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The Lost Distillery - limited

"In the last century, almost one hundred of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries have been closed or destroyed.  This accounts for nearly half of all distilleries that have ever existed in Scotland. Global economic downturn, over-production, world wars and prohibition have all contributed to the loss of so many distilleries. As a result of all of these factors, many unique and venerable brands have been lost to the world. Until Now"

yes this counts as Double WRC points
about 5 bottles left
The Lost Distillery TWCP  Auchnagie Port Wood Finish...$57.99
On sale $54.99
Special Limited bottling
336 bottles produced
Cask Finished in Port Barrels
Auchnagie Distillery existed for almost 100 years, starting work as a remote farmhouse distillery and ending its days as, arguably, the jewel in the crown of a global whisky empire. It had at least seven different owners and was silent for large parts of its life. This was not unusual for small-scale 19th century distilleries, as their precarious existence was often at the mercy of lack of water, lack of money, changes to duty laws and local demand for the product.

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Benachie...$41.99
On sale $36.99
Benachie Distillery existed 1824-1913 
Classic Collection
Part of a series, this is Lost Distillery's take on what Benachie Distillery's whisky might taste like today, had it not closed in 1913. It has a notably dark amber hue, and a bouquet that suggests toffee and campfire smoke. On the palate, it's a relatively dry sip, starting with toffee but unpacking slow-building smoke, clove and burnt orange peel, and finishing with cigar wrapper, unsweetened chocolate and spice. A good contemplative sipper. Best Buy.
Rated 92/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Lossit...$41.99
On sale $36.99
Lossit Distillery existed 1817-1867
Classic Collection
46% ABVHad Islay's Lossit Distillery not closed in 1867, this is Lost Distillery's interpretation of what the whisky might taste like today, part of a series. This golden Scotch has a peaty aroma, with a honeyed undercurrent. Notably smooth and silky on the palate, a medicinal, iodine note leads on the palate, followed by bold peat smoke and hints of BBQ-like mesquite. A faint citrus note plays on the smoky, peppery fade. A splash of water helps temper the lip--numbing alcohol heat.
Rated 89/100 The Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Towiemore...$41.99
On sale $36.99
Towiemore Distillery existed 1898-1931
Classic Collection
46% ABV
Had the Dufftown/Speyside Towiemore Distillery not closed in 1931, this is Lost Distillery's take on what the whiskey might taste like today, part of a series. This blended Scotch has a copper penny hue and an aroma that intertwines light peat smoke with baked pear and tea. The palate shows cocoa, peat smoke, cigar wrapper and tea, finishing with clove sparks in a long, warm, smoky and chocolaty finish. Best Buy.
Rated 92/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Stratheden...$54.99
On sale $46.99
Stratheden existed between 1829-1926
Archivist Collection
Appearance: Full gold, with khaki lights. Thin but slow-running legs.
Aroma: A dense, leathery nose with traces of dry fruit-cake, madeira cake and tinned pears, and a suspicion of scorched newspaper in the background. After a while a hint of pastry, hard toffee and sweet tobacco. A drop of water increases the pastry note, now buttery, and replaces the fruity notes with waxy green apple.
Taste: Sweet and peppery to taste, at bottled strength, with a trace of salt and a warming, medium-length finish. Lingering heat. Similar profile with water, at reduced levels, but without the salt and warm finish.
Read more about the Distillery

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Whisky Gerston...$54.99 
On sale $46.99
Gerston existed 1796-1882 & 1886-1914
Archivist Collection

Appearance: Full gold
Aroma: Light malt loaf to start, with sultanas and a trace of allspice. After a while a very slight steamy/smoky note, and hints of hard toffee. The smoky/maritime note increases over time, but becomes dirty (exhaust fumes) when water is added.
Taste: Smooth texture, sweet taste with smoke in the finish and a mineral twist. Water softens the texture; less sweet but still smoky, and a lingering smokiness in the aftertaste.
Comment: The flavour profile is just what you would expect from a 19th Century distillery.
read more about the distillery

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey Auchnagie...$54.99
On sale $46.99
Distillery existed 1812-1911 
Archivist Collection
Appearance: Dull gold, with very slight haze (suggesting lack of chill-filtration), and good thick legs (indicating good texture).
Aroma: Slight nose prickle. The top notes are juicy and fruity – bruised pears, grapefruit, fresh orange peel. Behind this there is a light biscuit note (Rich Tea biscuit) and a trace of steam engine. A little water introduces estery pear drops, soft apples and oiled leather.
Taste: Very sweet to taste at bottled strength, with considerable spice across the tongue and a warming, medium-length finish. Fruity boiled sweets in the aftertaste. At reduced strength it is less sweet and less spicy, but remains fruity, with a trace of vanilla sponge – Eve’s Pudding.
Comment: Spicy and vigorous at full strength; soft and pleasant with a dash of water.
read more about the distillery

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Gerston Vintage Collection...$234.99
On sale $199.99
Limited release of 1,000 bottles
Vintage Collection
Batch #2
Blend of rare malts
Appearance: Pale amber.
Aroma: A relatively closed nose; clean and fresh, with traces of linen and herbal fabric freshener. Laura Ashley? After a while a light, spicy prickle emerges, topping a fruity/doughy note: apple dumpling, made with suet and dusted with nutmeg. With a drop of water the paper note advances, joined by warm leatherette and a trace of steam.
Taste: Smooth texture, sweet taste and a surprising amount of smoke in the finish – more coal smoke/steam engine than peat smoke. An unusual, antique taste, which holds up well with a drop of water, although the smoky element is reduced.
Comment: Interesting and vaguely ‘old fashioned’, especially without water.

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Auchnagie Vintage Collection...$234.99
On sale $199.99
Limited release of 1,000 bottles
Vintage Collection

Batch #2
Blend of rare malts
Appearance: Pale gold. Lemon lights.
Aroma: Sweet malt in the foreground, rapidly followed by fruity notes – tinned pears – with traces of spun honey. The sweet cereal now in the background as sweet biscuit. Water introduces hemp rope and wet cardboard, but still with a fruity top-note.
Taste: Sweet to taste at bottled strength, with considerable spice across the tongue and a warming, medium-length finish. At reduced strength it is less sweet and less spicy, but remains fruity, with a trace of apple sponge and vanilla.
Comment: Pleasantly sweet and spicy, with the ‘hemp rope’ an old fashioned scent.

Lost Distillery Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Stratheden Vintage Collection...$234.99
On sale $199.99
Limited release of 1,000 bottles
Vintage Collection

Batch #2
Blend of rare malts
Appearance: Full gold.
Aroma: A dense, leathery nose to start, then dry fruit-cake, madeira cake (with Maraschino cherries) and tinned pears. After a while a hint of pastry, hard toffee and sweet tobacco. A drop of water introduces pastry made with lard and adds a brown-paper note to faint pears.
Taste: Surprisingly sweet and peppery to taste, at bottled strength, with a trace of salt and a warming, medium-length finish. Lingering heat. Similar profile with water, at reduced levels, but with more fruit.
Comment: Similar in style to the ‘non-vintage’ edition, but with greater complexity.

Penfolds Max's Shiraz Cabernet

2016 Penfolds Max's Shiraz Cabernet...regular price ..$19.99


Youthfully tight but characterful, with savoury tannic grip, black olive, eucalyptus and juicy blackberry fruit. Drinking Window 2019 - 2025
Rated 92/100 Decanter
A robust, solidly built and beautifully balanced Australian red wine. Aromas of dark fruit and smoke. Decant 1-2 hours and enjoy with a rare steak.
Shiraz Cabernet food pairings: roast leg of lamb, grilled pork chops, roast Cornish game hens.
Rated 90/100 Natalie Maclean

Firestone Walker Bretta Blanc


Firestone Walker Bretta Blanc...$11.99 / 375ml 
ON SALE $5.99
Introducing Bretta Blanc - our latest wild child from Barrelworks!
Bretta Blanc is a distinctive wild ale fermented with white wine grapes from David Walker's family vineyard, creating a deliciously effervescent beer-wine hybrid.
This beer was aged for up to three years in French oak barrels and has notes of honeysuckle and honeydew melon, with a soft Champagne-like mouthfeel for maximum drinkability.

Avery Hop Freaks Series #1 IPA

Avery Hop Freaks Series #1 IPA....$9.99 / 6pk cans
8.0% ABV
The first in our Hop Freaks Series, this juicy and hazy IPA is packed with Citra hops that deliver big notes of orange, grapefruit, cantaloupe, and honeydew.

Friday, December 17, 2021

Foursquare Shibboleth Rum Mark XVI

we scored 6 more bottles - online now!

Foursquare Shibboleth Rum Mark XVI....$146.99
16 Year Old Rum

A Single Blended Rum, Aged for 16 years in Ex-Bourbon Barrels – all aging on-site in Barbados. Bottled at 56% ABV – 112 Proof. No color, no sugar, no additives, no filtration

Sterling Napa Valley Merlot

2016 Sterling Napa Valley Merlot...$14.99
Compare to $19.99 at Total Wine and More

Plush and well-spiced, with sinewy power to the dried red currant, plum and raspberry flavors. Notes of slate and hot stone show on the chiseled finish.
Rated 90/100 The Wine Spectator

Duvel The Original Belgian Blond

A classic - great gift!

Duvel The Original Belgian Blond....$24.99 / 1.5 liter (magnum)
8.5% ABV

Duvel is a natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined flavour and a distinctive hop character. The refermentation in the bottle and a long maturation, guarantees a pure character, delicate effervescence and a pleasant sweet taste of alcohol.

Double Dry Hopped IPA from Sierra Nevada!

Sierra Nevada Powder Day DDH IPA...$8.99 / 6pk cans
Sierra Nevada Powder Day DDH IPA...$16.99 / 12pk cans
Double Dry Hopped IPA from Sierra Nevada!
We started dry-hopping, and it snowballed into a full-on Powder Day. Notes of citrus, stone fruit, and melon pile high in a blizzard of lupulin powder.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Deep Sleep Brewing new releases

Deep Sleep Brewing BIS 40 Barrel Aged Stout...$14.99 / pint
BIS 40 Barrel Aged Stout. An Imperial Stout aged in Samuel Berton Bourbon barrels with mildly roasted Guatemalan coffee beans by Reconstruction Coffee, and vanilla added. A culmination of chocolate, coffee, malt, bourbon, vanilla, and oak. 11.3% Alc/Vol

Deep Sleep Brewing Forty Winks Barrel Aged Cider....$17.99 / pint
Barrel aged cider.
Hard cider aged for 18 months in Samuel Berton Rye Whiskey barrels, with dark sweet cherries added. A perfect culmination of cider, rye, cherry, and oak, creating a most unique flavor profile. 9.30% Alc/Vol.

Deep Sleep Brewing Helleva Stage II Lager....$4.29 / 16oz cabn
Deep Sleep Brewing Helleva Stage II Lager....$16.99 / 4pk 16oz cans

Helles Half Life or Stage II? Beer or Cider? Well……. Yes actually!
We combined our Helles and Cider and created a delicious apple flavored beer. Be on the lookout for Helleva Stage II Lager!!

Cade Cabernet in all sizes!

We have the whole family of the iconic Cade Cabernet in stock at Kirkwood!

2016 Cade Estate Howell Mountain 375ml...$44.99
The 2016 Cade Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is a blend of 77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Merlot, 7% Malbec and 5% Petit Verdot. It has a deep purple-black color and wonderfully pure, vibrant notes of crushed blackcurrants, black cherries and baker's chocolate with touches of Indian spices, licorice and cloves plus an earthy waft of damp soil. Full-bodied, rich and powerful in the mouth with a rock-solid frame of ripe, grainy tannins and seamless freshness, it finishes with layer after layer of black fruit and exotic spices.
Rated 96+/100 Wine Advocate

2018 Cade 
Estate Howell Mountain 750ml...$115.99
The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate comes all from the estate on Howell Mountain and is 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Malbec, and the balance Merlot and Petit Verdot. More blue fruits, bay leaf, candied violets, orange blossom, and floral notes emerge from this full-bodied beauty, which reveals a rounded, sexy texture, polished tannins, and a great finish. Give bottles just a few years in the cellar and it's going to keep for 15+.
Rated 95/100 Jeb Dunnuck

2018 Cade Estate Howell Mountain 1.5L RARE MAGNUM...$253.99
Rated 95/100 Jeb Dunnuck

Wine tasting open house!


Wine tasting with importers Pierre and Sheena.
Open house wine tasting!

Where: The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105
When: Thursday, December 16
Time: 4:30-6:30pm

Here is what we will taste....

• Coutinel Braucol
• Heritage red and white
• Horgelus rosé
• Medimer Syrah
• Medimer Viognier
• Bardin Sancerre

More info on the wines...

2020 Chateau Coutinel Braucol...$19.99
Made from the grape Braucal
Anne Arbcau and her brother, Gérard, manage this family estate based in Labastide-St Pierre, and produce a range of wines including this Braucol-replete with bright plum-skin flavors and ripe tannins. Initially powered by its acidity, a dexterous transfer to the tannins manages the weight of the fruit.
Rated 91/100 Wine and Spirits Magazine

2019 Heritage Familial Bordeaux Blanc...$17.99
This is a fantastic value made by a great Bordeaux Family- Franc de Ferriere. The family vineyard is located to the east of the Bordeaux wine region, about 25 minutes from Saint-Emilion. Wines of the Franc de Ferriere family originate from a unique area on the hills of the Dordogne river, giving the appellation all of its originality and grace.
This 100% Sauvignon Blanc White Bordeaux is fantastic. Wilfrid and his team do their utmost to produce quality wines reflecting the potential of our terroir.
Our philosophy and practices are constantly evolving in order to produce wines that are unique, elegant and full of flavours.

2019 Heritage Familial Cotes de Bordeaux Rouge...$17.99
Merlot and Malbec blend from new St. Emilion
A beautiful cherry red color. The nose is dominated by red berry fruit with hints of cocoa and candied fruit. A well balanced palate with a sweet attack, leading to a soft and round finish full of ripe, fresh fruit.

2020 Horgelus Cotes de Gascogne Rose....$9.99
  • 35% Merlot
  • 35% Tannat
  • 30% Cabernet Sauvignon
Horgelus Rose is made from grapes that were picked at night.  At night the grapes are cooler and lends itself to a much fresher Rose wine.  This Rose has an intense and complex bouquet of sweet strawberries, juicy blackcurrants and ends with a thirst-quenching and dry finish.
Great wine on its own but also goes well with grilled chicken, salmon and fresh salads.

2020 Medimer Viognier...$13.99
It is hard to find a great inexpensive Viognier, so we are very excited to find this one, gorgeous nose of peaches and apricots.  I has flavors of tangerine, almonds and a hint of ginger with depth and weight.   Perfect for an aperitif wine and and also with seafood or spicy foods. .   Early morning picking and cold temperature fermentation to preserve freshness. The lees are stirred post-fermentation to add volume to the wine and balance the fruit.  

2020 Medimer Syrah...$13.99
Big rich syrah value! Crimson color with very distinguishable purple hues. Aromas of violet then small black fruit, cocoa and spices. Fills the mouth wiht fine and silky tannins, volume and roundness in the mouth. Pleasant length and persistence
Soil: The Mediterranean waterfront is principally composed of two types of sediments: tertiary (sand, clay) and quaternary (gravel). Climate: Mediterranean, along with special humidity and freshness from the Étang de Thau, guaranteeing the perfect balance of required acid alcohol for red wines.  

2020 Domaine Cédrick Bardin Sancerre...$29.99
25 Year Old vines.
"Typical expression of Sauvignon Blanc. This Sancerre comes from a flinty terroir, characterised by its minerality, freshness and finesse. Can be appreciated as an aperitif, with Crottin de Chavignol (goats cheese) or grilled fish. Best drunk in the 5 years after vintage." - Winemaker
Pale yellow with green reflections. The nose presents a good intensity from the opening. The first notes are expressed on the exotic fruits (passion fruit, guava and lychee). Notes of lime as well as a a touch of white pepper allows the nose to express a nice freshness. From start to mid-palate, the balance is frank, chiseled and fresh. A certain sweetness then coats the palate. A slight bitterness remains at the end of the mouth, recalling the citrus notes (grapefruit, bitter orange) on the nose.

Crane Brewery Tasting at Kirkwood Tonight!

Come taste some delicious beers from Crane Brewing (Raytown, MO) tonight at our Kirkwood Location. Owner and head brewer Michael Crane will be in the house! Two beers have not been previously available in cans! Tasting starts at 4:30pm 

Lady Midday 6pk Cans...$13.49

Sour ale with cherries, chilis, and spices. 4.2%ABV

Tidal Streams 6pk Cans...$13.49

Sour saison with blueberry, coconut, and pineapple 6.2%ABV

Plus others!!

Habondia Peach Brandy

Back in stock

Habondia Peach Brandy....$69.99 
From the makers of Big O, we present Habondia Peach Brandy. This ultra-premium brandy was produced in a single batch and single barrel. Made with only ripe, fresh peaches, the result is a luscious brandy that leaves the taste of sweet fruit lingering for minutes after the last sip.

Morin Pommeau de Normandie

Morin Pommeau de Normandie....$24.99
Pommeau de Normandie is a mistelle type of beverage, meaning the fruit must is fortified prior to the beginning of fermentation. Pommeau is made by mixing 2/3 apple must (unfermented apple juice) with 1/3 one-year-old Calvados brandy (these proportions result in an ABV of 16-18%). The mixture is stirred gently in vats before moving to oak barrels, then aged for around 30 months.
Bright and clear, a beautiful amber color, subtle flavors of stewed fruit, dried fruit, prunes, honey and cocoa.

Bruja de Agua Artisnal Gin Citrica

Bruja de Agua Artisnal Gin Citrica....$59.99
Product of Mexico

Through an artisanal process using corn alcohol, juniper berries, and the essences of 30 regional plants, we merge the gin tradition with Mexico's botanical richness.

Notes of lemon verbena, coriander, lemon, grapefruit and orange zest, rosemary, tangerine leaf, and a hint of allspice.

Still 630 Maple Sunset Rally Point Rye

Still 630 Maple Sunset Rally Point Rye...$44.99
Rally Point Maple Sunset is an extremely rare and limited-edition spirit that begins as our flagship Rye Whiskey and then carefully finished with notes of bourbon and beautiful maple syrup.

Other people may add flavoring to achieve the desired result. But that’s not our style. This unique spirit was born the hard way, with time leading to full maturation. The story of this spirit is as much about the barrel itself as the RallyPoint Rye Whiskey that went into it.

This whiskey started life being distilled twice, then aging in a charred American Oak barrel from right here in Missouri. At this point, it was well on its way to becoming another standout Single Barrel of our RallyPoint Rye Whiskey. We intentionally select a barrel that has special traits and ideal flavors to compliment the finishing barrel. But this particular spirit is destined for something more…

This special barrel we use to add delicious flavors and nuance to our RallyPoint changes from batch to batch. However, we use one of our own old bourbon barrels that were used a second time to age actual maple syrup. When it is emptied after this second fill, we fill it with a hand-picked barrel of mature RallyPoint. Time alone dictates the length of maturation in the finishing barrel. It’s not ready until all the flavors achieve harmony and complement each other!

Tasting Notes: Maple, holiday spices, and toasted oak on the nose. The initial taste is that of our traditional RallyPoint Rye Whiskey: caramel, earthy rye spice, and dark fruit. But as it rolls off the back of your tongue, you notice the 90 proof strength is softened by a creaminess; there are delicate traces of nutty bourbon and a distinctively pleasurable lingering smooth finish of maple syrup. This is a rye whiskey WITH bourbon and maple syrup notes, NOT a maple-flavored whiskey!

Redemption Rye Rum Cask Finish


Redemption Rye Rum Cask Finish....$35.99
Compare to $38.99 at Total Wine and More
To make this one-of-a-kind spirit, Master Blender, Dave Carpenter, took our trademark Redemption Rye (95% rye, 5% malted barley mashbill) and finished it in Jamaican and Barbadian rum barrels. The result is an intriguing romance between the signature spice of Redemption Rye and the complex sweetness imparted on the rum barrels. The aging process required meticulous monitoring to achieve the perfect balance of these flavors. The resulting spirit was named “Best American Rye Whiskey” at the 2021 World Whiskies Competition.

Breckenridge Bourbon Rum Cask Finish

We finally scored some more....

Breckenridge Bourbon Rum Cask Finish....$54.99
45% ABV
Colorado Bourbon finished in Rum Casks
Our award-winning Breckenridge Bourbon soaks up the charm of our own aged Colorado rum casks, creating an unstoppable wave of flavor. Candied apple and cinnamon enfold as dark chocolate and cacao follow. Lingering allspice captivates the senses, gratifying in just one sip but mysterious enough to leave you wanting another.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage #23

All Jefferson Whiskey has been hard to get recently!
We grabbed these HALF BOTTLES!


Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage #23....$39.99 / 375ml
Aboard the deck of a ship, barrels of Jefferson's Ocean bourbon travel to 25 ports, 5 continents, and cross the equator 2 times. This bourbon is Aged At The Mercy of The Sea. Experience a voyage yourself.

The BLVR&D Barrel-Aged Pack

Back in stock!

Our brewers love sharing small-batch, experimental and wild innovations in the Beer Hall with our friends and neighbors. The BLVR&D Barrel-Aged Pack liberates three of their most beloved oak-influenced creations.

Boulevard BLVR&D Barrel Aged Beers...$19.99 / 6pk variety

includes 2 bottles of each

Barrel Aged Imperial Porter
Barrel-aged Imperial Porter has a heavily roasted malt base, then aged in Rum, and Bourbon Barrels.

Five Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
FIVE Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout is a blend of five different barrel-aged imperial stouts. The end result? A big and bold imperial stout, with a sweet and robust finish.

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout and Barleywine

This barrel-aged Imperial Stout and Barleywine Blend was aged in bourbon and rye barrels and is our brewer's bold take on a black barleywine.

Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Batch #2

Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Batch #2...$54.99
Compare to $61.99 at Total Wine and More online (not STL)

After the single barrel ryes took off, we knew we needed to offer up a bottle geared towards newcomers. At 100 proof, this small batch blend marries 4 and 8 year ryes into a wonderfully approachable offering. Our first two batches yielded. 12,000-15,000 bottles and were available in 8 other markets other than Tennessee.

95% rye / 5% malted barley
4 & 8 year ryes (at least 25% 8 Year added)
100 Proof