Thursday, January 30, 2014

Side Project Beer Glass Release and Tasting!

We are very excited to host the 
Side Project Beer Glass Release Party
and of course beer tasting including Pulling Nails Blend #1

The event is SOLD OUT.
Friday, January 31 from 4pm-6pm
Where: The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105
  • You can come at anytime between 4-6pm to taste the beers and stay as long as you like.
  • Check in at the register to purchase your glass (or glasses) and then head on over to taste the beers.  Your name will be on a reservation list at the register.
  • If you do not have reservations, please do not crash the party, Cory is bringing enough beer to cover the reservations.  If your name is not on the reservation list, you cannot get a glass for the event.
  • There will be 2 beers to taste: Pulling Nails and Le Saisonnier
  • There is no Side Project Beer for sale at The Wine and Cheese Place at this time.
  • You will get your line ticket for the release of the two beers.  He just announced via twitter that you will be able to purchase the beers on Saturday, February 1st at Perennial (again, not at The Wine and Cheese Place- don't head to the wrong place on Saturday)
  • You can purchase additional glasses for $10 a piece to take home for your collection.

Press Release: Side Project Brewing, St. Louis, MO
"Side Project Brewing is excited to announce the release of our first blended beer, an American Wild Ale named Pulling Nails. Pulling Nails will be a series of blended beers that explore the art of blending to create beers with extraordinary depth, complexity and balance. This will be labeled as Blend #1 and it is the blend of 4 unique beers, each of which add their own characteristics to the final beer. 

These 4 beers are:
  • Spontaneous Wild (Lambic-style, native microflora from my family's farm) - aged 25 months in French Oak White Wine (bright citric acid, mushroomy, musty)
  • Flanders Red - aged 18 months in American Oak Chambourcin Barrels (tart candy, robust oak, big acid, very light acetic)
  • Saison du Fermier - aged 9 months in American Oak Chardonnay Barrels (citrus and orchard fruit, billowy, delicate)
  • Saison de Rouge - aged 6 months in American Oak Chambourcin Barrels (Amarillo hopped, pear notes, 100% house Brett)
As with our previously released Saisons, this beer focuses more on the delicate acids of citrus fruit, bright and floral Brettanomyces and a soft, round oak characteristic. Cellared properly, this beer will age for years.

In conjunction with the upcoming release of this beer, I would like to release our first Side Project stemware to celebrate the occasion. In doing so, we think that we have come up with a unique way to share this with one of my biggest supporters during the startup of Side Project.

Paul Hayden of The Wine and Cheese Place has been a big supporter of Side Project. He has already supplied me with several special barrels for one-off releases (look for those beer details later in 2014!) between Side Project and The Wine and Cheese Place. His continued support of Side Project and the St. Louis beer community has been amazing.

To thank him, to do something a little different and to hopefully do something a little fun, I would like to have a special stemware release, tasting and Side Project Pulling Nails Blend #1 preview!


But, I can distribute my stemware and have a tasting! Our idea is as follows...
On January 31st, from 4 pm to 6 pm, I will be releasing our Side Project stemware at The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton. For $15 you can reserve your place at the event through The Wine and Cheese Place website...
For $15 you will get:

  • One Side Project glass
  • Samples of Pulling Nails Blend #1
  • A ticket to purchase your Pulling Nails allocation early on release day (no standing in line!)
  • The ability to purchase more stemware for $10 each from The Wine and Cheese Place
  • (Samples of a surprise beer - maybe - depending on bottle conditioning)
I want to thank Paul for everything. Hopefully later this year I will be able to properly thank him by selling him some beer. I hope to see some of you at this unique event!" -- Side Project Brewing

The Wine and Cheese Place is honored and excited to host the release of Side Project's Beer glass.   Cory King, owner and head brewer of Side Project, is producing some of the most original and sought after beers in the U.S. right now.    He is bringing two beers with him to taste.  We have a very rare treat:  you get to taste in advance the Side Project Pulling Nails Blend #1 before its release date.  Plus, you get a VIP line ticket to guarantee you will get the beer when it is released.  He also hopes to bring another surprise beer.  This is an event not to miss!  Meet Cory King, get an amazing glass, and taste some of Side Project's rare beer.  (There will not be any Side Project beer for sale at this event)

The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105

January 31 from 4pm-6pm
Reservations will be limited to 85 people
Tasting is SOLD OUT
Orders for glasses are subject to confirmation.  We will fill all glass orders to those attending the event first and then fill the rest of the orders after that if supply lasts


Henry Chinaski said...

How do I get emails for these more quickly? I just got the email this morning and the update went out last night.

Paul Hayden said...

If you do facebook or twitter, that is the fastest way to find out when we post new releases. Or you can follow the blog, on the right side bar there is a place to follow and it gives you notice when something new is posted. Some stuff is so limited it does not make the email. There is new stuff hitting multiple times a day and I do not want to hit people with an email everyday, I shoot for about every 2 weeks for an email. The rest is just released via the blog, facebook and twitter.

carrycash said...
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Ben said...

Paul, I reserved a bunch of glasses when the tickets went on sale. Are those guaranteed for me tomorrow?

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, I think we are good. We will have them ready to go tomorrow.