Saturday, October 10, 2020

Skeptic Gin


Skeptic Curious Spirits Gin...$26.99
Featured as one of the Top 100 Spirits in the World by The Wine Enthusiast
At Skeptic, we produce our gin using processes rarely used in the industry. First, we filter our base spirit in the same manner as our vodka for exceptional smoothness and to remove impurities. Next, we soak our unique recipe of FRESH ingredients and botanicals directly in the base spirit for 5 days. Last and most importantly, we cold vacuum distill the infused spirit in our one-of-a-kind, custom-built vacuum column still at below room temperature (approx. 50F); a process which preserves delicate flavors and aromas that are normally cooked out or altered under standard distillation temperatures.

The resulting gin is an award-winning, ultra-smooth, intensely flavorful yet balanced, citrusy and aromatic gin that will elevate any cocktail to new heights. The flavors are a mélange of citrus, fresh fruit, spices and botanicals. So smooth and flavorful, it can be enjoyed neat or in your favorite gin cocktail. So good, USA Spirits Ratings rated it Best In Show (USA) and Gin of the Year with 92 points overall. Skeptic Gin also earned a bronze medal against a fierce field of competitors and well-known brands in Cigar & Spirits magazine's 2018 spirits competition and a Best of Category (Contemporary Gin) title from the American Distilling Institute. Perhaps most impressively, it was listed among the Top 100 Spirits IN THE WORLD by Wine Enthusiast Magazine!
Still skeptical? Taste the difference and become a believer.

Skeptic Curious Spirits Ginquila Reposado...$29.99
Ready for a new class of spirit?! Enter: Ginquila!
We guarantee you've never tried anything like this one... Ginquila is inspired by a cocktail called the Cantarito, a Paloma style cocktail served in a clay pot. Fusing this concept with the vibrant flavors of South America, we infused a gin base with fresh tropical fruit and spices including papaya, grapefruit, orange, lime, cinnamon, thyme, and Chipotle and Arbol peppers. But why stop there? Just to make sure this spirit is like nothing you've ever seen, we finished it in Tequila Barrels for a few months!
Just like the rest of our spirits, Ginquila is:
Cold Vacuum Distilled
Naturally Gluten Free
Free of Unnatural Additives
Sugar Free!

So how do we enjoy this crazy concoction? Well, while our list of bespoke Ginquila recipes is still in the making, we recommend it with Grapefruit soda and some fresh lime or just straight up with a lime wedge!

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