Thursday, October 8, 2015

Double check on BRC emails...

Last night at 7pm was the deadline to pick up.

We will release some right now!
Online reservations!

Orders placed today, must be picked up by Saturday October 10th at 7pm, or the bottles will go back out for sale

Sold out, No longer online, thank you

If you are in our BRC and think you should have been on the allocation list - send me an email
I have an alphabetical list of those that did not pick up. 
Want to make sure we have your proper email online and you are not missing your emails and your allocated beer.

2nd Shift Brewing / TWCP Barrel Aged Blueprint Coffee LSD with Vanilla....$25.99 / 750ml
Barreled 3/2015
Bottled 9/2015
Blueprint Coffee: Asdecafe of Guatamala
Vanilla: Lochhead Vanilla Madagascar Bourbon Grade
Barrels: Both Four Roses

Recommended consumption: within 3 months

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