Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Anchor Distilling Genevieve Gin


Anchor Distilling Genevieve Gin...$35.99
Genevieve is a re-creation of the earliest gins, which came to be known as “genever”.

The basis of the spirit is a grain mash of wheat, barley, and rye malts, which is distilled in a copper pot still with the same botanicals as the modern “distilled dry gin,” Junípero Gin.

Genevieve is an off-shoot of our research into the history and evolving production methods that led to modern gin. In the late  19th century, technological advances enabled distillers to produce neutral spirits at very high proofs. When re-distilled with complex blends of juniper berries and other natural botanicals, these neutral spirits were transformed into what we know today as modern “distilled dry gin.” The earliest gins, however—which came to be known as “genever” (or “Geneva gin,” or “Hollands gin,” or “Schiedam-style gin”)—were a very different product. To be sure, juniper berries and other botanicals are used in both styles, but 17th-century “genever” gin was distilled in primitive pot stills from a grain mash. Genevieve is our attempt to re-create this ancient and mysterious gin style. We use a grain mash of wheat, barley, and rye malts, which is distilled in a traditional copper pot still with the same botanicals we use in our modern “distilled dry gin,” Junípero Gin. We hope you will enjoy comparing these two unique products, the alpha and omega of the gin story.
Many early cocktail recipes that call for “gin” actually mean “genever gin,” which has a strong flavor profile because it is pot distilled from a grain mash. We encourage you to experiment and let us know about any recipes you think are a success. Of course, the most common way to consume genever has always been straight: either chilled, over ice, or—best of all—shaken with ice. A slight haze may form, which is normal for this all-natural product.

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Unknown said...

Trying the Junipero first time tonight, great stuff. Can't wait to try some cocktails

Paul Hayden said...

Anchor makes some great spirits. Their Old Potrero is excellent also.