Saturday, October 10, 2015

Corsair "Gins"

Corsair Artisan Gin...$23.99
We make our gin in very small batches using our hand-hammered gin-head pot still. This uncommon step makes our gin crisp and very smooth on the finish. We’re proud to use an unusual mix of traditional botanicals, all sustainably harvested, to give our gin a unique and refreshing character.
Style citrusy, smooth, refreshing. Crafted for cocktails

Corsair Genever....$33.99
Genever can be described as the precursor to gin, but that takes away from the wonderfil grain flavors that make genever special.  We carefully pot distill our genever from mlated barley to preserve the grain's malty notes, and included juniper, ginger, orange peel, and a rich apothecary of other botanicals for an indulgent intensity.

Corsair Barrel Aged Gin....$33.99
To craft this limited release spirit, we've rested our signature vapor basket gin in charred oak barrels previously used to age our spiced rum.  This aging has mellowed the gin and introduced notes of oak, rum, and spices.  The melding of these flavors makes an absolutely and deliciously complex gin that can be enjoyed straight.

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