Monday, June 23, 2014

Anchor Lager at a great price!

Our old distributor closed out some Anchor stuff.
While supply lasts at Forsyth only

Anchor Zymaster No. 4...$2.99 / 22oz 
Anchor Zymaster No. 5...$2.99 / 22oz


Since Anchor switched distributors, the old distributor closed this one out!
We have 43 cases at Forsyth now!
Stock up for the summer, cheaper than drinking bottled water

Sill fresh and drinking great.  The distributor originally got it in on May 6th

Anchor California Lager...SOLD OUT

Rated 96/100 for its style on RateBeer
Our California Lager is also a single-hop beer, using only fresh, whole Cluster hops, all descended from an old line originally grown in California. Cluster has a long history as a “dual-purpose hop” for both bittering and aroma, which creates a flavor profile like no other. Brewed with San Francisco tap water, fresh from Yosemite, and fermented with our own special strain of lager yeast, our California Lager is kräusened in the traditional manner and lagered in our cellars. The result is a uniquely sessionable lager beer, which is maltier, hoppier, and somewhat stronger than modern American lagers. Its brilliant golden color, lingering effervescence, balanced depth of flavor, distinctive aroma, and smooth finish make this inaugural brew of the Anchor Brewing Zymaster™ Series a delightful tribute to the rich heritage and traditions of California brewing.

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