Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bomb! and Birthday Bomb!


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Prairie Artisan Ales BOMB!...$5.99 / 12oz
Imperial Stout aged on Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, and Chili Peppers
Bomb! is an imperial stout aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers. All the flavors meld to create a truly unique beer. The peppers add just the right amount of heat to compliment the intense coffee and chocolate flavors.

Prairie Artisan Ales Birthday Bomb!....$8.49 / 12oz

May 10, 2016
How do you celebrate a birthday? Cake, check. Requisite folks to eat the cake, check. Fire, check. Wait, fire? What exactly is going on here? Prairie is pleased to announce and celebrate the 3rd birthday of our most popular, well known, and voted most likely to succeed beer we produce, Prairie Bomb! Join our celebration for the beer that changed it all. We did everything but hang up streamers.
What’s the buzz about anyway? Bomb! was a mad creation in response to the many complicated brews that required an interpreter to approach. The path to creating this ultimate beer that never planned on taking itself seriously led to many unexpected revelations. It contained almost every ingredient imaginable. It was difficult. It was delicious. It was a free spirit, complex but lending itself to endless possibilities. It became a much loved member of the family, and a representation of our brewing style and how it has evolved. In its original form Bomb! comes close to being a heady, strong dessert in itself. This led to the conclusion that we had exponential possibilities with flavor profiles and aging processes.
Because of this, Birthday Bomb! was conceived to celebrate three wonderful years of experimentation and fun loving flavors like the current incarnation with caramel sauce. Made in house by our brewers with nothing but black gloves and a propane tank. The rest is the complex mix of hops and malt with a healthy dose of the signature coffee and spices. You know exactly what we’re talking about.
The cake has been cut, the caramel has been dribbled, and we’re ready to celebrate the 3rdbirthday of Prairie Bomb! The beer we love has grown to capture the hearts of the masses. Join us in enjoying the ever changing face of the Bomb! Watch the shelves mid-May for the release of the Birthday Bomb! You’ll be able to find the caramel laden brew in 12oz bottles and sixth barrel kegs. So, grab a handful of cake and a bottle of Birthday Bomb!, and get ready to celebrate another year with a fantastic beer.


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