Saturday, November 7, 2015

Anima Saison - new

Birra Anima Anastasia Saison...$11.99

Lager, delicate and refreshing, intricately simple, no spices, soft, slight hop,
slender body and beautiful floral aroma. Outstanding in every occasion.

fish, vegetables, white meats

Blonde beer Saison
4.9% vol

Signatory releases

Signatory Allt-ABhainne 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch...$54.99
AGED: 18 years
DISTILLED ON: September 22, 1995
BOTTLE ON: July 28, 2014
MATURED IN: Hogshead
CASK NO: 147077
BOTTLE NO: of 329
Found in the Southern part of Scotland’s Speyside region in 1975, Allt-A-Bhainne supplies malt whiskey for Chivas blends. Created as a subsidiary of Seagram’s, the small distillery creates malts through a simplified distilling process that features barrels manned by a single staff member. After a brief hiatus, the distillery was re-opened in 2005 due to high demand for the nuanced, high-quality spirits.

COLOR: pale lemony gold
NOSE: pear, apple peels, orange blossom, pepper, zest and honey
TASTE: tangy and fruity, with notes of peppermint, stewed apples, cinnamon and dark honey.
FINISH: : bittersweet, with notes of sawdust and cut hay.
ABV: 43%

Signatory Dufftown Single Malt Scotch 16 Year Old....$54.99
AGED: 16 years
DISTILLED ON: December 9, 1997
BOTTLE ON: October 14, 2014
MATURED IN: Hogshead
CASK NO: 19493
BOTTLE NO: of 378
Founded as “Dufftown-Glenlivet Distillery,” this Speyside distillery is currently owned by Diageo. Once used as a mill, the building was converted in 1896, and today the distillery operates six stills and has a capacity of 4,000,000 litres per year.
COLOR: Amber
NOSE: Slightly spicy and drying, overall. Toffee apples and hints of honeycomb. Becomes fruitier: ripe autumn fruits combined with red berry sharpness. Some golden syrup sweetness. Reassuringly well balanced. Adding water brings up a waxier note initially, with traces of sweet chestnut and and then a whiff of smoke or charred wood.
TASTE: Without water, the flavor is sweet to start then drying in the finish. Warming, light and smooth; tending to delicate. Fresh fruit with spicy top notes.
FINISH: Drying. Pears and digestive biscuits, then delicately spiced with notes of cinnamon.
ABV: 46%

Signatory Fettercairn 1996 Single Malt Scotch 17 Year Old....$53.99
Aged 17 Years
Distilled on Sept 30, 1996
Bottled on July 28, 2014
Matured in Hogshead
Cask No. 4350
Only 342 bottles produced
Sir Alexander Ramsay opened Fettercairn in a refurbished corn mill in 1824. The distillery, which was only the second legalized distillery under the Excise Act, is located in Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland’s Eastern Highlands. Now owned by Whyte & Mackay, the distillery blends light, balanced whiskies.

COLOR: amber
NOSE: malt extract, sesame thins and thick, rich turbinado sugar.
TASTE: sweet, green apple with caramelized brown sugar.
FINISH: tarte tatin fades into crème brûlee, with a suggestion of old oak.
ABV: 43%

Signatory Highland Park Unchillfiltered 1999....$99.99
Aged 15 Years
Distilled on Sept 15, 1999
Bottled on Nov 27, 2014
Matured in Bourbon Barrel
Cask No. 800168
Only 264 bottles produced
46% ABV
Established in 1798, Highland Park is one of the most remote Scotch whisky distilleries in the world. Located on in the Orkney islands, the distillery has been producing premiere malts for over 200 years. Its unique location allows Highland Park to produce spirits of unparalleled taste and quality.


COLOR: golden wheat
NOSE: Sweet stewed apple, fruity gummi chews, pear drops, rhubarb and custard sweets, porridge (with dark demerara sugar) and hints of furniture polish.
TASTE: Softer than expected to start, with cream and gentle ground cinnamon spiciness. Fruit rolls in behind that, with raisins and apple joined by cinnamon bark and soft flapjacks. There’s an elegant mustiness hiding behind the fruit, like an old cupboard, with hints of flamed orange zest appearing right at the end.
FINISH: Gentle cinnamon and nutmeg spiced porridge, with sweet grass and hay notes growing as it fades.
ABV: 46%

New releases form The Exclusive Malts

The Exclusive Malts Glen Keith Speyside 19 Year Old....$137.99
Vintage: 1996
Bottled: 2015
Aged 19 Years
Cask No.8115
Only 248 bottles produced
Cask Strength: 50.1% ABV
Situated in the small town of Keith and a few hundred yards from Strathisla Distillery, Glen Keith closed around the late 90s and re-opened in 2013 to make whisky entirely for the export blend market. This meant that the only single malt available was the rare single cask bottling like this one. This refill hogshead shows the fruity-sweet style so favoured by blenders.
The Exclusive Malts Allt-A-Bhainne Speyside 22 Year Old...$149.99
Vintage: 1993
Bottled: 2015
Aged 22 Years
Cask No.18095
Only 284 bottles produced
Cask Strength: 50.7% ABV
Allt-a-Bhainne, which means ‘Milk Burn’ in Gaelic, Distillery is nestled in the hills behind Dufftown. The distillery was built in the post Second World War boom for Scotch Whisky and was built entirely to contribute to the large blends of the parent company, Seagram’s. Even today, its malt whisky is almost never bottled un-blended as a single malt.
It is up to the rare single cask offerings to show what this distillery can do.
This refill hogshead is full of candy floss and sweet fruits.

The Exclusive Malts Ben Nevis...$121.99
Vintage: 1996
Bottled: 2015
Aged 17 Years
Cask No.1464
Only 496 bottles produced
Cask Strength: 51.2% ABV
Matured in ex-Sherry Cask
Ben Nevis Distillery, situated at the foot of, and named after, the highest mountain in Scotland, is a rather unique Highland Scotch Whisky. Brimming with thick malt and dense fruit flavours, it has long been sought after by blenders as their backbone for a high-class Scotch Whisky. This refill ex-Sherry butt has been maturing next to the distillery, untouched since 1996 and is a classy example of what this distillery can offer.

North Peak Festivus

North Peak Brewing Blitzen...$9.99 / 6pk
ABV: 6.8% 

North Peak Blizen is a Festivus Ale with a complex malt characteristic and Michigan Chinook and Cascade hops. Rye malt provides a crisp spiciness for well-balanced, rich Festivus Ale.

Back in stock now!

North Peak Dubious Chocolate Stout...$9.99 / 6pk
North Peak Dubious is a Dark Chocolate Stout that has the perfect combination of chocolate, roast and black malts resulting in a smooth rich beer. Judicious use of hops bring out a complex, yet subtle bittering finished off with a big Goldings nose. This swirl of aroma, flavor and body is underscored by the rich chocolate that is added at the end of the boil. This medium bodied beer is brewed in Traverse City, MI, on Old Mission Peninsula incorporating locally grown hops.

RAW MILK Emmentaler

In stock at Forsyth only, much harder to find raw milk version.  
Aged over 120 days
Emmentaler AOC Raw Milk Cheese...$19.99 / lb
"The raw milk used to make cheese such as Emmentaler AOC other cheese specialities is processed into cheese without undergoing heat treatment. As a result, the enzymes and bacteria inherently present in milk are still active in their natural environment. This becomes evident as the cheese matures because they produce aromas that do not exist in pasteurised cheese. Raw milk cheeses therefore become stronger with age.

When making cheese from pasteurised milk, the milk is heated to approx. 75°C and then cooled down again prior to cheesemaking. This inactivates the enzymes and bacteria inherently present in milk. Special aroma-forming substances (bacteria) are used to make the cheese mature. Cheese made from pasteurised milk is usually consumed when it is younger. It is also often milder tasting than raw milk cheese. Well-known varieties include Green Tilsiter, Mozzarella and most soft cheese." - Cheese of Switzerland

Ballwin Cheese Feature: Le Delice du Jura

Ballwin Cheese Feature: Le Delice du Jura

Come in for a free taste

Delice du Jura
An amazing replica of the famous Reblochon cheese from the Jura mountain region of eastern France. Creamy and rich, when ripe and ambient it is nearly spoonable! Perfectly unresistable.

Rock Hill Cheese Feature - Carr Valley Blue with Pepperocino Peppers

Come in for a taste at our Rock Hill location

Carr Valley Glacier Wildfire Blue

Winner of the prestigious 2014 American Cheese Society Competition in the American Originals Original Recipe category, Glacier Wildfire Blue is the essence of unique. 
Carr Valley’s Glacier Blue kicked up a bit with the addition of  pepperoncino peppers, giving it a touch of  firey heat!

New Ballas Cheese Feature: Buttermilk Blue

Come in for a free taste! All of our cheese is cut fresh to order as it has been for over 34 years....

Roth Buttermilk Blue
This delicately laced Blue cheese is created from raw milk for the creamiest taste and texture. Tangy yet mellow. Bold yet restrained. Perfect for cooking, crumbling or eating out of hand. Cellar-aged for at least 2 months.

Pair with Celery, endive, other raw veggies, figs, pears, dates, dark chocolate, yeasty dark beer, Riesling, gin

Perfect for Risotto, pizza, mac & cheese, blue cheese dips and dressings, crumbling over steaks And burgers

Friday, November 6, 2015

Old Forester new Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Old Forester 1897 Bourbon Bottled in Bond...$46.99
100 Proof

This 100 proof expression is the second release in our Old Forester Whiskey Row Series was specially crafted to honor the U.S. Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. After the U.S. Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897 to be labeled as Bottled in Bond, whisky must be the product of one distillation season, one distiller and from one distillery. The concept behind the Act – the idea of “sealed-in quality” – was something that Old Forester – America’s First Bottled Bourbon – introduced in 1870.

Rare - The Girvan Patent Still releases

Very rare new releases....

Girvan Patent Still Single Grain Scotch Whisky....$41.99
In 1963 our fi rst Girvan Patent Still ran with spirit. Almost three decades later in 1992 we installed a pioneering new still which we named ‘No. 4 Apps’ – a distillery term for ‘apparatus’.  This unique still, operated under a vacuum, permits distillation at low temperatures. Delivering a pure, vibrant and fruity single grain spirit, ripe for maturation in our vanillin rich American Oak.  This unique single grain whisky is distilled from two multi-pressure stills – No.4 and No.5 Apps. The vacuum distillation, at low temperature, creates a pure, fruity and intense spirit perfect for maturation in vanillin rich American Oak.
The result is Deliciously Diff erent.

The Girvan Patent Still 25 Year Old
Girvan Patent Still 25 Year Old Single Grain Whisky...$352.99
The Girvan Distillery fi rst ran with our fl edgling spirit back in 1963. Our unique Continuous Distillation creates a delicious spirit full of a rich intensity. Filled to American White Oak our whisky’s soul is forged from wood & mellowed by time. Naturally golden amber in colour – this is Single Grain Whisky at its fi nest. Notes of honey, toff ee, vanilla & caramelised fruits. It is, quite simply, Deliciously Diff erent single grain whisky.

Jameson Trilogy Gift Pack!

Jameson Whiskey Trilogy includes 3 - 200ml bottles...$39.99
  • Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

North Peak Wet Hop IPA

North Peak Hoodoo Midwest Wet Hop IPA...$14.99 / 6pk
ABV: 9% IBUS: 99
North Peak Hoodoo MidWest Wet Hop IPA is brewed with fresh from the farm Michigan hops for exceptional flavor. Hoodoo is hops from start to finish with a little malt in the middle.

Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat

Back in stock for the season!

Tallgrass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat...$9.49 / 4pk
Style: Oatmeal Cream Stout Brewed with Vanilla Beans
ABV 5.0%
IBU 20
Interesting Fact: There are free-roaming buffalo just ten miles from our brewery.
To create Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat we start with our best selling beer, Buffalo Sweat. We carefully infuse this award- winning oatmeal cream stout with whole Ugandan vanilla beans. This enhances the beer's natural dark-roasted flavors of espresso, chocolate, and creamy sweetness. "Liquid chocolate chip espresso cookies" is how one fan described its unique flavor.
The perfect treat on a winter's day.

Urban Chestnut Stout Pack!

Just arrived at Forsyth --

Urban Chestnut Winter Warmer 8 pack....$18.99
The Winter Warmer variety pack hits shelves next week, and it’s no misnomer. Any one of these beers is guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night. The pack includes:

Includes 2 bottles of each below....

Kinsale (Foreign Extra Stout)
– Named for the southern Ireland town boasting a Caribbean sister town of the same name, this Foreign Export-style Stout has become an Irish-perfected, Caribbean-loved style of beer. Historically generously hopped and full of roasted malt flavors; our version leans toward the creamy, sweet side of things.
ABV: 7%
IBU: 27

Hollermöffel (Smoked Bock) – The Tale of Sleepy Head:
Sleepy head, sleepy head, what do you think?
I think something that you’ll want to (yawn) drink?
What is that my soporific friend… do pray tell?
It’s smoky, it’s roasty, it’s Hollermöffel.
ABV: 7%
IBU: 22

Cocoa CowTao (Chocolate Milk Stout) – Tao- Chinese for ‘path’ or ‘way’. Should you follow the Cocoa CowTao of UCBC it will guide you to a place of confectionary, bovinic, and zymurgic fusion, where you will find fulfillment through the exquisite wisdom of Chocolate Milk Stout.
ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 30

Chouteau Joe (Coffee Stout) – Dear Auguste Chouteau, founding father of The STL, we toast to you today with a blend of two Saint Louis beverages: coffee from Kaldi’s and beer from UCBC. If you were here to raise a glass with us, you’d find a ‘namesake brew’ of a cold-steeped, savory coffee and a rich, creamy Stout ale.
ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 30

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Medea Vodka with scrolling LED dispaly

Media Vodka with LED Display....$29.99 / 750ml
You can customize the scrolling LED display with whatever you want to say via bluetooth from your phone or manually from the bottle.
Check out the video below.

The award-winning story of Medea Vodka begins in 1777, in Schiedam, Holland, in one of the oldest distilleries in the world. Medea Vodka is an ultra-premium grain spirit made from pure artesian water and distilled in single batches. Medea Vodka is deliciously smooth, sipped by itself or complemented by your favorite mix. After tasting this deliciously smooth vodka, you will understand why Medea is the recipient of multiple awards.

Medea’s patented LED technology allows the user to program the bottle with a personalized message. The first response the Medea bottle evokes is “Wow!” As the world’s first personally programmable bottle, it is the perfect gift for any occasion. Give a gift of Medea Vodka and watch someone’s face light up!

Excel Beer Tasting plus Forbidden Island is here!

In stock now at Forsyth and online

We have Excel Brewing here tomorrow for our Friday Night tasting at Forsyth --

Excel Beer Tasting - 4-6pm on November 6 - Forsyth Location

Taste --
  • Excel Brewing Forbidden Island
  • Excel Brewing 3rd Anniversary Saison aged in Red Wine Barrels
  • Excel Brewing Stout
  • Excel Brewing Winter Warmer
  • and a few others....

Excel Brewing Forbidden Island....$7.49 / 22oz
Double IPA brewed exclusively with New Zealand hops.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Some rare "Yellow Wine" of Jura

2006 Domaine Montbourgeau Vin Jaune...$79.99
The 2006 L'Etoile Vin Jaune feels riper with some aromas of caramel and more ripeness than 2007, but it’s not a vintage like 2005; it’s a lighter year, not as long lived as 2005, and without the freshness as the 2007. It suffers in the comparison with both, but as a standalone it's still a terrific Vin Jaune. 2,500 bottles produced
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

2007 Domaine Montbourgeau L'Etoile Vin Jaune...$79.99
2007 looks like a fantastic vintage for yellow wines in the Jura, and the one from Montbourgeau is nothing short of spectacular, epitomizing what the zone and the winery are for me -- true elegant expression of the soils and sceneries of Jura in a subtle, fresh and tasty way, more vibrant and reminiscent of the limestone soils. The 2007 L'Etoile Vin Jaune has notes of celery, the morels are more subtle, and while you still don’t find the curry here, it will develop with time in bottle. This wine is still a baby and it should develop tremendously in bottle, especially in complexity, but it’s also accessible now and even better if you decant it the previous day. But I'd recommend keeping the bottle for a few years, as it will get much better
Rated 96+/100 The Wine Advocate

Schlafly IBEX The Eleventh Labor

Schlafly IBEX The Eleventh Labor....$16.99 / 750ml

Apricot Berliner Weisse
1 per person - no reservations, first come at the store
Rock Hill - in stock
New Ballas - in stock
Forsyth - in stock
Ballwin - sorry, no allocation

Schlafly barrel - thank you....

Thanks to Schlafly for bringing this barrel back home and starting are barrel aged beer project...

Schlafly brought us a gift -- one of the barrels from Batch #2 of Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad. They cleaned it up and made it look great for display.
The Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad was the beer that started all of our Barrel Aged Beers - Batch #1 was put in barrels way back in August 2011.  Batch #2 was put in barrels July of 2013.  Since then we have done numbers Barrel Aged beers with other brewers such as Charleville, Perennial, Side Project, 2nd Shift, 4 Hands, Six Row, Prairie Artisan Ales...

Krampus is back!!!

Southern Tier Krampus Imperial Helles Lager...$6.49 / 22oz
Are you naughty or nice?
"St. Nicholas, aka Santa Claus, is a magical figure, the bringer of gifts and an icon of holiday spirit. Forgotten by most is his evil side kick and enforcer of ‘the list’. European tradition says while St. Nick is busy delivering presents to good little boys and girls, Krampus hands out punishments to the bad. A fanged, goat-horned bully, the Christmas Devil uses sticks and chains to beat the naughty children. Dark malts and aromatic hops create the diabolical spirit of this brew. It is finished with lager yeast and aged cold for no less than 30 days. This Imperial Helles Lager will warm even the darkest hearts. This season, replace the cookies with a bottle of Krampus. If he happens to pay a visit, toast to him with this devilish brew. Merry Kramp-mas to all, and to all a good pint!" -- Southern Tier

Southern Tier Choklat now in 4 packs also!


Southern Tier Choklat...$16.99 / 4pk
Southern Tier Choklat...$4.49 / 12oz 
Southern Tier Choklat...$7.99 / 22oz
the ancients called it 'food for the gods'

The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl (ch-co-atle). At Southern Tier, we’re not surprised that hieroglyphs of the ancient Maya depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods. Even through the many voyages of Columbus, the mystical bean remained nothing more than a strange currency of the native peoples.

Moving through centuries, the circular journey of cacao has been realized in our brewing house, encompassing the complexity of the darkest, bitter-sweet candy together with the original frothy cold beverage of the ancient Maya to bring to you our Blackwater Series Choklat Stout. We have combined the finest ingredients to tempt your senses & renew the power & interrelation of history in every bottle.
9.1% abv • 195º L • Imperial Chocolate Stout • 22 oz / 1/6 keg
2-row barley / caramel 60 malt / barley flakes / chocolate malt / bittersweet Belgian chocolate / kettle hops: chinook & willamette

info from their website

Schlafly White Lager Zwickelbier

Schlafly White Lager Zwickelbier...$7.99 / 6pk
Schlafly White Lager is a middle ages inspired lager  that is golden in hue, naturally cloudy and slightly hoppy.  A tribute to the days before lagers were filtered, this rare style matured in deep vaults and emerged smooth and rich. 

Bell's Hell Hath No Fury

A very limited release from Bell's Brewery out of Michigan,

In stock now at Forsyth

Bell's Hell Hath No Fury Ale....$14.99 / 6 packs
"Originally conceived along the lines of a Belgian Dubbel, Hell Hath No Fury... Ale morphed during development into something entirely different. Blending a pair of Belgian abbey-style yeasts into a recipe more akin to a roasty stout, Hell Hath No Fury... Ale offers up warm, roasted notes of coffee & dark chocolate together with the fruity & clove-like aromas
Alcohol by Volume: 7.7%
Info from Bell's Website

Piney River Brewing - new from Missouri!!

Joleen and Brian Durham founded Piney River Brewing Company on their farm in South Central Missouri in 2010. Their award winning brewery is dedicated to making distinctive craft beers that celebrate the Ozarks.

Piney River Ale Missouri Mule IPA...$8.99 (4pk 16oz)
Missouri mules hauled hundreds of wagons across the West and packed supplies in World Wars I & II. For decades, mules were also the most reliable Ozark farm hands. Like a Missouri mule, you can rely on our handcrafted India Pale Ale. This IPA packs a hop explosion that will not let you down.

Piney River Brewing Sweet Potato Ale...$8.99 (4pk 16oz)
The sweet potato has long been a staple of American gardens and pantries. After harvest the sweet potato provides diverse culinary options. On the Piney River, we use roasted sweet potatoes in our handcrafted Sweet Potato Ale, inspired by our favorite sweet potato comfort food—the sweet potato pie.

Piney River Brewing Old Tom Porter
...$8.99 (4pk 16oz)
Dense black beard, brilliant plumage, reverberating gobble--Old Tom is notorious for haunting the Ozark hills. He's a prize gobbler with the wisdom to stay just out of reach. Our handcrafted porter is also memorable, but it's one Old Tom that won't get away.

Piney River Brewing Black Walnut Wheat
...$8.99 (4pk 16oz)
Buckets, burlap bags and pickup truck beds are filled with black walnuts each fall in the Ozarks. The rich and lively flavor of the wild, hand-harvested black walnut is a renowned flavor of the region. We're proud to continue celebrating local flavor and tradition with our handcrafted Black Walnut Wheat Ale.

Piney River Brewing Float Trip Ale
...$8.99 (4pk 16oz)
A float trip is the quintessential Ozark experience. A canoe, kayak, raft or tube and a pristine spring-fed Missouri stream creates a lasting memory of our wild and beautiful outdoors. Our hand-crafted blonde ale is the perfect accompaniment to your day on the river or to simply bring back float trip memories.

Why We Can

As a new brewery with the plans to package our beer for distribution, we were faced immediately with a decision of bottling or canning our beer. We were most familiar with bottled craft beer; but thanks to some innovative breweries in the US, craft beer in cans was not a completely foreign idea.
Since we also care a lot about our great outdoors, we are conscientious that an aluminum can is easily recyclable. Over 50% of aluminum cans are recycled after they are emptied. Aluminum cans are made from recycled metal, and they weigh much less, too, further reducing the environmental impact of the can because they take less energy to ship.
One of the things we love about the Ozarks are the many outdoor activities—fishing, canoeing, floating, hiking, biking, trail riding, camping, and the list goes on! The thought of crafting a beer that could be enjoyed in any of the aforementioned settings was one we could not ignore. We knew that we wanted to put our craft beer in cans; as each of our beer cans says, “Pack it in. Pack it out. Enjoy nature.”   Piney pints are like a mini-keg—they are going to provide the closest possible taste of draft beer to you when you are drinking it. Here are some things to keep in mind:
An aluminum can provides 100% protection from harmful UV rays of the sun which breaks down the quality of beer.
Very little oxygen is allowed in the beer during the canning process, and the sealed lid prevents any oxygen from penetrating the beer inside the can.
Today’s aluminum cans have a protective layer between the can and the beer, preventing any off flavors in your canned beer.
For ultimate flavor, aroma and enjoyment, pour one of our perfectly preserved pints into a glass.
Piney River Beer is canned in 16-ounce pint cans. When you crack open one of our cans to pour into a glass, you will truly have a pint, or, as we like to say a “Piney pint”. With craft beer in a can you no longer have to sacrifice great taste for convenience. At Piney River Brewing we want you to have the time of your life when you’re enjoying our Ozarks!