Saturday, July 16, 2016

Leopold Raffin Cognac

Leopold Raffin started making cognac in 1889, but it is unfortunate that we have heard that they have gone bankrupt and are no longer producing.  We have some left of this amazing Cognac.

This is it - no longer being made

Leopold Raffin Cognac VSOP...$45.99
Aged for 4 years

Leopold Raffin Cognac Napoleon....$92.99
Aged and average of 10 years

Leopold Raffin Coganc XO Meursault Finish....$129.99
Bottled in 2015
A blend of 30 cognacs from the finest crus comprise the fabric of our XO. It spends at least a decade in Limousine oak and is marked by a bouquet of caramelized peach, toasted almonds and candied fruit with spices, vanilla, chocolate and baked apple showing on the palate. Our XO then spends a final 6 months in a Meursault cask a vessel that has aged sweet Meursault wines produced from the Chardonnay Beaune Subregion of the Burgundy area. This second wood finish adds rich spicy flavours, toasted almonds, layers with a richness of creamy toffee notes and traces of oak and depp vanilla.

Leopold Raffin Cognac XO....$199.99
(includes 2 glasses)
Our XO is the result of a blend that has been aged for at least a decade in Limousin oak casks to reach maturity revealing a full bouquet of rich caramelized peach, toasted almonds and candied fruit. Aromatic richness evoking provocative perfumes of spices, vanilla and liquorice blending together with hints of chocolate and baked apple. Complex, rich, supple, balanced and long lasting on the palate. A blend of 30 cognacs all aged for a minimum of 10 years.

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