Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jefferson Groth Reserve - TWCP Single Barrel

Our own Single barrel --
We picked our own barrel of Jefferson Bourbon finished in Groth Cabernet Barrels
Barrel #41
ABV : 45.1%
TWCP / Jefferson's Reserve Groth Reserve Cask Finish...$69.99
Extra matured in French Oak cask previously held Groth Cabernet Sauvignon
Very Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
Jefferson Reserve is a complex, yet balanced combination of 3 different bourbons, including whiskey aged up to 20 years in American Oak. The result is a medium-weight bourbon with a dry, robust palate that fills with the mouth with flavors of roasted corn, caramel, toffee and oak. 


Anonymous said...

I'm had a few question and I thought you would be able to answer. So over the last 5 or so years that I've been collecting I've caught on to the single barrel program. I know twcp has picked a lot of good single barrels from just the basic buffalo trace to Blanton and eagle rare. I know you don't get to run through trying every barrel but when you get limited samples you seem to get it right.
So to that is a few questions. I've seen a private barrel selected bourbon ( not at twcp ) I'm a digger when it comes to looking in the back of shelves. The bourbon I'm talking about had a sticker much like you have on yours. I noticed that maybe half the bottle had them and half did. I've been around long enough to know that those bottles were part of that single barrel. From what I've seen is that the distiller puts them on. So here's the question, is it possible that they can get stickers or remover tags as they please? Also if you picked a barrel of dickel whiskey for twcp and it has the nice necklace saying barrel number/bottle number. That after it doesn't sell very well after 2 years or so that a distributor could take that whiskey back and sell it to another customer. Maybe it's just not what your customers want and you tried everything short of giving it away. I'm also not saying dickel is s bad whiskey at all, I actually like it. It seems like cases of stuff just disappear. Or maybe with this groth you have so much on your shelves that you ask a distributor to get you some stickers the say twcp special barrel to try and help sales.
A lot of people including myself look for anything special and sometimes I have blinders on. So in times of whiskey bliss I could be fooled easy. So just curious if other stores ( not twcp ) would do that to increase sales. I know you prob have some whiskey that you selected the barrel and it's been there for over a year.
So if you can't sell it, at what point do you throw in the towel? If so, what happens to that whiskey? Can they sell it to shop n save?
I can't think of anything else. If it doesn't make sense it's because I'm typing from a phone. Thanks for any input. ( I don't want you to break any three tier secrets )

Paul Hayden said...

The liquor industry is very regulated. I know the distillers have to keep perfect logs about each barrel. I know when they send us the barrel samples, they tag those barrels until we decide which one we want and then the bottle and ship our pick. (or like next week I am heading directly down to 4 Roses to pick them straight from the barrels at the distillery). I do not think there is anyway any reputable distiller would risk their licence by sending "stickers" to make a fake single barrel. They do not have anything to gain by doing that. The Dickel was one of our slower movers but it eventually did sell out (that being said, I still would probably buy another barrel of it). We lowered the price a bit at the end to speed it up. Again, liquor is highly regulated, you have only 7 days from purchase to send a product back without getting state approval. Or you have 30 days to send something back, but paperwork must be filled out with the state before it can go back. After 30 days, the product is yours and it cannot be returned and re-sold. It is up to the retailer to close it out and lose money if they have to. I assume some retailer could take of the "necklace" or sticker, but that seems like it would only decrease the value of the bottle, I would not see any reason for that. Again, there is no way a distiller would mail stickers to a retailer to help move produce. We tasted the Jefferson Groth a few months ago and it just arrived along with the empty barrel. (We also picked a Jefferson and Jefferson Reserve, still waiting on those).
I think this answered all your questions.
Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I had a good reply and my phone crashes. To sum it up, thanks for the response. That was a really good reply. So thanks