Saturday, October 24, 2015

Limited Bourbon

Getting a lot of inquiries about these Bourbons.  More requests than bottles available....

Instead of starting a new raffle, we will draw names from the Pappy Raffle list that we already have.  We still feel that drawing random names is the fairest.

We are going to draw names on Tuesday, October 27 (will gather all the sign ups from all 4 stores on Monday) for some Weller 12 year old and Yellowstone 105 Bourbon.  We are going to use the current list of sign ups from Pappy Van Winkle lottery.  If you your name is drawn you will be able to purchase a bottle.  This will not disqualify you from the Pappy Raffle.  Your name will still stay in the mix.
  • Weller 12 Year Old Bourbon
  • Yellow Stone 105 Proof Bourbon
  • maybe another surprise bottle or two of Boubon

These we will draw when we do the Pappy Van Winkle Raffle.  After we do the Pappy Van Winkle Raffle, we will draw more names for these.  If you get Pappy Van Winkle, you will not qualify for these.  You will get one or the other.  Trying to spread the love.

  • Parkers Heritage Bourbon
  • Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition
  • Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Yes, we did get in Blantons, Eagle Rare, Col Taylor Rye, Barrel Proof, Sazerac 6 Year and a few more goodies.  We just put them on the shelf last week 1 bottle at time for regulars to find until they were gone.  Again, we just want to keep mixing it up.  Sometimes you will find these on the shelf with out any announcement, sometimes we will announce when they arrive.  We want to reward people that are shopping in the store and not just racing in when the limited stuff arrives.

New Ballas Location Cheese Feature: Carr Valley Apple Smoked Cheddar

New Ballas Location Cheese Feature: Carr Valley Apple Smoked Cheddar
Each store's cheese selection varies, stop buy and taste for free.  We will find something you will love!

Carr Valley Apple Smoked Cheddar
This white cheddar is apple smoked and then hand rubbed with paprika. It has a light smoky flavor that balances very well with the paprika. Our Apple Smoked Cheddar has won many awards including 1st Place at the 2005 American Cheese Society in its category, 2nd Place at the 2007 World Cheese Competition, and 2nd Place at the 2012 American Cheese Society Competition.

2012 Magnificent Morlet

10% off Mix/Match Case price available also on the prices you see below!

2012 Morlet Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Coeur de Vallee...$163.99

Lowest price on Wine-Searcher is  $169.99
Luc Morlet’s 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Coeur de VallĂ©e is a 300-case blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Cabernet Franc from the Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard. A mindblowing effort, it offers up notes of mocha, forest floor, blueberries, blackcurrants, asphalt and licorice. Full-bodied and opulent, this sensational 2012 is one of the vintage’s superstars. It should drink well for 20 years.
Rated 97/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

2012 Morlet Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Mon Chevalier....$163.99
The 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Mon Chevalier is composed of 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc, 3% Merlot and the rest Malbec and Petit Verdot, all from Knight’s Valley and aged in large oak puncheons. The least expensive of the Morlet Cabernets, the open, round, light 2012 offers sweet white chocolate, blackcurrant and mineral notes in a full-bodied, opulent style. It can be consumed now and over the next 10+ years.
Rated 92/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

2012 Morlet Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Passionnement...$229.99
Lowest price on Wine-Searcher is $239.95The full-bodied 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Passionnément, which comes from the Oakville Bench, was aged in new oak puncheons. There are 250 cases of this Pauillac-like offering. It possesses notes of Christmas fruitcake, spice box, vanillin and black fruits in its opulent, open-knit personality. Drink 2018-2035.
Rated 94/100 Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Friday, October 23, 2015

Rock Hill Location Cheese Feature: Streckler Raw Grassfed Aged Cheddar

Rock Hill Location Cheese Feature:  Streckler Raw Grassfed Aged Cheddar 

Streckler Raw Grassfed Aged Cheddar
Steckler Grassfed 'Bright Meadow' Organic Cheddar Cheese is produced from 100% grass-fed, raw, organic milk, fresh from our own Dutch Belted dairy herd. Each batch of cheddar is made by hand on our farm in our new creamery, which has been inspected and approved by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

Our farmstead artisan cheese is aged for a minimum of 60 days to develop its delicious, nutty flavor and smooth texture. Fresh raw milk from grass-fed cows produces cheese that has a uniquely complex flavor profile.

Steckler Grassfed Cheddar is packed with nutrition that comes naturely from grass-fed raw milk. Our cheddar includes a balanced blend of omega 3 and omega 6 fats, as well as digestible vitamins and minerals.

Ballwin location cheese feature: Carr Valley Cranberry Chipolte Cheddar

Ballwin location cheese feature: Carr Valley Cranberry Chipolte Cheddar

Carr Valley Chipolte Cheddar
This white cheddar has cranberries and chipotle peppers for added flavor. It has the taste of the best Texas barbecue sauce and the heat comes on after the flavor of the cheese and has a very warm finish. Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar took 3rd Place at the 2007 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest and 3rd Place at the 2007 American Cheese Society.

Stone Enjoy After 10.31.16

In stock now at Forsyth

Stone Enjoy After 10.31.16...$11.99 / 750ml
This IPA is spiked at bottling with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that, over time, brings about charmingly unpredictable complexities of spice, funk, acidity and more. The operative words in our beer-cellaring thesis are “over time.” For those of you who are impatient or like to experiment, the earliest we recommend sampling this beer is 10.31.15. The beer won’t be fully carbonated until that date. Ideally, you’ll want to cellar the beer up to—or beyond—the Enjoy After date to help it reach its full evolutionary potential. At that point, some facets of the Brett characteristics will have mellowed, while others will have become more profound; it all matures into a fascinating and delicious culmination. Individual results will vary…and that’s both the beauty and the intent behind this beer.

Bells Two Hearted Ale 12 pack CANS

Bells Two Hearted IPA....$18.99 / 12 pack CANS
Bell's Two Hearted Ale is defined by its intense hop aroma and malt balance. Hopped exclusively with the Centennial hop varietal from the Pacific Northwest, massive additions in the kettle and again in the fermenter lend their characteristic grapefruit and pine resin aromas. A significant malt body balances this hop presence; together with the signature fruity aromas of Bell's house yeast, this leads to a remarkably drinkable American-style India Pale Ale.

Abita Bad Mother Shucker Oyster Stout

Abita Bad Mother Shucker Oyster Stout...$4.49 / 22oz
Deep in the oyster beds of Louisiana surfaces one Bad Mother Shucker - Abita's Oyster Stout. Brewed with pale, caramel, roasted and chocolate malts, this Mother Shucker is hopped up with Willamette hops and balanced out with the sweet and full flavors of oats. Fresh Louisiana Oysters are added to the boil in the final stages, infusing a slight taste of sea salt that offsets the sharpness of the stout.

Cutty Sark Tam o’ Shanter 25 Year Old Scotch

Cutty Sark Tam o’ Shanter 25 Year Old Scotch...$258.99
46.5% ABV
Cutty Sark Tam o’ Shanter is a new variant of the existing award-winning Cutty Sark 25 year old blend with a distinctly darker, wilder side. Tam o’ Shanter is a poem by beloved Scottish poet Robert Burns and it is this poem which inspired the naming of the Cutty Sark Clipper and Cutty Sark original Scotch whisky. This bottling is the first limited edition specially selected by Kirsteen Campbell, Master Blender at Cutty Sark presented in a stunning oak box including specially commissioned book by Scottish artist Alexander Goudie – a rare expression which makes a fantastic gift or collectors pack. The whisky itself in this limited edition is a fullbodied, boisterous and sweet 25 year old expression; its rich, shadowy dark amber colour perfectly reflects the roots of the brand’s origin.

COLOUR:Rich, shadowy dark amber as if glistening from a subterranean Gothic fire.
NOSE:Full bodied, boisterous and sweet with a darkly sinister menace, rich velvet curtains surround dark chocolate, eucalyptus, cracked black pepper and drying mint whilst dancing with rich full sherry sweetness and toffee. Waves of flavour and texture envelop your tongue, powerfully tantalising and teasing your taste buds.
PALATE:Drifting incense held in the evening air, exotic spices, jasmine, anise and sandalwood dance and leap out of the glass - promising something
FINISH:Lingering, long, rich, sweet yet spicy. Truly full-bodied whisky with which to face Auld Nick himself. A maleficent dram!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

2nd Shift Mullineaux

Both #3 and #5 are in stock now!

2nd Shift Mullineaux #3...$7.49 / 750ml
2nd Shift Mullineaux #5...$7.49 / 750ml
Mullineaux is an American Farmhouse ale that is ever evolving. A different yeast is used in every batch. Drink them all Finir de boire.

Twisted Pine - some new and some returning favorites

Twisted Pine Agaveras Agave IPA....$7.49 / 22oz
It’s no secret… the Twisted brewers love to explore new ingredients and flavor combinations. In the course of experimentation, our crew discovered agave nectar. While the contribution of this unique sugar source is subtle where taste is concerned, it is crucial for achieving the beer’s super-light body while maintaining the strength of this full-flavored IPA.
ABV: 7.1% IBU 50
Pairs perfect: queso fundido, papas con rajas, tequila lime shrimp, duck confit tacos, mango flan

Twisted Pine Big Shot Espresso Stout....$8.49 / 22oz
Our most award-winning beer, this rich and expressive stout flaunts the invigorating aroma of a freshly-pressed cup of coffee. Emboldened with Peruvian beans, blind-roasted by local legend The Unseen Bean, Big Shot is just as suitable for an after-dinner drink as it is for a brewer’s breakfast.
ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 30
Pairs perfect: Almond Biscotti, Creme Brule, Candied Pork Belly, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Churros

Twisted Pine Raspberry Rising Wheat....$9.99 /4pk
This popular beer is refreshing and perfectly balanced with a crisp tartness. It has a clean creamy texture and is bursting with raspberry flavor. It pours a golden color with a huge rocky white head. It’s made with a natural raspberry flavoring and soft and chewy malts that blend to a mild sweetness. Simple and refreshing.

Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah...$3.39 / 12oz
From the dark depths of devious minds at Twisted Pine comes this demonic treat fir the true heat freaks- those gluttons for punishment that treat every meal like an exercise in extremism, smothering each bite they consume with Scoville-soaring, palate-torching peppers and sauces. Underneath an unassuming, straw gold veil lurks the searing spice of six varieties of chile- including the infamous Bhut Jolokia, or ghost pepper. Utter agony for most, but absolute euphoria for a fiery few.
ABV: 5.2% IBU:10

Twisted Pine Billy’s Chilies...$9.99 / 6 pk
Serrano, Habanero, Jalapeno, Anaheim, and Fresno chili peppers are the stars of this unfiltered wheat beer, providing wonderfully fresh, spicy aroma and a complex chili pepper taste. The chili flavor is mild, not dominant, thus making for an incredibly drinkable beer that pairs great with food and will leave you thirsty for more.

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 10

Beringer Private Reserve 2012 is here now!

2012 Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon...$139.99
Revealing the great blending skills of Beringer’s winemaking team, the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve is a winner. Having purchased Private Reserves for many years, I can attest that they age incredibly well. The 1991, one of the great successes of that vintage, is still aging beautifully at nearly 25 years of age. The sensational 2012 (10,000 cases) boasts an opaque purple color along with abundant aromas of charcoal, burning embers, creme de cassis, chocolate, blackberries and licorice. The long, complex, compelling, full-bodied texture along with terrific purity and a savory, rich mouthfeel result in a classic, quintessential Napa Cabernet Sauvignon to drink now and over the next 20-25 years.
Rated 96/100 The Wine Advocate

2nd label of OPUS ONE!!

Overture is the "second wine" of Opus and traditionally only sold at the winery and a few fine restaurants.  We have been able to score a limited amount of this rare wine!

Opus One Overture Bordeaux Blend....$99.99
Multi-vintage blend from 2010,2011, and 2012Full bodied but approachable in its youth, Overture shows generous dark fruit aromas and flavors with a soft, supple mid-palate. As a fine wine, Overture will develop beautifully over time.

Without an opera there is no overture. Like the musical introduction to a great musical work, Overture, the wine, presents elements of the great work itself, though certainly not in its entirety. (But if the opera is exceptional, then so too will be the overture!)

In keeping with the tradition of many great Bordeaux estates, Opus One produces a fine second wine called Overture. Since 1993, Overture has been crafted as a part of our relentless pursuit of quality for Opus One. Every acre of our estate vineyard is farmed with the attention to detail and singular focus required to produce Opus One. Nevertheless, in any given year, not all of the parcels from our estate are selected for the final blend of Opus One. When these wine lots are afforded additional time in barrel, in combination with the added flexibility of blending across multiple vintages, the final wine achieves a remarkable elegance and complexity that represents a superb expression of our estate. This is Overture.

WOW - Wine of the Week - Fusional Pinot Noir

Come taste the WOW each Saturday at all FOUR of our locations.
There will be a special price that day only for the wine of the week.

Wine of the Week : Fusional PInot Noir from New Zealand
Come taste it all four locations on Saturday October 24 - from 11am-4pm

This one will be a fantastic Thanksgiving wine!  
(Yes, it is time to start talking about Thanksgiving!)

When French know-how meets New Zealand terroir.  Made by the Laporte family from Loire, France.
2013 Fusional Pinot Noir Marlborough....$17.99
Suggested retail is $28
You will enjoy the cocoa notes in the nose, allied to subtle delicate and smoky aromas. It reveals a beautiful expression of Pinot Noir and deep black fruit aromas. In the mouth, there is a lovely freshness, added to fruit notes and silky tannins. It is well balanced: the structure is fine and rather feminine, whereas the texture is more powerful and masculine. It is a wine we really enjoyed making, it is a wine you will love tasting. 
Fusional is the Selection of our estate grown young vines. It reflects all the excellence of the fusion between the terroir of our vineyard and our historical know how, showing luscious fruit and lovely roundness. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Alpha Brewing - new releases

Alpha Brewing Troll....$9.99 / 22oz
Thanks for caring so much about us, we love you...we brewed this beer just for you. A Belgian Wheat wine style ale dry hopped with galaxy hops. Delicately sip this down you throat.

Alpha Brewing Sukkot Sasion...$6.99 / oz
Feast your lips on this Saison harvested just for you! Brewed with date palm sugar and lemon zest. How would you like to spend 40 years in the desert? Probably with this beer in hand. Shove this down your throat!

4 Hands CA$H Mony

In stock now at Forsyth, New Ballas, and Rock Hill

4 Hands Brewing CA$H MONY...$8.49 / 22oz
CA$H MONY is an Imperial IPA brewed with a wasteful amount of the very best hops we could secure.  An ample malt bill is paired with a huge dose of pungent hop flavor.  citrus dominates the aroma, accentuated by notes of melon, pine and tropical fruity.

New Stone Brewing releases....

Stone Stochasticity Your Father Smelt of Edlerberries...$7.49

ABV: 10.3%  
A medieval-style ale fit for modern beer geeks

Hearken, ye merry craft-ale imbibers, as we present thee an ale inspired by medieval England. This re-creation of a medieval English ale is a brew the Knights of the Round Table would have heartily enjoyed. A strong beer, it has intense bready malt character accompanied by herbal, earthy hop notes and mild smokiness. The addition of elderberries imparts subtle blueberry-like flavor, while flaked oats and pale, amber and smoked malts mirror grains used by English brewers hundreds of years ago. It’s a beer inspired by the Middle Ages, but perfect for enjoying in the 21st century.

Stone Vertical 08.08.08...$7.49 / 22oz

No single day can contain something as momentous as our 20th anniversary here at Stone Brewing. So we’re celebrating this milestone over the course of an entire year by releasing some fan-favorite beers from our 20-year history, using their original recipes and bottle art, and looking back on some highlights from the past on our way into a future filled with continued creativity, passion and a helluva lot of fun. Join us

In 2008, Stone Brewmasters Steve Wagner and Mitch Steele traveled to Belgium, where they enjoyed a number of hop-driven Belgian tripels, pale ales and IPAs—beers that had taken a cue from the U.S. craft brewing movement and inspired us in return. It’s a big reason 2008’s summer season came to be known at Stone as our “Summer of the Triple.” Upon their return, they crafted Stone 08.08.08 Vertical Epic Ale, the seventh beer in the 11-beer Stone Vertical Epic Ale series. Packed with floral, spicy essence from Belgian yeast plus plenty of hoppy New World character, it’s our West Coast take on hop-driven Belgian beers.

Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping 2015.

Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping 2015....$9.99 / 750ml
Alcohol content: 6,5% vol.
The first brewing of the Saison Dupont Dry Hopping dates back to 2010. This is a blond top fermentation beer with refermentation in the bottle, like the traditional Saison Dupont. The peculiarity of this special production, brewed in limited quantity, is that the hop used for the dry hopping is different every year. This year, three distinct types of hop were selected. For the dry hopping, the brews were produced with the hop “Minstrel” grown in England. The Dry Hopping is a copper-coloured blond beer, dry and thirst-quenching, with a sharp bitter flavour. It emphasizes the beer’s fruity and floral notes.
Our selection of yeasts contributes to the beer’s typical aromas and taste.
A real refermentation in the bottle, which can be extended in your own cellar, results in a complex and very aromatic beer.

Ommegang Rosetta Kriek

Ommegang Rosetta Kriek...$11.99 / 4pk 
Ommegang Rosetta pays homage to time-honored Belgian methods of aging and blending fruit beers. Ommegang brewmaster Phil Leinhart partnered with Belgian sister brewery, Liefmans - legendary brewers in the world of sour fruit beers - to create a truly unique blend for Ommegang and U.S. craft beer lovers. Pouring a mahogany-brown with a hint of red, Rosetta offers elegance, depth, complexity, and an intriguing interplay of tartness and sweetness. This is derived from Phil's perfectly balanced blend of Oud Bruin (a tart Flemish brown ale) with Cuvee Brut (a fruity and lively Kriek Beer)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Deschutes Seasonals

Deschutes Hop Trip Fresh Hop Ale....$9.99 / 6pk
Each year around Labor Day, Deschutes brewers high-tail it over the pass to Doug Weather’s hop fields near Salem for the harvest. After bagging these aromatic jewels, we hustle back and toss them into the brew kettles within four hours of picking. Our reward: a pale ale with a uniquely bright citrus punch and fall spice. It’s something only Deschutes would take past the idle-talk stage. Brewed with Salmon Safe Hops

Deschutes Jubelale 2015...$8.99
Chicory, dried fruit, and toffee notes. A robust ale with a warming spice.
MaltPale, Crystal, Extra Special, Carapils, Roasted Barley
HopsBravo, Cascade, Delta, Tettnang, East Kent Goldings
Different Artist each year ---- Artist: Taylor Rose
Available October – December. Warm spiciness and tradition grace this bold winter ale. Intriguing, layered flavors unfold to reveal chicory, dried fruit and toffee notes with a hoppy kick to finish. The deep garnet color pairs perfectly with holiday celebrations.