Saturday, March 12, 2016

Cheese Features

Always cut fresh to order, come in for a taste.
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New Ballas Cheese Feature:
Bruder Basil Smoked (Naturally Smoked)

Bruder Basil Semi-soft, pasteurized cow milk, brick shaped loaf. Creamy paste has few lacey holes and the finish is smokey. Nice served with beer as a table cheese or makes an excellent melting cheese.

New Ballas Location Cheese Feature
Tomme Noir with Peppercorns
The Black Coat Pyrenees Cheese comes from the south-west of France in the district of Ariege, Hautes-Pyrenees. Half pressed and made with uncooked pasteurized cow milk, it falls into the semifirm cheese category. The black skin coating gives the lacy white paste interior a fine finished appearance. The milk comes from the specific areas defined by the "Certification de conformite” (conformity certification). Tomme des Pyrenees is made and aged entirely within the same place as the milk is, produced by local business’ workshops. Rennet is added to the cheese, and after curdling, the curd is cut for extra lactose removal. It is put into a mold and shaped. Once removed from the mold, it is then salted and aged in cool, humid cellars where it is turned by hand every day and cured for 21 to 45 days
Tomme Noir Pyrenees is a fine cheese board companion, lending to the none aggressive side of a selection. The 50% maƮtre grasse (butterfat content) is perfect for melting in sandwiches, on soups, or shreds for casseroles and signature pizzas. It slices and cubes wonderfully for buffet style servings and is delicious with the Autumn apple bounty. Note: Tomme des Pyrenees pur vache, also known as Tomme Noire, was made in the twelfth century in the region of SaintGirons. Until the nineteenth century, this cheese was particularly famous in its region but now can be found throughout France.

Forsyth Location Cheese Feature: Sweet Grass "Green Hill"
Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill
From Thomasville, Georgia

Green Hill is made from our pasteurized cow’s milk and soft-ripened. Its buttery flavor, silky texture and thin bloomy rind highlight the quality of our milk. Each wheel is individually handcrafted and ripened for two weeks before we hand wrap them for shipping. Green Hill is an eight-time winner at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference. Drizzle a little honey (or Sweet Sophie Barrel Aged Maple Syrup) over a slightly warm wheel and serve with crunchy French bread or arrange on a cheese board with jams, nuts, and crisp apples. This cheese pairs perfectly with a white or sparkling wine or a crisp apple cider.

Pairing SuggestionsTo make the occasion truly sparkle, pair it with a Champagne or sparkling wine. The bubbles just cut right through the rich double cream of the cheese. Beer drinkers can pick up a Belgian Trippel ale to refresh your palate.

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