Saturday, September 21, 2019

Union Mezcal Joven

Union Mezcal Joven...$29.99
Agave: Espadín y Cirial
38% Alc. Vol.

Maestro Mezcalero:
Pedro Hernández

100% agave

We started a journey to learn more about the greatness of mezcal.
We toured the mountains from peak to peak, reaching a hill where there was a tree and there we rested a bit. An old man shared his mezcal with us, his histories, and his ideas.

The old man told us something that caught our attention; he said that the future of mezcal would
be based on a UNIÓN.

So we continued our journey with a clear understanding of our path: to create a union of mezcal with different producer families. From there Mezcal Unión was born, carrying that message in every bottle.

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