Sunday, May 7, 2023

Nightmare Brewing Mizuharitsuke Triple IPA

Nightmare Brewing Mizuharitsuke Triple IPA....$7.99 / 16oz can
11.3% - TRIPLE IPA - Mizuharitsuke is brewed with Moshio and TDH with Pacific Sunrise, Talus & HBC
Papaya, floral mock orange, peaches and cream aromatics.
Balanced hop bite of ruby red grapefruit, cedar and spice, finishing with passionfruit, cherry blossoms & kiwi. Brewed with traditional Moshio sea salt from the same region, Moshio is rich in minerals for yeast health as well as serving as a pleasant umami backdrop to showcase the sweet bright flavors of the hops. Moshio is the earliest known prepared sea salt produced in Japan over 2,500 years ago Prepared by spreading seaweed on beaches to dry in between storms, then boiling that dried seaweed in water collected from tidal pools.
This saturated salty brine and seaweed was then fired in a clay pot to crystallize the salt and seaweed into forming a “salt ash”. 
In Japan from the 15th to 17th century the shogunate was responsible for over 435 executions of people for their religious beliefs. The government found it poetically fitting for believers to die in the manner of the deity they believed in. Mizu meaning water, and haritsuke, crucifixion, these were mostly carried out en masse and the deceased left for a minimum of three days on display. The condemned was affixed to a crucifix at the waters edge at low tide. As the tide rose the victims would gasp for breaths between waves. This could be prolonged for days until they would succumb to exhaustion or being eaten alive by scavengers in the shallows.
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Distant - "Heritage"

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