Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chateau Beaulon Cognac

Just a few bottles of each at great prices.  Very rare cognacs

Chateau Beaulon Cognac 7 Year Old Folle Blanche...$39.99
Lowest price online is $55
A 7 year old Cognac
A Château de Beaulon classic
Robe : Amber, glints of warm gold,
Nose : Markedly Folle Blanche, floral, touch of geranium, candied orange and broom.
Palate : Very fruity, angelica and raisin, perfectly balanced, round. Good character rarely found in a cognac of this age.
Delicious as a long drink with tonic water or simply ? on the rocks?.

Chateau Beaulon Cognac Grande Fine 12 year old....$49.99
Grande Fine
A 12 year old Cognac
Robe : Golden almost orange highlights.
Nose : Bread, almond, gorse and wild peach, cinnamon, racy and complex, clearly defined, Folle Blanche, refined distillation.
Palate : Fruity, very rich, orange, fresh, very long aftertaste.

Chateau Beaulon Coganc Tres Vieille Reserve 1976....$99.99
A rare, very exceptional cognac
Robe : Old gold with copper tints.
Nose : Intense, riche and strong evolving towards fruit notes followed by soft spices, dried fruit.
Palate : Supple, fresh, elegant. Candied fruit. A multitude of floral and fruit aromas with ?
Finale : Gourmand and spicy touches.

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