Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Side Project Brewing Continuance TWCP 2021

Emails sent yesterday- check your email

"Paul has been supporting Karen and me long before we had Side Project, and when Side Project did start, he would gift us incredible barrels for small projects, well before Side Project had any clout or demand. He was one of our earliest supporters and we will always thank him for that.   With that said, as we have grown, I have begun to start to feel bad that the only way TWCP and Paul would get a beer from us, is if he would get us barrels - so I set out to make our own beer as another Thank You to them! They already get Merci blended for them, but I wanted to experiment and expand into a non-funky beer for them to add to the TWCP lineup.

While dropping off TWCP Derivation last year, I brought up the idea of blending a Barleywine for them, and what I came up with was a blend of the Double Barrel Aged M.J.K. barrels that were then subtly touched with Mexican Vanilla Beans. I felt that this would fit perfectly into the Continuance line and allow us to start gently experimenting with adding adjuncts to Barleywines. The resulting beer is definitely worthy of the TWCP nomenclature and since it is something that we blended - and not exclusively from TWCP barrels - we do have a very limited amount to offer to our La Coterie members this time around!

These barrels were all Double Barrel versions of all three of the M.J.K. recipes. They rested between 20 and 39 months in hand selected Willett 4 year and 8 year old Bourbon barrels before being blended and subtly enhanced with a light addition of Mexican Vanilla Beans. The amount of vanilla used was a very small fraction when compared to what we use in beers like O.W.K., D11, D13 and others, as we didn't want to hide the beauty of the base beer, but we wanted to add a new layer, a new complexity to an already exciting beer.

Thank you all once again for all of your support. I love this beer and am very happy to be able to share it with you. Have a great week and see all of you very soon!"
 ---- Cory King, Side Project

BRC emails will go out either Sunday (May 30) or Monday (May 31).  Yes, it is the holiday weekend, but you do not have to watch your emails over the weekend.  We will give you a few days to respond.   

You must be a member of the BRC.

We received 240 bottles
  • The top 120 Beer Supporters in the BRC will be allocated a bottle to purchase
  • Then another 100 bottles will be a weighted raffle on all purchases (including - wine, liquor, beer, cheese...) it will be based on the previous 6 months through Saturday May 29th.  Every $300 will count as a ticket.
  • We will save some bottles for social media contests and more......

Side Project Brewing Continuance TWCP 2021...$79.99 / bottle
Double Barrel Aged Vanilla Bean Barleywine
Continuance is our series of blended Imperial Stouts, Barleywines and other Spirit Barrel-Aged beers. Blended exclusively for our friends at The Wine and Cheese Place, this vintage is a blend of select barrels of Double Barrel-Aged M.J.K. which were aged in oak for 21 to 31 months and then finished on a light enhancement of Mexican Vanilla Beans. 
Bottled March 10th, 2021

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