missouri's craft-beer lovers."

Read the rest of the article -- click here

Looks like the rumors are true-- Evan Benn reports that SKA Brewing from Colorado is coming to Missouri. I have been trying to get a confirmation from the brewery for a few weeks now, but no luck yet. SKA has many great beers including some in CANS!!! Click here to see their website

Wine Class --

STLwinegirl Wine 101 Series
at The Wine and Cheese Place
$25 per class
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Thursday, February 11, 2010
(same class, two weeks to choose from)


Introduction to Wine:
Demystifying the World of Wine

Covering the basics of wine including varietals, regions, wine making, components of wine, handling, serving, storage, cork vs. screwcap, when to decant

We will taste these wines...

From sparkling and rose to light and full bodied whites and reds and a dessert wine

Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut
Big House Pink
Calistoga Cellars Sauvignon Blanc
Rodney Strong Chardonnay
Mandolin Pinot Noir
Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon
Martin Bros. Moscato Allegro

Reservations required

Call 314-727-8788

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HOPSLAM is here!

Hopslam time is always a fun time. We are down to less than 5 cases at Forsyth after the tasting tonight. I did not get a chance to see what was left at the other stores.

Bell's Hopslam on sale now at Ballwin, Rock Hill, Provisions and Forsyth
(Store hours 9am-7pm)

Bells Hopslam Tasting!

Wednedsay January 13
at Forsyth from 4-6pm

We will taste:
Bells Hopslam
Bells Two Hearted
Bells Porter
Bells Expedition Stout

We will also try some other hoppy beers for fun...
Founders Double Trouble
Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
plus a few more...

Everyone that placed a special order---if you did not hear from me yet, make sure you contact me.....I have contacted everybody on my list...

Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon....

In stock now at Forsyth and Ballwin
(Rock Hill in about a half an hour)

Our blog and facebook page will be the fastest way to know when it arrives. Bookmark our blog and become a fan on our facebook.

Bacon ---
We have been thinking about this idea for about a year now. 2010 is going to be the year of the BACON at TWCP. Each month (or possibly more frequently) we are going to feature a great artisan bacon at our stores. We have been carrying Neuskes for over 15 years and customers love it and the response to Benton's bacon was overwhelming. I have been doing research for a number of months and I have plenty of exciting bacons already picked out. The first one is in stock now! You know it is artisan when you call to order and they say we should have some finished next week and could ship you some then. They do not have 1,000 of cases sitting around waiting to ship out. It is all handmade slowly, best ingredients, with care and it is not rushed or compromised in order to satisfy orders.

2010 Bacon #1
Vande Rose.....$8.99 / 12oz
From Iowa

Here is a some of the press:
Nationally Acclaimed Bacon
Featured as “Highly Recommended” and given title of “best breakfast bacon” in Cook’s Illustrated Magazine
Food & Wine Magazine Blog Cites “One of the best bacons ever”.

Here is how they make their bacon....
-Begin with high quality source verified Duroc Pork* from our family farms
-Each belly is individually hand rubbed with a special cure that took a year to develop
-No water added, less shrinkage
-Cured for several days
-Slow smoked for 12 hours over real apple wood chips for maximum smoke flavor
-No phosphates

Premium Duroc Pork
"We think that truly great pork begins with genetics, grains and sustainable farming. When our three families came to the United States, they were dedicated to producing top quality pork-responsibly, humanely, and respectful of the environment. These practices ensured the quality of the pork for generations to come. Five generations later, we still follow these same practices. We chose a special breed of pig, called Duroc, which is a pig known for its juicy and flavorful meat. Duroc is a heritage breed dating back to 1830, that produces pork that is desirable in color, tenderness and marbling. All of our sires are 100% Duroc. The mothers of our pigs are productive white breeds, selected for their meat quality. The result being, it just plain tastes better. Detailed records of genetics, weight, feed and life history are kept for each animal!" - from their website

Stickum - Beer Brandy

Very limited....
Stickum Plus....$99.99 / 750ml
Only 150 bottles made
Distilled Beer!!

Uerige Sticke Alt, distilled, and aged in cognac barrels

"UERIGE DoppelSticke Alt is distilled at the UERIGE Hausbrauerei distillery and then matured in Cognac barrels on the brewery's premises in the Alstadt of Duesseldorf." -- label

Since the winter of 2007/08, UERIGE is not only a house brewery but also a house distillery, and the only one in Düsseldorf at that!

The distillery, centrally positioned in the STICKUM annex to the main precinct, distils STICKUM and STICKUM PLUS from UERIGE Sticke and DoppelSticke, respectively. These are fine spirits that set new standards.

Also available online now

Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes

Order all BFM brews online

BFM Cuvee Alex le Rouge....$6.99 / 11.2oz

Imperial Stout -- 10.3% ABV
"Cuvee was created in the honor of the Jurassion revolutionist Alex the Red, founding member of the SMABE (Societe mondiale des amateurs de bieres extremes). Enjoy between 10 and 12 degrees C. Cuvee Alex Le Rouge can be kept for several years stored upright in a dark, cool location.

Alex La Rouge is an imperial stout brewed with vanilla, pepper and tea. It is hoped using Hallertauer. " - importer

Austrian rarities

Order Hofstetten online

Hofstetten Barley Wine...$4.39 / 11.2oz
From Austria. Cannot find any info on it right now. We will have to taste it on Friday.

Back in stock now!!

Available online - click here
Hofstetten Granitbock....$4.89 / pint
Batch 2009
7.3% ABV
Unfiltered, Unpasteurized & Bottle Conditioned
"Granit Bock is brewed according to the historic style “Stone Beer” (Stein Bier). Stone beer is a unique style that comes from the Baden-Wurttenberg & Franconia regions of Germany and the Kaerten region in Austria, it dates back to the Middle Ages.The Granit Bock is brewed in large granite open troughs. The granite stones are then heated to be white hot and added to the wort. This causes the sugars in the malt to caramelize around the stones and gives the beer lovely caramel and roasted flavors. It also gives the Granit Bock a unique smoked flavor.Yeast is added about 1 hour after the white hot rocks have been added to the wort., allowing for an open fermentation. The Granite Bock is then matured for several months on the cool cellars under the brewery." -- importer
read more about the brewing process

Hofstetten Kubelbier....$4.39 / pint
5.3% ABV

"Kuebelbier is brewed according to the historic beer style: Zwickelbier. Zwickelbier comes from the Franconia region in Germany and dates back beyond the Middle Ages. The name “Zwickelbier” stems from the sampling mug (”Zwickel” in German) mounted at the outside of the tank for assessing the brew’s progress during fermentation. The Zwickelbier style is an unfiltered lager beer (Bottom-fermenting) that traditionally is served as soon as fermentation is complete.
Kuebelbier is brewed as a pilsner and is then bottled directly from the cellars without any filtration allowing all the yeast and natural substances to enter the bottle. Unlike Kellerbier, the maturation casks of Zwickelbier are bunged (”gespundet in German) just before the end of the fermentation. This builds up effervescence in the brew. Our Kuebelbier is a very unique interpretation of this classic style to add robustness & character. It is quite hoppy at around 35 IBU and is 5.8% Alc./Vol..
The beer pours a cloudy orange-yellowish color with a nice white head. THe unqiue attributes of the style come through on the palate as the flavors imparted by the yeast compliment the hop character and carbonation in the beer to create a unqiuely robust yet refreshing beer." -- importer

order online -- click here

Glazen de Toren

Order Glazen de Toren beers online - click here

This is a limited special release from Glazen de Toren...

Saison d'Erpe-Mere Speciaal Eindejaar....$12.99 / 750ml
A "special" version of the "regular", a bit higher gravity & a bit more hops. It is only brewed once a year in November with 100% all flower hops from Belgium. New to the U.S. so far only 3 reviews on BeerAdvocate (A- rating). We only have 6 bottles available at Forsyth.

"Top fermented blond ale. Brewed according to the ancient Saison tradition of Hainaut. Unfiltered, hopped two tiimes and bottle refermented. No pasteurised and without any additives." -- label

Saison d'Erpe-Mere "regular"...$12.99 / 750ml
The Saison was the first beer of the brewery.Saison is a blonde beer brewed according to the ancient Saison tradition of the province of Hainaut. The French sounding name of the beer clearly refers to this.

Saison d’ Erpe-Mere is brewed exclusively with natural ingredients: artesian water, barley and wheat malts, liquid sugar, hops and yeast.
The result is a dry, hoppy, fruity and slightly veiled beer with 7.5 % alc. vol.
A- on Beer Advocate

Toren makes some other amazing beers.
Canaster Winter Scotch Ale...$12.99 / 750ml
Almost gone for the year, it is available November to February
"Canaster, a subtle Winter Scotch, is the third beer from the brewery. This beer is only available from November till February. Yet it was a definite choice to avoid any clear reference to Christmas or New Year in the name. On the other hand the name Canaster clearly refers to an ancient brewing tradition of Aalst. Centuries ago Canaster was brewed in the Carmelite convent in Aalst. The archeological site was recently uncovered and is the subject of an historical investigation. Canaster now relives as a Winter Scotch, a beer for the long, cold winter evenings. Here the same natural ingredients are used as in the two other products of the brewery, including the Hallertau hop from the Aalst area.This beer with a 9.5 % alc. vol. owes its warm aroma and its full-bodied taste to the use of fine, dark malts (caramel). The same 25.4 oz. bottles are used but the wrapper is white, red and green. The brewery offers a special winter glass for this beer. The logo of the brewery has here been transformed into a winter scene." -- importer

Toren Jan de Lichte Imperial White Ale...(currently sold out)
"Jan De Lichte is the fourth and the latest beer of brewery De Glazen Toren. Again the name refers to local history. In the 18th century Jan De Lichte was the leader of an infamous gang of robbers in the region of Aalst – Zottegem. He was executed in Aalst at the age of 25.The beer was developed only very recently (May 2005). As it is brand new it has not got a wrapper yet. It was first introduced to the public during a two-day beer Festival in West-Flanders in early June 2005.Jan De Lichte is a wit beer. But following ancient tradition we are using four grains beer: Barley and wheat are used of course, but there is also oats and buckwheat.Jan De Lichte is the only Glazen Toren beer to which spices are added, following the Belgian tradition of wheat beer brewing. The use of coriander and curaçoa makes for the extremely fresh, citrus-like taste. The rather high alcohol percentage (7.5 %) indicates that it is more than just a thirst quencher. Quite like Jan De Lichte himself some 250 years ago, the beer is not innocuous." -- importer
Beer Advocate -- "A-" excellent w/ 35 Reviews

Cuvee Angelique Historic Recipe...$12.99 / 750 ml
"The “Speciale Belge” beer style was created in 1904 for a brewing contest that was organized by the Universities of Belgium. The goal was to improve the quality of Belgian beer. The winner was a new style, called “Belge”. Due to the success in the contest, a number of brewers decided to brew the style and called it “Speciale Belge”.
A “Speciale Belge” is pale amber in color (slighly darker than a pilsner) as brewers tried to copy the color of pilsner in a top fermenting ale. Later the color became darker as pilsners became very common to prove that the style is something special." - importer
Beer Advocate -- "A" --outstanding

Toren Ondineke Tripel....$12.99 / 750ml (Currently sold out)
"Ondineke, subtitle Oilsjtersen Tripel (Tripel from Aalst) was the second beer of De Glazen Toren introduced under its own label.Ondineke derives its name from the main character of the most famous novel of the most renowned author of Aalst ( De Kapellekensbaan by Louis Paul Boon, translated into English in the early seventies as “Chapel Road”). A statue of Ondineke can be found at the entrance of the City Hall of Aalst. Ondineke is a classic tripel, brewed in the ancient way, again with exclusive natural ingredients: artesian water, malt (barley), hops, yeast and liquid candy sugar. As in the Saison no spices are added. Ondineke is an unfiltered top fermenting beer. It is soft, creamy, and of golden color. It is double hopped with the last real hops available from the region of Aalst (The variety is Hallertau Mittelfrüh). Just like the Saison, Ondineke is bottled in 25.4 oz. bottles. The self-designed wrapper is white, yellow and red (the city colours of Aalst).Ondineke has a positive taste evolution and the bottles are best kept standing in a cool, dark place. It is best before two years after the bottling date. 8.5 % alc.vol. makes this a beer to be savoured. Preferably Ondineke is to be served at a temperature between 6 to 10° C. Moreover Ondineke is at its best when served in the originally designed Glazen Toren glass.

A new limited release....

Grand Teton has released their last Cellar Reserve of 2009. Grand Teton is still new to Missouri and they are currently only distribute in 14 states.

Order Grand Teton online now

Grand Teton Sheep Eater Scotch Ale....$13.99 / liter

Sheep Eater Scotch Ale was brewed to showcase the role of malt in the flavor of beer and brewed in strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot, or German Beer Purity Law.

Scotch Ales are some of the world's most flavorful beers. Scotland's cold, blustery climate lends itself to the growing of barley and oats, but not to the production of hops, which are almost always added sparingly.

The yeast must work at cooler temperatures than is customary for ales, resulting in maltier, cleaner, less fruity or estery, beers. The color often comes from black roasted malt, which imparts some dryness, but because of the lower attenuation and hopping rates, Scottish ales are almost always slightly sweet and incredibly drinkable.

Ours was brewed with black roasted barley, biscuit and peat-smoked malt. It was gently hopped, fermented cool and aged cold for weeks for smoothness. It is copper-brown in color, with some sweet maltiness and plenty of body.

Try it with ham, roast pork or chicken, roasted vegetables or venison, crème brulee or, most traditionally, Scottish butter shortbread cookies.

Alcohol by volume 7.5%

Info from their website.

Click here to read more about Grand Teton - year round beers.

We still have a little left of their highly rated Black Cauldron Stout

Rated 96/100 Percentile on RateBeer
Rated A- on BeerAdvocate

click here to read more about it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In stock at Forsyth

Order Southern Tier online

Southern Tier Choklat
the ancients called it 'food for the gods'

The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl (ch-co-atle). At Southern Tier, we’re not surprised that hieroglyphs of the ancient Maya depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods. Even through the many voyages of Columbus, the mystical bean remained nothing more than a strange currency of the native peoples.

Moving through centuries, the circular journey of cacao has been realized in our brewing house, encompassing the complexity of the darkest, bitter-sweet candy together with the original frothy cold beverage of the ancient Maya to bring to you our Blackwater Series Choklat Stout. We have combined the finest ingredients to tempt your senses & renew the power & interrelation of history in every bottle.
9.1% abv • 195º L • Imperial Chocolate Stout • 22 oz / 1/6 keg
2-row barley / caramel 60 malt / barley flakes / chocolate malt / bittersweet Belgian chocolate / kettle hops: chinook & willamette

info from their website

New year homework....

The new year is here and it is time to push on....and time to email....

There are so many great beers available now in St. Louis and we are lucky to receive some great beers in Missouri as our craft scene continues to explode. We already receive some top rated breweries in the world. From's top 20 breweries in the world of 2009 -- Mikkeller (#6), Founders (#7), Struise (#10), Bells (#11), Great Divide (#14), Dieu du Ciel (#16), and Southern Tier (#17) are all currently in our stores.

We have not given up hope on the power of the craft beer scene here in St. Louis. We will continue to go after new breweries. Mike Sweeney at took a poll to find what St. Louis beer lovers wanted to see next. Here are the four top choices from that poll (and 1 extra I added). Send them an email and tell them to come to St. Louis -----

Three Floyds --

Three Floyds from Munster, Indiana is only distributed in a few states. They have an amazing lineup that includes 4 beers rated in the top 14 beers in the world on and they are currently rated the #1 brewery in the world on

Visit their site and read more about them --
click here

Surly Brewing --

Surly Brewing is currently rated #9 best brewer in the world. Surly Darkness Imperial Stout and Surly Furious IPA are two of their most sought after beers.

Visit their site and read more about them -- click here

Deschutes Brewing --
A great brewery from Oregon that people go through great lengths to get The Abyss Imperial stout along with many others.

Visit their site and read more about them -- click here

Oskar Blues --

Oskar Blues produces great beers all in cans! I got a chance to visit the brewery when I was in Colorado last year and it was an amazing place with amazing beers. People are always asking for Ten Fidy Imperial Stout, Dales Pale and Old Chub.

Visit their website and read more about them -- click here

And a another brewery I would like to see...

If you did not see RateBeer's Top 10 NEW beers of 2009, Cigar City had 4 out of 10!

click here see the list..

Cigar City Brewing --

And another small brewery out of Florida I constanly get requests for at the store is Cigar City. They are getting a lot of buzz on the internet and beer sites. They are only in a few states and now would be a great time to get them to come to Missouri as their beer ratings climb up the charts.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Food and Wine Pairing

Make Reservations now:
Call Samantha at 314-989-0020
Sign up online now!

Food and Wine Pairing
Classes at Provisions

~ Winter Warm Up~

January 19, 2010

$30/person all inclusive
What a deal!

The Menu :

Winter Salad with Goat Cheese "Fritters" & Warm Bacon Vinaigrette
Argyle Brut Sparkling

Cajun Jambalaya with Crab Claws
2007 Treana white Rhone blend of Viognier/Marsanne
Central Coast California

Traditional Coq au Vin
2007 JL Chave Crozes-Hermitage
Rhone, France

Lamb and Root Vegetable Masala
2008 Gascon Malbec
Mendoza, Argentina

Mexican Chocolate Pot de Creme
2003 Dr. Parce Rimage Banyuls
Important Facts
Class: Winter Warm Up
Fee: $30

Date: January 19, 2010
Time: 6:30p – 7:45p

Reservations: Call Scott or Samantha, 314-989-0020.

11615 Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, MO

Payment is required at time of reservation. You may cancel up

to 7 days prior to the class. No refunds after that date.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Top 10 NEW Beers of 2009

Ratebeer posted an unofficial top 10 NEW beers of 2009

Ratebeer’s Unofficial
Top 10 New Beers of 2009

#1 – Cigar City Bourbon Barrel Aged Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout (4.30)
#2 – Cigar City Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout (4.28)
#3 – Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout (4.20)
#4 – Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (4.19)
[CORRECTION: #5 - Hair of the Dog Matt (4.18)]
#5 – The Bruery Black Tuesday Imperial Stout (4.16)
#6 – Hoppin Frog Barrel Aged BORIS The Crusher (4.11)
#7 – Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel en Fût de Bourbon Américain (4.06)
#8 – Cigar City 110K+OT Batch #2 I.R.I.S. (4.04)
#9 (tie) – Cigar City Barrel Aged 110K+OT Batch #2 (4.02)
#9 (tie) – Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze (4.02)

Click here to read the full story and descriptions.

Mikkeller -- IBU of 1000!

Update from one of our favorite brewers....his newsletter just emailed out. I had to use Google to translate it from Danish....

Check out some of the Mikkeller beers in stock - click here

Mikkel is always pushing the envelope....
Mikkeller is brewing a beer with a theoretical IBU of 1000! There will be an 'Out of This World' beer at 12.2% alcohol

Mikkeller Newsletter No 10

This email is a newsletter from Mikkeller - and those we see not every day. Actually it is so long ago Mikkeller last issued a newsletter to all long forgotten, both when it was and what was in it.

But it is certainly not because there is something worth telling about, the explanation is closer to that news about Mikkeller primarily lands on Mikkeller's website, or Mikkeller's Fan Club on Facebook Link ...

But now that we have finally taken us together to write a newsletter, and when you then subsequently taking the time to read it, so let's see get on with it.

2009 has been a great year for Mikkel. Year started with the members of the Danish Beer Enthusiasts, chose Mikkeller Denmark's best brewery 2008th Hard to imagine a better start in years.

From here it is otherwise gone into a breathtaking pace. Already the 5th January 2009, when all others were still recovering from New Year more than lumps, Mikkel got up early to present the Beer Geek Brunch Weasel in morning TV. This created mildly much publicity that the coffee in the beer has passed through a Vietnamese weasel-head. The media was quick to baptize Beer Geek Brunch 'shitty beer'.

2009 was also the year when Mikkeller really got started in his Single Hop Series. After the first single hop, Simcoe, came more and here last month, Tomahawk and Amarillo as on 6 and 7 In early 2010 there will be another 3 in the series, and simultaneously released new batches of the previous 7. In this way possible to go down to his beer-pusher and buy 10 different Single Hops at the same time. With 10 different Single Hops on ice, missing one is just a bag of peanuts, as is the evening rescued.

On 16 January kl. 14-17, we hold a Single-Hop event at Ørsted beer bar - more on this soon. Set already your calendar now - it'll be a great event!

Beyond Single Hops and Beer Geek Brunch, has been particularly barrel aged beer has filled much of Mikkeller. And Mikkel has promised that there is more barrel aged beer on the road in 2010. Both new and familiar beer will in the coming year appear in barrel aged versions. Just as it has been Mikkeller's stated goal and purpose of the Single Hop series, giving people the opportunity to taste the different types of hops in isolation, then there is a barrel aged project underway, which in many ways resembles it. The barrel aged project is a way for people to taste one beer and then later taste the same beer, now barrel-aged in different barrels. This way you have an unique opportunity to taste what different barrels can do to the same beer.

It is clear that when Mikkeller in 2009 have managed to send in the vicinity of 40 different beers, it has been necessary to expand on several levels. In addition to running faster than before, Mikkel has also been forced to work less as a schoolteacher. In addition, Thomas Schøn been hired full time for Mikkel. In this way, Mikkel hope to make time for, and possibility to realize the many projects Mikkeller constantly struggle with.

Mikkeller has planned several trips abroad in the coming years. Among other things, the plan is to travel to Greece and brew a beer with the Greek micro-brewery Craft. And it can not be ruled out that 2010 is not even going to bid on a few trips to the United States. Whether it results in even a beer brewed by Three Floyds, or about Mikkeller to brew with a very different American brewer, it is still too early to say anything about. Another European collaboration are also planned for 2010.

Although it is early in the process, and although there will be a few months before it becomes possible to taste it, so we will now reveal what is enough to go and become one of the year's wildest new beer.
Mikkeller is brewing a beer with a theoretical IBU of 1000! There will be an 'Out of This World' beer at 12.2% alcohol. It is expected to begin shipping in February.

It has always been Mikkeller's intention to seek and explore the boundaries of what beer is and what beer can be. How will it continue in 2010.

And as the final feature of this now very long newsletter, it's worth mentioning that 2010 starts with Mikkeller Denmark sets a new record. Until 2009 was Denmark's strongest beer Black, with its 17.5% alcohol gave all the other rear wheel on the alcohol scale. But now there is a new player on the pitch, it's called Big Worst, and is in its initial 17.6% alcohol, the new number one. New batch which will hopefully even higher in alcohol% is already under way. I wonder if Mikkel's shoulders are broad enough both to wear a gold and silver medals.

As in the past year, it will in future be very careful with newsletters from Mikkel. Instead, we encourage everyone to join Mikkeller Fan Club on Facebook that will be used more frequently in future. Registration can be made here:

Furthermore we would like to invite everyone to visit Mikkel Jewelers website periodically.

Thanks for a "shitty" beautiful year and see you in 2010.

Happy new year!