Monday, October 5, 2020

Azunia Black Tequila Private Reserve

Azunia Black Tequila Private Reserve...$99.99
Extra Aged 
Bold, distinct and artfully crafted, Azuñia Black Tequila undergoes two years of extra aging before making its way to your glass. Every Black tequila bottle produced is hand-signed by Master Distiller Salvador Rivera Cardona, making this ultra-premium, deep amber-colored sipping tequila the perfect gift for the true connoisseur.
Made with 100% pure Weber Blue Agave grown in dedicated fields of the Tequila valley
Piñas harvested by hand and roasted 36 hours in traditional clay hornos
Fermented naturally in open-air vats with wild borne yeast
Finished with double pot still distillation
Aged 2 years in American Oak barrels

Every bottle numbered and signed by Master Distiller Salvador Rivera Cordona

Why the neck tie?
Sitting prominently on the slopes of Volcán de Tequila is Sandovales, a historic hacienda built in 1821 that has housed prominent Mexican families for generations. As Agaveros Unidos de Amatitán acquired land for the Rancho Miravalle farm, Sandovales became a centerpiece for the family, and over time, the fertile landscape that laid claim to the only visible structure in the area became the subject of multiple legends and considerable local lore.

These days, Azuñia honors its rich history in the region by paying homage to one such legend. Ever notice how our signature Añejo tequila comes with a leather bracelet and silver coin? Legend has it, long ago, a failed robbery attempt left valuable coins scattered throughout the fertile fields where Azuñia’s agave grows today, and these little gifts are a nod to one of many stories that help make this land such a special place.

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