Friday, April 20, 2012

Drambuie 15 Year old!!!

A new expression of Drambuie....

Drambuie 15 Year Old...$59.99 / 750
"Drambuie 15 is a connoisseur expression of Drambuie drawn from the Company's finest selection of 15 Year Old Speyside Malts. Selected for their soft complex fragrance and flavour, the rare Speyside Malts ideally complement and balance the herbs and spicy aromas of Drambuie's famed secret recipe.

With a nose of Drambuie's aromatic citrus spice, fragrant grass and butterscotch notes, Drambuie 15 has a velvet soft mouthfeel with a tang of lemongrass and warming malty notes, berries and heather. A finish of shortbread, fresh herbs and the unmistakable long afterglow of the Drambuie elixir results in a refined, drier expression, perfect for sipping and savouring either neat or over ice." -- website

Drambuie Original....$32.99 / 750ml
Of course is still in stock

Pink Lillet is here!!!

And now there are three!
new Lillet ROSE

Lillet Blanc was first produced in 1872
Lillet Rouge was first produced in 1962
This is their first new product since the introduction of the Rouge

Lillet Rose....$17.99 / 750ml
in stock at Forsyth now!

Bargain Barbaresco

In stock at Rock Hill and Forsyth

2008 Franco Serra Barbaresco.....$18.99
"This is rich and deeply scented, with notes of cherry and licorice and hints of flowers. Round on the palate, with a bright structure and refined tannins. Should come around soon. Best from 2014 through 2025. 2,000 cases made. –BS"

Rated 90/100 The Wine Spectator

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scotch Tasting!

Peter Wilkins with International Beverage Company 
will be hosting a Scotch Tasting at
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd
Clayton, MO 63105   314.727.8788
Reservations required - click here

$15 / person
Wednesday, May 9 (6pm - 7:30pm)

Here is what we will taste -- this is an amazing line up of scotches!!!
Scottish Leader ....$14.99
Black Bottle....$16.99
Deanston Virgin...$31.99
Deanston 12 yr...$45.99
Bunnahabhain 12....$51.99
Bunnahabhain 25...$229.99

Tobermory 10...$49.99
Tobermory 15....$109.99
Ledaig 10...$43.99

Info on Peter Wilkins:
Peter Wilkins has 40 years of wine and spirits experience, including five years in Napa Valley working directly for wineries, 15 years owning a specialized wine and spirits distributorship in Chicago and six years owning an import company in Kansas City. He is nationally regarded as an expert, particularly in the single malt whisky field but also in wines and spirits in general.

Over the last 25 years, Peter has worked extensively throughout much of the United States but has particularly strong connections and relationships in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland/District of Columbia, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

In 2003, Peter founded Artisanal Distillates, Inc., an import company specializing in handcrafted spirits. He went on to develop the sales, distribution, marketing and consultancy side of the business with clients such as The Alchemist, Arran Distillers, Blackwood Distillers, Death’s Door Spirits, Douglas Laing & Company, G’Day Imports and International Beverage Company (IBC).

Peter established Barrique Wine Company in 1984 as a distributor of fine wines and spirits, becoming the sole importer of Springbank Single Malt Scotch and, in 1987-88, the number one Oregon wine market. He represented a number of small California and Oregon estate wineries such as Laurel Glen, Schafer Vineyards, Bonny Doon and Eyrie Vineyards. Peter also developed a French wine portfolio, with emphasis on Burgundy, with estates such as DeVogue, Chevillon and Verget. He grew the company to $2.5 million with 15 employees. In 1999 he oversaw the transfer of Barrique Wine Company to Vin Divino and was responsible for the French wine importation and development of an artisanal spirits portfolio.

As owner of Grapevine Consultants in Napa Valley from 1979 to 1984, Peter was an importer of French wines and exporter of California wines to France and a sales and marketing consultant. He was on the faculty of Foremost McKesson’s Academy of Sommeliers in San Francisco. He conducted French wine education seminars at venues such as Tante Marie’s in San Francisco and taught wine classes at Meadowood Country Club in Napa, Sheraton Hotels in Los Angeles and Camelback Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Peter created and promoted a UK-California wine tour that involved the promotion and education of California wines to consumers and trade in the United Kingdom.

Prior to 1979, Peter worked for a number of wineries in California and wine and spirits importers in the United Kingdom.

Currently residing in the Kansas City area, his knowledge and experience in the fields of wine and spirits continues to evolve in his pursuits of all things relating to food and wine.

Anchor Brekle's Brown

Anchor Brekle's Brown....6pks
A balance of malt and hops. A blend of past and present.

Inspired by the all-malt brown ales in Anchor’s brewing archives, Brekle’s™ Brown has a coppery brown color and unusual depth of flavor with hints of citrus which makes for richness and complexity without heaviness. The classic, all-malt, single-hop brown ale.

Brewmaster Mark Carpenter's unique recipe—a tip of the hat to our first brewmaster—looks to both the past and the future. It starts with a special blend of roasted malts.

For brewing and dry hopping, a single and distinctive new American hop variety called Citra creates nuanced flavors and aromas complementing Brekle’s™ Brown’s unique maltiness.

Anchor Brewing’s roots date back to the early 1850s and the California gold rush, when pioneer brewer Gottlieb Brekle arrived in San Francisco from Germany. In 1871, he purchased an old beer-and-billiards saloon near Russian Hill and transformed it into the little brewery that—twenty-five years later—would be renamed Anchor. Brekle’s™ Brown is a celebration of Anchor’s 140-year brewing legacy.


Shiner bock now in cans...

We continue to add to our selection of beer in CANS

Plus their Summer Seasonal in bottles
Ruby Redbird is here!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bourbon Barrel update

Full Bourbon Barrels we have currently ordered....
Knob Creek 9Yr (our second barrel) We have selected our favorite barrel and it should arrive in the next week
Buffalo Trace (our 4th barrel) has been selected and ordered - should be 3-4 weeks
Elijah Craig 12 yr old (our 2nd barrel) has been selected and ordered -- should be here 3-4 weeks also

We just received our Blanton's Bourbon samples yesterday for our first barrel from them. 
Stop by the Forsyth store now and ask Aaron for a taste and give us your vote
Our employees have already tasted and voted.
We will place the order for the barrel tomorrow.  

Check back here, I will post when the samples are gone.

Perennial new labels..

Perennial new beers to watch for....eagerly awaiting some releases....
Will update on their release as I know more

 "Homefront IPA is brewed to honor our veterans as they return home from duty.  It was conceived by MLB pitcher Chris Ray and brewed last year with Fremont Brewing.  We at Perennial are very excited and honored to be a part of brewing this year's batch.  Homefront IPA is brewed with oranges and aged on Louisville Slugger bats.  Operation Homefront provides financial assistance to the families of our service members and proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to Operation Homefront." - label

And of course, this one we should see soon --

New seasonal...

Newcastle Summer Ale
"Don't let its light, golden-yellow color fool you.  Our Summer Ale packs a secret punch that's just as bold as it is refreshing.  It's crisp with a touch of caramel, medium sweet in the middle, with a deliciously dry, hoppy finish  that's just the thing for a warm summer's day.  Or any time you're felling summery, really."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breckenridge 72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout

In stock now, a new seasonal to St. Louis...

Breckenridge 72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout...$10.99 / 4pk 
Beer Style: Specialty Stout 
Flavor: Rich, Toasted Chocolate with Hints of Dark Fruit 
Yeast: California Ale Malts: Pale, Munich, Caramel, Victory 
Chocolate: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Dark Chocolate 
Hops: Fuggle

New beers..

Will post more info later about the beers...

Breckenridge Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout
Magic Hat Elder Betty
Magic Hat IPA on Tour Blind Faith
Newcastle Summer Ale - new seasonal

Monday, April 16, 2012

Boulevard and Pretty Things Collaboration

Watch for the 3rd Collaboration from 
Boulevard's Smokestack Series.  

It has not been brewed yet, so be patient.  We will announce the release as we get closer.   But here is some info to start you salivating....

"O Yorkshire, Yorkshire! thy Ale it is so strong, That it will kill us all if we stay long."
--The Praise of Yorkshire Ale, 1697

"For the third installment of Boulevard Brewing Company's Smokestack Collaboration Series, Boulevard brewmaster Steven Pauwels joins forces with the husband-and-wife team of Dann and Martha Paquette, the driving force behind "gypsy brewer" Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project.  Together, the brewers have produced a modern version of the traditional English Ale known as "Stingo."  This rarely-seen, barrel-aged style originated in the north of England, with historical references dating back to the 17th century.  The name itsel if a slang term for sharp, old beer, so called because it "stings" the palate.  The Paquette's own experience brewing in Yorkshire inspired the unusual choice, suggested to Pauwels (fittingly enough,) over a beer at the American Craft Beer Festival in Boston.
Pretty Things beers originate from Somerville, Massachusetts, but don't go looking for the front door of the brewery.  A self-described "project," Dann and Martha formulate and produce their beers as "tenant brewers" in host breweries throughout their region.  More of their story, along with descriptions of all their eclectic beers, can be found at

Rich and robust, Collaboration No.3 is the result of complex brewing regimen and patient cellaring.  Expect notes of wood and fruit to intertwine with slight sour characteristics to compliment the dramatic malt flavors. This beer will pair exceptionally well with wild game, smoked meats, strong cheeses, or heavily seasoned dishes.  A more complete sensory description will be made available to release." - Boulevard press release

Olli Salumeria from Virginia

In stock at Rock Hill and Forsyth

Olli Calabrese Salame
Calabrese is a spicy salame that gets its kick from cayenne pepper and paprika. Our Calabrese Salame is based on a traditional recipe from Calabria, where spicy sausages are popular.

Olli Norcino Salame
Olli Norcino is a salame that’s simply seasoned with just salt and white pepper, allowing the flavor of our premium pork to shine through.

Olli Molisana Salame
 Molisana is a robust salame flavored with whole black peppercorn and garlic – it’s the quintessential Italian salame.

"Think Virginia and think ham. But now there is salami and speck from heritage pork to consider. Late last year, Olli Salumeria in Manakin, Va., near Richmond, began selling cured meats inspired by Italian recipes. Co-founded by Oliviero Colmignoli, known as Olli, whose great-great-grandfather started the Fiorucci meat company in Italy, it buys Mangalitsa pork from producers in several states.  The salamis deliver elegantly fine-grained meatiness at the crossroads of salt and sweet."  --  The New York Times.