Thursday, May 29, 2014

Asbach Uralt Brandy is back!!!

Finally back in stock at The Wine and Cheese Place

Asbach Uralt Fine Old Brandy 3 Year Old...$26.99 /750ml
40% ABV
 "Asbach is a fine and noble distillate.  Through traditional distillation, careful storage for at least 3 years in Limousin-oak casks and the secret Asbach maturing and refining process, Asbach Original aged 3 years aquires its unique and distinctive taste.

Asbach Privatbrand Fine Old Brandy 8 Year Old....$41.99 / 750ml
40% ABV
"As long ago as 1908, the company founder Hugo Asbach created the unmistakable Asbach Privatbrand - initially, strictly limited and exclusively for family and friends.  Asbach PrivatBrand has been matured for at least 8 years in small Limousin oak barrels and is ennobled by the secret Asbach maturing and refining process.  Asbach Privatbrand owes its unique and incomparably smooth taste to the distillation of selected wines only from the best wine -growing areas.

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