Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bacon #1 of 2011

We are continuing our successful bacon program from 2010 with our first choice of 2011 just arriving!!! Small batch producer from Vermont now in stock at Forsyth only -- 314.727.8788

Small batch from Vermont
Vermont Smoke and Cure Bacon....$11.99 / 12 oz
Vermont Maple Brined, Corn Cob and Maple Smoked Bacon heaven, thick sliced for big flavor! Our signature bacon.
Ingredients: Cured with water, salt, Vermont maple syrup, sodium phosphates, flavorings, sugar, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite. Contains no gluten, no nuts, no milk.

Vermont Uncured Bacon.....$11.99 / 10oz
Maple Brined, cob and maple smoked
We make our natural, uncured bacon with the same balance of Vermont maple syrup and moderate amount of salt as our traditionally cured bacon. It is cured with celery juice powder and sea salt, natural sources of nitrates that yield the same flavor as our traditionally cured bacon. No nitrate or nitrate added. No antiobiotics ever, no groth promotants ever, vegetarian feeds -- always. Certified Humane raised and handled.

Don't forget we still get in our Farm Fresh Eggs from Dry Dock!!!

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