Saturday, June 5, 2021

Artomaña Xarmant Txakoli 2020

Artomaña Xarmant Txakoli 2020...$25.99 / 4pk 250ml cans

In Spain’s coastal Basque Country, “Xarmant” (char-mant) means ‘charming’ and txakoli is the joyous, light, white wine shared amongst friends with northern Spain’s legendary cuisine. Xarmant is made from the highest quality, sustainably-farmed, estate vineyards from the verdant Amurrio valley in the Basque Country, close to the Bay of Biscay on Spain’s rugged, green northern coast. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean creates a unique, ideal microclimate to produce this ‘charming’ wine. 

With low-impact production methods, no refined sugars, no gluten, and no artificial ingredients, Xarmant is the essence of coastal Spain, making the movable feast portable and recyclable.  Drink with everything!

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