Thursday, January 30, 2014

Perennial Barrel Aged Fantastic Voyage

Very rare beer release time.....

Need to do this early before we open so that I can control it....

TWCP / Perennial Barrel Aged Fantastic Voyage...$24.99 / 750ml
18 months in the making!!!!  

We are going to do this one similar to the Bell's Hopslam release.   There was a lot of positive feedback for this method...
  • You can reserve 1 bottle online via the link
  • Those that come into the store today while supply lasts can get up to 2 bottles starting at 9am.
  • We will just take about 80 reservations online and the rest will be sold as first come, first served at the stores.  This will allow the beer to last a little longer giving more people a chance.
  • Each of our 4 stores has some in stock.
  • We will try to update in a timely manner when each store sells out.
  • You have 7 days to pick up your beer or it will go back out for sale.
No more online reservations.  It is now first come, first served at the stores starting at 9am today

BALLWIN and New Ballas SOLD OUT 

Barrel Aged Fantastic Voyage exclusive to The Wine and Cheese Place

There are 2 barrels of this one!!!
Barrels used: Knob Creek 9yr (#2) and Blanton's (#1)  
Brewery: Perennial 
Beer: Fantastic Voyage (both barrels filled)
Date filled: July 2, 2012 
Date bottled: January 7, 2014
Bottles produced: 348 bottles
Time in barrel: Over 18 months!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Paul. No shipping, then?

Kyle said...

Did they bottle from the individual barrels or blend them together?

Anonymous said...

Are there bottles still in stock at Forsyth or the New Ballas store?

Paul Hayden said...

New Ballas is out, Forsyth has a little left from the event last night. About 6 bottles available now.