Monday, October 5, 2020

Ayinger Weizenbock

Ayinger Bavarian Weizenbock...$4.29 / pint bottle

The History of Weizenbock
The weizen-bock style is relatively uncommon, even in Bavaria: they are wheat ales (weissebeer or weizen beer) that are brewed to be as strong as a bock - with corresponding fuller body, and enhanced flavors. They can be pale ("helles") or dark ("dunkles"), but Ayinger Weizenbock is pale in color.

Classic Bavarian weisse beer aroma suggesting spice and cloves; smooth body from wheat; extravagant, pinpoint conditioning. The flavor offers the essence of the wheat harvest, fresh-baked bread, maybe even - somehow - the sunshine of a fall afternoon. The finish is tropical fruit, cloves and banana

Wine Enthusiast Magazine "#3 Beer of 2016" and 94 points (Nov. 2016) 97 points (April 2020)

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