Thursday, June 3, 2021

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Single Barrel

Our next TWCP Single Barrel 
- a rare one too - Old Elk Wheated Bourbon 5 year Old! 

Old Elk Wheated Bourbon Single Barrel....$79.99
TWCP and The St. Louis Bourbon Society
  • 111.3 Proof
  • Aged 5 years
  • Yield - only 132 bottles
  • 51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley
By using our expertise in creating our delicious flagship bourbon, we tweaked our recipe and upped the wheat and kept the corn at the minimum. The result? A liquid that allows for each ingredient to not only shine on its own, but highlights what happens when success meets craft.
Old Elk Single Barrels are all about the mashbill, yeast and the barrel itself. Bottled straight out of the barrel, you can proof down to your preference. While each selection will vary in proof, the flavor profile is complex, and also consistent and balanced (a key criteria we look for to ensure the highest-quality single barrels).
The Magic of the Barrel: What to Expect
Single Barrels are perfect for gift-giving because they’re each unique, special and won’t be replicated. During our selection process, many are surprised at the breadth of flavor you can get across varying barrels! It’s the barrel itself that is creating the really great flavors.

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