Thursday, May 26, 2016

Limited Whiskey Release

Still 630 Rally Point O Cask....$29.99 / 375ml
Rare Release Barrel Series #2
58.3% alc/vol (116.6 Proof)

The 2nd offering in our Rare Release Barrel Series is a heavenly blend of ginger and RallyPoint. It’s so seductively delicious you’ll want it again and again.

The life of this special barrel has been incredible so far. It originally held one of our first Single Barrels of RallyPoint. Once freshly emptied, we lent it to our friends Kathy Kuper and Bill Foster to make their signature, barrel-aged version of their Big O Liqueur: 2015 Big O Reserve. When they were done with the barrel, they returned it to us and we filled it with a new Single Barrel of RallyPoint. Over six long months, the RallyPoint slowly absorbed the sweet and sexy ginger finish you find on the nose and tongue.

So we proudly present our RallyPoint O Cask Rye Whiskey. This is an extremely limited edition spirit, only one single barrel was created, yielding only 480 bottles, so when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. We bottled it at cask strength, in this case it happened to be 116.6 Proof. At this strength, it best conveys the maximum amount of decadent ginger notes from the Big O and the rye spiciness you love in RallyPoint. Plus, it can stand a couple ice cubes if you want to enjoy it on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail!

So cheers! And may all your nights finish with a big O…

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