Monday, October 5, 2020

Switchgrass Spirits

Switchgrass Apple Brandy..$33.99
100 proof
Our Apple Brandy is made from 100% Jonathan Apples from Happy Apple Farms in Union, MO. We distill twice in an alembic pot still and make our cuts to taste in order to maximize its natural apple flavor. The result is a delicious brandy that can be mixed in a cocktail or enjoyed after dinner with ice.

St. Louis, Missouri!
Switchgrass Spirits Rye Whiskey...$28.99
100 Proof
Our grain forward mash bill is designed with a high wheat and barley content. This gives our high rye its boldness and complexity which compliments the mellow flavors of our charred Missouri Oak Barrels. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite whiskey cocktail!

Switchgrass Spirits Bourbon Whiskey...$28.99
84 proof
First Batch bourbon Our Grain Forward Recipe is designed with a high wheat content. This gives our bourbon its smooth, yet flavorful finish while also complimenting the natural flavors of our charred missouri oak barrels. Enjoy Neat or on the rocks.

Switchgrass Spirits Copperhead Rock & Rye...$28.99
Rock and Rye is a bottled cocktail with a bite! This delightful drink was made popular during prohibition when doctors would “prescribe” this supposedly medicinal spirit for patients suffering from coughs. it gets its name from its two main ingredients: rye whiskey and rock candy. We distill our own sweet mashed rye whiskey and combine it with Belgian rock candy, real citrus peel, horehound, and spices to create Copperhead’s unique taste. Copperhead can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks, or as a cocktail with your favorite seltzer.
40% ABV

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