Thursday, August 1, 2019

Coma Cold Brew Voyager

Established in St. Louis, Missouri, siblings Macy and Corbin Holtzman started Coma Coffee in 2016. Coma Coffee is quality driven, focused on sourcing the highest quality coffees from around the world. We roast in a way to highlight the unique characteristics of a coffee's origin. We believe that specialty coffee brings people together while cultivating the craft.

Coma Cold Brew Voyager...$3.99 / can
We use some of the highest quality coffee. This coffee is brewed at room temperature for 18 hours using a double filtration process to obtain the final result: a complex, clean and sweet brew with a low-acid content and a smooth finish. Precision and simplicity is the beauty of this process.
Our cold brew showcases everything a coffee has to offer in the form of one delicious brew.


While the concept is simple, fine tuning this process is where it gets fun. Adjusting our roasts, playing with brewing parameters, and tasting A LOT of coffee is where the labor of love is required to elevate the quality and clarity of the unique flavors in our coffee.

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