Saturday, March 12, 2016

A. de Fussigny Cognacs

Just got some great Cognac at a great price....
A. de Fussigny Selection Fine Cognac....$29.99

A. de Fussigny Superieur Fine Cognac....$44.99
Lowest prices in the country

A. de Fussigny is a range of exceptional cognacs that marry tradition and innovation. Fussigny Cognacs include XO, Superieur and Selection. The cognac was established in 1814 by Italian merchant Alfonso de Fussigny in the heart of the historical city of Cognac, by the river Charente where the products are still crafted today. Fussigny Cognacs are distilled, aged and bottled entirely on this site of operation.

The river’s proximity makes for the perfect humidity in the Fussigny aging cellars, which allows more alcohol than water to evaporate bringing out the aromas of the cognac and creating a rounder, more subtle taste. The cognacs age in Limousin oak barrels which have a high tannin level and higher proportion of extractable material. Aging in Limousin oak barrels allow for a longer aging process and makes the eau-de-vie richer and have more body.

Patrick Giudicelli, the Master Blender, samples hundreds of eaux-de-vie and chooses the ones that will achieve the Fussigny Cognac signature style: balanced, rich and elegant.

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