Saturday, October 28, 2017

Goose Island Migration Week - rare beer tasting

Started now!!
2:45 is the raffle for a chance to purchase these rare beers!!

Open House Tasting-

Goose Island Migration Week - The Wine and Cheese Place!
Goose Island "Meet the Brewer"

Saturday October 28th
Starting at 2pm.
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105

Goose Island Sofie
Goose Island Brasserie Blanc
Goose Island Gillian
2014 Goose Island Vanilla Rye Bourbon County Stout
Goose Island Grand Prestige

Taste some very rare Goose Island Beers:

2014 Goose Island Vanilla Rye Bourbon County Stout
"First brewed for the legendary festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beer in Chicago, drinkers enjoyed this Bourbon County Variant so much we bottled it the next year (2010). People flocked to stores to get their hands on a bottle and have this one of a kind barrel aged stout. Over the past few years we have heard our fans express their love for this version and we are extremely proud to bring it back in 2014. This years version features a little twist of aging the stout in Rye Whiskey Barrels with a mix of Mexican and Madagascar vanilla beans!
Rated 100/100 RateBeer

This beer was not sold outside of Chicago 
                  - rare treat for us to get some to taste and sell
Goose Island Grand Prestige
Grand Prestige is a classic recipe from our friends at Hertog Jan in the Netherlands. We brewed this beer to their specifications here in Chicago, but we added a new depth to the flavor by barrel aging it in a combination of first and second use bourbon barrels.

"Grand Prestige is the crown jewel of our brewery. I am proud that we brew such a nice beer in our brewery. The choice of raw materials, the taste that our yeast produces and the craftsmanship of the brewers make this beer very special. The taste is a varied palette of roasted malt, a hint of caramel, spicy and full-bodied and in the end you taste a pleasant bitterness with a bunch of sweet. The aroma is deliciously fruity. The complexity of the taste and the warmth of the alcohol gives me a sense of wealth and rest. Duke Jan Grand Prestige is one of the few beers that can be ripened longer. From two years after bottling, the beer evolves to a portable, complex flavor and flavor. Nowadays there are countless bottles in the basement under the brewery in Arcen." - Hertog Jan Brewery

We will also have some bottles for sale
Goose Island Vanilla Rye BCS
Goose Island Grand Prestige
Goose Island 2016 BCS

Here is how it will work.  
When you arrive you will get a raffle ticket.   At 2:45 we will draw names for the chance to purchase a bottle.  You must be present for the chance to purchase.   We will pull as many names as bottles we have.   
We have 5 bottles of BCS
We will have 8-10 bottles of Vanilla Rye and Grand Prestige, just depends on how many we decide to open for the tasting.  (We have 12 total of each).  Odds will depend on how many show up.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Spring Mill Bourbon Twice Barreled

Spring Mill Bourbon Twice Barreled...$26.99

Series 17
Spring Mill Bourbon is handcrafted with corn, rye, and a bit of malted barley. It is then aged in new charred oak barrels. Then a portion of the bourbon is finished in a second set of new charred oak barrels to give this twice barreled bourbon additional character and flavor.
Produced and bottled by Heartland Distillers, Spring Mill Bourbon (Series 017) is twice barreled in new charred American oak for additional character and flavor. Bottled and dangerously drinkable at 90 proof, this straight bourbon is pleasantly sweet with notes of spicy rye, vanilla custard, brown sugar, sweet tea, and sweet corn. Notes of floral spices and a touch of citrus and wood shavings accompany the nose. Perfect neat, on the rocks, or accompanying your favorite bourbon inspired cocktail.

Great Divide Chai Yeti

Great Divide Chai Yeti....$9.49 / 22oz
Our beloved Yeti is going back to its roots with this Himalayan-inspired variation. Traditional Chai spices of cinnamon, green cardamom, black pepper, ginger, nutmeg, and vanilla blend seamlessly with Yeti’s rich, roasted malt backbone for a spicy beast fit to tackle Everest.

Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager

Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager...$7.99 / 6pk

Union Horse Rolling Standard Four Grain Whiskey

Lexington Kansas
Union Horse Rolling Standard Four Grain Whiskey....$29.99 / 750ml
New release!
Batch #1
92 proof
18 months old

Brooklyn Winter Lager

Brooklyn Winter Lager....$8.99 / 6pk
Brooklyn Winter Lager is our answer to the heavy ales and stouts that emerge in wintertime. Though dark in color with a sturdy presence, our Schwarzbier-inspired lager layers notes of chocolate, roasted barley, and dark bread into a 5.6% ABV frame that finishes surprisingly light and pleasantly dry. Winter means different things depending where you live, but Brooklyn Winter Lager is ready for any chill.

Bookers Little Book from Freddie Noe IV

Bookers Little Book Blended Straight Whiskey 
Batch #1 The Easy....$69.99

Here is a story about Little Book in Esquire by Jonah Flicker
    "Jim Beam is gearing up to release a new whiskey this October called Little Book, spearheaded by eighth-generation family member Freddie Noe, son of the esteemed Fred Noe and grandson of the legendary Booker Noe. A barrel-proof blended whiskey instead of a bourbon, it's the first expression to be created by Freddie for the world's best-selling bourbon brand. Freddie's official title at Jim Beam is fermentation manager, but he's had his hands in almost every department at the distillery since starting work there in 2013. Of course, he's been around bourbon his entire life.

Little Book (which is also Freddie's childhood nickname) clocks in strong at around 120 proof and will cost $79.99, putting it into premium whiskey territory. It's smooth and flavorful, and has the characteristic nutty Jim Beam undertones without tasting like any other Beam product. Kentucky boys Freddie and Fred Noe sat down for this exclusive interview to talk about the process of creating a new whiskey, their bourbon family legacy, and the enduring popularity of brown spirits.

Little Book will be a first for Freddie and Jim Beam.
Freddie: Little Book is my premiere. It's an annual release that features a new and unique blend each year that will be uncut and unfiltered to honor my granddaddy Booker and how he created Booker's. Little Book was a nickname that he gave me as I was growing up, and it kinda stuck. My grandmother, up until the day she died, she'd look at me and go, "You act just like your granddaddy."

It's a blended whiskey because I took some Kentucky straight bourbon and blended it with the typical components of a bourbon mash bill: corn whiskey, rye whiskey, and malt whiskey. I played with those liquids and came up with this blend. It's a straight whiskey because all the liquid is at least two years old. This is uncut, straight from the barrel.
The right way to drink whiskey is however you choose to drink whiskey.

Freddie: Just drink it any way you want. I like it either neat or with a couple of cubes of ice; as the ice melts it dilutes it and changes the flavor as you sip.
A good nose is important in the whiskey business.

Fred: Freddie has always had a great nose. Even when his grandfather was still alive, he would let him smell stuff. He always said, "That boy's gonna do good if he decides to go into the liquor business. He's got a good smeller on him." He never would let him taste liquor, but as far as smelling, he said, "That boy's got a good nose." Freddie's got a lot of his grandfather in him as far as innovation, where he's trying different things. So when he said he was working on a blend, I said to go for it. It's not like I told him what to do. I'm very proud to see what he came up with all by himself. He's got a great future in the bourbon business.
Only release a whiskey that you'd drink yourself.

Fred: On my travels, I hear what people want. For example, our single barrel. We never had a single barrel expression while Dad was alive; he was never a big single barrel fan. As I traveled, after Dad quit, people kept asking for a single barrel. So we had an innovation meeting, and I said, "Let's do it." But the big thing is to create products that you'd be proud to drink yourself, something you'd give to your family and friends. Freddie's got a pretty good focus group here in Bardstown with me and my friends, and Freddie and his friends. You get two generations of bourbon lovers and you can test drive it on them. Our buddies will tell you real quick if it's not worth a damn.

Freddie: Something an old-timer told me when I was just starting out was: "If you come into this distillery and you don't learn something every week, you're doing something wrong." And it's true. There's always something new to learn, something to tinker with. I think that blending has given me an opportunity to learn even more than we've done before.

Never rest on your laurels, even if you are one of the best-selling whiskeys in the world.

Freddie: My mission is to carry on the tradition. I'm very proud of my family heritage and the seven generations before me, the stories that my dad and granddad have shared with me about Jim Beam and T. Jeremiah and everyone. It's an honor to carry on that tradition. It's about the education and learning what can you do when you blend this or tinker with the still or aging something in a different portion of the rack house.

Fred: People want new and different things, even though we are the world's number-one selling bourbon. Freddie, with his blending, that's something that's gonna open up new doors for us. You've gotta come up with new stuff; you can't just sit on the old laurels of being the number-one bourbon. Dad came up with the small batch bourbons years ago, and it rekindled the fire of the bourbon category. My and Freddie's job is to nurture this business and pass it off to future generations. We didn't start it, and let's hope we don't end it.
Bourbon's popularity is rapidly increasing, with no signs of slowing.

Fred: We're riding a good wave right now. The popularity of bourbon is at an all-time high and people are trying new products. You went back 50 years ago, you wouldn't have any luck with new products because people were stuck on one particular brand. Nowadays, they look for new things.

Freddie: More people are trying new products, wanting different things to try. It's a great time in the industry, a golden age of growth. It's the perfect time to release something that's unique and different from anything we've done before.

Fred: Consumers are a lot more educated about the products. You go back years ago, there was very few women into bourbon. You came to tastings back when Dad was doing them, you would watch the women slide their glasses to the men who brought them there. Nowadays, you see groups of women on the Bourbon Trail, bachelorette parties. Girls are getting into bourbon. Classic cocktails are making a comeback with fresh ingredients. All this is fueling the fire under the bourbon category. The end is not in sight, at this point anyway. We're expanding our distilleries as we speak to make more. Everybody around here is ramping up production. We don't see it stopping anytime soon.

Stranahan Sherry Cask

Stranahan Colorado Whiskey Sherry Cask...$69.99
Stranahan’s Sherry Cask is an American single malt whiskey that is aged for four years in new white American oak barrels, then cask-finished in Spanish Oloroso Sherry barrels. Procured from the Andalusia region of southern Spain, these sherry barrels have been aging wine for over 40 years, leaving a depth of flavor soaked into the ancient oak staves. Under the helm of Master Distiller Rob Dietrich, Stranahan’s is continually experimenting with new expressions of American Single Malt & unique cask finishes.

Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo

Colleccion 2016
Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Extra Anejo...$119.99
For over 10 generations, Reserva de la Familia  was a family secret only shared with the closest of friends. In 1995, to celebrate their 200-year anniversary, the family decided to share this special blend of Tequila reserve with people who truly savor an exceptional taste. Only the finest 10-12 year-old agaves are hand-selected,and only the most flavorful inner portion of the agave’s heart is used to make this award-winning 100% Blue Agave Extra AƱejo Tequila. It is aged for a minimum of two years in the Cuervo family's private cellar and combined with family reserves as old as 30 years.

The bottle is made of brown, hand-blown glass, and is individually numbered and sealed with wax. Every year, the Cuervo family commissions a Mexican artist to design the new limited edition collectible box, making Reserva de la Familia® the ultimate gift. 

Prairie Artisan Ales No Chill Coffee Milk Stout

Prairie Artisan Ales No Chill Coffee Milk Stout...$11.99 / 4pk
Milk stout conditioned on Mexican coffee beans sourced from Spaceship Earth Coffee in McAlester, Okla.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lagunitas Wet Hop

Lagunitas Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Pale Ale...$11.99 / 6pk
It's a Beer!
Born Yesterday is a newborn version of our re-born Pale, a Newer New Dogtown Pale with a fresh addition … We added some wet, Virgin, lupulin-drenched, un-kilned, whole-cone, fresh-picked-and-rushed-straight-from-Yakima hops for your immaculate reception. This wetter-than-wet beer has 11lbs-per-barrel of Amarillo, Equinox, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Indigenous Catawampus. Whoa

Against the Grain / Upland Overcompensation Double IPA

Against the Grain / Upland Overcompensation Double IPA...$13.99 / 4pk
Overcompensation Double IPA is just the latest notch in our belt of big beers, but one of the very first for Upland. We thought we’d give them a chance to try and catch up by going head to head with us in an IPA brew off. It’s pretty clear who’s packing more hops, and who’s *cough* overcompensating.

We don’t need to tell you that our IPA is bigger than Upland’s; you know who we are, and you know what we do. Upland thought they could strap on their Chacos, jump on their fixed gear bikes and beat us. But, no surprise, they ended up peddling twice as hard just to go half the distance.

“Literally everything we do is better than them,” said Sam Cruz, Against the Grain Visionary. “Everyone knows that we’re better. I mean even the Bloomington Herald knows.”

Not sure if Upland knows though. “This collaboration with our friends at AtG has been one hell of a ride,” said Pete Batule, VP of Brewery Operations at Upland. “Going toe-to-toe making a better, bolder, IPA has pushed us to use an unconventional amount of hops. I recently got to try Against the Grain’s version. I wouldn’t call it a big IPA, but it’s a good size.”
Our version of Overcompensation IPA is heady, hoppy, and that’s right Pete, big. Just like all of our other beers, it’s the best thing we’ve ever made. Our DIPA has an enormous ABV of 10%, while Upland’s is barely even above 9.9%.

We didn’t have to make a recipe, this comes so naturally we can do it in our sleep. “We just put hops into it,” said Cruz. “Our hops are better. We just get them from better places. What else can I say? We’re just better.”

Our superior liquid, and Upland’s mediocre imitation, will be hitting shelves in Kentucky and Indiana this Halloween weekend. Get a 4-pack of our Overcompensation IPA, and sure, maybe a pack of theirs just to see who’s really trying too hard.

Special Beer Tasting!

Special Beer Tasting at the Growler Station!

The Wine and Cheese Place 
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO

October 27 from 4-6pm - Friday night

Come in and taste with Mark from Shelton Brothers

4 different Bombs!
  • Bomb! Cacao - imperial stout with only Chocolate added
  • Bomb! Vanilla - imperial stout with only Vanilla added
  • Bomb! Chili Peppers - imperial stout with only Ancho Peppers
  • Bomb! Coffee - imperial stout with only coffee added

Plus in bottles taste --
  • Prairie Birthday Bomb!
  • Prairie Bomb!
  • Crooked Stave TWCP 35th Anniversary Salvador Cybies
  • Prairie No Chill

Glen Oak Single Malt

Scotch Tasting - open house
Friday October 27th from 4-6pm
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105

Glen Oak 10 Year Old Single Malt....$39.99
Glen Oak 17 Year Old Single Malt....$79.99
HM The King Blended Scotch Whisky....$21.99

Glen Oak 10 Year Old Single Malt....$39.99
Glen Oak 17 Year Old Single Malt....$79.99
We have great prices on these - the 10 Year old has a suggested retail of $50 and the 17 Year old which is sourced from Bruichladdich has a suggested retail of $99
The Glen Oak Single Malt whiskies are limited release selections of Scotland’s most exclusive casks, which are distilled and aged in two of the country’s best whisky regions.  Made privately in two of the most storied and acclaimed distilleries in the Scottish Highlands and Islay region.  

Glen Oak 10 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Sourced from an undisclosed Highland distillery. This is a very fresh and lively single malt, offering pretty florals up front, grassy notes, and just a hint of smoke. On the back end, nougat and light honey notes make this incredibly easy to enjoy. The finish is light, fresh, and uncomplicated. 80 proof. A- / $50

Glen Oak 17 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Sourced from Bruichladdich, a very lightly peated expression. Wildly different from the 10 year old, with nutty and intense roasted barley notes, the brooding nose leads the way to light notes of iodine and tobacco. Quite bold and chewy. 80 proof. B+ / $99

New and exciting scotch at a great price!

HM The King Blended Scotch Whisky....$21.99
Born in Tradition. Inspired by Royalty. Served to Kings. Devoted to Passion.
HM or “His Majesty” the King is an extraordinary Scotch Whisky. An exquisite blend of exclusively Highland single malts and grain whiskies from around Scotland, HM the King’s unique, balanced blend was carefully selected by Scotch Whisky connoisseurs from Scotland’s most storied houses, including The Dalmore, Jura and The Highland Queen. In the HM, Mellow vanilla and honey notes on the palate give way to a smooth and round aftertaste with subdued smoke and late peat. The beautiful bottle, a winner of Queen Elizabeth’s Award for Design, mirrors the extraordinary Scotch Whisky within.

Surprise rare whiskey and beer release

In stock at all 4 locations
No reservations first come - must come into the store.

1 bottle person - you can choose a bottle from this list while it lasts.

  • Weller Reserve 750ml
  • Weller Reserve 1.75 liter
  • Weller Antique 107 / TWCP Single Barrel
  • Blantons Bourbon
  • Eagle Rare

In stock at all 4 locations
No reservations first come - must come into the store.

1 bottle person - you can choose a bottle from this list while it lasts.

  • Tilquin Oude Geueze 750ml
  • Tilquin Oude Geueze 375ml
  • Tilquin Mure 375ml
  • Tilquin Stout Rullquin

Ballast Point Fathom IPA

Many of you tried this at Beer Fest this year
In stock now at Forsyth, thanks.

Check out the price for 12 cans!
Ballast Point Fathom IPA...$16.99 / 12 pack cans
A new IPA with just the right amount of depth.
Fathom IPA highlights our favorite characteristics of the west-coast IPA style. This crisp and clean brew features a touch of malt on the surface with an ocean of zesty orange and piney hops below. The result is a refreshing, easy drinking IPA with just the right amount of depth.

Alexander Murray Limited Single Malt Scotches

Just arrived!

Beer Cask Finished Single Malt
Alexander Murray Polly's Cask Single Malt Scotch...$56.99
Double Barrel Aged
40% ABV
Matured in Oak and Ale Casks
A collaboration with Tullibardine and Firestone Walker, Polly’s Casks is an innovative whisky – the first ever single malt Scotch to be finished in a cask that has previously aged beer. 60 of Firestone Walker’s Double DBA casks were shipped to the Highlands of Scotland to help finish the maturation of Tullibardine Highland single malt in the Ochil Hills of Perthshire.  A whisky with no peers, Alexander Murray Polly’s Casks is absolutely uniquely nuanced: the influence of beer on the finished product is amazing. Matured in ex-bourbon casks and used beer-filled bourbon casks.

Alexander Murray Highland Cask Strength 12 Year Old Single Malt...$45.99
12 Year Old
Distilled 2004
54.2% ABV
Alexander Murray & Co presents a fine expression of single malt from the Highland region in Scotland.  In the interest of Alexander Murray & Co’s respect for, and friendship with, the distillers who produced this whisky, we agree not to list distillery of origin; a single malt of exceptional quality from one of the distilleries in the Highland region of Scotland.  Alexander Murray brings you this rare bottling of Highland 12 year old single malt Scotch matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Alexander Murray Bladnoch 25 Year Old Single Malt....$159.99
25 Year Old
Distilled 1990
40% ABV
From one of just six Lowland distilleries in Scotland, this Alexander Murray Bladnoch Distillery is a rare gem. As one of the smallest producing distilleries in Scotland its fine malt whisky remains one of the most difficult to find. There was a time when ‘lowland’ single malts could be characterized as light and delicate, however as new distilleries emerge in the region, the whiskies produced are not as typical as they once were. Bladnoch was one of the original distilleries that does produce a light and delicate spirit.  At this age, 25-years-old, Bladnoch is a fantastic single malt. Matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Alexander Murray Highland 53 Year Old Single Malt....$1199.99
53 Year Old
Distilled 1962
40.3% ABV
Alexander Murray & Co presents a fine expression of single malt from the Highland region in Scotland. In the interest of Alexander Murray & Co’s respect for, and friendship with, the distillers who produced this whisky, we agree not to list distillery of origin; a single malt of exceptional quality from one of the distilleries in the Highland region of Scotland. Alexander Murray brings you this rare bottling of Highland 53 year old single malt Scotch matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished in an ex-sherry cask.

Alexander Murray Dalmore 15 Year Old Single Malt....$109.99
15 Year Old
Distilled 1999
55.6% ABV
Big, flavorsome and warming, this Alexander Murray Dalmore has been matured in a combination of casks, which results in a delightfully engaging single malt.  Dalmore has, over the generations, become renowned for its use of sherry casks, often sourced from the famed Gonzalez Byass Bodega in Jerez. The matured whisky often has rich chocolate-orange and dried fruit characteristics. We’ve chosen to bottle this expression at cask strength to capture the rich character of the spirit.
This really is a marvelous expression of Dalmore, one of Scotland’s prominent distilleries. An exceptional after-dinner dram, big and bold. Matured in ex-bourbon and multiple ex-sherry casks.

Alexander Murray Mortlach 19 Year Old Single Malt...$132.99
19 Year Old

Distilled 1995
40% ABV
“The Beast of Dufftown”, as this distillery is known has not failed to live up to its name in this Alexander Murray Mortlach. The distillery employs a unique distillation process in order to achieve a big, meaty and sulfurous spirit. Its distinctive character has, for generations, made Mortlach one of the most sought after whiskies in some of the Scotland’s most famous blends, including Johnnie Walker and Grant’s.  This is a big and brash whisky: the nail polish and forest floor aromas on the nose are uniquely Mortlach and the palate has an intriguingly savory quality.

Alexander Murray Monumental 18 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky....$59.99
40% ABV
Aged 18 Years
Alexander Murray & Co brings you a truly exceptional 18 year old blend, hand-crafted following traditions established over a century ago. Select malt and grain whiskies have been blended to create a robust blend with rich, balanced flavors and luscious, creamy texture. A celebration of the original spirit and vision of the early distillers, and a proud example of exceptional blending.
Alexander Murray Monumental 30 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky....$167.99
40% ABV
Aged 30 Years
Alexander Murray & Co brings you a truly unique 30 year old blend, hand-crafted closely following traditions established over a century ago.  Originally blenders made certain that single malts made up over 75% of any blend, a tradition that has sadly been lost over time, with today’s blended whiskies rarely offering more than 20% malt.  We are proud to recapture the original spirit and vision of the early distillers, bringing this exceptional blend featuring 75% single malt, finished in sherry casks for 8 months.

Alexander Murray Glen Moray 12 Year Old Single Malt...$68.99
12 Year Old

Distilled 2002
56.7% ABV
From the banks of the river Lossie comes this wonderful Alexander Murray Glen Moray. Glen Moray is know for its delicate spirit, often very approachable. Specially selected for its spicy character, we have chose to bottle this expression at cask strength.  A superb example of Glen Moray, delicate and light yet spicy and complex. Excellent as an aperitif. Matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Alexander Murray Dailuaine 16 Year Old Single Malt...$109.99
16 Year Old
Distilled 1997
40% ABV
Dailuaine Distillery is found in the heart of the Speyside region near Aberlour. Only a small fraction of Dailuaine Distillery whisky production ends up as a single malt. Instead It is used as a key component in many of Scotland’s finest blended whiskies. As a standalone single malt, its soft and delicate character is a delight. Alexander Murray brings you this Rare Bottling of Dailuaine Single Malt Distilled in 1997. It has been matured in ex-bourbon casks for 16 years.

Alexander Murray Allt A Bhaine 21 Year Old Single Malt....$132.99
21 Year Old
Distilled 1995
43% ABV

Alexander Murray & Co presents a fine expression of Speyside single malt from Allt-a-Bhainne Distillery.  Nestled in the Glenrinnes area of Speyside, on the springs of Benrinnes, Allt-a-Bhainne Distillery has been producing whisky since 1975. Rarely seen as a single malt, its whisky is prized by Scotland’s blenders. Matured in ex-bourbon casks.

Alexander Murray Glen Keith 21 Year Old Single Malt...$136.99
21 Year Old
Distilled 1995
43% ABV
Alexander Murray & Co presents a fine expression of Speyside single malt from Glen Keith Distillery.   At home in the town of Keith on the site of an old mill, by the river Isla, Glen Keith Distillery has been producing whisky since 1960. Rarely seen as a single malt, its whisky is prized by Scotland’s blenders.  Matured in ex-bourbon casks.

New Holland Beer Barrel Rye

New Holland Beer Barrel Rye....$34.99
American Rye whiskey, twice-distilled and aged in new American oak barrels before finishing in Dragon’s Milk stout barrels. Aroma of vanilla and allspice lead to flavors of honey and almond, before a lingering, spicy finish.

Goose Island Employee Only Pack

Goose Island Employee Only Pack.....$15.99 / 12 pack
Includes 3 bottles of each of these beers

  • Fulton Street Blend Coffee Ale
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Altbier
  • Coywolf Dark IPA

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Limited Huet releases

Chenin Blanc at it's finest, the beauty of 2016 Huet Vouvray and very limited

2016 Huet Vouvray Mouellex "Clos de Bourg"....$49.99 
(Mix/Match case price is $44.99)
(17btls in stock now)
A stunner, with beautiful pear, green fig, yellow apple and quince notes that are creamy and sweet, yet seamless and refined in feel. The extremely long finish lets honeysuckle and verbena notes dance throughout, with a light echo of white ginger at the very end. Best from 2020 through 2040.
Rated 97/100 The Wine Spectator

2016 Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Demi Sec....$41.99 
(Mix/Match case price is $37.79)
(24btls in stock now)
Delivers a beautiful display of purity and grace, with creamed Jonagold apple, star fruit, white peach and chamomile notes flowing seamlessly, backed by wet stone and fresh verbena accents. Subtle but persistent energy ripples through the very long finish. Drink now through 2035
Rated 96/100 The Wine Spectator

2016 Huet Vouvray Le Mont Demi Sec....$42.99 
(Mix/Match case price is $38.69)
(12btls in stock now)
This tilts toward the flattering side of off-dry, showing a plump feel to the core of creamed pear, white peach and yellow apple fruit. Lovely verbena, honeysuckle and mineral accents keep this balanced and driven, with a long finish that lets the fruit echo. Drink now through 2032.
Rated 95/100 The Wine Spectator

2016 Huet Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux Premiere Trie....$66.99 
(Mix/Match case price is $60.29)
(12btls in stock now)
Juicy in feel, with an intense beam of glazed peach, dried apricot, fresh ginger and heather honey notes, backed by baked mirabelle plum accents and a flash of almond cream on the long, rich finish. A wonderful balancing act, keeping the exotic fruit and sweetness fresh and delineated. Best from 2020 through 2035. 400 cases made.
Rated 96/100 Wine Spectator

2016 Huet Vouvray Clos du Bourg Moelleux Premiere Trie....$66.99 
(Mix/Match case price is $60.29)
(6btls in stock now)
This is ripe and broad, taking a slightly more power-driven approach, with a mix of tropical mango and papaya fruit, backed by orchard fruit accents of yellow apple and peach. The long, heather honey—accented finish has light piecrust and crystalized ginger hints. Best from 2020 through 2035. 400 cases made.
Rated 96/100 Wine Spectator

95 Point Barolos

More Amazing 2013 Barolo, check out this pair of 95 Pointers!

2013 Massolino Barolo Serralunga d'Alba....$44.99
Beguiling scents of fragrant berry, rose petal, baking spice, new leather and aromatic herbs swirl around in the glass. The vibrant palate is loaded with finesse, doling out morello cherry, crushed raspberry, cinnamon and star anise, while polished tannins and bright acidity provide impeccable balance. It’s just gorgeous and while it’s already accessible, it also shows midterm aging potential.
Rated 95/100 Wine Enthusiast

2013 Scavino Barolo Carobric....$57.99
The 2013 Barolo Carobric is a wine with a bright future, but is going to need at least a few years to come together. Today, the tannins are super imposing and yet there is an underlying sweetness to the fruit that is impossible to miss. Readers will have to be patient, but the 2013 Carobric is extremely promising. I especially like the freshness and energy here. Moreover, the Carobric has a track record of developing beautifully in bottle. Put simply, the 2013 is a terrific Carobric in the making. As always, Carobric is a blend of fruit from Cannubi, Rocche (Castiglione Falletto) and Bric del Fiasc. The blend of grapes from various sites contributes to the wine’s super-classic feel, especially in this vintage.
Rated 95/100 Vinous Media

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Deshutes Fresh Hops

Deschutes Chasin' Freshies Fresh Hop IPA...$9.99 / 6pk
Like fresh powder, it’s a seize-the-moment thing. This year we’ve chased down fresh experimental hops #431 from Haas in Yakima, Washington. At harvest, we rush the hops from the vine to our kettles to ensure we capture the purest, juiciest essence of the hop flower in every beer. Enjoy the bright, bold aroma and flavor that comes but once a year.

Deschutes Hop Trip Fresh Hop IPA...$9.99 / 6pk
Vine to kettle in less than four hours, we wait restlessly all year for the hop harvest celebration. After bagging these aromatic jewels, we hustle back and toss them into the brew kettles within hours of picking. It’s our one chance to capture the bright citrus and pine essence of fresh hops.