Friday, June 27, 2014

Smoked Salmon Vodka!

Close out just arrived!

Yes - Smoked Salmon Vodka,
Stop by at 4pm-7pm tonight at Forsyth to taste it!

Alaska Distillery Smoke Salmon Vodka...$14.99 / 750ml
Compare to $29.99 at Randall's Wine and Spirit online
Smoked Salmon vodka entered the market with a bang and has quickly become one of our more popular brands.  Specifically crafted to be enjoyed in a Bloody Mary; throw in a piece of Smoked Salmon to make your drink a truly Alaskan experience.

Lowest price online is $29.99
Alaska Distillery Buzz Honey Vodka...$14.99 / 750mlAlaska Distilery Honey Vodka is a unique vodka made with organic Alaskan Honey. This vodka requires no mixer and has a rich flavor that ruminates on the pallet with a smooth aftertaste.

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