Thursday, July 14, 2016

New limited Still 630 Releases

Very Lmited
StilL 630 S.S. sorghum Whiskey...$41.99
ADI 2015 Medal Winning S.S. Sorghum Whiskey!
*90 Proof (45% alc/vol)
*100% local Sorghum
*Double Pot-Distilled
Sweet, rum-like notes of sorghum make this whiskey exceptional. Let the hints of fig and spice take you back to a time gone by, the age of the paddleboat and pioneer; back to Twain’s St. Louis. High society, gamblers, fine ladies, river rats… imagine yourself along with them floating up the Mississippi River in style on the luxurious S. S. Sorghum Whiskey paddleboat… enjoy Sidni’s Sweet Sorghum Whiskey!

StilL 630 Epedition Rum....$29.99
*81 Proof
*Made from 100% Grade A Fancy sugar cane molasses
*Double pot-distilled
*Aged in new oak barrels and then carefully finished in whiskey barrels
*Perfectly suited to a grand adventure or simply a delicious drink
Legend – “Whether it the first ascent of a mighty peak or the first descent of a raging river, whether tracking polar bears, swimming with sharks, or hiking the Grand Canyon, Expedition Rum is a tribute to all intrepid explorers. To men like Lewis and Clark whose Indomitable Spirit led them through uncharted realms. To those relentless souls who are able to achieve impossible feats that require an iron will. Whether your next adventure is hiking the Appalachian Trail or camping in your own backyard, this delicious rum is the perfect addition to any great expedition. So raise a glass to adventure and to a life worth living.”

StilL 630 Modern Whiskey...$23.99 / 375ml
StilL Modern is the second release in our Brewery Collaboration Series (the idea behind which is to make incredible, uniquely delicious whiskeys from great local craft beers)!
For this edition, we teamed up with the great brewers at Modern Brewery here in St. Louis. We choose their already delicious Biere de Garde (a classic French ‘keeping beer’ typically brewed in the spring and cellared until fall/winter).
The amazing candied floral notes came through the distillation beautifully, and after 8 months of careful barrel aging, we are proud to present StilL Modern whiskey! Only 306 bottles of this exceptional spirit were produced, so get yours in a hurry!

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